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Elitism set based particle swarm optimization and its application

Yanxia Sun, Zenghui Wang
Pages: 1316 - 1329
Topology plays an important role for Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) to achieve good optimization performance. It is difficult to find one topology structure for the particles to achieve better optimization performance than the others since the optimization performance not only depends on the searching...

Cascades Tolerance of Scale-Free Networks with Attack Cost

Chen Hong, Nai-Yu Yin, Ning He, Oriol Lordan, Jose Maria Sallan
Pages: 1330 - 1336
Network robustness against cascades is a major topic in the fields of complex networks. In this paper, we propose an attack-cost-based cascading failure model, where the attack cost of nodes is positively related to its degree. We compare four attacking strategies: the random removal strategy (RRS),...

Evolutionary Multi-objective Optimization for Multi-depot Vehicle Routing in Logistics

Xiaowen Bi, Zeyu Han, Wallace K. S. Tang
Pages: 1337 - 1344
Delivering goods in an efficient and cost-effective way is always a challenging problem in logistics. In this paper, the multi-depot vehicle routing is focused. To cope with the conflicting requirements, an advanced multi-objective evolutionary algorithm is proposed. Local-search empowered genetic operations...

A Multi-objective Evolutionary Algorithm with Dynamic Topology and its Application to Network-Wide Flight Trajectory Planning

Su Yan, Kaiquan Cai, Majed Swaid
Pages: 1345 - 1354
Although conventional multi-objective evolutionary optimization algorithms (MOEAs) are proven to be effective in general, they are less superior when applied to solve a large-scale combinational real-world optimization problem with tightly coupled decision variables. For the purpose to enhance the capability...

Topology Modeling and Analysis of a Power Grid Network Using a Graph Database

Bowen Kan, Wendong Zhu, Guangyi Liu, Xi Chen, Di Shi, Weiqing Yu
Pages: 1355 - 1363
We introduce a new method for storing, modeling, and analyzing power grid data. First, we present an architecture for building the network model for a power grid using the open source graph database Neo4j. Second, we design single- and multi-threading systems for initial energization analysis of the...