Proceedings of the 18th International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Architecture (SENVAR 2018)

First of all, let us express our thanks to God the Almighty who gave all of us a chance to meet again in SENVAR 18. The International Conference on Sustainable Environment and Architecture (SENVAR 2018) is an annual conference series started from the year of 2001. It has been taking place in many venues, many institutions and countries, particularly Asian countries. The main focus of SENVAR is sustainable environment and its connection to architecture. This conference series has been focusing mostly on building sciences and technology. However, as the issue of sustainability has been widely accepted as the new ‘normal’, this issue in architecture always comes up not only in building sciences, but also in other subjects such as urban issues and tourism. SENVAR 2018 widened the focus from building sciences to those wider issues, which are represented in three panels: Building innovation and technology, sustainable tourism, and urban resilience and livability.

In SENVAR 2018, the conference offers main plenary session, panel discussions, and city tour. We also had the opportunity to invite six speakers from diverse cultural backgrounds to share their expertise and experience on the issues mentioned above. This year, we had received over 100 abstracts for presentation in the conference. After the screening process, there were 75 papers eligible to be presented in SENVAR 2018. The full papers were then being reviewed each by two reviewers in a double blind review process for publication. Out of 75, there are 30 papers selected for publication in this proceeding.

With this opportunity, we would like to express many thanks to everyone, especially all the faculties, staffs, students, at the Department of Architecture Universitas Sebelas Maret, Indonesia for their support and participation. We are also grateful to all the speakers who have dedicated their time to share their expertise and experience in this conference.

We give our greatest appreciation to all the participants of SENVAR 2018, as presenters and audience, without whom this conference will have no positive academic atmosphere. Last but not least, the greatest honor is given to our committee whose hard work has made this conference a success.

Ofita Purwani, S.T., M.T., Ph.D.
Chairperson Organizing Committee of SENVAR 2018