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Determination of barium content in pyrotechnics used for fireworks and firecrackers based on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF)

Junyi Wu
Methods used for the determination of barium content in pyrotechnics are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the barium with high content, the sample solution...

The Influence Of Transformational Leadership Style On Employee's Performance PT PLN Cabang Pekanbaru Rayon Panam

Astadi Pangarso, Syarifuddin Syarifuddin, Mahir Pradana, Nandya Moeliono, Benny M.Fazrido
This study aimed to determine how much influence of transformational leadership style in influencing employee performance at PT PLN branch Pekanbaru Rayon Panam, Indonesia; in order to make improvements and innovations continuously to develop the organization. The method used in this research is quantitative...

Classification and Characteristics of Historical Learning Media

Mr Aksa
Conventional learning is deemed less appropriate to the dynamics of the development of science and technology. In an effort to improve the learning process in accordance with the needs and development of the era, the function of learning media is very important to be utilized. Therefore, classifying...
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Physiotherapy Comprehensive Care as an Integrated Care

Sri Wardojo, Rakhmad Rosadi
People’s cost limitation in accessing health service, especially for degenerative diseases that need relatively long term health care has caused the increase of cases that need physiotherapy service. Objective: This research is aiming at identifying people’s diseases problems that need physiotherapy...
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Research and Practice on the Model and Method of Funds Management in Colleges

Yuanyuan Tian
With the large-scaled extension of education and opening of market economy, the development of college and university is restricted by capital flow. How to strengthen the financial management and simplify the process of expense account, how to speed up the capital turnover rate and service efficiency,...

Integrated communicative method as form of cooperation between teacher and student (from work experience)

A.A. Isakova
This article is devoted to the problem of pedagogical methods in teaching a foreign language. The author describes the Russian traditional educational system and different teaching methods. The communicative method based on the author's own teaching experience is analyzed

Democracy and Political Consciousness Investigating Difabel Toward Political Participation in the 2014 Presidential Election in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Agus Andika Putra, Rifki Sanahdi, David Efendi, Husni Amriyanto
Every citizen has right to choose and to participate in general election, and the state must protect that basic right of politic. The high percentage of people with different abilities' ('difabel') participated in the 2014 presidential election in Yogyakarta (66,5%) indicated the remarkable work of inclusive...

The Philosophical Bases of the Pedagogical Views of V. F. Odoyevsky

Anna Martseva, Diana Sivakova
The paper unveils the interrelationship existing between V. F. Odoyevsky's pedagogy and his philosophical ideas. The philosophical and pedagogical legacy of the thinker is of a considerable interest as one of the most developed in the history of Russian thought in the first half of the 19th century in...

The Influence of Employability Skills and Skill Competency toward Work Readiness

Endah Setyo Wardani, Isnandar Isnandar, Siti Sendari
The research aims to study influences of employability skills and skill competency toward work readiness. Data collections use questionnaires and score documentation, colected from 176 students at the XII grade of vocational school (SMK) of Electrical Power Instalation Technique in Malang Raya. The technical...

How Do Public Officials Perceive Themselves as Taxpayers? A Study of Effect of Modernized Tax Administration System, Tax Sanction, Tax Service, and Tax Morale on Tax Compliance of Public Officials in Indonesia

Abdul Rahman
Low tax compliance in Indonesia constitutes an anomaly conditions if it is referred to the considerable GDP per capita growth and the tax reforms conducted more than three decades. It means that Indonesia still faces with problematic tax compliance influenced by the behavior of public officials. Therefore,...

E-Media Development as an Effort to Improve Primary School Student Learning Results in Semarang

Farid Ahmadi, Fakhruddin
Preliminary study conducted in some elementary schools located in Semarang found that the information and communication technology-based learning media was not optimally implemented. The type of this research is Research and Development with Waterfall SDLC research model consisting of: analysis, design,...

Research on the Sino-foreign Cooperative Education in the Environment of 'One Belt One Road'-Based on the cooperation between China and Russian Federation

Wenjing Ke
Globalization and 'One Belt One Road' initiative both stimulate the cooperation of education between China and different countries. The sino-foreign cooperative education is a product. This paper aims to analyze the development about sino-foreign cooperative education between China and Russian Federation....
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The Analysis Of Implementation Program Of Adolescent Reproductive Health Service In North Barito Regency, Center Kalimantan Of Indonesia

Adriana Palimbo, Sukamto Sukamto, Erna Susanti
Objective: Knowing the implementation of Youth Reproduction Health (KRR) program in North Barito District. It is seen from four aspects of Health Services System which include aspects of input, process, output, and impact. This study also specifically aims to obtain information on the implementation...
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Analysis of Factors Related to Self Management Behavior (SMB) in Hypertensive Patients

Ilkafah Ilkafah, Titi Iswanti Afelia, Nurul Anugrah Ridwan
Abstract- Hypertension is kind of chronic and risk disease cause the disease complications, to avoid the complications required the ability to self-management behavior such as lifestyle changes including blood pressure control, diet modification and physical activity. This research aimed to determine...

Research on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education System in Colleges and Universities

Gao Feng, Wang Xuetong
With the reform of education system, innovation and entrepreneurship education is the development strategy driven by innovation in the country, it is an urgent need to promote economic quality, efficiency and upgrading, and It has become a new concept of educational development. Based on the current...
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A Study to Investigate the Perception of First Year Pharmacy Student of UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta Towards the Pharmacy Profession

Nelly Suryani, Yardi Yardi
The focus of pharmacy education has shifted from product oriented to patient centre care. In the case of patient oriented, Pharmacist plays an important role in assuring the efficacy of drug to patient and preventing patient from the adverse drug event. In doing this responsibility, a pharmacist should...

Research on model for grain storage and transportation security and construction of information network integration platform

Jing Zhang, Zhong-Liang Guan
Grain is perceived as the strategic material affecting the national economy and the people's livelihood, and its security lays the material foundation for building a harmonious society. As the key part in the grain logistics, grain storage and transportation work to guarantee the food security, which...

Research on the Teaching Reform of the Basic Course of Art Design

Nannan Zhang
At present, there is a gap between the traditional basic course teaching of art design specialty and its training target of new era, and there is a lack of necessary links between basic and specialized courses. The basic course of art college is an important part and the foundation of professional teaching....

Comparisons of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Reform

Keiichiro Yoshinaga
This paper discusses the rise of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education reform in the United States and Asia. As shown in the results of international tests such as PISA and TIMMS, secondary school students in Asia do better than their counterparts in the U.S. Nevertheless,...

Executive Open Selection, What's wrong?

Desy Mutia Ali, Eko Prasojo, Lina Miftahul Jannah
The view of merit as a new basic system for public personnel management is already final in the newest regulation of ASN (National State Apparatus), and one kind of implementation of merit in the management system is recruitment and selection. Although the new regulation of public personnel management...
Proceedings Article

Vulnerability Assessment of Snowstorm in Altay

Guili Sun, Zhen Cao, Lu Li, Haiyan Lu
This paper takes the county-level administration of Altay as the evaluation unit, and uses the frequency of historical snowstorm as the expression of the risk of snowstorm disaster in Altay area. The snow disaster vulnerability index system is established from snow physical exposure, sensitivity and...
Proceedings Article

Exploration and Practice of "Dual Integration" Mode of Collaborative Production and Education in the Context of Applied Transformation---The Case of Automotive Service Engineering

Jian Fang, Fang Shao
The cultivation of applied talents of application under the background of transformation should be based on the requirements of professional talent cultivation orientation transformation, transformation, transformation of teachers, curriculum content, teaching conditions transformation and transformation...

Corporate Governance Determinants for the Mitigation of the Likelihood of Financial Distress

Hafiz Mahmud Ahmad, Desi Adhariani
This study aims to examine the effect of corporate governance factors on the likelihood of a company being exposed to financial distress. The factors investigated are the nature of ownership (family or institutional), the proportion of independent directors, and the sizes of the audit committee, board...
Proceedings Article

The relationship of city and small business economic parameters

Andrey Vazhdaev, Artur Mitsel, Marina Grigoryeva
The article presents the results of a study on dependencies between the macroeconomic parameters of Yurga City and those of financial-economic activity in small businesses.
Proceedings Article

An Improved Finite Element Method for Solving a Kind of Nonlinear Volterra - Fredholm Integral Equation

Zhiguang Xiong, Kang Deng, Qisheng Wang
In this paper we extend the idea of interpolated coefficients for a kind of nonlinear Volterra-Fredholm integral equation to the improved finite element method. we introduce this numerical approximation method and Newton iterative scheme for this integral equation. Then we derive convergence estimate...

Research on Reform of Interpretation Course for English Majors in Private Colleges and Universities

Xun Bu
Restricted by some objective factors such as faculty structure, enrollment quality and so on, private colleges and universities experience some difficulties in making breakthrough in the interpretation course for English majors, achieving satisfactory teaching results and receiving encouraging feedback...

Analysis of Influencing Factors of Life Insurance in Beijing Area

Qian Zhang, Xuefeng Zhang
In recent years, people have been increasingly concerned about life security in the future. Based on the data of life insurance in Beijing from 1997 to 2015, this paper analyzes the long-term impact and short-term impact of various factors, using vector error correction model. It indicates that regional...

Improvement of Innovative Infrastructure as a Means of Economic Development

Alla Nikonorova, Dmitry Morkovkin, Natalia Isaichykova, Valery Nezamaikin
The article examines the effective introduction of innovations into practice and their influence on the improvement of infrastructure and economic growth in the region. Presently, the lack of proper mechanisms and of organizational regulations in the field of innovative infrastructure improvement hampers...

An Artist's Diaries and Personal Notes as a Source of Understanding His Art -- Joan Miro's Catalan Notebook

Ksenia Orlova
An important source of studying art in modern art history are notebooks, personal letters with friends, interviews and talks. But researchers have an important task to keep impartiality and some distance from the object of their research. The article covers this issue using Joan Miro's personal correspondence...
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Storage Life Prediction for Accelerometer based on Nonlinear Degradation Model

Rui Li, Lixin Wang, Qi Wang, Can Li
For the accelerometers which have nonlinear degradation characteristics, the existing linear regression model is difficult to accurately evaluate the storage life. In order to solve this problem, under the condition of the accelerated degradation test, a storage life evaluating method based on nonlinear...
Proceedings Article

Selection of A Rational Form for The Steel Winding Tower as A Preventive Measure to Increase Its Industrial Safety

Elena.G. Kassikhina, Vladimir V. Pershin, Nikiya O. Butrim, Weiguo Qiao
Herein there is a new approach to improve industrial safety in terms of operation of the steel winding tower based on rational design solutions.

Research on Influence of National Folk Sports Events on Social Harmonious Development at China-Vietnam Border

Dong Bikai, Hu Yingqing
This paper mainly analyzes the value of contact of Chinese-Vietnamese national folk sports events: the sports events enhance the communication between nationalities at border, ensure harmonious and stable border; promote active spiritual culture and weaken passive culture; make for trade contacts between...
Proceedings Article

How Physics can help in understanding Cardiac Rhythms Predicting & Control of complex oscillatory behavior

Shiuan Ni Liang, Le Duy Manh, Wei Yin Chiang, Pik Yin Lai, C. K. Chan
We discuss our recent theoretical and experimental work in cardiac systems. The first is about the rhythmic variation as the cardiac myocyte cell culture synchronized, and how it can be explained in terms of the frequency enhancement phenomenon in coupled excitable systems. Another work concerns the...

Reflection on Chinese Cultural Industry Business Model Innovation Utilizing the Zhao Benshan Model

Yu Liao
The cultural industry offers consumers entertainment products or services against a background of economic globalization. In the rapidly changing business environment, it is extremely important to maintain the survival and development of cultural industry through the application of business models. This...

Evaluation Model Analysis of Sports Instrument Influences on Class drill

Xueqiang Zhu
This research, based on Abraham Harold Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and the healthy definition of “WHO”, analyzes relevant value indicates such as the fitness value, metal health value, entertainment value, the value of education, ornamental value and social value to grab a rough understanding that hand...
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Research on Failure Mode and Ductility of Waste Fiber Recycled Concrete Columns under Small Eccentricity

Jing-Hai ZHOU, Hong WANG, Ze LI
This paper studies small eccentric compression test of eight waste fiber recycled concrete columns with recycled coarse aggregate replacement ratio, waste fiber length, and waste fiber incorporation as parameters. The test is carried out on the failure mode and ductility of the waste fiber recycled concrete...
Proceedings Article

Smart Home Wireless Power Control Design Based On Internet of Things

XinYi Qi, Mindan Bai
In view of the current intelligence lives in complex structure, such as the high cost of weakness, use of switch power supply and single chip design a wireless intelligent household system. It will control instructions through wireless remote control by way of the wireless controller sent to the module,...

Research on the Main Research Topic Teaching Model for Environment Art Design Major

Ding Liwei
The cultivating objectives of the Environment Art Design Major are the application competence of social practice and designing ability for environment design. The expert teaching models are confronting with the new challenges for many years and the original teaching model cannot suit for the requirements...

Computing Literacy as a Foundation for Digital Learning

A.Z.R Langi
Computing literacy is fundamental in future learning, as human learns to have smart living in a society and environment where computing is pervasive. As we are approaching a singularity point where the intelligence of computing entities exceeds that of humans, we need to transform ourselves to have favorable...

Investigation and Thinking on the Middle-elementary School Teachers-training with Case-study

Hong-Guang Ha, Xiao-Ping Xiang
To have a proper probe into the current situation of teachers training in Ankang, with the help of the theories of pedagogy in teaching, we made a research into the training process and had the statistics in the training. When the detailed analyses are done, we put forward the new ideas and some strategies...
Proceedings Article

Molecular Docking and Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Interaction of Cationic Imidazolium Porphyrin-Anthraquinone and Hsp90

Muhammad Arba, Rahmana Emran Kartasasmita, Daryono H. Tjahjono
Hsp90 is involved in the progressiveness of cancer cell through the activation of oncogenic client proteins, including Her2/ErbB2, Akt, Raf-1, and hTERT. Thus, targeting Hsp90 is considered as one of promising strategy in anti-cancer drug development. In the search of new potential Hsp90 inhibitors,...
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The Visualization Research of User Observation and Quantitative Information

Xin Zhang, Hai Fang, Fei Hu
User observation is a significant method for user research. Researchers collect information by field observation. Information collecting and analysis to information observed effects structure analyzing and innovative design of products directly. It visualizes the research results, eliminates interference...

Fresh Agri-Food Supply Chain Retailers and Suppliers Price Game

Qian Tong, Xiaoxi Tong, Yuanyuan Li
In the supply chain of fresh agricultural foods and food safety, participants for each activity are making their efforts to obtain the maximize benefits, and every interests owners are playing the maximizing benefit Game. As the main parts in the supply chain, suppliers provide their Optimal order quantity...

Study on the Computer Aided English Instruction from the Learning Perspective of Constructivism

Lei Liu
Constructivism, one of the core development modes of teaching, receives certain external environment support and is extensively accepted and applied in the computer aidedEnglish instruction under the premises of rapid development of computer technology and constant innovation of college English instruction...
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3D Simulation Model of Lunar Crater Based on Single CCD Image

Junlin Wang, Jiaqi Li, Binbing Liu, Zhankai Li, Xiaolin Tian
The paper gives an algorithm to simulate the crater topography from a single Charge Couple Device image. Refer to the Oren-Nayar reflectance model, several parameters of the lunar crater and constraint conditions have been added to this new algorithm, also the small craters have been enhanced in the...
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Effects of Stack Position on the Optimum Performance of a Thermo-acoustics Refrigeration System using ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) Stack Material

Ida Bagus, Wisnu Hendradjit
In this paper, the optimum thermo-acoustic stack position was investigated. Two types of parallel-plate stacks made of celluloid negative film and ABS materials were selected and investigation was carried out over three working frequencies. The ABS stack revealed that the farther of the stack position...
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A Comparative Diagnosis Approach on Transformer’s Insulating Oil

Ming-Jong Lin
The immersed oil power transformer is so vital equipment in power system that maintenance-engineers take more cautious on transformer’s insulating oil as the criterion of maintenance. The dissolved gas analysis (DGA) is known for an effective technique to detect transformer’s incipient faults. In this...

The Contribution of the Vocational Teachers’ Professional Competence toward Vocational High Schools’ Performance

Abdul Haris Setiawan
This research aims to determine the contribution of the vocational teachers’ professional competence toward the Vocational High Schools’ performance. This research is ex-post facto. Statistically, based on the data and analysis techniques, this research is descriptive quantitative. The population was...
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Design of Security Monitoring System for Geological Data Library of Hainan Province

Min Sun, Binwen Huang
Geological Data Library is an important component of Land and Environmental Resources Department of Hainan Province, which is responsible for the collection and management of Hainan province's regional geological data, such as geological survey data, solid mineral geology data, petroleum geology data,...
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An Adaptive Approach for Optical Recognition of Inter-Point Hindi Devanagari Braille and its Transcription to Text

T. Shreekanth, V. Udayashankara
Optical Braille Character Recognition (OBR) system is in great need inorder to restore the old Braille documents to make them available for the large section of visually impaired people. The recognition of the double sided Braille dots is a challenging task due to the overlapping of the front side dots...