Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Tourism, Gastronomy, and Tourist Destination (TGDIC 2023)

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Myrza Rahmanita, Rina Suprina, Willy Arafah
All articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the Tourism, Gastronomy, and Tourist Destination International Conference (TGDIC 2023) from 16 – 18 October 2023 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. These articles have been peer-reviewed by the members of reviewers and approved by the Editor-in-Chief,...
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A Marketing Strategy Model for Pottery Products of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Jetis Dusun, Panjangrejo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Mochamad Achmadi, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
Desa Panjangrejo, especially in Dusun Jetis, has excellent potential in the field of pottery artisans who can produce a wide variety of very varied products, ranging from simple household utensils to modern knick-knacks and various exciting souvenirs. This study aims to determine the effect of training...
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Sectoral Business Efficiency Analysis during the Pandemic on IDX (2018-2022): Tourism, Food, and Transportation Logistics via Data Envelopment Analysis

Adhi Trirachmadi Mumin, Erika Pritasari Wybawa, Reinaldilas
Throughout 2018 and 2022, the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected several industry sectors on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). This paper examines the operational effectiveness of three crucial industries—tourism, food, and transportation logistics—during the epidemic. The analysis's findings...
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The Generation Effect: Identification of Guest Hotel Attributes Using Conjoint –Analysis

Partho Pratim Seal, Rina Biswas, Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam
The study explores the attributes leading to the choice of hotel amongst the three generations in the country. A quantitative survey of guests visiting luxury hotels was conducted in India with 230 respondents. SPSS software and conjoint analysis by the tool 1000Minds were used to understand the role...
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Resolving a Paradox Between Unemployment and Employee Attrition: Analyzing Employers’ Perspective in Recruiting Differentially Abled

Senthilkumaran Piramanayagam, Partho Pratim Seal
The hospitality industry in India has witnessed about 40 percent of employee attrition over the last five years, and the trend continues. This attrition significantly impacts the profitability and sustainability of both hospitality and tourism in India, which significantly contributes to the country’s...
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Exploring Pearl Quality Knowledge and Motivation for Lavish South Sea Pearl Purchase

Haililah Tri Gandhiwati, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
This study investigates consumers' perceptions of high-end South Sea Pearls (SSP) and the motivating reasons behind their decision to spend a sizable sum of money on a pricey authentic aquaculture tourism product from Lombok, Indonesia. In-depth interviews with informants were used in this qualitative...
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Small and Medium Enterprises Reinforcement as a Form of Sustainable Tourism Development: A Literature Review

Reagan Brian, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
Sustainable Tourism Development is a form of tourism that considers its beneficial impact on the environment and local communities. To maintain benefits for the local communities, sustainable development must be integrated with the community's participation as the destination's leading actor....
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Bibliometric Analysis of Talent Management Research in Tourism

Purwanti Dyah Pramanik, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
Talent management plays a crucial role in an organization’s success by encompassing various facets, such as identifying necessary skills, managing employee performance, nurturing the development of exceptional employees, and fostering an appealing work environment to gain a competitive edge. However,...
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Interpersonal Factors: Visitor Behavior at Way Halim Sports Activity Area as an Urban Tourism in Bandar Lampung, Indonesia

Rahmat Indra Pratama Anom, Sundring Pantja Djati, Willy Arafah
Urban tourism has become a significant trend in the current era, as people increasingly seek unique and active travel experiences when visiting major cities. One popular form of urban tourism is participating in physical and recreational activities in public areas such as the Wayhalim Public Sports Center...
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Strengthening Community Empowerment through Smart Tourism Development in the Bojongkulur Tourism Village, Indonesia

RMW Agie Pradipta, Sundring Pantja Djati, Rahmat Ingkadijaya, Sri Mariati
The main objective of this research is to determine the impact of developing Smart Tourism on empowering the Bojongkulur Tourism Village community. This research uses descriptive qualitative methods. Data were collected using surveys and interviews with village government figures, tourism awareness groups,...
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Explorative Study on the Potential of Sustainable Cycling Tourism Development in Karawang, Indonesia

Myrza Rahmanita, Wildan Priyana, Gratia Wirata Laksmi, Nanang Fakhrurazi, Rina Suprina
This study aims to analyze the potential of sustainable cycling tourism development in Karawang Regency, Indonesia, by referring to the route-specific, amenities, supplementary, and sustainability elements. The significance of this research is in studying the potential of sustainable cycling tourism...
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Slow Food: The Understanding among Generation Z in Jakarta

Bondan Pambudi, Sundring Pantja Djati, IMade Sudjana, Saptarining Wulan
Slow Food is an international movement that aims to promote local food, protect biodiversity, and reduce the negative impact of food production on the environment. This movement became popular in Italy in 1986 and has now spread throughout the globe, including Indonesia. However, among Generation Z in...
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Serabi Kalibeluk: Forgotten Delicacy or Culinary Icon of Batang Regency?

Kevin GustianYulius, Nurbaeti, Willy Arafah
This article explores the cultural significance and potential of Serabi Kalibeluk, a traditional Indonesian food, as a culinary icon in Batang Regency. The study highlights the diverse culinary traditions in Indonesia and the influence of various cultures on Indonesian cuisine. Serabi Kalibeluk, a pancake-like...
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Bubur Ase: Betawi Cultural Heritage Food

Yudhiet Fajar Dewantara, Nurbaeti, Willy Arafah
Bubur Ase, a Betawi cultural heritage cuisine in Jakarta, Indonesia, is the subject of this research. The study investigates food, culture, and history with elements such as rituals/ceremonies, spices/spice, and stories of Bubur Ase. By analyzing literature, historical records, and conducting interviews...
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Effect of Using Andaliman Herbs in Making Traditional Batak Food (Saksang and Arsik)

Mohammad Syaltut Abduh, Sundring Pantja Djati, Rahmat Ingkadijaya, Sri Mariati
Indonesia is a country with various cultures, histories, races, and religions. This country is so abundant with these commodities that it has the nickname “The Spice Islands,” or the island of spices. Different tribes use different spices and it all affects the final product, whether it is a product...
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Implementation of ISO 22000 for Globalizing Serabi Traditional Food: “Unleashing Internationalization Potential”

Filma Festivalia, Savitri Hendradewi, Mimi Enggriani, Haryo Wicaksono
Traditional food globalization offers a rare chance for culinary diversity to be globally shared and appreciated. Indonesia has various types of delicious traditional food, including Serabi, a traditional-small-sized Indonesian pancake. However, the primary use of coconut milk as a key ingredient has...
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Sustainable Tourism Village Development: Does Local Wisdom Influence Tourists’ Decision to Re-Stay at Borobudur’s Homestay, Magelang?

Amalia Mustika, Nurbaeti, Sri Mariati, Fachrul Husain Habibie
Borobudur is one of the five tourist destinations under the government’s Super Priority program. The study aims to identify the aspects of local wisdom that have the potential to attract tourists to stay overnight at homestays in Borobudur, Magelang, Indonesia. The research method employed a mixed-method...
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Exploring City Image Measurement: Systematic Literature Review

Rina Suprina, Vanessa Gaffar, Disman Disman, A. H. G. Kusumah, Budi Hermawan
This paper aims to present a systematic literature review on city image to assist researchers conducting studies in this area. Three things reviewed in this paper are as follows: (1) Elements to measure the city image. (2) Factors related to city image. (3) The role of residents in building the city...
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Development Strategy of Cipondoh Lake Tourism Destination in Tangerang City, Banten Province

Amrullah, Myrza Rahmanita, Rahmat Ingkadijaya
Tangerang City has outstanding tourist attractions, such as Cipondoh Lake, which serves as an alternative tourist destination that still needs to be developed. The aim of this research is to identify the appropriate development strategies in the Cipondoh Lake tourism area of Tangerang City. The research...
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The Influence of TikTok and Destination Image on the Decision to Visit Taman Impian Jaya Ancol Post-Pandemic and Visitor Satisfaction

Reno Catelya Dira Oktavia, Nurbaeti, Heny Ratnaningtyas, Muhammad Ardya Rachmadhita
This study aims to investigate the influence of TikTok and destination image on post-pandemic visit decisions to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol through visitor satisfaction. This type of research uses a quantitative descriptive approach with a path analysis method. The research was conducted at the Taman Impian...
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Factors that Influence Generation Z Tourists’ Satisfaction at the Jakarta National Museum

Julita, Rahmat Ingkadijaya, Johannes Kurniawan
The Jakarta National Museum is a museum under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Culture. This museum is very well known among Indonesians, especially residents of Jakarta. In reality, the number of visitors to the Jakarta National Museum has increased since the outbreak. This is due to the...
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Tourists as Gamers: Gamification to Leverage Tourism in Indonesia

Linda Rotua Maritan Gurning, Rahmat Ingkadijaya
This research investigates the use of gamification to enhance tourism experiences in Indonesia, with a focus on travelers as gamers. Using a qualitative research approach, this study combined literature review and interviews with game developers (2 participants), game users (2 participants), and destination...
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Analysis of the Potential Image Development on Sara’a Island in Talaud District

Flavina Maria Olivia Lasut, Rahmat Ingkadijaya
Indonesia has a lot of tourism potential, and one of the leading tourism potentials is marine tourism in Sara’a island, North Sulawesi. This research aims to analyze 1) the potential and tourism management systems in Sara’a Island; 2) Internal and external factors affecting the development of Sara’a...
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Linkages between Tourism Potential, Community Social Organization Systems, and Development of Rural Tourism Destinations: A Comparative Study of Two Cultural Heritage-based Villages in Indonesia

Dina Mayasari, Rahmat Ingkadijaya
In cultural heritage tourism, visitors could learn more about various cultural heritages that have uniqueness and noble values ​​for people's lives. This qualitative study compared the tourism potential, the culture of the social organization system, and its relationship to the development of cultural...
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The Effect of Destination Image and Visitor Experience towards Behavioural Intentions at Rice Field Agritourism

Michael Khrisna Aditya, Willy Arafah, Myrza Rahmanita, Sri Mariati
Agrotourism is a tourism concept that emphasizes sustainable agricultural operations. The creation and execution of particular agritourism strategies, the development of local business value chains, and government-led tourism marketing are all attributes that have the potential to drive sustainable agritourism....
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“Quality and Analogue”: The Essence of Food and Beverage Ethno-wellness at Sumedang Palace, West Java, Indonesia

Jajang Gunawijaya, Nurbaeti, Ismeth Emier Osman, Fetty Asmaniati
Ethno-wellness comprises a comprehensive fitness system encompassing philosophical principles, knowledge, cultural norms, and physical practices to maintain and enhance body fitness within specific ethnic communities. These practices have been transmitted both through written manuscripts and oral folklore....
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Muslim Friendly Digital Tourism Information: How Indonesians Travel with Ease

Deivy Zulyanti Nasution, Willy Arafah, Sundring Pantja Djati, Rahmat Ingkadijaya
This study uses a quantitative method to investigate how satisfied Indonesian Muslim travelers were with their experiences in Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and South Korea. Tourists from Indonesia who have traveled to these nations at least twice in the previous three years make up most of the population....
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Identification of Quality-Based HR Development in the Hospitality Industry: A Case Study on the Horison Hotel, Ciledug Management Team, Indonesia

Joko Haryono, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
This study investigates Human Resources (HR) development strategies in the hotel industry, focusing on the Horizon Hotel Management Team as a case study. The challenge faced by the hospitality sector lies in effectively meeting the needs of increasingly discerning and knowledgeable guests by providing...
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Changing Views and Fascination towards the Traditional Culinary of Klaten, Indonesia

Robiatul Adawiyah, Sundring Pantja Djati, Rahmat Ingkadijaya, Dewi Turgarini, Nurbaeti
This research is driven by exploring Public Perceptions and Interests in Traditional Klaten Culinary. The study aims to scrutinize the influence of the public's Perception and Interest in Klaten's traditional culinary offerings. Employing quantitative research methods, this research employs...
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Gastronomic Tourists Experiences in Hanjeli Tourism Village: From Farm to Table Activities

Sri Fajar Ayuningsih, Sundring Pantja Djati, Rahmat Ingkadijaya, Dewi Turgarini
Gastronomy plays a vital role in cultural exploration for tourists, enabling them to experience the heritage of their travel destinations. The pleasure derived from culinary experiences influences travel choices and shapes the overall travel experience. Implementing sustainable practices in nature-based...
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Exploring the Transition from International to Domestic Tourism in Bali: A Sustainable Post-Pandemic Strategy

Timotheus Lesmana Wanadjaja, Willy Arafah, Rahmat Ingkadijaya
This study examines sustainable tourism in Bali and the policies needed to reduce environmental, socio-cultural, and economic repercussions. It analyzes Bali’s tourist sites to inform sustainability strategies. The multi-stakeholder study considers tourists, local residents, industry, and government....
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Mapping the Agritourism Potential of Coffee in Sapit Village as a Special Interest Tourism Attraction in East Lombok, Indonesia

Surayyal Hizmi, Endang Sri Wahyuni, Lalulka Kurniawan Hakim, Jumraidin
The tourism industry in Lombok has developed very rapidly in recent years. The inclusion of Lombok Island as one of the priority destinations with the designation of Mandalika as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has made many tourists choose Lombok for their trips. Developing other types of tourism, either...
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Semiotics in Gastrodiplomacy of Nusa Gastronomi Restaurant in Jakarta, Indonesia

Saptarining Wulan, Arief F. Rachman, Doni Muhardiansyah, Alifatqul Maulana
Diplomacy is one of a country’s strategies for conveying political messages between countries in regional and global areas. Indonesia is a country that has a variety of cultural resources, including a variety of traditional culinary delights. However, there is no research that explores semiotics in Indonesian...
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Information Technology Disruption of Travel Patterns in Indonesia: A Philosophical Approach

Arief F. Rachman, Rianto, Devita Gantina, Amirul Mukminin
Information technology in presenting travel information is developing rapidly in the millennial era. Disruption of information technology in travel patterns reduces direct interaction between tourists and tour operators (face-to-face interaction). This study explores the implications of technological...
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Implementation of Tourists Intention to Visit in the Theory of Planned Behavior: A Literature Review

Derizal, Rahmat Ingkadijaya
The intention to visit is one of the human behaviors that can be influenced by the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB). However, there is also debate about the existence of an expansion in the TPB towards Visit Intentions as an effort to improve the TPB theory. This study aims to analyze the gap in the...
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Strategies for Effective Risk Management in Event Planning: A Comparative Analysis of Risk Associated with Hosting Events in Jakarta

Andhika Permata, Sundring Pantja Djati, Nurbaeti
This study investigates the topics of risk, crisis management, and resilience within the specific domain of event management. The primary objective is to analyze existing literature on these subjects and examine the event management practices in Jakarta, Indonesia. This study emphasizes the importance...
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The Influence of Law in Sustainable Tourism Development in Indonesia

Andi Muhammad Yasin, Amrullah, Fetty Asmaniati, Nurbaeti
Promoting sustainable tourism development is a crucial strategy for fostering economic growth and environmental preservation within the context of Indonesia. Law has a pivotal role in regulating and shaping sustainable tourism development within the given context. This study aims to examine the impact...
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Determinant of the Number of Visits by Domestic and Foreign Tourists on Economic Growth in Indonesia

Putri Ayu, Derizal
Tourism emerges as a pivotal sector with the potential for rapid contributions to the economy, fostering the prospect of sustainable economic development. This study seeks to conduct an in-depth analysis of the impact of domestic tourist visits and foreign guests in both star and non-star hotels on Indonesia’s...
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Perceived Service Quality and Purchase Intention of Budget Hotels: A Comparative Study Between Thais and Indonesians

Kannapat Kankaew, Dewi Aretha, Sudarat Kanchanaphimai, Duangkamon Grodprakhon, Kevin Anindya W
Customers’ satisfaction and return intention have long been recognized as necessary in the hospitality industry. It is, undoubtedly, the service quality that attracts, pulls, or churns the customer. Thence, the hotel primarily stressed the overall aspect of their services. This study aims to assess the...
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How can the Environmental Impact of Tourism be Reduced in the Coastal Community of Bangsaen Beach?

Parinya Nakpathom, Krittipat Pitchayadejanant, Krittiorn Chewwasang, Nonthanadda Srithong, Chidapha Authumphon, Mark Edward Halverson, Wasana Bunsila
Tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing industries. Its expansion has far-reaching consequences for the economy, culture, community, and environment. On the other hand, the industry has hurt the environment, harming coastal communities. The tourism industry has contributed to air pollution from...
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Achieving Rural Sustainability through Community-Based Tourism (CBT)

Jinsheng Zhu, Myrza Rahmanita, Zhixue
The pursuit of rural rejuvenation transcends its role in fostering inclusive growth in developing countries, as it has become an inevitable response to global industrialization and urbanization trends. Achieving sustainability in rural areas through community-based tourism has become a pivotal approach...
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Analysis of Wildlife Tourism and Community Based Tourism (Case Study of Sungsang IV Village Banyuasin District South Sumatra Province, Indonesia)

Sri Mariati, Fetty Asmaniati, Myrza Rahmanita
Sungsang IV Village is located in the Sembilang National Park buffer zone, where Sembilang National Park is the largest wetland in Western Indonesia (83,447 ha), a stopover for migrating birds from Russia to Australia and habitat for many critically endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger (Pantheratigrissumatrae),...
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Enhancing Community Economic Growth: Financial System Management of Village-Owned Enterprises in Raya Village Tourism, Karo District, North Sumatra, Indonesia

Dina Rosari, Ngatemin, Iwan Riady, Bejo Mulyadi
This study aims to assess the impact of the financial management system of Village-Owned Enterprises (VOEs) in Arih Ersada Raya tourism village on the economic well-being of Raya village residents in the Berastagi sub-district of Karo district, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Employing qualitative and quantitative...
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The Potential of Mangrove Forests for Tanjung Rejo Communities, Deli Serdang District, Indonesia

Femmy Indriany Dalimunthe, Dewi Yanti, Ahmad Albattat
This study aims to see the potential of mangrove forests for the people of Tanjung Rejo, Deli Serdang Regency, Indonesia. This qualitative study uses Miles and Huberman data analyses. The results of the study concluded that Tanjung Rejo Village has the potential to be developed to improve the quality...
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Implementation of the 4ASC Concept (Attraction, Accessibility, Amenity, Ancillary, Safeness, and Comfort) in the Development of the Huta Ginjang Geosite Tourism Village, Indonesia

Dewi Yanti, Femmy Dalimunthe, Budi Prayogi
Huta Ginjang Geosite is one of the tourist destinations that has begun to be developed since the establishment of the Toba Caldera as a World Geosite by UNESCO. The Huta Ginjang Geosite has quite a lot of potential that should be designed. Developing this less popular Geosite requires the cooperation...
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The Role of Digital Content Marketing in Promoting Water Sport for Supporting Adventure Tourism Case Study: Seadoo Safari Jakarta

Sofian Lusa, Peny Meliaty Hutabarat, Erni Adelina, Myrza Rahmanita, Nurbaeti
The increasing role of Digital Content Marketing (DCM) in tourism is uncontested. Yet, not many studies have been conducted to investigate the role of DCM in promoting tourism. The tourism concept that is a priority for post-pandemic travel is adventure tourism; one of those that has the potential to...
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Development of Arab Villages as Ethnic Tourism Destinations in Palembang City

Pandu Nandiansya, Fetty Asmaniati, Myrza Rahmanita, Nurbaeti, Pandita Nandana, Elda Nurmalinda
Arab Village possesses a rich reservoir of cultural and historical potential, rendering it an attractive prospect for travelers seeking an authentic cultural immersion. The study delineates an all-encompassing strategy for this progression, encompassing a range of pivotal stages. These contain the identification...
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Strategies to Improve Religious Tourism: A Case of Banjar Regency, South Kalimantan, Indonesia

Noor Rahmini, Muzdalifah, M. Rusmin Nuryadin, Fahrianoor
Banjar Regency is rich in tourism and has excellent potential in the agricultural, fisheries, and forestry sectors. One of the highlights of Banjar district is religious tourism and pilgrimage. The purpose of this study is to explain strategies that must be carried out by the Banjar Regency Government...
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Travel Cost Method Efforts to Increase Eco-green Tourism in Bakut Island, Indonesia (Case Study: Provinces in South Kalimantan)

Yunita Sopiana, Eny Fahriati
Ecogreen tourism on Bakut Island, located in the Barito Kuala Regency area, is in the Anjir Muara sub-district. This research aims to determine the economic value of ecogreen tourism on Bakut Island and calculate travel costs, income, and distance from home to tourist attractions, as well as the number...
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Ecotourism as an Islamic Representative on Conservation

Lastiani Warih Wulandari, Halim Ahmad
The tourism industry not only has an economic impact but also on the environment. The current trend is that increased tourism activity correlates with the deterioration of environmental quality. Ecotourism is one of the efforts to compromise economic needs and ecological interests. One of the main pillars...
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The Development Guidelines for Tourism in The Musi River Palembang With The Concept of Highlight Attraction

Esxi Martia Gusma, Yuni Julianti, Fetty Asmaniati, Myrza Rahmanita
This research aims to find guidelines for developing highlight attractions in river tourism areas as a development direction for the Musi River tourism area in Palembang. The study focuses on the elements of the product (attractions, amenities, and accessibility) with a review of the following aspects:...
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Moeslim-Friendly Tourism of Tionghoa Gastronomy in Bogor City, Indonesia

Caria Ningsih, Dewi Turgarini, Tifany Maudy Fransiska, Wildan Nurhidayat
In Indonesia, as a Muslim country, halal food and the Muslim faith are inseparable. However, not all of Tionghoa’s food is halal in Bogor City, Indonesia, Nevertheless, there is a potential of halal gastronomic tourism destination for Tionghoa food acculturation in this city, especially in the Suryakencana...
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Tour Packages of Local Food Gastronomy in Pasir Ipis Village, Lembang, West Bandung Regency

Dewi Turgarini, Caria Ningsih, Alexandra Annabella, Devi Tri Arrohmah
This research aims to analyze the potential of the Kampung Pasir Ipis as a disaster area that can be developed into a gastronomic tourism attraction for emergency food. So, a gastronomic tourism package is formed, namely the Nyandak Nuansa Tour. This research is a qualitative descriptive study with primary...