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Research on NLOS Channel Based on IEEE 802.15.3c Standard

Xiaolin Liang, Hao Zhang, Tingting Lv
The major problem of indoor localization is the presence of non-line-of-sight (NLOS) channels. In order to perform NLOS identification, a novel NLOS identification technique is proposed which is based on the multiply of the standard deviation, max-slope and max-gradient of the block using energy detector...

Talent Training Model of Business English Translation Based on the Graphical Teaching Method

Min Wang
In order to improve the effect of teaching business English translation and realize the teaching goal of translation talent training, this paper puts forward a pronunciation automatic evaluation method based on phonetic model perception. Combined with expert evaluation method, the method can complete...
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Design of Decision-making Process Based Personalized Recommendation System

Ya Luo
In-depth development of e-business requires the combination of information technology and principles des affaires. Most existing personalized recommendation systems emphasize the precision of contents, but neglect the profitability of results recommended and the diversity of recommended lists. Proceeding...

A Study on the Pre-socialization of College Interns from the Perspective of Liminality

Senyao Sang
College internship is a process of social practice that college students are separated from college life for a period of time and are temporarily engaged in social production activities. During this period, college students will experience temporary socialization and identity change, and the experience...

Calculation on Social Co-ordination Account Payment Ratio of Pension Insurance of Urban Workers

Wei Wang, Ya-Nan Yang
Taking the maximizing personal utility and social welfare as the study perspectives, regarding the urban workers and state-owned enterprises as the research object, the ratio, 18.81%, can be calculated by the model of social co-ordination account optimal payment ratio, which was lower than the current...

A Study on Reform of Vocal Music Teaching in Colleges and Universities

Feng Liu
With the continuous development of society, the teaching of vocal music in colleges and universities must be reformed to meet the needs of the development of the times. The reform of vocal music teaching in colleges and universities should follow the requirements of talents cultivation goal in the new...

Study on the Role of the Artists. World War I Prisoners in the Cultural Life of Siberia (in the City of Krasnoyarsk)

Liliya Stroy
The article considers the role of the war prisoner artists in the cultural life of Siberian cities during the World War I, the city of Krasnoyarsk taken as an example. The work of artists jailed into specialized regional camps is understudied and still needs to be thoroughly researched. The war prisoner...

Enterprise financing decision-making under information asymmetry

Lin Tao
in enterprise financing process, information asymmetry is a very outstanding problem influencing financing of small land medium enterprises. For China, information asymmetry existing in small land medium enterprises seriously affects defective, convenient and fast financing of such enterprises. Through...

A study of Influencing Factors of industrial location under the background of regional transfer in China

JingLing Chen
Based on analysis framework of institutional approaches location theory, the paper discusses influence factors on the industrial location from the perspective of stakeholders in decision-making and behavior which includes firm production decision, local government policy and social elements of the supply...
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3D-DWT Improves Prediction of AD and MCI

Shuihua Wang, Yi Chen, Yudong Zhang, Zhengchao Dong, Elizabeth Lee, Preetha Phillips
In order to predict subjects with Alzheimer's disease (AD) and mild cognitive impairment (MCI) from normal elder controls (NC) more accurately, we compared two different kinds of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) based feature extraction techniques: multi-slice 2D-DWT and 3D-DWT. The dataset contained...
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Perforated Flexible Membrane Insertion Influence on The Sound Absorption Performance of Cavity Backed Micro Perforated Panel

Harjana Harjana, Iwan Yahya
Sound absorption performance of cavity backed perforated panel on respect to the influence of flexible perforated membrane insertion was investigated by using a laboratory experiment. A layer of perforated flexible membrane was fitted inside the cavity backed MPP and the sound absorption coefficient...
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Application of a Fluidic Actuator to Horizontal Directional Well Drilling

Jiangfu He, Xiaodong Zhao, Kun Yin, Houping Liu
a hydraulic hammer with fluidic actuator was manufactured and applied to directional drilling due to the low penetration rate, long construction period and high drilling cost occurred during the operation of horizontal directional drilling in complicated formations, such as hard, fractured and cavy stratum....
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Radon Gas-Hazardous Element for Human Life Really Found in the Environment

Carlos Rizo Maestre, Servando Chinchón Yepes
Radon is a gas that is considered as an extremely harmful element to people’s health by the World Health Organization (WHO). Radon is a type of radioactive gaseous element that is present in almost all materials with which buildings are constructed, as well as in the areas in which they are raised. For...
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Rapid Characterization of Hydrogen Evolution Electrocatalyst Spot Arrays by the Pulsed-Potential Substrate Generation/Tip Collection Mode of Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

Minshu Du
A rapid method for the characterization of hydrogen evolution catalysts by scanning electrochemical microscopy (SECM) with decreased H2 diffusion layer overlap is introduced. The double-pulsed substrate generation/tip collection (SG/TC) mode was employed by switching the substrate electrode potential...

The Study on the Financial Industry Aggregation and the Regional Economic Growth Empirical Analysis of Zhongyuan Urban Agglomeration

Ruibo Liu, Yali Li
Zhongyuan urban agglomeration was incorporated into the new-type urbanization state plan in 2014, which will promote the rise of central China and lead the important growth pole of economic development in the Midwest. Taking financial industry agglomeration and economic characteristics of Zhongyuan urban...
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The Market Reaction to Food and Drug Safety Incidents of Listed Companies

Cheng Dai, Chi Xie
In recent years, food and drug safety incidents of listed companies frequently occur. These incidents were not only bring threat to the life safety of consumers and cause the panic of the society, but also cause disastrous loss to involved companies. In this article, by using incident study method, the...

Comprehensive reform and Practice of Environmental Engineering specialty which based on professional certification

Cheng Ding, Bairen Yang
In accordance with the requirements of professional certification, the comprehensive reform of environmental engineering is committed to improve the overall level of talent training, and carry out the outstand engineering practical ability training, which through the training mode of creative talents,...
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Brain electrical signal pre-amplification system design

Qiu Hui Zhuang, San Qiang Wang, Liang Xing
EEG contains a wealth of physiological, psychological and pathological information, EEG signal analysis and processing are either in clinical of some brain disease diagnosis and treatment, or in the cognitive science research fields are very important. According to the basic characteristics of EEG signal,...
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Wastewater treatment processes for industrial organosilicon wastewater

Yongming Wu, Mi Deng, Lizhen Liu, Jianyong Wang, Jie Zhang, Jinbao Wan
One organosilicon company in Jiangxi province used the major processes including iron-carbon micro-electrolytic processes-Fenton-anaerobic-aerobic-coagulation treatment processes to treat the wastewater from organosilicon production. The basis of technique selection, technological processes, technological...
Proceedings Article

Validation of Dynamic Simulation Models on Uncertainty

Xiaojun Guo, Shaojing Su
Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) play an important role in human activities. They are different from of the vehicles other areas (such as air, ground). Movement, communication, target detection all involve complex hydrology and climatic condition. For special application fields it's even more complex....
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Design and Implementation of the Knowledge Parts Library of Aeronautical Standard Parts Based on CATIA

Qiang Li, Yan Cao, Jiang Du, Nana Zhang
With the object to reuse the design data and method of the aviation standard parts, the method to develop the knowledge parts library of aeronautical standard parts which can be expanded dynamically and seamless integrated with CATIA is researched with the MBD and parametric technology. Based on the...

Research on the Development Trend of Visual Communication Design Education in the Cultural and Creative Industries

Bing Liu, Fu Liu
From the theoretical evolution and practical development, the theoretical framework, development status and characteristics of the teaching reform of visual communication design are studied. The results shows, cultural and creative industries are the important factors that affect the development of visual...
Proceedings Article

Compressed Sensing to Power Quality Signal with Orthogonal Matching Pursuit Method

Hua Ouyang, Zhonglin Yang, Hui Li
Compressed sensing is a new data compression method which can recover a sparse or compressible signal from a small number of linear and non-adaptive measurements. To solve the problems of high sampling rate and massive data storage faced by traditional collection and compression methods of power quality,...

Open and Networked Education: Learning the future of learning

Elisabete Barros, Antonio Jose Osorio
The analysis about Education and current educational settings (or educative technological contexts) leads to the need for reflection and study on the state of school as a public space and on their role in relation to the promotion and development of skills of children and youth, either at European or...
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The calculation of short-circuit current in the electrical design of traction substation

DeSheng Zhong
This paper mainly studies the calculation of short-circuit current in the electrical design of a domestic electrified railway traction substation power supply system. The choice of short-circuit point depends on the main transformer capacity that determined according to the traction substation main connection...

Creative Personality Factors and Practices Among Mathematics Teachers: Principal Component Analysis Approach (PCA)

Nazeri Mohammad, Shuhari A Razak, Rosnizam Kamis, Muhammad A Haron
The practice of effective teaching is associated with the creative nature which is not just teachers plan learning activities, but also includes elements of creativity in the teaching process in the classroom. This study aims to make testing for the instrument creative teaching practices among Mathematics...

Cooperation Pattern Analysis of Seasonal Inventory Impawn Financing

Fan Cheng
The massively increasing of micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is prompting changes in the competition of enterprises and supply chains, which put forward higher requirements to risk controlling level of supply chain financing. The development and innovation of logistics financing provides an...

An Interpretation of Art Features in "Literati Painting" from the Perspective of “Xiehe’s Six Principles”

Wenxiu Li
Literati painting is distinctive in color style, containing both impressionistic lyricism and light color as well as a black and white ink spirit distinguished with a green landscape, re-color character paintings; it replaced the center position of green painting in the Tang and Song Dynasties, and became...
Proceedings Article

The Transformation of School Auditorium Sound Reinforcement System

Zhang Yang
At present, most of the researches on sound reinforcement system problems are focused on the new building cases. This paper discusses a transformation problem with "architectural acoustics" and "the sound reinforcement". In order to solve the problems efficiently, we take a transformation of school auditorium...
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Research on Optimization Model of Neural Network Based on Genetic Algorithm

Ping Wang, Bin Yang
BP neural network is a multilayer feed-forward network for training according to the error back-propagation algorithm , its main advantage is the strong non-linear mapping ability , but the training of BP neural network is easy to fall into local minima, and slow convergence speed. This paper makes use...
Proceedings Article

Dynamics Analysis of Hull Vibration for Tank Firing on the Move

Yimin Wang, Guolai Yang
Aiming at the low firing accuracy problem of tank on the move caused by hull vibration under the condition of high-speed and uneven surface road, using the muzzle vibration to characterize firing accuracy, a dynamic model for tank firing on the move was established based on multi-body system dynamics,...

Features of the Law Enforcement and Regulation of the Activities of Education Management Bodies in the Sphere of Assessment of the Quality of General Education

S.V. Molchanov, N.P. Kirillov, V.S. Molchanova
The novelty of the proposed article lies in the fact that it discusses methodological approaches to assessing the activities of educational authorities in the field of assessing the quality of general education. The main components of the structural-logical model, which relies on social and legal mechanisms...

Challenges to accountability and transparency in implementing discretion in public services in Indonesia

Jemi Jemi, Desiderius Sudibyo, Rutiana Wahyuengeseh
Talking about the implementation of public policies cannot be separated from the implementation or application of public policy through programs, activities, actions, and doings in a mechanism that is bound to a particular system. In addition, actors have a major role in implementing public policies...

Interpretation of Día de Muertos in the movie Coco

Yan Jiang, Ruimei Song
Adopting the analytical tools of cultural conceptualizations in Cultural Linguistics, this study examines cultural schemas of Día de Muertos, a Mexican celebration day of the deceased. It holds that Día de Muertos can be interpreted as event schemas for cultural reconstruction, family reunion and interpersonal...

The Causes of the Decline of Violent Crimes in Victorian London

Yumei Tan
Violent crimes have a long-term decline trend in London. In Victorian London, with the fast development of urbanization, the increasing number of rural people moved to London to pursue their fortune, it was thought that the urbanization would cause serious crimes. However, in London, the violent crimes...

Prevention of Professional Burnout of Teachers

Yury Gorblyansky, Oksana Ponamareva, Elena Kontorovich, Ksenia Khodareva, Valeria Fedyakina, Evgenia Volynskaya
A comprehensive study of the risk factors of occupational burnout of teachers of primary general education, secondary general education and further education was conducted. Reliable associations between working conditions (including psychosocial work factors), health, and occupational burnout among teachers...

Design and Analysis of Multi-robot Grouping Aggregation Algorithm

Huailin Zhao, Zhen Nie, Xiaoxing Wang
Pages: 60 - 65
In this paper, the grouping aggaregation problem of multi-robot in simple environment is studied. The grouping algorithm and aggregation algorithm are mainly discussed. Based on K-means clustering algorithm, a grouping control algorithm that can determine the number of groups and complete the grouping...
Research Article

How Do Trade Margins Respond to Exchange Rate? The Case of Egypt✩

Chahir Zaki, Alia Abdallah, May Sami
Pages: 60 - 80
This paper examines the effect of the exchange rate devaluation on the quantity and value of exports (intensive margin of trade), as well as the ability to export new products and/or venture into new export markets (extensive margin of trade). Using monthly firm-level and sector-level data for the period...

Reflection on Classroom Teaching Method of Scratch Programming

Qiuyun Zhao, Zhi Zhang
With the continuous infiltration of artificial intelligence into people's lives, programs as the core soul of artificial intelligence, programming education is becoming more and more popular. Compared with adult programming, Scratch programming has great advantages in interest and application. At the...

Dimensions, Observation Object, and Process of Assessment of 2013 Curriculum-Based Musical Ensemble Teaching and Learning at Junior High Schools

Udi Utomo, Suharto Suharto
Accuracy in the process of observing performance is an important part in achieving objectivity in learning assessment. Furthermore, this study aims to analyze dimensions, objects of observation, and assessment process in Music Ensemble teaching and learning at junior high schools. This research is conducted...

The Development of Teaching Materials Based on Vocational Skills on an Equality Program

Linda Fajarwati, Lutfi Ariefianto, Arief Tukiman Hendrawijaya
This research is based on the reason that subject matter in the equality program has no relevance to daily life. The purpose of this research is to develop teaching materials based on vocational skills and further can be used as a reference in improving the learning process in Equality Program. Teaching...

Analysis of network integration in evaluation new industrialization

Valery Dubrovskji, Denis Mironov
The basic sign of new industrialization as a modern stage in the development of productive forces is the use of information and communication technologies as a tool that ensures, inter alia, the stable and effective functioning of network integration of production and economic entities that cooperate...

A File Storage System of Drug Addicts Control based on Block Chain

Jian-Ying XIONG
The public security departments, government agencies and community departments in China should carry out daily supervision and assistance to drug addicts listed in the control. But the responsibility distinction is not clear in the actual work. So it brings low control efficiency, resulting in the lack...

Islam Berkemajuan and Islam Nusantara: The Face of Moderate Islam In Indonesia

Zakiya Darojat, Abd Chair
This article focusses on the jargon of two mass organizations, Muhammadiyah and Nahdlatul Ulama (NU) as mainstream Muslim representatives in Indonesia, it is "Islam Berkemajuan” (Progressive Islam) and "Islam Nusantara" how the da'wah strategy and efforts of Muhammadiyah and NU as the largest Islamic...

The Identification of Female Workers in Handcraft Embroidery Industry Based on The Factors Shaping Their Work Behavior

Nurul Hidayati, Anggaunita Kiranantika, Sri Eko Pujirahayu
Female workers are important assets of an industry. Every female worker has a different work behavior, and good work behavior can positively impact on the productivity and performance of the workers. Hence, companies must be able to identify how certain behavior can affect the performance of the female...

Citizens and E-services: On-line Interaction with the Authorities in Russia

Anna Treakhtenberg, Elena Dyakova
The article is based on the results of research conducted in 2015-2017. The main conclusion is that in Russia e-services is becoming more and more successfully integrated into the traditional arch of actions used by citizens in their interaction with authorities. This is a result of the government pursuing...
Proceedings Article

Coal As An Alternative Fuel

Peter Sahupala, Nurjannah Yusman
This study was aimed to analyze coal a fuel in the form of briquettes. The coal was taken from the district ofDigoel and was made cylindrical and processed without carbonization. Furthermore, the coal waspassed ultimate and proximate tests along with the analysis of nature and the combustion test of...

Cost Structure and Payout Policy in Indonesia 2011-2015

Elizabeth Lesmana Pualam, Sigit Sulistiyo Wibowo
This study aims to examine the impact of cost structure on payout policy within Indonesian non-financial firms. Previously, there has not been much prior research regarding cost structure and payout policy in emerging markets, especially Indonesia. Most Indonesian firms still prefer to distribute dividends...

Pali Ritual as a Portrait of Dayaknese Local Wisdom at Borneo Island in Treatment of Nature

Misrita Misrita, Evi Feronika Elbaar, Misrita
One of traditional attitude of Dayaknese heritage is how people treat the forest. Dayaknese put a tree or forest as a subject which stands in a linear fashion with a man. Hence, trees do not become objects of exploitation but the tree will be able to place itself as a determinant of which also affects...

The Practice and Exploration of College Physics Flipped Classroom Teaching Method

Jian Zhang, Li Wang, Bo Jiang, Hongliang Zhao
This paper introduces the implementation process of college physics flipped classroom teaching method, elaborates the teaching effect of teaching practice in recent years, and puts forward some suggestions for implementing this method in college physics teaching.