Proceedings of the Conference on SDGs Transformation through the Creative Economy: Encouraging Innovation and Sustainability (TCEEIS 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Imam Abrori, Indrian Supeni, Muhammad Mudhofar, Wahyuning Murniati, Nico Irawan, Arfan Ikhsan Lubis, Wei Qiang, Moh. Hudi Setyobakti, Muh. Barid Nizarudin Wajdi, Tarjo, Edy Sujana
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the The 7th Indonesian Conference “SDGs Transformation throught the Creative Economy: Encouraging Innovation and Sustainability” during October 9-10th, 2023 in Lumajang, Indonesia. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members...
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Management’s Company Value Based Capital Structure, Liquidity Ratio, Coverage, Activity through Financial Performance

Ainun Jariah, Sukma Irdiana, Ninik Lukiana
Encouraging performance synonymous with an increase in company value. Because this is the same as achieving the company’s primary objective, maximizing company value is crucial for a business. Increasing the value of firm accomplishments in line with owner wishes since owner welfare will be ensured automatically....
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Tourist satisfaction and the quality of tourism services in Siti Sundari Lumajang

Tri Palupi Robustin, Ikhwanul Hakim, Nur Latifa Isnaini Putri
Indonesia’s economy depends heavily on the tourism industry. About $10 billion of Indonesia’s foreign exchange can be attributed to the tourist sector. After crude oil, coal, and palm oil, it is ranked number four. This is an intriguing incentive to do some study because Siti Sundari Tourism, one of...
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Emotional Intelligence As a Moderating Variable in the Application of Accounting Information Systems to MSME Performance

E. Een Yualika, Ria Meilan, Novi Fitria
MSMEs as a driver of economic growth, and adding new jobs is quite important in their performance in making decisions properly. The analysis technique is a data analysis process that is expected to provide information that can assist in this study, data must be analyzed for interpretation, to provide...
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Morality: A Bulwark for Accounting Students’ Academic Cheating

Heni, Falikhatun, Payamta
The study examined academic dishonesty among Accounting students from General and Islamic-based campuses. The main objective was to identify the causes, methods, and types of academic dishonesty commonly practiced by Accounting students. Through in-depth interviews, the study aimed to provide a clear...
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Grouping Manufacturing Companies Based on Factors Affecting Firm Value Using C-Means Clustering

Marita Qori’atunnadyah, Fetri Setyo Liyundira, Neny Tri Indrianasari
Every company aims to maximize firm value, a crucial goal in various industries. Key determinants of firm value include firm size, sales growth, Debt to Equity Ratio (DER), business age, Return On Assets (ROA), and total asset turnover. Understanding the interplay of these variables in shaping firm value...
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Analysis of Buntu Burake Tourism Object Management and Its Impact on Community Welfare In Tana Toraja

Petrus Mana, Rychard Patta Rante Allo, Natalia Paranoan, Marni Parapak
Tana Toraja Regency, a prominent Indonesian tourist destination, witnesses a notably low tourism sector contribution to the local regional revenue (PAD). The decline in annual tourist visits, including the iconic Jesus Statue attraction in Buntu Burake, exacerbates the situation. This research aims to...
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Accountability of Church Offering during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Natalia Paranoan, Carolus Askikarno Pala’langan, Fransiskus Randa, Cecilia Poddala, Gracesy Prisela Christy, Megawati Londongallo
This research was conducted at the Church organization in Makassar, which aims to reveal the accountability of offerings during the Covid period at the Toraja Church organization in Makassar. The church is a non-profit organization which is a unique organization because it can operate without relying...
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Issues & Challenges of Halal Industry Development in Indonesia: Stakeholder Perspectives

Hartomi Maulana, Moch. Kharits Taufani, Mohamed Asmy Bin Mohd Thasker, Soritua Ahmad Ramdani Harahap, M. Ridlo Zarkasyi
The halal industry includes several sectors in its development, including Islamic finance, halal food, tourism, pharmaceuticals, media, and cosmetics. All of these industries must be properly integrated to function at their best. Although the halal concept has become a halal lifestyle for most Indonesians,...
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Family Businesses and Portfolio of Innovation Ecosystems “Batiks” Small Medium Enterprises

Purwanto Purwanto, Eddy Madiono Sutanto, Nanik Kustiningsih
The purpose of this paper was to explore how family batik small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia overcome limited resources to accelerate the establishment of an innovation ecosystem through copreneurship business practices. A qualitative approach was used to analyze ten SMEs founded...
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The Kampoeng Batara Batik MSME: An Effort to Increase Revenue Through Archipelago Batik Motif Design

Ratna Wijayanti Daniar Paramita, Rahmawati, Noviansyah Rizal, Danang Wikan Carito, Ikhwanul Hakim, Marita Qori’atunnadyah
The Kampoeng Batara Batik MSME was established in 2022 through the Matching Fund program, expanding from its previous focus on bamboo products. In response to market demands, the MSME introduced innovative products combining bamboo handicrafts with batik, including bags, lampshades, songkok, and various...
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Dimensions Of Behavioral Accounting Practice: Evidence From Cultural Community

Ria Meilan, Retno Cahyaningati, Fauzan Muttaqien, Selvia Roos Ana
Culture, a reflection of social values and behavior in Indonesian society, significantly influences various aspects of human life, including the role of accounting. This study explores how cultural dimensions impact accounting practices within the Tayub Community in Lumajang, East Java. Employing a qualitative...
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The Effect of Accounting Information Systems and Internal Control Systems on The Quality of Financial Reports on Umkm in Randuagung Sub-District With Accounting Understanding as an Intervening Variable

Widya Suki Nurila, Neny Tri Indrianasari, Fetri Setyo Liyundira
Accounting information systems and internal control systems’ effects on Randuagung District SMEs’ financial reports were the focus of this study. Accounting understanding was also examined as an intervening element in this relationship. A structured accounting information system helps decision makers...
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The Influence of Profitability, Leverage And Free Cash Flow on Firm Value With Dividend Policy as A Moderation Variable (Empirical Study of Consumption Goods Industry Sector Companies on The IDX Period 2019–2021)

Yolanda Dwi Ferdiansah, Fetri Setyo Liyundira, Ratna Wijayanti Daniar Paramita
This study investigates the impact of profitability, leverage, and free cash flow on firm value, with a focus on consumer goods manufacturing companies listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange from 2019 to 2021. It employs a quantitative descriptive approach, using purposive sampling to select 32 companies....
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Shariah Securities Crowdfunding Platform in Indonesia: An Appraisal Based on Regulatory Framework and Shariah Perspectives

Akhmad Affandi Mahfudz, Afife Rahma Ahsanti, Helmy Fauzy Ahmad
This paper explores the practices of Shariah Security Crowdfunding (SCF) based on existing Indonesian regulation of POJK Number 57 of 2020 and examines its relevance to derive a Shariah point of view on its operation. This paper employs a qualitative approach by undertaking library research on the relevant...
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Unveiling the Bright Prospects for Forecasting the Financial Strength of the National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) in Indonesia

Syamsuri, Yaumi Sa’adah, Fuadah Johari, Nadhilah
This study aims to forecast the financial soundness of the National Board of Zakat (BAZNAS) in Indonesia. The data is taken from the financial reports of six BAZNAS from 2017 – 2021. The data from 30 Observations are divided into training and test data sets by using an 80:20 ratio. Based on the result...
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Analysing The Effectiveness of Stock Waqf Management in Indonesia and Malaysia: Regulation Practices and Nadzir Readiness

Suyoto Arief, Nurul Adilah Binti Hasbullah, Vina Fithriana Wibisono, Arizqia Nurfattah, Nurmayunita
Stock Waqf, an innovative concept in the realm of endowments, offers significant advantages and is considered permissible. In Indonesia, Stock Waqf is a collaborative effort involving the appointed nadzir (waqf asset manager), the Indonesian Waqf Board (BWI), and the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX). Officially...
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Darussalam Gontor Waqf Models Based on Local Wisdom in Creating Inclusive and Quality Education

Khoirul Umam, Amir Bin Shaharuddin, Akbar Zulfia Fratama, Luthfi Noor Mahmudi, Isma Aulia Roslan
This article aims to design a model of waqf to address the education gap in Indonesia. Using a qualitative-normative approach involving literature analysis and in-depth discussions with pesantren practitioners, academics, and administrators, the study recognizes pesantren as a significant educational...
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Accountability of Alfamart Donation Funds Based on Consumer Perspectives

Selvia Roos Ana, Falikhatun, Kasno, Alifi Tria Susanti, Maysas Yafi Urrohman
This study aims to explore consumer perceptions regarding the accountability provided by Alfamart in the implementation of donation funds and investigate consumer expectations regarding the accountability of donation funds to provide input for the improvement or enhancement of Alfamart’s donation program...
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The Influence of the Mechanism of Certificate of Origin of Goods (SKAB) as Monitoring and Planning Operational Costs on the Existing Stockpile in Lumajang District

Emmy Ermawati, Zainul Hidayat, Mimin Yatminiwati
This research aims to explore the SKAB mechanism in monitoring and planning operational costs. And be aware of the obstacles in accessing the warehouse if you don't bring SKAB. This type of research is descriptive research with a qualitative approach whose data was taken from Stockpile in Lumajang...
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Shaping A Tax-Conscious Generation Through Restaurant Taxation As A Pillar Of Regional Economic Development

Kartika Ayu Kinanti, Moh.Hudi Setyobakti, Yulian Ade Chandra, Ayu Nareswari, Firdaus Maidah
Taxes, particularly when levied within the restaurant industry, have the potential to serve as a potent catalyst for instilling tax consciousness in the younger generation, all while simultaneously propelling regional economic development forward. Through an innovative approach that utilizes restaurant...
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Protection and Empowerment of Indonesian Migrant Workers in Jember Regency

Muchamad Taufiq, Rohim, Ervina Lailatus Sholihah
This research investigates the implementation of protection and empowerment for former migrant workers in the Jember Regency. It utilizes a descriptive qualitative approach, collecting data through interviews, observations, and documentation. Primary data is gathered from interviews, while secondary...
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Harmonizing the Echoes: Linkrafin’s Musical Identity Rooted in Jember Regency’s Local Wisdom

Ayu Nareswari, Kartika Ayu Kinanti, Rendra Wirawan
The development of the creative industry is growing rapidly in Indonesia in line with technological advancements. This research focuses on the strategies used to enhance the competitiveness of Linkrafin, which is based on the cultural heritage and local wisdom of Jember Regency. This study employs a...
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IoT E-business Model: Redesign Old Business Models

Riza Ramadhan, Novy Fitria
This article attempts to provide an IoT E-business Model design overview. This design will make an IoT E-business Model with a basis of a traditional business system built by the following concepts. First, because the IoT E-business Model is based on traditional e-commerce that thrives on the Internet,...
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The Role of Education and Training for Disaster-Affected Communities

Zainul Hidayat, Emmy Ermawati, Mimin Yatminiwati
This research aims to understand theoretically that disaster education and training can increase disaster anticipation. The method used in this research is literature, which is a type of research carried out by examining similar documents. Based on various supporting activities, it can be seen that implementing...
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Gold Door For Increasing MSMEs Income: The Role Of Sharia Financial Literacy

Sukma Irdiana, Ainun Jariah, Ninik Lukiana, Kusnanto Darmawan, Kurniawan Yunus Ariyono, Mohammad Noor Khairullah
The low performance of MSMEs in Indonesia is often attributed to their limited access to capital, which, in turn, stems from a lack of financial knowledge and understanding concerning MSMEs and their dealings with financial institutions. Despite Indonesia’s predominantly Muslim population, Islamic finance,...
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FOMO and Its Effect on Gen Z Performance

Novy Fitria, Fathonah Hadromi, Een Yualika Ekmarinda
The purpose of this study is to identify and evaluate the impact of FOMO on Generation Z’s performance. This research attempts to analyze several existing studies and draw conclusions from several of these studies so that it can answer the influence between FOMO and the performance of Gen Z. In order...
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The Decline of Offline Business: The Impact of TikTok Technology Transformation in the Digitalization Era

Cahyasari Kartika Murni
In the digital age, businesses harness technology to maintain competitiveness and are increasingly leveraging TikTok for broader outreach. This study investigates TikTok’s role in shaping online purchasing behavior. Results demonstrate a positive correlation between increased TikTok usage and heightened...
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Effect of Corporate Social Responsibility on the Performance of Indonesian MSMEs Model Mediation of Innovation and Moderation of Competitiveness

Retno Cahyaningati, Grahita Chandrarin, Harmono, Diyah Sukanti Cahyaningsih
This study examines the relationship between CSR and MSME performance, using innovation as a mediator and competitiveness as a moderator. It collected primary data from 161 MSMEs across 15 districts in Indonesia and employed Smart PLS 3 for data analysis. The findings highlight several key points. First,...
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Public Debt and Macroeconomic Dynamics: A Simulation Model with Variables of Interest Rate, Economic Growth, Domestic Consumption, Government Expenditure, and Net Exports

Sebastiana Viphindrartin, Regina Niken Wilantari, Zainuri, Rudi Kristiawan, Suryaning Bawono, Gusni Ariansyah
This research explores causal relationships among public debt, interest rates, economic growth, domestic consumption, government spending, and net exports. It employs a panel vector model to investigate these relationships, assuming that all variables are endogenous and influenced by their own past values...
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Analysis of Employee Performance Improvement Strategies of Rural Bank Through Sustainable Development Goals

Fauzan Muttaqien, Via Lailatur Rizki, Imam Abrori
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a global responsibility for every country, aiming to address discontinuities in social, economic, and environmental development. In Indonesia, the implementation of SDGs involves government agencies, organizations, and the private sector. People’s credit banks,...
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Development of Modeling Industrial Objects in Micro Small and Medium Pottery Enterprises Using the Sostac Method

Jesi Irwanto, Via Lailatul Rizky, Sukma Irdiana
-This research aims to develop modeling of pottery industrial objects in micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Lumajang district using the (SOSTAC) method. The use of a qualitative method approach is an approach to research where the data used are the results of participant observations in research...
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Human Resource Management In Improving Employee Performance Through Work Motivation, Quality Of Work Life, And Work Discipline

Imam Abrori, Via Lailatur Rizki, Fauzan Muttaqien
Human resources are the main subject in managing company operations. Accuracy in managing employees, greatly affects the level of productivity of employee performance. Companies need to think about strategies to support employee performance such as fostering high work motivation, implementing fair work...
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Spatial Patterns Of Economic Growth In East Java Province

Khoirul Ifa, Sebastiana Viphindrartin, Edy Santoso, Teguh Hadi Priyono
This research is aimed at examining the spatial distribution pattern of economic growth within East Java Province. It delves into the interrelationships among regions in each district and city of the province. Employing a descriptive approach with a case study model, this study unveils the significance...
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Company Characteristics and Good Corporate Governance Influence Sustainability Report Disclosure

Deni Juliasari, Nural Jadid, Fetri Setyo Liyundira, Selvia Roos Ana
Company Characteristics and Good Corporate Governance Influence Sustainability Report Disclosure testing was carried out using the linear regression method using the Eviews application to analyze Sustainability Report Disclosure problems in Banking Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. Profitability...
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Increase Prosperity Shareholder with Leverage Analysis and Asset Effectiveness Companies in the IDX 30 Index

Ninik Lukiana, Ainun Jariah, Sukma Indriani
The goal of a company is to maximize the prosperity of company owners/shareholders or maximize company value and the sustainability of the company’s business. Management as an agent must be more effective and efficient in utilizing and managing resources, especially financial resources owned by the company....
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Product Innovation from Used Tires, Efforts to Increase Revenue of Jati Village BUMDes, Gatak District, Sukoharjo Regency

Rita Noviani, Endang Dwi Amperawati, Rahmawati, Sarah Rum Handayani, Siti Nurlaela, Mahameru Rosy Rochmatullah, Rudianto, Siti Arifah, Charly Marlinda
Community empowerment is the right step in village development. There needs to be cooperation between the Village Government and external parties in developing human resources. Jati Village is a village with a high potential for waste processing. Jati Village is the location for community service activities....
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Shifting Paradigm of Zakat and Tax for Economic Justice in Muslim Society

Setiawan bin Lahuri, Izlawanie bt Muhammad, Ainun Amalia Zuhroh, Husnul Khotimah
basically, The reason for this have a look at is to find out and take a look at the factors outcomes the perception of the Muslim community in Indonesia. This study is taken into consideration as essential so that it will become an additional reference for zakat and tax establishments in Indonesia. The...
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Sentiment Analysis Based on Review of Puncak B29 Lumajang using Backpropagation Neural Network

Fadhel Akhmad Hizham, Cahyasari Kartika Murni
Sentiment analysis is a method that applies the concept of text mining to provide a classification that has positive, negative or neutral polarity for each sentence or document. The problem formulation carried out in this research is the role of sentiment analysis in analyzing reviews of the Puncak B29...
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Impact of Workload and Burnout on Nurse Performance: A Path Analysis

A.Nur Asri Ainun to assess the workload impacts the burnout levels and..performance..of….General….Hospital… Jeneponto. The study involved a sample of 109 nurses from the hospital, selected using accidental sampling and analyzed through path...
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Emotional Intelligence, Motivation as a Determinant of Employee Performance

Via Lailatur Rizki, Imam Abrori, Fauzan Muttaqien, Jesi Irwanto
This research aims to the influence of emotional intelligence and motivation on the performance of employees at PT. Bintang Indonesia Lumajang. This study uses a quantitative approach which is hypothesis testing. The method of data analysis is multiple regression analysis with the help of SPSS 26. The...
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Executive Character and Tax Avoidance Decisions: The Intervening Effect of CEO Overconfidence

Adhitya Putri Pratiwi
This research aims to analyze the indirect relationship between executive character and tax avoidance decisions through CEO’s Overconfidence. Executives with a risk-taker character are considered to tend to be bolder in making decisions regarding tax avoidance to maximize company profits. This research...
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Dynamics of Corruption, Government Expenditures, Consumption and Taxes in Indonesia: Macroeconomic Model Simulation

Regina Niken Wilantari, Eddy Priyanto, Zainuri, Muhamad Annas, Diah Rusminingsih, Suryaning Bawono
This research aims to examine the impact of corruption and government spending on the level of consumption of Indonesian society, both household consumption and government consumption. Secondary data from the World Bank and International Transparency is the basis for this model to estimate Corruption,...