Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Architecture (SENVAR 2018)

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The Effect of Low Ventilation to Thermal Condition in Cathedral Church

Augi Sekatia, Erni Setyowati, Gagoek Hardiman, Bangun Harsritanto
Building designs that are being prioritized today are sustainable architecture and green architecture. The designs can reduce the energy consumption that has a positive impact on climate. Actually, the design of such buildings has started since the Dutch colonial era. Buildings from that era are very...
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Spontaneous Innovation in the Reuse of Ruins of Buildings in Post-Earthquake Buildings as Sustainable Building Construction Models

Kahar Sunoko, Amin Sumadyo, Hari Yuliarso
Some earthquake victims carried out housing reconstruction activities independently before the government or other parties provided reconstruction assistance. They are reusing the ruined building materials to make post-earthquake building construction. The building survived and became the main building...
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The Importance of Roof Thermal Insulation: Awareness among Professionals and Terrace House Occupants

Farhana Mohd Razif, Mohd Hamdan Ahmad, Leng Pau Chung
Terrace houses are the typical housing typology in Malaysia. Thus, study on thermal comfort is always associated with terrace houses. Installing roof thermal insulation is important in energy saving, however, due to the availability of air conditioning it has not been a regular practice. To reduce air...
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Sustainable Roof and Facade Design Approach based on Local Climate Character

Eka Sediadi
Two approaches which important in sustainable building envelope design process are the orientation of the building openings and the use of Photovoltaic panel as renewable energy source. They are discussed in this paper. The first approach is the use of a simple sun path simulation sketches in building...
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The Role of Architecture in the Sustainable Development of the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Lama Elkady, Eka Sediadi
The United Arab Emirates (UAE) growth has developed immensely throughout the past few years, and along with its growth several environmental issues have been faced. In response to the climate and environmental inflictions and in support of the United Nation sustainable goals for 2030, the United Arab...
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Role of Historic Architectural Elements in Approach to Green Architecture in Private Homes and High-Rise Buildings in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Egypt

Ahmed G. Eleza, Eka Sediadi
This examination paper reveals insight into how to animate the part of ancient design components in Egypt and the UAE as a rule to apply green engineering standards. The paper proceeds to calling attention to the natural components and ideas highlighted in compositional outline and how they are implemented...
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The Use of Decay Model to Predict Service Life of Indonesian Historic Timber Buildings

Herry Prabowo, Mochamad Hilmy
Indonesia, one of the tropical countries in the world, is rich with cultural heritage. Almost every tribe in Indonesia has its own traditional timber house. Besides the traditional houses, the most common type of historic timber buildings in Indonesia is Sultanate’s Palace or perhaps Old Mosque. These...
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Participatory Design - Designing with Kids in Kampung Sewu - Surakarta

Maya Andria Nirawati, Ana Hardiana, Rizon Pamardhi Utomo
For many urban inhabitants in Asian countries, Kampongs are residential areas characterized by lack of facilities and infrastructures. They are also assumed to be unclean because of the absence of domestic waste management. Taking a case study of the Kampung Sewu of Surakarta, this work aims to address...
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The Type of Wall Material in Simple Houses That Have Energy Efficient In Humid Tropics Area - Case study in Surabaya

Vincentius Totok Noerwasito, Rullan Nirwansyah
The large variety of alternative wall materials currently promises improved construction and comfort in buildings. The use of energy-efficient compounds has received less attention, particularly with respect to simple buildings. Energy in this case involves both cooling and embodied energy types. This...
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Bamboo Deployable Structural Systems: An Exploration Study in Responding to Rapid Alteration Challenges

Anastasia Maurina, Budianastas Prastyatama
the conventional notion of architecture and the built environment is that they are meant to be relatively static and final, once constructed according to the well prepared plans based on users’ needs and wants. That notion, however, overlooks the reality that change is inevitable during a building’s...
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Evaluation of Reverberation Time in the Auditorium - Case of Assembly Hall of Engineering Faculty, Universitas Sebelas Maret

Tri Yuni Iswati
This research was conducted at the Assembly Hall or auditorium of Engineering Faculty UNS. This study aims to see the acoustic comfort and how to improve it by modifying the room material. The method chosen is the method with the least amount of modification. The method applied was measuring the room...
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Experimental Investigations of the Indoor Thermal Performance of Open Door System (ODOORS) House Prototype in Tropical Climate

Pau Chung Leng, Mohd Hamdan Ahmad, Syed Ahmad Iskandar Syed Ariffin, Khairul Anwar, Irina Safitri Zen, Roshida Abdul Majid
Natural ventilation represents one of the challenges in Malaysia public housing since the most significant and important parameters reflects the layout design efficiency is the thermal comfort within the indoor environment. This paper investigated the thermal performance of a public housing prototype...
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The Improvements of Building Materials Innovation: A Review for The Future Architecture Concept

Ariani Mandala
The aims of this study are to evaluate the trend of innovative building materials used. More than 150 innovative building materials for structural and architectural components are gathered. Building components are divided into materials for structural dan surface components for roofing, flooring, walls,...
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Parametric Design In Phase Of Schematic Design Case Study: Student Creativity On Form Studies

Hendro Trieddiantoro Putro, Luhur Sapto Pamungkas
Nowadays, the parametric design is one of the design approaches or method that architect and designer believe can be a tool for analyzing the possibility of geometric deformation and easily anticipating it by changing parameters. The parameters were changed through the parametric design software, which...
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The Theory of Complexity : A New Opportunity to Optimize Green Energy Approaches for Achieving Sustainable Development

Agustinus Djoko Istiadji, Gagoek Hardiman, Prasasto Satwiko
The worse impact of climate change on the life system shows that the implementation of Sustainable Development method has not been optimal yet. For more than two decades, environmentalists have adopted Green Building approach to achieve energy efficiency, resource conservation, highperformance design,...
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Conservation of Ndalem As Part of Sustainability Efforts - Case Study: Ndalem Tedjokusuman

Gerarda Orbita Ida Cahyandari, Sidhi Pramudito, Yustina Banon Wismarani
The Conservation process of a traditional building usually experiences several problems relevant to the responsibility, the ownership, the maintenance, and eventually the financial support. These also apply to the case of ndalems as Yogyakarta’s traditional heritage in which Yogyakarta Special Region...
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Magersari and How Unique It Is - A Case Study: Magersari of the Sunanate Palace Surakarta

Avi Marlina, Winny Astuti
Kampong Magersari, a cultural heritage site, situated in the Sunanate Palace area in Surakarta City, is unique because of its physical, economical and socio-cultural hereditary potency. These qualities, though located in a conflict area in which there is no single and legitimate authority, can endure...
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Balinese Traditional Landscape in Heritage Places: Its Roles and Challenges for Tourism Development

Ni Made Yudantini
This Balinese traditional landscape has an important role for tourism development in Denpasar City, as one most growing city in Bali Province. Denpasar City faces land use change from agriculture to other functions such as settlement, commercial and business area during the last five years. Traditionally,...
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The Transformation of Heritage Buildings as Tourist Attraction : Adaptive Re-use of Colonial Buildings at a Bandung Conservation Area

Nurtati Soewarno, Dian Duhita
The strategic geographic position with extensive land and sea areas makes Indonesia rich in cultural heritages. Other than that, Dutch Colonial Government which ruled for a relatively long time in Indonesia also left some cultural heritages. Those cultural heritages are believed to have a potential to...
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Assessing the Impacts of human needs on Enhancing of urban Tourism development (Case study; Shahrekord, Iran)

Sina Razzaghi-Asl, Maryam Farhadian
Human beings have a special importance as a main element in developing tourism, and meeting their needs as an inseparable part of tourism is one of the most fundamental factors in developing tourism industry. Human needs are defined by ten elements of: size, degree of safety, contrast, humanistic scale,...
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Significant Factors of Sense of Place That Makes Jeron Beteng Yogyakarta Sustainable as a Historical Place

Emmelia Tricia Herliana, Himasari Hanan, Hanson E. Kusuma
Jeron Beteng in Yogyakarta have evolved throughout history in relation to the existence of the Palace of Yogyakarta. Inhabitants of Jeron Beteng have been living there for generations and their activities are reflecting the support to the preservation of court culture. Some inhabitants are still dedicating...
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The Architecture of Omah as an Expression of the Beauty of Javanese Culture

Titis S. Pitana
Javanese people believe that between "containers" with "content" required the balance, alignment, and even harmony that created peace of mind, prosperity in welfare, and prosperity in life. The harmony between the container and the content is symbolized by the existence of the unity concept of the microcosm...
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Street Vendors Stabilization Location’s Existence at Settlements Area in Surakarta

Murtanti Jani Rahayu, Imam Buchori, Retno Widjajanti, Erma Fitria Rini
Street vendors choose locations in public spaces or state-owned spaces that are close to the main productive activities. In addition, street vendors also choose locations on roads that have a large quantity of movements. The city government then arranges the street vendors whose locations are often considered...
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Sharing the Cake towards Sustainability: Power-sharing in Wastewater Governance - The Case of IPAL Kartamantul

Isti Andini, Achmad Djunaedi
Encouraged by resources differences or problems similarities, welfare disparity or larger area interests, interlocal collaboration links to numerous concepts brought by planning theorists. As collaboration means multi-party involvement on certain development subject, the term of power-sharing may well...
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Waste to Energy (WTE) Putri Cempo As Urban Innovation: A Financial Analysis

Adhianti Roswulandari, Ahmad Daerobi, Suryanto, Evi Gravitiani
The handling of waste problems in urban areas of Surakarta, Putri Cempo Final Disposal Site (TPA) has been overload since 2005. The limitness of land has made the Government of Surakarta to think of innovation by building Waste to Energy plant project. The analysis was done by using secondary data obtained...
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Sustainable Development for Eco-Culture Conservation in Kelimutu National Park, Indonesia

Yosafat Winarto, Persada Agussetia Sitepu
The Kelimutu National Park is located in Flores which has an area of 5,356.50 hectares. This national park has unique landscape, endemic flora and fauna, and a national famous tourism site namely Kelimutu three-color Crater Lake. The arrival of tourists in the year of 2017 amounted to 91,219 people,...
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Beach Tourism Development Strategy through Ecological Architecture Approach in Pacitan, East Java – Indonesia

Wiwik Setyaningsih, Sri Yuliani, Yosafat Winarto
Beach tourism is tourism that widely associated with activities on the water, such as lakes, beaches, bays, or sea, which managed in an integrated and planned manner, so that they are ready to receive tourist visits. So far, the existence of beach tourism areas, which have a unique nature, have not been...
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Architectural Detail in Javanese House

Dr. Hardiyati
Details have a role to create a continuity in architecture design. It is easy to apply in the design process while also can explore other minor things in the architecture design. There are two identification categories of the architectural details, whether the details become the main part of the building...
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Heritage as Tourism Potencies on the Riverbanks of Banjarmasin City

Fitri Wulandari, Evan Elianto Supar, Humairoh Razak
Banjarmasin has been declared as one of 10 (ten) Indonesia's heritage cities pilot project. Compared to other cities, the 102 rivers that flow along Banjarmasin form a unique character of the city. Since long time ago, the expansion of power, religion, culture, and trading related to these rivers. Therefore,...
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Land Use of Kualuh Hulu District. (Case Study: Corridor of Jenderal Sudirman Street, Aek Kanopan)

Simon Barus, Wahyu Utami, Hajar Suwantoro
The use of land in Aek Kanopan city was initially divided into three functions: residential area, offices and commercial activities. Urban growth occurs at a rapid rate, which reduces the ability of city planners and managers to control the developments that occurred as a result of the growth. Since...
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The Authority of Indonesian Leader in Urban Facility and Housing Design (Sign and Symbol)

Putri Suryandari
Nations’ leaders throughout history have left a record of that leadership in the form of architecture. That record can be a monument, building, or any other grand or not so grand gesture. This activity was designed to show the authority and power of an entire nation at a given moment in time. Indonesia...