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Application and Research of Content Management System based on Trusted Computing

X.-Q. Ma, Yi Huang, Bo Lv, Y.-Y. Liu
Trusted computing is a hot topic of information security technology research nowadays. It was developed based on computed system. The paper analyzed the present situation about trusted computing. In order to satisfy the requirements of little enterprise and government, we designed and implemented the...
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Reactive Power Optimization Avoiding Over Compensation Based On Improved Particle Swarm Optimization

Jianfeng Wang, Tieyuan Xiang, Weijian Jin
Improved particle swarm optimization algorithm was applied to power system reactive power optimization overcomes the traditional particle swarm optimization algorithm’s problems, which are easy to fall into local optimum and with low precision. At the same time in the process of operation, this paper...
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Successful Factors of Flipped Classroom From the Perspective of Symbolic Interaction Theory

Lixin Wang, Chonggang Fu
Flipped classroom teaching (FCT) is emerging as an advanced pattern of instruction in recent years. With the increasing mature of multimedia and internet technology, FCT is widely accepted by teachers and students. But a variety of questions still exist with regard to FCT. Symbolic interaction theory...
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Application and Study on the Personalized Information Retrieval based on Cloud Computing

Yi Huang, X.-Q. Ma, Y.-Y. Liu
With the rapid development of all kinds of information and cloud computing personalized information service is becoming a hot issue in information retrieval. This paper analyzed the present situation about information retrieval in cloud computing. It emphasized the requirement of security and personalized...
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Discussion about the Integration of Modern Information Technique and Athletics Teaching

Chuanqin Liu, GyouMing Zhan, Ning Wang
Through documentary and logical analysis, the current integration of the outstanding problems of the modern information technology and physical education are analyzed, and on this basis to explore through the integration of modern information technology and physical education teaching to deepen teaching...
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Application of Simulation Technology in Transport Logistics Practice Teaching

Yang Han
Transport logistics courses require innovation in teaching methods, and application of simulation technology in transport logistics practices teaching is an effective way to meet this demand. In this paper, service model is used for modeling and simulation in the practice teaching of transport logistics...
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Analysis of Classroom Practice in Engineering Graphics Teaching

Hua Chen, Hao Yang, Jing Wan
The engineering graphics is a required course for undergraduate students of engineering colleges. Classroom practice is an important channel for information exchange between teachers and students in the classroom teaching. In order to improve the effect of classroom teaching, we should optimize the classroom...
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Approaching on Supplying Models of Public Goods

Kang Zhao, Ping Sun, Hong Tao, Songjuan Zhu
This article makes an attempt to approach, in a systematical way, the proposition of supplying models of public goods. The author first discusses the connotation of public goods, pointing out that those goods in association with helping social vulnerable groups are belonging to public goods. Following...
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Sustainable Supply Chain Management in Retail Industry

Jun Han, Yi Guo
With the increasingly intense competition in the retail market and the higher expectations of consumer, it is difficult to assure the healthy and stable development of retail enterprises simply by enlarging the amount of sales . Therefore, effective cost control is an important method for the development...
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Thoughts on the Construction of School Productive Training Base in the Higher Vocational Colleges

Yuchen Zhang
The construction of school productive training base in the higher vocational colleges is the inevitable choice to deepen the cooperation between Higher Vocational Colleges and enterprises, and the students could complete work process to produce the product or commodity in a real production environment...
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Reform and Exploration of Building Structure Experiment Teaching

Shaochong Yang, Jianhui Zhang
Based on the practice of the building structure experiment teaching, the present situation and existing problems of the teaching course were analyzed from the teaching idea, the teaching content and the teaching methods. The construction of the independent experimental teaching mode in the experiment...
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A Comparative Study of Non-Profit Organization Accounting between Chinese and Western Countries

Chunhua Li
The comparative analysis method is adopted in this paper. The accounting entity, accounting basis, accounting elements and financial reporting between Chinese and western non-profit organization accounting are compared.The non-profit organization accounting differences are discussed. References for the...
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Gender Classification Research on Web Forum Users’ Posting Behaviors and Posting Contents

Yue Chen, Lijuan Bai
The rise of Web2.0 makes more and more people participate in the network to exchange their views and information. In order to investigate whether gender differences exist in internet behaviors, this paper examined users’ posting behaviors and language usages in network forum. This paper selected cars...
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Undergraduate Tutorial System: Cultivating Transferable Ability through Specialty Studies

Ya-ting Wang
University education emphasizes on cultivating the transferable ability and professional knowledge and skills, with the former assuming more weight. The undergraduate tutorial system practiced in the European and American Universities is oriented to the core concept of cultivating students’ transferable...
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Problems and Countermeasures of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Life Education

C.-L. Deng
Life education current situation is not optimistic in the universities sports teaching practice, because most of the teachers and students didn't attaches great importance to the value of life and the naturalness of life, the direct consequence caused out of college physical education and life education,...
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Objective Testing for Collage Translation Course and Its Washback Effects

Li Ma
The traditional test for translation course is mainly based on the subjective test, being composed of text translations. However the contemporary teaching syllabus and the content of the translation course cover wide range of theories and techniques in translation apart from the text translations. Therefore...
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Social Core Value System Leading the Graduate Students’ Moral Education

Yu Guo
The moral education is the ideological basis and important content for the graduate students. The moral education of graduate students is significant led by social core value system. We must consider the characteristics and development trend of the graduate students in order to do a good job on their...
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Enlightenment of Occupation education in Colleges to Educational transformation in NCO Academies

Minghai Fu, Yanhui Zhao
To construct the vocational education characteristic personnel training pattern is the key to educational transformation in NCO academies.The actual force teaching evaluation system is to improve the students' professional ability standard; teachers should be based on the integration, "quotation" and...
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Research Ability Training of Oil Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering Students in New Local Universities

Hui Huang, Xianghong Jin, Jianghua Fang
New local universities are important part of higher education in China, research ability training of students major in oil gas storage and transportation engineering not only is one of hot subjects of current higher education reform and development in China, but also is the objective requirement of local...
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The Progress of Non-Profit Organization Accounting Studies

ChunHua Li
In order to solve the focus questions studied both at home and abroad about non-profit organization accounting, the writer adopts comparative analysis method, defines the range of non-profit organization in our country and confirms the accounting goal. It has been explained that non-profit organization...
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Facing Reality and Challenge –Making Course Selection System Become the Leading Reform in Chinese Vocational Colleges

Yi Hu
this paper first introduces the teaching characteristics for vocational colleges at home and abroad. And then features of the elective system are analyzed in vocational colleges. The method and implementation for elective system is presented.
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Chinese question answering system Based on the Chinese FAQ

Xinlei Wang, Huijian Han
Sentence similarity computation is a key part of the Chinese FAQ system and the computation accuracy determine the quality of the system. Combining with question classification index, a new Chinese sentence similarity computing method based on Content Forward Network is proposed. The method combined...
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Research on Factors and Strategies of Knowledge Transfer within Scientific Research and Innovation Teams in Universities

Guizhu Xie, Jianchao Yang, Ying Tao
Combining the constructs of organization with knowledge transfer process, we analyze the influential factors of knowledge transfer within scientific research and innovation teams in universities from five aspects: the knowledge source and the knowledge recipients the knowledge transferred, the context...
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An Effective M-ary Spread Spectrum Communication Scheme

Yuexuan Liu, Xiaohui Li, Peng Gao, Hongdong Li, Rui Dong
A new M-ary spread spectrum(SS) hybrid communication system is proposed. The system adopts two orthogonal branches to transport information. In each branch, double M-ary biorthogonal spread spectrum modulation is adopted at first, then every SS code is treated as original code to adopt CPSK modulation,...
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A Symbol Rate Blind Estimation Algorithm of Baseband Signal

Yuexuan Liu, Jiangang Wang, Xiaohui Li, Longxing Tang, Yuehuai Ma
Accurate estimation of symbol rate is an important part of the electronic information countermeasures. In this article, the cyclic spectrum density expression of band-limited baseband signal is derived. And analysed it’s characteristics. A new blind estimation algorithm of symbol rate based on cyclic...
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Practice and Exploration on Constructing of Students’ Innovative Laboratory Based on the Cooperation between Enterprises and Universities

W.-B. Zeng, Jia Zhao, Q.-Q. Wu
Constructing of students’ innovative laboratory based on cooperation between enterprises and universities is both a new philosophy of higher education and a new mode of cultivation of innovative ability. Through the practice of the cooperation between enterprises and Guangxi University of Science and...
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A Survey Study on Influencing Factors of Self-elective Course for Chinese College Students

J.-F. Yao, Ni Xie, Yue Zhang
The study is concerned with the influencing factors of self-elective course. 200 undergraduates coming from Guizhou University of Finance and Economics are involved in this research. Ihe result shows that students’ choice of courses are influenced by objective factors such as third-party information,...
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Risk and Prevention in E-Commerce Payment

Tao Kuang, Shanhong Zhu
Network increases the development pace of people's lives, promotes the development of online shopping and the rise and prevention in third-party payment platform, this new thing is slowly infiltrated into our lives every corner. Third-party payment platform is based on trust and establish a third-party...
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Study on Tourist Cooperation Based on Game Theory

Guoxue Sun
Regional cooperation in tourism is tourism development to a certain stage of the product, Is the inevitable trend of development of tourism economy, For enhancing the competitiveness of the tourism industry and sustainable development are of great significance. From the perspective of game theory, Explore...
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Study on Rational Use of Tourism Occasion to Marketing Strategy

Guoxue Sun
Occasion to marketing as an effective marketing tool, More and more companies rely on. However, some tourism enterprises in the use of an occasion to marketing strategy, Due to various factors, There are significant limitations and problems, Even into errors. Occasion to marketing is difficult to improve...
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An Empirical Study on Regional Scientific Research Evaluation through Application of H-Index: A Case Study of 11 Regions of Zhejiang Province in China

Zhifeng Zhou
This paper collected h-index samples of 11 regions of Zhejiang province in China from 2000 to 2013 based on China academic journal network publishing database and ISI web of science. Then the correlation analysis was conducted among the number of papers, the total number of citation, the average number...
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Dynamic Webpage Design Based on CSS

Tao Kuang, Shanhong Zhu
The traditional webpage using nested tables for webpage, this method has the advantages of simple operation, but generates redundancy HTML code which is not conducive to find and manage, prolix. however, CSS webpage layout is a concise code, more functional, higher flexibility of webpage layout design...
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The Literature Review and Research Design of Pre-service English Teachers' Practical Knowledge about Lexical Teaching uring the Teaching Practice ----A Case Study of Zhejiang Normal University

Bin Zhu, Yannan Xu
Pre-service teacher education is the key procedure of student teacher's practical knowledge development. This paper first explores the strategies for developing pre-service English teachers' practical knowledge about lexical teaching,including imitation and innovation, learning in practice, communication,...
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Advanced Logistics Performance Measures of on E-commerce

Jielin Wang, Xiaoning Zhu is considered to be one of the most well-known B2B & C2C e-commerce companies in China in recent years. This paper discussed 3 main flows in the model of business which is information flow, cash flow and goods flow. Both information flow and cash flow are mature process of
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Improving Thesis Quality of Graduate Majored in Computer Science

Bo Li, Jing Xie
When accomplishing all the theoretical courses and practice, graduate should offer a thesis to win bachelor degree. However, there are still some problems existed in graduate thesis, which impair the quality. Based on the experience on directing graduate thesis majored in computer science, in this paper,...
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Present Status of Field Crop Farming Mechanization in Liaoning - a Survey of 1380 Households

Ping Shen, Pengjun Dai
To find out the present status of agricultural mechanization in field crop producing, a survey was conducted in Liaoning in 2013. Based on data of 1380 rural households engaged in small-scale( under 100 mu) field crop farming which is prevailing in Liaoning, this study finds that regional disparity exist...
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Legal System of Dyslexia in U.S.A

Li Guo
Given the high incidence of dyslexia, the United States has established the legal system related to dyslexia in the federal laws, state laws and school district policies to regulate and guide the dyslexia screening, intervention, treatment and so on. This paper analyzes the role of the United States...
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The Open Innovation of Café Chain Stores and Its Influence on the Business Model

Wan.Ju Chiang, James K.C. Chen, Tain.Fung Wu
The global economy development is changing radically. All of the companies are facing a challenging environment which changes every moment. Therefore, all of the companies are need a business model which can solve all the coming problems and run their businesses smoothly. Open innovation had caughtots...
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Investigation and Reflection on the Postgraduates Employment Status in the Post-Financial Crisis Background

Rong Feng
Postgraduates employment is an important outcome of the higher education sectors, and it is the fundamental way to achieve self-worth for the majority of postgraduates. The employment of college students is persistently impacted by the international and domestic situations. Under the current circumstance,...
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Gender Differences in Scratch Game Design

Hui-mei Justina Hsu
The purpose of this project is to understand elementary school students’ preferences in interactive game design. By examining the processes of elementary school students using Scratch to design and create games, this study intends to investigate gender differences in terms of computer literacy, multimedia...
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The Study of the Model of Community Service for Home Care of the Elderly at New Period

Hongge Kang, Guowang Zhang
Based on classifying the significance of the model of supporting the aged, the models of family care and institution care of the elderly are compared; meanwhile, the innovative forms and the creative model are proposed. Reference value for improving social model of caring the elderly is provided.
Proceedings Article

Stressed by Multiple Roles, Should I Leave The Effects of Role Stressors on Turnover Intention

Chen Zhao, Zhonghua Gao
To reveal the mechanism between role stressors and employees’ turnover intention, more than 900 employees from seven branches in a hi-tech company in China were surveyed by scales of role stressors, turnover intention perceived organizational support, and organizational commitment. The results show that...
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The Need for the Utilization of Instructional Materials on the Teaching and Learning of Agricultural Science Education in Developing Countries

Enokela Andrew Ogoh
This paper dwelt on the need for the utilization of instructional materials with highlights on the type of instructional materials, selection, uses and their importance on the learning and teaching of Agricultural Science Education in developing countries. It further discussed the concept of improvisation...
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Using Gini-Index for Feature Selection in Text Categorization

Weidong Zhu, Jingyu Feng, Yongmin Lin
With the rapid development of World Wide Web, text categorization has played an important role in organizing and processing large amount of text data. The first and major problem of text categorization is how to select the best subset from the original high feature space in order to reduce the high dimensionality...
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Linguo-Semantic Peculiarities of Kazakh Proper Names

Aigul Bizhkenova, Leilya Sabitova, Yevgeniya Bentya
The overall purpose of this article is to describe the peculiarities of Kazakh proper names. The conducted analysis resulted in several ways of formation – composition, word formation and borrowings. The article presents the origin of Kazakh proper names with translations and explanations of the meanings...
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Construction Innovation: Inter-firm Network as Antecedent Factor with Effect on Organizational Performance

Yee Lin Lee, Abdul-Rahman Hamzah, Chen Wang
The literature on innovation, in the context of small construction firms, is scattered and still remain in its embryonic stage in the development of theories and models. The contribution of inter-firm relationships to innovation and organizational performance in these firms are examined here through...
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The Application of German Vocational Education Example Teaching Method

Xiaoqing Wang
As college education courses in the implementation of the practice teaching, also want to reflect education courses of ideological and political education purpose, and in view of higher vocational education, higher vocational students' characteristics and laws. Sample in this paper, using the German...
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Develop Critical Thinking by Classroom Activities

Hui Luan, Lijing Jiang
The goal of this paper has been to address the need for better answers to the question of what it means to be educated. Seeking answers to this question brings us back to the question, What should education accomplish Consistent with the proposed objective of developing critical thinking as the best...
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Occupational Stress and Its Impact on Job Performance

Azman Ismail, Noorshafine Saudin
The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between occupational stress and job performance using self-administered questionnaires gathered from employees at a private investment bank in Peninsular Malaysia. The outcomes of Smart PLS path model analysis confirms that occupational stress...
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VB.NET Programming Course Teaching Based on Computational Thinking

Ling Xu, Wei He
Computational thinking training is the core task of computer foundation courses, according to the computational thinking concept and meaning, in view of the problems existing in the VB.NET programming course teaching, combed the main computational thinking involved in VB.NET programming course, and puts...