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Impact of Conducting Mergers and Acquisitions on Relieving Financial Constraint Based on the Evidence from Chinese Listed Companies

Yunhe Deng, Jian Wu
This paper studies the relationship between M&A and relieving financial constraint. This paper hypothesizes that M&A transactions can relieve the financial constraint of firm. It models the relation between investment expenditure and internal cash flow. The extent to relieved financial constraint is...

Conflict Resolution Youth Village Tourism Cave Tubing Pindul in Yogyakarta

Lutfi Wibawa, Sujarwo Sujarwo, Hiryanto Hiryanto
This article discusses conflict resolution Travel Awareness Group (Pokdarwis) cave tubing Pindul in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Cave Tubing Pindul as a natural tourist destinations in governance by the people who gave birth to 4 Pokdarwis. Conflict occurs among this group that have an impact on youth. In...
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The optimization of desulfurization conditions by response surface methodology

Shui-Quan Chen, Chao-Cheng Zhao, Meng Zang, Xiao-Xiao Wang
Dibenzothiophene and its derivatives are components of high-sulfur crude oil, and these sulfides would reduce the oil quality and increase sulfur dioxide emissions when burned, which will decline environmental quality. Compared with the traditional desulfurization method, biodesulfurization has many...

Current Situation and Countermeasures for Education of Ancient Chinese Learning in Higher Vocational Colleges from the Perspective of Internet Plus

Qiu-Fei Ren
In the era of "Internet plus", the media matrix is formed gradually, which for higher vocational colleges to carry out the education of ancient Chinese learning has brought opportunities and challenges. Based on the investigation of five vocational colleges in Dalian, this paper used the methods of questionnaire...
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Simulating and Optimizing of Tramcar Transportation Attempter in Open Pit Mine

Chulin Chen, Lei Shi
The ore transportation system of strip mines is a representative discrete-event sys-tem, so the data concerning facilities and resource are collected and extracted to obtain their statistical probability by Expertfit; Based on Flexsim, Then 3D model is developed, incarnating the relationship among transport,...

Optimize College English Listening Teaching Pattern

Taohua Xiao, Lina Wu
Currently, the multimedia language lab listening teaching gradually replace the traditional listening teaching in college English listening teaching. In this text, we point out the problems existing in the traditional listening teaching, analyze the advantage and defect of multimedia teaching, and put...

Financial Ecological Environment Situation Analysis and Optimization Strategies in Guangxi

Feng Wei, Jing-Yi Tan, Xiang Ren
The favorable financial ecological environment is the basis of promoting economic and social development. This study taking Liuzhou as an example establishes the financial ecological environment evaluation system based on DEA model. The assessment results of Guangxi financial ecological environment shows...

Research and Practice of the Open Experimental Teaching Mode In the University

Qiang Song, Lingxia Liu
Combining with the innovation practices of experimental teaching within recent years, this paper puts forword the connotations and characteristics of the open experimental teaching mode, that is, the diversification and openess of experimental teaching goals, subject, teaching mode, teaching content...
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Integrated approach to the detection of distributed network attacks

Gulmira Shangytbayeva, Roza Beysembekova
The article discusses an integrated approach to the detection of distributed network attacks and attacks of malicious behavior and attacks of abnormal activity in distributed networks.
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Eye Location Method based on gray projection with improved skin color segmentation

Feng KaiPing, Yang Pan
The accuracy of eye location using gray projection method is dependent on the quality of the ambient light, the face posture and facial hair in front of the face . in order to solve the actual environment problem, this paper proposes a improved color segmentation and repeatedly reused gray projection...
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Analyzing Communication Competences in Professional Mathematics of University Students by Using GRA

Hsiu-Lan Ma, Der-Bang Wu, Yu-Kuang Cheng
This study analyzed the Communication ability of professional mathematics of university students of technology by using Grey Relational Analysis (GRA). Current results of this study not only identify the hardest and easiest problems for students, but also show how proposed GRA provides a novel approach...
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Research on Dynamic Software Architecture of Self-adaptive Web System

CaiFeng Cao, YaoZu Luo
With the development of Web application, users hope Web application system can provide with high quality services for them. Thus,we have proposed a self-adaptive Web system and its three-tier architecture. Then, we have designed dynamic software architecture for it.The DSA has been applied to the development...
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The Simulation of Terahertz Wave Radar System

Ling Zhou, Xiangwen Li
From the system simulation perspective, the thesis is about testing the coming multi frequency multiplexing Terahertz radar system and take the 340GHz as the example to design and analyze the system. With the adoption of 21.6 GHz Bandwidth and the foundation of the Matlab/Simulink, the Frequency multiplication...

Sports Reform Research based on Promoting the Physical Health of Students of Local Colleges and Universities

Songwei Wu, Kai Zhou
To promote the physical health level of college students comprehensively is the key for improving the sports education quality in colleges and universities, as well as the starting point of our education. There are lots of research articles about it, but the study of local colleges and universities sports...
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Fruit Image Segmentation Based on a Colour Perception Neural Network Inspired by the Retina Structure

Q.Y. Sun, Q.X. Wu, X. Wang, L. Hou
Fruit images segmentation is one of the important issues for fruit recognition. Inspired by the retina structure, a colour perception neural network is proposed to extract multiple colour features, and is applied to tomato fruits segmentation under natural complex background. The network is composed...
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Bandwidth-based Application-Aware Multipath Routing for NoCs

X.T Ding, C.X Yang, X.W Ren, P.J Ren
Most of routing algorithms for On-chip communication are neither application-aware nor routing packets using multiple paths. In addition, they hardly consider link bandwidth variation resulting from widely applied global asynchronous local synchronous (GALS) mechanism. In this paper, we propose a bandwidth-based...
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Rejection Of Direct Blast Interference Based on Vector Sensor adaptive Array Processing

Yunfei Chen, Bing Jia, Zhenshan Wang, Feng Gao, Sheng Li, Guijuan Li
In bistatic acoustic scattering wave testing, there will be strong direct blast interference , An algorithm based on vector sensor adaptive signal processing that rejecting of direct blast interference in bistatic sonar has been studied, through computer simulation the effectiveness of this algorithm...
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Time Series Analysis of Phosphorus Concentration in Chaohe River in Beijing

Zhang Weiwei, Li Hong
Taking the phosphorus monitoring data of two sites MS1 and MS2 in the period 1986-2003 in Chaohe River lying Beijing Miyun reservoir stream watershed as a case, time domain analysis method, Fourier and Wavelet analysis were adopted to explore and compare the periodic patterns and temporal pattern characteristics...
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Effect of Carnosine on Physico-Chemical and Antioxidant Activity Properties of FSG-CaCO3 Composite Films

Li-Hui Wang, Le Zhang, An-Jun Liu
For the sake of developing fish skin gelatin and CaCO3 composite films with antioxidant activity, different concentration of carnosine was added to it. In addition, the mechanical properties, optical properties, surface topography, anti-microbial activity, antioxidant activity and preservation effect...
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Poly(3,4-Ethylenedioxythiophene) Derivatives with Electrochemical Chiral Sensor for 3,4-Dihydroxyphenylalanine Discrimination

H. Sun, D.F. Hu, L.Q. Dong, X.F. Zhu, Y.S. Zhang, H.K. Xing, X.M. Duan
Two chiral poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene) (PEDOT) derivatives, poly(N-(tert-butoxycarbonyl)-Lphenylalayl (3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene-2'-yl)methylamide) (PEDOT-Boc-Leu) and poly(L-phenylalayl (3,4- ethylenedioxythiophene-2'-yl)methylamide) (PEDOT-Leu) modified electrodes were used to recognize 3,4-...

Talent Management to Competitive Advantage Rattan Furniture Industry: A Case of Cirebon, Indonesia

Annisa Ciptagustia
This study aims to describe the talent management and competitive advantage [1], explore the influence of Talent Management to Competitive Advantage of rattan furniture industry [2]. The data were analyzed by simple regression analysis. In this research, furniture rattan company member ASMINDO Cirebon...
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Innovation and Reflection on Peter Calthorpe’s New Urbanism

Lei Yan, Weiran Zhou
New Urbanism is a planning and design approach focused on human scale, diversity and conversation. Based on the introduction of New Urbanism and review Peter Calthorpe’s famous books, this paper presents the innovations of Peter Calthorpe’s New Urbanism covering from pedestrian pocket to transit-oriented...
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Design of Antenna Automated Measurement System

Chonghui Wang, Jingjian Huang, Lierong Wu, Naichang Yuan
In order to test and measure the dual-polarized, multi-channel antenna, a system was designed according to the actual working condition of the antenna. The hardware consists of the microwave network analyzer, three-dimensional turntable, switch matrix etc. The turntable is responsible for changing the...
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Partial Discharge Signal De-noising Method Based on EMD and High Order PDE

Ganggang Zhao, Fujiang Mo, Hui Chen, Peipei Wang, Mengsu Xu
The voltage level of power system is continuously improved. Partial discharge (PD) test is an important means to detect the insulation performance of high voltage electrical equipment. The electromagnetic environment of the test site is complicated. The extracted PD signal is submerged by noise. In order...
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Test System of Electric Vehicle Charging Interface Based on Standard Command for Programmable Instruments

Guang Chen, Liang Xu, Jing Zhang, Chang Liu
this paper shows the method of using a measuring instrument based on SCPI protocol for acquisition of electric signal of electric vehicle charging interface with high accuracy, high speed and automation, analyzes current difficulty in conformance test of electric vehicle charging interface, designs a...

The effective ways of promoting the construction of campus culture through university library

Gemin Li
University library is an important part of campus culture construction, while campus culture construction of university cannot carry out without the effective advancement of library. This paper focused on the ways of university library's improvement of campus culture construction. Through those ways,...
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Main Factors Controlling Hydrocarbon Accumulation of Upper Carboniferous in M Block, Pre-Caspian Basin

Guobin Li, Yajun Zhang, Liang Hong, Ziyan Jing
The slope zone in M Block is promising zone of lithologic reservoir exploration, whereas the exploration result is low expectation duo to the insufficient knowledge of reservoir forming conditions and controlling factors. In order to solve exploration problem, by using log and oil testing data, the reservoir...
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Causes, impact and control of overbreak in underground excavations

H.K. Verma, R.D. Dwivedi, Roy P. Pal, P.K. Singh
Drilling and blasting has been a preferred method of rock excavation world-wide. Blasting inevitably causes damage to the peripheral rock mass, which culminates in the form of overbreak and damaged zone. Damage or overbreak not only endangers the safety of structure and cost escalation but also delayed...

The Effects of Chinese IFDI and OFDI on Industrial Upgrading from the Perspective of Regional Heterogeneity

Xiaomin Li
China is playing a more and more important role in the international division of labor as a dual role of host and investment country. This research identified the mechanism of FDI on Chinese industrial upgrading and analyzed the panel data of China's IFDI and OFDI from 2004 to 2014 with regression method...

Exploration and Analysis on "Graphic Design" Course Teaching Reform in Vocational Colleges

Keqin Huang
With the expansion of the social needs of graphic design professionals, more and more Vocational Colleges set the profession of graphic design, and graphic design curriculum is very important. However, currently there are some problems in graphic design base curriculum such as old ideas, old teaching...
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Penalty-PSO Algorithm for Sequencing Mixed Model Assembly Line

Chenglong Lu, Bo Zhu, Beibei Liu, Yuwei Wan
A mathematical model of sequencing problem which takes the minimum overload time as the optimization objective is estab-lished to solve mixed model assembly line sequencing problem in semi-closed station. A new penalty strategy that can eliminate the influence of the viscous effect which caused by the...
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On the Determination of the Threshold Content of Fibrous Nanomodifier

Vladimir Alexeevich Smirnov, Engenij Valerjevich Korolev, Alexandr Viktorovich Evstigneev
Currently, numerous specific methods directed to the improvement of the building materials are developed. Many of such methods are intrinsically the implementations of the nanotechnology; the random reinforcement by nanoscale fibers is a well known way for the enhancement of operational properties. The...

Leadership in Planning and Budgeting on Higher Education

Yahya Yahya, Kasman Rukun
Planning and budgeting are routine activities in a university to achieve its vision and mission made by the leaders as annual programs and five yearly activities. Rector of the University Tanjungpura (UNTAN), during the Occupation 2011-2015 has a vision "
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Catastrophic/benign flutter boundary evaluation carried for two-dimensional aerodynamic surface in subsonic flow

Wenjia Cai, Laith K Abbas, Dongyang Chen, Xiaoting Rui, Pier Marzocca
The catastrophic/benign flutter boundary character evaluation and its control are carried out for 2-DOF lifting surfaces. Catastrophic/benign implies that the Limit Cycle Oscillation (LCO) is either unstable or stable. Within this work: (1) Quasi-Steady (QS) theory and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)...

The Research on Credit Risk of Local Government Bonds Based on KMV Model: A Case Study of Shanghai Government Bonds

Wenjie Xing
Based on the background of the independent issuance of local governments in China, this paper uses the modified KMV model to carry on the empirical analysis to measure the credit risk of the bond. This paper analyzes and predicts the guaranteed fiscal revenue and its growth rate and volatility of the...
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A Novel Android Application Penetration Analysis Method

Hao Zengshuai, Meng Leizi, Zhan Xiong, Wang Jie, Yu Jianbo
As the Android craze spread through the world, even the rapid development of mobile technology can not prevent applications from vulnerability abuse. The existing detection system mostly applied static analysis techniques to single application, which make a limited standard of accuracy and efficiency....

To the Issue of the Russian Impressionism in the 1960s

Lyubov Shirshova
The article reveals the origins of creativity of the People's Artist of the USSR, Academician of the Russian Academy of Arts Efrem I. Zverkov as an artist - impressionist. It also expands the range of ideas about the creative activity of the master and shows new aspects of his landscape painting of the...
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Decision Support System for Selecting Cooperation Forms between a Higher Educational Institution and a Potential Student

Alexandra Zakharova, Oksana Fisochenko, Artem Alexandrov
The article deals with some challenges concerning decision support system (DSS) development for selection of a cooperation form between a higher educational institution and potential students. Nowadays Russian higher educational institutions have to compete with each other to attract best potential students...
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The Impacts of Global Budget Payment System on Public Hospitals and Countermeasures

Mingju Chen
Under the basic medical insurance system, the high cost of getting a treatment and difficulty in seeing a doctor have been resolved to some extent, but the reasonable control of medical insurance costs have remained an unresolved problem for many years. Medical insurance payment is one of the core concerns...

Local Community Participation in Community Based Tourism in Kintamani and Their Impact to The Economy

Ni luh Karta, I made Sukarsa, Suarthana Hardini Widi
The purpose of this study was to determine and analyze the level of participation of local communities in Community-Based Tourism (CBT) in Kintamani Destination, and their impact to the economy. The local communities are involved in tourism activities. Management of tourist destinations in Kintamani...

Research on Post Office Class Curriculum Reform of Actual Combat in NCO Academies

Zelong Zhou, Zhongmin Liu, Xingyin Li
The post office is at the core position in the course of curriculum system of sergeant education. Under the conditions of combat equipment maintenance support task for NCO academies post office class combat teaching put forward new and higher requirements, this paper on post office class curriculum content...
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Were our leaders ready to implement the changes? - a case study

Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek Malgorzata, Szwedzka Katarzyna
The goal of the paper is to introduce results of the research carried in a large industrial company and concerning leadership style assessment. The results of the research presented in the paper refer to the specific period for the company analyzed, as it went through a kind of revolution. Over the last...

Some Strategies for Dealing with English Vocabulary in Reading

Yanhong Zhang
English is one of the most important languages in the world. It is important because of its worldwide use. More and more people in the world choose English as a foreign language for the purpose of profession, science and international communication. For English learners, Reading is one of the basic techniques...
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Assessing GHG Benefits Induced by ICT Services in Practice: A Case Study and Resulting Challenges

Vlad Coroama, Mattias Höjer
High expectations are placed on the ability of ICT to play an important role in reducing GHG emissions, now and in the future. Several calculations of such benefits were put forward over the last years, usually performed by the industry. Their methods and assumptions, however, remained often unspecified,...
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Analysis of Urban Sewage Treatment in Environment Engineering

Fu Lu
At the present stage, with the continuous deepening of urbanization of China, the urban population increases day by day. As a result, water demand and urban sewage discharge also grow. Nowadays, some factories in peri-urban areas violate laws to discharge wastewater, which greatly threatens our water...
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Reliability of a repairable system

Li Wei, Wang Xiao
In this note, we study the reliability a repairable system by using the result of the positive unit eigenfunction of the eigenvalue 0 of the system operator is just steady-state solution of the system. We give the stationary availability and the mean up-time etc., of the complex standby system. Moreover,...

Career Planning Education in Universities Based on Experiential Teaching Mode

Liu Hui, Liu Qingyu
Experiential teaching model is an effective way to promote career planning teaching efficiency.This paper analyzes the necessity of experiential teaching in career planning education,discusses the teaching process in detail and then put forward the problems needed to be focus on in the teaching process.The...
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Echo Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Millimeter Wave Proximity Fuze

Jie Zhou, Quanli Ning, Chunsheng Hu
This Start research on the scattering mechanism of ground object target, the scattering of the far zone and the near region is defined, and the scattering characteristics of the target is analyzed.Using the distance-Doppler method to divide the fuze beam radiation area, the fuze echo model is established...
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Effect of Optimized Tempering Process on Delayed Fracture of Wear Resistant Steel

Qichun Peng, Zhili He, Danping Fan
In order to solve the delayed fracture phenomenon of the wear resistant steel plate,the chamber electric furnace was used to carry out the tempering test;and the influence of tempering temperature and tempering time on the hardness, tensile strength and -20 impact energy of the wear resistant steel is...
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Research on the tensile mechanics properties of steel fiber RPC

Haiyan Yuan, Mingzhe An, Ziruo Yu, Chunmei Zhu
In order to study the tensile strength of reactive powder concrete (RPC) with different volume fraction of steel fiber (Vf =0%, 1%, 2%), the axial tensile tests were completed using self-designed equipment. The splitting tensile test and flexural tensile test were developed at the same time. The results...