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The Control System for Ink Keys of Press Based on DSP Controller

Zhaogang Wei
We have designed the control system for ink keys of press based on DSP controller TMS320F2812. The operator can remotely control the position of any ink key of ink fountains with a high precision. The upper computer can communicate with any DSP through SCI to transmit the control instructions.

Application of Fishburn Sequences in Economic and Mathematical Modeling

E S Remesnik, A V Sigal
The paper validates the fitness of taking a game-theoretic approach to modeling the process of executive decision-making in the economy in the context of the third information situation, when the probability values of the economic environment states are unknown and must be in line with the corresponding...

Knowledge Management in Improving the Competitiveness of Chinese Advanced Manufacture Industry

Haiyan ZHOU
The advanced manufacture industry is the support and foundation of the economic and social development. Its transfer and quality upgrade are the important content of the structural reform, which helps improve the supply, enlarge the demand and promote the products and industry to march forward the middle-to-high...
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A Torque Vectoring Control System for Maneuverability Improvement of 4WD EV

Yihe Gan, Lu Xiong, Yuan Feng, Felix Martinez
This paper studies the improvement of the handling performance of 4WD EV driven by in-wheel motors under regular driving conditions. Fundamentally the structure of torque vectoring control (TVC) system for handling control consists of two control layers. The upper layer is a model following controller...

Research the Impacts of Covid-19 on U.S. Entertainment and Publishing Industry Based on Fama-French Five Factor Model

Boyang Wang
The outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020 has had a huge impact on the global economy. This paper aims to analyze the impact of the outbreak on the entertainment industry and publishing industry. Stock market data of selected industries is used for analysis, and Fama-French five-factor model is adopted...

Task Approach in the Bachelors’ Professional Competence Formation

K F Gabdrkhmanova, G R Izmailova, L Z Samigullina
The paper reveals the ways and means of improving the quality of training graduates in the field of “Oil and Gas Business” through a competence-based approach implementation to the content of vocational education modernization. The article provides a rationale for the expediency of using the task approach...

Internet Plus Agriculture Mode

Xi Chen
Under the historical development of agriculture at China and abroad and the development of Internet at home and abroad, agriculture has spawned a different agriculture business model from the past. This model will help alleviate the public’s requirements for food. The application of new technologies...
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Identification of the D-S evidence conflict based on multi-source information

NAN Feng, LI Yang
TO solve the applying constraints problem of D-S evidence conflict in multi-information fusion and achieve the systematic identification of evidence conflict we introduce the K-L information on the distance function to describe the characteristics of the conflict between the evidence in the paper, construct...

Strategic Direction for the Development of SMEs - Based on the Successful Experience of POP MART

Ruiyuan Qi
At present, the lifestyle toy industry has shown great development potential in both domestic and international markets. With the introduction of blind box products into China, the market of blind box products in China has rapidly grown to a ten million market. Since its establishment 11 years ago, POP...
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Research the key technologies of the Mongolian full-text retrieval based on Lucene

Guoqiang Ding, Min Lin
Under the premise of in-depth understanding of Lucene full-text retrieval technology, this paper will apply it to the Mongolian text search. First, several key issues are proposed which are need to be addressed in achieving the Mongolian text search technology, and give the corresponding solutions to...

Options of Improving Customer Focus of Small Businesses

N A Pleshkova, A K Nesmelova
Customer focus is one of the key factors determining success of small businesses. The purpose of this study is to define the options for improving customer focus of small enterprises and their staff and to implement the tools required to that end. The article proposes both organizational and individual...

Existing Problems and Possible Responses for Labour Rights During COVID-19 Period

From MNEs Responsibility Perspective

Hengwei. Gu, Liuya. Yuan
In these days of economic globalization, the power held by MNEs is increasing continually, which can even determine the stability of the world economic and the welfare of the whole society. As a major group of employers, the decisions and actions of MNEs affect the welfare of billions of workers. Especially...
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The Design and Implementation of the Tracking and Monitoring System for Gerocomium based on Semi-active RFID Technology

Xiaoyong Zhong, Zhangbing Li, Yuzhen Liu, Zilan Zhu
As the ageing of population is getting worse in China, both people and society pay more attention to the support and nursing of the elderly, establishing many gerocomium and monitoring system for the elderly. The monitoring system mainly focuses on the real-time monitoring, however, it is still not accurate...

The Influence of Platform Economy on Financial Function

Xiaoyan Zhang
Today, with the rapid development of Internet information technology, the platform economy (PE)model covers most areas of people’s economic life, and has caused subversion and innovation to the business model and pattern of the traditional financial industry. PE plays a significant role in the development...

Influence of Economic Factors on Domestic and Outbound Tourism’s Main Priorities

S U Niyazbekova, B Bekbenbetova, R Zh Kurmankulova, M A Abilmazhinov, A S Zueva
This study examines inbound and domestic tourism as one of the most significant aspects of the socio-economic spheres shaping the country’s reputation and hospitality, as well as creating employment in this area. The article carries out a thorough analysis over several years, which covers the number...

The Construction and Application of the Chinese Contextual Internet Buzzword “Male Virtuousness”

A Study of Cyber Feminist Discourse Symbols

Xinyu Fei
In recent years, courses focusing on Confucian principles have spread across China, once again bringing Confucian teaching for women back to the classroom as a classic. Such education calls for women to return to the home. Meanwhile, in today’s Chinese society, where women play an important role in the...
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An Algorithm of Plus-Closures of Loop-Nonnegative Matrices over Idempotent Semirings and its Applications

Zhixi Wang, Yana Wang, Binliang Hu, Yu Liu
To judge the loop-nonnegativity of a matrix A over an idempotent semiring and compute the plus-closure of A when it is loop-nonnegative, a Plus_Closure_of_Matrix algorithm of complexity (n) is constructed and proved. As a generalization of Floyd algorithm, Warshall algorithm as well as Gau -Jordan Elimination...

Evaluation on Start-up Companies Based on POCD Framework: Case of Brightinsight

Zirui Niu
In today’s environment, deciding whether to invest in a business usually requires evaluating the market value of the business. For start-up companies, it is difficult to find an effective way to analyze the market value of a company and decide whether to invest. In this research, we propose a method...

About Valuation of Receivables of Non-Profit Organizations Managing Housing Stock in the Transition to IFRS

O G Zhitlukhina, M A Iashchuk
The main source of financing for non-profit organizations managing housing stock is the maintenance fees of apartment owners, calculated in proportion to their share in the right of common ownership of this property. Therefore it is important for such organizations to control the receivables of apartment...

Childhood Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: A Research Review

Zejia Cao, Sifan Li, Chunjie Zhang
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) belongs to the category of neurodevelopmental disorders. The morbidity among worldwide school-aged children is 5%, and 30% to 50% of it would continue to be influenced by the subsequent syndrome. The importance of exploring ADHD is very obvious and vital:...
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A Dynamic Round-robin Packet Scheduling Algorithm

Yong He, Lei Gao, Guikai Liu, Yuzhen Liu
This paper puts forward a new dynamic round-robin (DYRR) packet scheduling algorithm with high efficiency and good fairness. DYRR algorithm introduces dynamic round-robin concept, that is, the allowance given to each of the flows in a given round is not fixed, but is related with the number of bytes...

The Application of Mental Accounts of Behavioral Finance in Internet Economy

Weisong Nie
With the development of e-commerce platforms, online shopping has brought many conveniences and benefits to consumers, and more and more consumers have joined the ranks of online consumption. Large-scale e-commerce and frequent merchant promotions have stimulated consumption, causing transaction records...

Let the Anti-Drug Awareness Go Deep into the Youth: On the Innovative Path of Drug Control Publicity in Colleges and Universities

Jun Yin, Jiaxin Liao, Xiaona Luo, Xi Cheng
Drugs are the root of all evils. Since the eradication of tobacco in Humen nearly 200 years ago, the Chinese nation has never stopped fighting against drugs. Anti-drug work has always been a problem that our Party and government attach great importance to, and anti-drug publicity and education is a key...
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The Study of Server Load Scheduling Strategy

Junxi Yu, Guohuan Lou
In this paper the classification and development of server load balancing technology are briefly described and the load balancing algorithms based on server cluster are compared. A server load balancing technology and algorithm based on multiple parameters are proposed. Finally, the load balancing algorithm...

Organizational Forms of Development of Scientific and Technical Products

I V Ershova, A E Ershov, Ya G Bezdezhskaya
The article proposes to use a new form - outsourcing project, as opposed to the traditional form of work under individual contracts, which includes work on several stages of the life cycle, for the development of complex scientific and technical products. At the same time, the calculation of the cost...

Business Report: Is the Shared Fascia Gun Plausible in China?

Haopeng Bai
After exercise, people usually seek for a way for relaxing muscles. Otherwise, their muscles and joints will become stiff. If this situation continues for a long time, it will cause great damage to people’s body. And the fascia gun is a convenient and inexpensive way to effectively relieve muscle pressure....

Review of Psychological Factors That Cause the Game to Charge Money

Jingxin Wang
Nowadays, with the gradual popularization of the Internet, the influence of game top-up is gradually expanding. There are a few stories in the news about game charging, and most of them are about family conflicts or irreparable economic losses caused by excessive charging. This research will investigate...
Proceedings Article

The Server Development Framework Based on the Completion Port

Junxi Yu, Guohuan Lou
The network service applications based on socket have been widely used, however it is still difficult to realize network service application program with a large amount of data and connections. This paper describes the principle of completion port, and based on this, analyses and introduces the various...
Proceedings Article

CRC algorithm in computer network communication

Baiming Liu, Wei Wei
This article has analyzed the insufficiency of the traditional teaching administration system, proposed that through inserts the way of regulation storeroom to realize in the procedure active database-based the teaching administration system, through the practical research showed that this system can...

Factors of the Economic Adaptation of Migrants

K V Fofanova, A A Sychev, D M Borisov
The paper is focused on economic adaptation of migrants which is understood as the process of their integration into the economic system of the host community. It involves the acquisition of knowledge about its functioning, assimilation of economic norms adopted in it, formation of practical skills of...

A Discussion of Reification in the Human-Technology Relationship through an Examination of Cyborg

Rui Zhou
As the modern technology plays a more ubiquitous role than ever in society, it becomes crucial for us to understand humans in relation to technology. To achieve this goal, this study raises the question of whether the human subject is reified in the cyborg (a fictional form of life that combines technology...

Economic Policy Uncertainty and Corporate Investment - Cash Sensitivity

Jiezhang Huang, Jiasen Zeng, Xujuan Zhan
This paper explores the relationship between economic policy uncertainty (EPU) and corporate investment cash sensitivity. We find that economic policy uncertainty has a significant impact on the investment-cash flow sensitivity of firms. Moreover, these results were still robust after a series of robustness...
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A Spare-part Distribution Management Model for diesel Engine industry

Lingbo Kong, Kaichao Yu
Under the analysis of the current situation and existing problems related to the spare-part distribution management of diesel engine industry, especially the incoordination between service stations and agents, the paper establishes a model featured as the multi-level warehouse, with a view of integrating...
Proceedings Article

Polarization Imaging Target Detection Method by Imitating Dragonfly Compound Eye LF-SF Mechanism

Mengxi Xu, Xin Wang, Xijun Yan, Guofang Lv, Shengnan Zheng, Huibin Wang
Recently, water surface target detection and tracking for sea, lake, or river are challenging research topics. This paper presents a framework of target detection and tracing based on three-channel synchronization polarization imaging and imitation dragonfly compound eye LF-SF (large field- small field)...

Processes of Reforming Regional Strategic Planning in the Conditions of Digital Transformation of Public Administration in the Russian Federation: Assessment of Results and Trends

O M Pisareva
The author presents the results of a scientific study and assessment of the current effectiveness of modernizing regional strategic planning in the context of updating the general concept of public administration and in the context of the formation of a digital public administration platform in the Russian...

Challenges and Countermeasures of Chinese Cross-Border E-commerce Development in the United States

Sizheng Qu
With the upgrading of residents’ consumption level and the popularization of overseas e-commerce platforms, the development of Chinese cross-border e-commerce has new opportunities. However, under the influence of the China-US trade frictions, Chinese cross-border e-commerce development in the United...

Research on the Differences of Disaster Reports in Chinese and American Media from the Cross-cultural Perspective

Using Phuket Boat Capsizing as an Example

Lu Chen
News is the mirror of culture. Disaster news is an excellent material for studying social and cultural values, because it involves individuals, institutions, the government and the whole society. Taking Phuket boat capsizing in July 2018 as an example, this paper uses the textual contrast method and...
Proceedings Article

Numerical Simulation of Flash Floods Routing Based on Improved Leap-frog Method

Jiahua Zhang, Chi Zhang
In the 2-d numerical simulation of flash flood disaster, due to flood often occurred in the steep terrain and water flow rapidly changed, lead to that the calculated value is unstable and even the calculation diverge in the simulation. This paper presents a grid outflow correction method, which is based...

The Effectiveness of Private Domain Traffic Strategy in Large Cooperation

Taking Lululemon as a Classic Example

Haotian Xiang, Qing Wang, Jie Cui, Jinyi Yang, Yiqin Zhang
Influencer marketing considered an emerging marketing tool has been used by most of the large corporations and developed a few branches such as public traffic pool strategy as well as influencer marketing strategy. Private traffic pool strategy is one of them. Normally, this method suits companies with...

Evaluation of Risk Manageability of HEI

R Aetdinova, G Galiullina, G Solomonova
The article sets out to consider assessment of risk manageability in institutions of higher education. The study examines a classification of external and internal risks characteristics of the universities, the technology of expert assessment of risk manageability. The methodology of determining the...

Are Situation Models Embodied?

Beige Jin, Yucheng Wu, Cheok Kei Lo
Researchers have proposed that readers construct situation models when reading texts. According to Zwaan’s event-indexing model, a situation model can be analyzed in five dimensions: space, time, entity, causation, and motivation. There is robust behavioral evidence showing the existence of situation...
Proceedings Article

Data Mining Improves Pipeline Risk Assessment

Baoqin Wang, Xuyang Zhou, Wenjing Zhang
Accidents to pipelines have been recorded and they often result in catastrophic consequences for environment and society with a great deal of economic loss. Standard methods of evaluating pipeline risk have stressed index-based and conditional based data assessment processes. Data mining represents a...
Proceedings Article

Study on the design of semiconducting anti icing RTV coatings

Fang Zhenyu, Wu Peiyun
At present, the application of transmission line insulator anti pollution flashover coating is mainly the room temperature vulcanized (Room Temperature Vulcanized, RTV) silicone rubber coating. Insulator coated with RTV paint, not only enhanced the hydrophobicity on the surface of the insulator, pollution...

RETRACTION: Constructing IPv6 with Small Local Network

Baoqin Wang, Wenjing Zhang, Xuyang Zhou
In April 2020, Atlantis Press was alerted to fake proceedings articles hosted on our platform. These articles, mostly in computer science and engineering, were generated by the SCIgen computer program and were all published between 2006-2018. Immediately after receiving the alert, Atlantis Press initiated...

Risk Assessment Methods of HEI

R Aetdinova, O Chorosova, I Maslova
This article sets out to discuss an analysis of different methods of assessing risks in relation to universities. The study focuses on a review of qualitative and quantitative methods of assessing risks, and an analysis has been made of the possibilities of using these methods for the purpose of assessing...

The Progress on Real Options for Company Valuation

Yixuan Chen
Nowadays, real options derived from financial options are increasingly used in asset pricing. However, with different business models varied by companies, the existing real option pricing models are unable to be generally adopted. This paper addresses the problem of asset pricing under the impact of...

Antisocial Personality Disorder Overview

Xinyue Chang, Jiaxin Li
The main content of this report reviews the past studies on antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) and summarizes its etiology, impacts, prognosis, treatment approaches, and recommendations for future development. The literature review section focuses on the possible factors for antisocial personality...
Proceedings Article

Input features of Petroleum Hydrocarbon in Jiaozhou Bay

Dongfang Yang, Peiyan Sun, Lian Ju, Qingyun Yu, Jing Cao
Based on investigation dada on Petroleum Hydrocarbon (PHC) in April, August and November 1981 in Jiaozhou Bay, this paper analyzed the content, surces and input feature of PHC. Results showed that the content of PHC in study area ranged from 0.011-0.889 mg.L-1, and the highest value in April, August...
Proceedings Article

Research on Symbol Synchronization Algorithm of LTE System

Wenjing Zhang, Baoqin Wang, Xu Fang, Xuyang Zhou, Weichao Sha
This paper designs and realizes algorithm of symbol synchronization for LTE system. In order to validate the feasibility of symbol timing synchronization algorithm, a series of simulations are performed with LTE channel models and the simulation results are analyzed carefully. Simulation shows that this...

Failure Analysis of Queensland Payroll System

Zhu Ziyan
Queensland government tried to innovate and improve the payroll system, but there were many loopholes in the operation of the project. In fact, from 2015 to 2020, about a quarter of the state’s public health workers have to bear outstanding debts due to the Queensland Government’s overpayment of about...