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Proceedings Article

Improvement of Drug Supply for Women with Climacteric Disorders

Irina Spichak, Tatyana Babanina, Irina Zhirova
The article presents the results of improving the drug supply for women with menopausal disorders at the regional level. A sociological study of women with climacteric disorders as a consumer of pharmaceutical care has been conducted. Marketing analysis of the Russian and regional pharmaceutical markets...

Latin American experience in the WTO dispute settlement: recommendations for Russia and the EAEU states

Alexandra G. Koval, Sergey F. Sutyrin, Olga Y. Trofimenko
The article analyses the experience of Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC) with regards to their participation in the WTO dispute settlement mechanisms. On the basis of this analysis the authors make some recommendations for the Russian Federation as a relatively new member of the organization...
Research Article

Assessment of Arterial Stiffness Index Calculated from Accelerated Photoplethysmography

Tomoaki Murakami, Katsunori Asai, Yoshinori Kadono, Takeo Nishida, Hajime Nakamura, Haruhiko Kishima
Pages: 37 - 40
Objective: An Arterial Stiffness Index (ASI) can be obtained by measuring finger photoplethysmogram using the SB200 pulse oximeter, giving a level between 1 and 6. However, it was unclear whether this method accurately reflected arterial stiffness. Brachial–Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity (baPWV) is an established...

Study on the Influencing Factors of Private Car Ownership in China under the Background of Aging

Lulu Hao, Xuemeng Guo
In recent years, with the increasing number of motor vehicles in cities, urban traffic jams, air pollution and other problems have become increasingly prominent. There are a variety of factors affecting road congestion in China, including population, economic factors, urban morphology and policy factors....

Explication of semantic development of linguistic units at the lexical and phraseological level

Svetlana Prokopieva, Vladimir Monastyrev, Iya Ammosova, Vasilieva Vasilieva
At present, modern linguistics shows interest in studying the lexical system and structure of lexical and phraseological meaning. The subject of research is a productive polysemantic verb that has not been a subject of special research before. Semantic structure of the Yakut polysemantic verb тарт is...

How to create a Chinese-style local clothing brand?

Xueying Liu
Since the rapid development of social economy, many local apparel companies have begun to focus on brand development, and Chinese elements have also become the starting point for some local companies to shape their brand image. However, in the development process, how to rationally use the unique image...

Application Of Stad Cooperative Learning Of Primary

Atik Miftachul Rohmah, Yatim Riyanto, R.R. Nanik Setyowati
Based on observations made by researchers in class IIc SDN Klakahrejo I-578 Surabaya, some problems were found including that learners did not concentrate on learning and were passive in groups while the teachers did not use learning model. 67% students did not complete the materials. To improve these...

Developing Playing Activity Models in Physical Education towards Improving Multilateral Abilities among Elementary School Students

Ilham Eryk Pratitis Robinson, Sri Winarni
The purpose of this study is to develop a model of playing activity in Physical Education learning that can be used to improve multilateral abilities in elementary schools' students. This model of playing activity can be used as a teaching guide while learning and teaching sports in elementary schools....
Proceedings Article

State-of-the-art MOSFET and TCAD in the advancement of technology: A review

Lalthanpuii Khiangte, Rudra Sankar Dhar, Kuleen Kumar, Jonathan Laldingliana Pachuau
The concept of metal-oxide-semiconductor-field-effect-transistor (MOSFET) was proposed by Julius Edgar Lilienfeld and the electrical characterization and mathematical theory began since 1959 at Bell Telephone Laboratories. It has been a revolutionary invention since then and have led to the new generation...

Research on the Innovative Development of Multimedia Technology and Visual Communication Design Teaching

Yongxiao Liu
For visual communication teaching, innovation is one of the aspects that must be paid attention to in the development of teaching work, and it is also a necessary path to adapt to the needs of the current era and industrial development. Against the current backdrop of continuous development of multimedia...
Proceedings Article

Heterogeneous Distributed Computing Environment for Vulnerability Analysis of Energy Critical Infrastructures

Aleksey Edelev, Ivan Sidorov, Alexander Feoktistov
In the paper, we propose a new approach to developing the subject-oriented heterogeneous distributed computing environment for the vulnerability analysis of the energy critical infrastructures of the national level. We provide a framework for creating such environment and developing applied software...

Research on Independent Regulation Mechanism of Specialty Structure in Colleges and Universities Based on the Modeling Theory

Wei Zhao, Yang Li, Yafen Hao
The transformation development of newly built undergraduate colleges and universities is a profound reform of higher education in China. It is essential to explore the pathway to construct applied technological colleges and universities and improve the service capability of undergraduate colleges and...

Strategy of Sports Brand Network Marketing on the Basis of Brand Image Promotion

Jiabin Zhang
In order to enhance the brand influence and improve the brand image, Nike is taken as a case sample enterprise and its network marketing strategy practice is used as the research object. The application of case analysis, literature research and SWOT analysis is focused on to analyze the network marketing...
Proceedings Article

Progress in Research of Characterization Methods for Pore and Fissure Structures in Coal

Gang Wang, Junnan Shen, Xiangjie Qin, Dongyang Han
The pore and fissure of coal directly affect the occurrence and seepage of gas. Therefore, it coal seam methane should be developed for utilization and gas control. In this study, characterization methods for coal fractures are introduced on the basis of extensive literature research. They are usually...

Social Disloyalty and Modesty in The Teachers’ Career Development in The Digital Era

Harsono Harsono, Muhammad Yahya, Muhammad Fahmi Johan Syah
This study aims to describe the antagonistic behavior of teachers in the digital era. They have been bureaucratically polite by obeying the time and work schedule, but the atmosphere of the class is unfavorable even conflicted during the learning process. This is a qualitative research with ethnographic...
Proceedings Article

Study on the Transfer and Connection System Design of Urban Rail Transit

Ze-Song WEI, Li ZHANG, Xi-Ran JI
The main research of this paper is that there are three modes between urban rail transit and other means of transportation.The paper combines a large amount of practical research and data to analyze at different levels:the first one is the transfer connection between urban rail transit and urban external...

Smart Traffic Sign Games: Interactive Learning Multimedia Based on Interactive Surface and Augmented Reality for Elementary School Students

Anton Agus Setiawan, Ahmad Nur Yasin, Andisa Andisa Talenta Oktaviani
Smart Traffic Sign Games utilizes interactive surface technology, Smart Traffic Sign Games offers a uniqueness that is with interactivity and ease of play. Through Smart Traffic Sign Games, a desktop/computer app based game, now we no longer need a large space, easy application dissemination process,...

The Opportunity of Vocational Technology Education Study Program: Curriculum Development and Learning Program

Riana Mangesa, Abdul Mappalotteng, Ruslan Ruslan
Efforts to improve the learning program to support the revitalization of vocational education is an opportunity for vocational technology education (PTK) study program. The purpose of this research is to analyze the potential of PTK study program in preparing the learning program and the ability to develop...

Instructional Design of Individualized Online Courses Based on the Characteristics of Learners

Hong Xie, Yanwen Ruan
Characteristics of learners would directly influence the learning performance in web context. Setting instructional design of online course should be based on the individual characteristics of learners, change the limitation of traditional instructional design, and meet the learning needs of learners....
Proceedings Article

Analysis of Meaning Types Using Audio-Visual Media in Easy English Video

Ms. Nurnaningsih, Veronika Pratiwi, AJI Reynaldi, Purwani Astuti
The aim of this research is to describe the meaning types in the Easy English video. This research is a qualitative research because the researcher analyzed the data in written form. The data of the research are interviewee’s utterances about what they know about Germany in Easy English video. The data...

Coverage of the ‘Perppu Ormas’ Issue by the Government vs Mainstream Online Media: Defending or Attacking the Pancasila?

Fajri Matahati Muhammadin, Nuruddin Al-Akbar
10th of July 2017, the President of the Republic of Indonesia issued a Government Regulation In Lieu of Law No. 2 of 2017 (known as ‘Perppu Ormas’) to revise the Law No. 17 of 2013 concerning Societal Organization (known as ‘UU Ormas’), and finally legalized by the House of Representatives as a revised...

Study on the Framework Construction and Constructive Approaches of Smart Tourism Service System in Liaoning Province

Jianzhu Sun
Constructing smart tourism service system is important to modern tourism industry. It is the key to break through in the progress of comprehensively promoting the development of smart tourism. It can provide guidance and reference for the systematic establishment of smart tourism in Liaoning province....
Proceedings Article

An RF-based Method for Passive Localization of Targets in Wireless Networks

Zhi-Yong Yang, Ming Gao, Lin-Lan Liu
Device-free means targets not carrying any device. Localization and tracking of device-free targets has attracted much attention due to its potential applications where the targets are not cooperative, such as safe guard system. In this paper, we propose a simple Line-Of-Sight (LOS) model and Hierarchical...
Proceedings Article

Integral Separation PID Control of Certain Electro-hydraulic Servo System based on RBF Neural Network Supervision

RongLin Wang, BaocHun Lu, Wenbin Ni
Electro-hydraulic servo control system is a nonlinear and uncertain system with time-variation parameters and external disturbance. The traditional Proportion Integration Differentiation(PID) controller can hardly control the nonlinear and time-variant systems, whereas the Radial Basis Function (RBF)...
Proceedings Article

Falling-Action Analysis Algorithm Based on Convolutional Neural Network

Wei Liu, Jie Guo, Zheng Huang, Weidong Qiu
This paper proposes a deep learning method - convolutional neural network to analyze human falling-action in video surveillance, so that we can recognize the falling-action of human body accurately in the shortest time. Firstly, vibe algorithm is used to extract the foreground and some methods of image...
Proceedings Article

Preliminary Study on Mixed Solvent Extraction of Zhaotong Lignite

Wenfang Wu, Shuai Li, Kaiyi Shi
The extraction of Zhaotong lignite in Yunnan province was studied by using organic solvent 1- methyl -2- (NMP) and CS2 mixed solvent as extraction solvent. The effects of solvent ratio, rotation speed, coal particle size and extraction times on the extraction rate were investigated by multi - factorial...

A Study on the Training Model of "Dual system" based on the Mechanism Specialty

Yu Zhu
School enterprise cooperation is the basis of cultivating students in Higher Vocational colleges, At present, the "dual system" talent training mode is booming, This training model not only strengthens the link between schools and enterprises, At the same time, it has a positive significance for the...
Proceedings Article

Robot localization based on visual odometry

Dan Wu
With the development of computer vision technology, the positioning technology based on vision sensor had drawn more and more attentions. There were two kinds of visual odometry technologies through the image information for motion estimation to obtain the attitude information, one of them was based...

U-Shape Design in Teaching: EngagingNon-English Speaking Country Studentsin Learning English

Abdul Halim, Yetty Septiani Mustar
This qualitative study aims to present how U model seating arrangement affects the process of teaching and learning positively. This study also aims to uncover several activities which could be established when the U model seating arrangement is applied. This study was conducted at IAIN Kendari in 2016....

The Effects of Using Yell Video on the Third Semester Students' Grammar Ability at the Business English Study Program of the State Polytechnic of Bengkalis

Aprizawati APRIZAWATI, Diah Paramita SARI, Safira Apriani ZAHRAA
An English aspect that contains materials and formulas to be memorized is grammar. One of materials is tenses. Those discuss about structure and form of sentences engaging to the time (present, past, future). Mastering them is not easy for most students because they will get easily bored.They always...
Proceedings Article

Online Monitoring System for Track Slab Temperature

Wenfa Zhu, Huizhen Ma, Haomin Liu, Wenbing Yang
Under the action of temperature, the change of temperature gradient exists in the vertical direction of the track slab in its structure. The temperature gradient will arouse the bending deformation between the track slab and the mortar cushion, which will result in the separation of the track slab layer...
Proceedings Article

Effect of Interval Aging Mode on IMC Growth between Low Ag Content Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu-0.5Bi-Ni and Cu Substrate

Min Qu, Yan Cui, Fengbin Liu, Zhiwei Jiao, Yuan Liu, Jun Cheng
To simulate the application environment of a number of electronic products, the growth of Sn-0.3Ag-0.7Cu-0.5Bi-Ni/Cu solder joints with low content of Ag was investigated during aging in an interval mode. It shows that the intermetallic compound (IMC) (Cu,Ni)6Sn5 layer becomes thicker with increasing...

Interactive Game Influences Based on Inquiry Learning Model Towards The Ability of Reading in Kindergarten in Padang

Rakimahwati Rakimahwati
The purpose of this research is to identify the influence of interactive games based on inquiry learning model towards the ability of reading. This research method is experimental design with quashi experimental. The result showed that students in experimental class using interactive games based on inquiry...

How peers influence Children's Smoking Behavior

Andi Tenri Awaru, Mappeaty Nyorong, Muhammad Rahmat
Smoking is a risky behavior that is increasingly popular among young people. Smoking behavior is influenced by many factors, one of which is the role of peers. This study aims to identify the role of peers in primary school children smoking behavior. This research uses qualitative method with phenomenology...
Proceedings Article

Growth Inhibition of Shenfoweikang Herbs on Gastric Carcinoma Via Signal Transduction Pathways

Xiao-Ping Wang, Huan-Ping Lin, Qiao-Xia Wang, Bing Xu, Xuan Qu, Bao-Ning Qi, Na Chang
To verify the anti-tumor effect of the Shenfoweikang on gastric cancer, BALB/C mice grafted with a mouse gastric adenocarcinoma cell line MFC was used as the experimental model. The mice received Shenfoweikang herbs over a 60-day period starting at the first day. The tumor size was periodically measured....
Proceedings Article

The Effect of Premolar Extraction on Overall Bolton Ratio in Class III Malocclusion in RSGMP FKG USU

Andrew Armand, Nurhayati Harahap, Siti Bahirrah
Tooth extraction is a treatment of choice in the tooth size discrepancy cases in order to achieve appropriate alignment, angulation, and inclination of the teeth. The objective of this study was to determine the effect of premolar extraction on overall Bolton ratio in Class III malocclusion. Samples...

Role Of Customary Institution In Conflict Resolution Of The Rights On Customary Communal Land (Study on communal land conflict in Simangambat Jae Village Simangambat district of Padang Lawas Utara Regency)

Mukhrizal Effendi, M. Arif Nasution, R. Hamdani Harahap,, Muryanto Amin
Customary communal land's conflict between Hasibuan's tribe indigenous people and PT. Torganda is a dynamic conflict of customary communal land which occurred in Simangambat Jae village Simangambat District of Padang Lawas Regency for a long time. Many efforts have been done by the customary institution...
Proceedings Article

Effect of biochar and ameliorant on maize (Zea mays L.) growth in a field experiment

Yuanxin Fu, Qian Zhang, Guocheng Liu
Lack of water resource and nutrient deficiency retard crop production in the light sierozem in Ningxia, China. Biochar and biochar-based ameliorant present a feasible solution to solve these problems. This study investigated the effect of adding biochar or biochar-based ameliorant on the growth of maize...

Patent Rights Protection System and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Developing Countries

Manda Pratomo, Fithra Faisal Hastiadi
This research is aimed to analyze the effects of the Patent Right Protection (PRP) System in 19 developing countries on the FDI inflow of innovative countries as the home countries (United States, Japan and Germany) in the period where the enforcement of TRIPS Agreement has been put into effect for developing...
Proceedings Article

Detection Rifampicin Resistance Tuberculosis Using Xpert MTB/RIF Assay in Saiful Anwar Hospital Malang

Dwi Yuni Nur Hidayati, Yani Jane Sugiri
Tuberculosis is still problem in Indonesia. The increase number tuberculosis patientsand then multidrug resistance tuberculosis the higher it. Xpert MTB /RIF assay ,an automated real time polymerase chain reaction assay, detects the presence Mycobacterium tuberculosis and rifampicin resistance to rifampicin...
Proceedings Article

Research on Structural Order Degree of Armored Vehicle PHM System Based on the Structural Entropy

Yuanhong Liu, Qian Yan, Dongli Duan
The PHM (Prognostic and Health Management) system structure of armored vehicle has a very important influence on the reliability, security, mission success and life cycle cost of armored vehicle system. In view of the lack of scientific evaluation method for armored vehicle PHM system structure, a structural...

Study on the Instruction of EOP

Xixiang Ke, Xue Yang
This paper briefly introduces the current problems and characteristics of general English and ESP and analyzes the necessity of setting up English course for occupational purposes as one of the follow-up courses of college English. The necessity and practicality of English courses for occupational purposes...

Successful Factors Of Social Rehabilitation Of People Based On Intellectual Disability Group Through Batik Ciprat Business By Bina Grahita Social Rehabilitation Center (Bbrsbg) Kartini Temanggung Regency

Ismet Firdaus Ismet
Bina Grahita Social Rehabilitation Center (BBRSBG) Kartini in Temanggung district (under the coordination of Ministry of Social Affairs) initiated a social rehabilitation program through Social Independent Groups (KSM) in the form Batik Ciprat business in 2015. The program aimed at economic independence...
Proceedings Article

Achieving Efficient Pathname LOOKUP in File Server Group

Feng-jung Liu, Chu-sing Yang, Yao-kuei Lee
With the increasing growth of Internet users and the Web contents, it has led to much attention on scalability and availability of file system. Hence the ways to improve the reliability and availability of system, to achieve the expected reduction in operational expenses and to reduce the operations...
Proceedings Article

Establish of Electricity Market Model with Variable Coefficient and Analysis of Its Practical Stability

Yuhua Yang
The paper analyzes the dynamic equilibrium of the electricity market by using the principle of economics and establishes the non-autonomous linear discrete periodic mathematic models, the models describe the actions of the electricity market under the assumption that market demand is the linear function...
Proceedings Article

Research on Data Acquisition and Signal Processing of Fault Diagnosis System for Electromechanical Equipment

Yan Qin, Ming Gu
Data acquisition and signal processing is the basis of condition monitoring and fault diagnosis system for electromechanical equipment.The paper analysis the general technology of data acquisition and signal processing used in fault diagnosis system,A portable equipment of motor fault diagnosis is designed...
Proceedings Article

Decarburized Simulation Analysis of the Crankshaft of JB36-400 Press

Li Qing-qing, Chen Rong-fa, Liu Tao, Pan Yi, Wu Long, Yang Hua
The thickness of decarburization layer of crankshaft of JB36-400 press was simulated by the DEFORM-3D software. The results indicated that the minimum decarburization layer was obtained at 830°C and holding for 120min and the mechanical properties and performance can be met the requirements. The experiment...
Proceedings Article

Study on Personalized Recommendation Technology of Digital TV Programs

Xiaobin Wang, Qingjun Wang
This paper aims at one of key technologies in digital television development ---intelligent personalized recommendation technology of digital TV programs for study. This paper proposes to take advantage of ample TV-Anytime to describe metadata so as to perform specific plans of guide service for TV programs...
Proceedings Article

An Error Resilient Video Coding Algo-rithm Combining FEC and WZ Technol-ogy over Error-prone Channel

Tianqing Wang, Zhengguang Xie, Hongkui Li
Reliable video delivery has become one of the crucial issues in wireless video communications. Based on different error resilient property of forward error correction (FEC and Wyner-Ziv (WZ), we propose a scheme which combines these two technologies. Experimental results demonstrate the scheme can possess...
Proceedings Article

The realization of the agricultural expert system in embedded platform

Yunfei Zhang, Zhixing Shi, Zheng Xu
In order to improve the utilization of the Agricultural Expert System so that it can be taken to the fields directly to guide agricultural production.The development and implementation of the portable Agriculture Expert System are studied in this paper,especially,the image acquisition is proposed as...