Proceedings of the 7th Annual Meeting of Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention

Today, Humanity has entered the era of global risk, meanwhile is going to the Big Data Era. The big data running on the Internet will promote development of science and technology. Scientifically analyzing risk and effectively improving the ability to respond to risks will become important areas where the theories and methods of big data should play a key role.

The Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention (RAC) is a unique academic organization in multi-disciplinary research on risk analysis in China that is registered by the Ministry of Civil Affairs in the People’s Republic of China. RAC organizes a meeting every two years, and conducts a council election every four years. We hope that, with the distinct theme borrowing the east wind of Big Data Era, our team of multidisciplinary experts will give full play to improve our risk analysis and management. The number of members increased from 81 in December 2004, when RAC was founded, to more than 450 today. The Society for Risk Analysis – China Section (SRA-China) is an international platform for academic exchanges and the cooperation of RAC members that was established in Beijing on October 19, 2009. A series of biennial international conferences RACR have been held in Shanghai (2007), Beijing (2009), Laredo, Texas (2011), Istanbul (2013), and Morocco (2015). The official journal of SRA-China—Journal of Risk Analysis and Crisis Response (JRACR)—was launched in France in 2011. The papers published in JRACR have been cited 48 times by SCI journals. Our official journal has been entered the SCI review process.

This volume is composed of 155 high-quality papers submitted to the 7th Annual Meeting of the Risk Analysis Council of China Association for Disaster Prevention (RAC-2016). These papers go through a rigorous peer review process, which reflects the importance of risk analysis research in China. The proceedings cover almost all risk-related fields, including risk theory and methods, emergency management, crisis response, and risk management etc.

This annual conference is hosted by Central South University (CSU) in Changsha, a historical and cultural well-known city, located in the central section of China. CSU, a national key university under the direct administration of Ministry of Education of China, has a highly regarded reputation as being a member of both Project 211 and Project 985, two national key construction projects to support the development of high-quality university, a vice-minister-level university recognized in 2003 and one of the initiative leading universities selected in 2013 for China’s Synergy Innovation Project 2011. Holding the conference at such a prestigious place will undoubtedly positively impact the development of risk-related research in China.

Finally, we would like to thank all those who contributed papers to the annual conference, all the reviewers, and all those who kindly supported the conference! We are sure that your vii selfless participation will not only ensure the quality of the annual conference papers but also give strong impetus to the promotion of the RAC and SRA-China.

Chongfu Huang, Xuanhua Xu, Sijian Zhao, Bin Pan
August 25, 2016