Proceedings of the 7th Progressive and Fun Education International Conference (PROFUNEDU 2022)

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Naufal Ishartono, Yasir Sidiq
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Actualization of Cultural Playground Educational Game Tools as Strengthening Love for the Country in Early Children

Ida Yeni Rahmawati, Hadi Cahyono, Wahyudi
Educational game tools (APE) are play equipment that contains education that is used to stimulate imagination in the child’s development process. APE in this Indonesian culture-based playground can foster a sense of love for the Indonesian homeland in children from an early age. The purpose of this study...
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Economic Literacy and Pocket Money Predict Students’ Interest to Make an Investment

Titik Ulfatun, Bambang Dwi Atmojo
Along with the development of economics, it can be seen that the young generation has a big interest in investing, including students in universities. This study aims to examine how well economic literacy as reported by students and their pocket money predicts students’ interest to invest. A quantitative...
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From ICT-Based Learning Media to Gamification Optimalization: Learning Media Research Projection Based on Bibliometric Analysis

Gallant Karunia Assidik, Firstya Evi Dianastiti, Shindy Tresna Vinansih, Erry Widya Kustanti
Learning media is an integral part of the learning system and occupies an important position. Given the significance of media in learning, this paper examines the bibliometric analysis from published research articles on learning media evaluation. It aims to describe research topics that were extensively...
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Honorary Teachers’ Views About EFL Online Teaching Process During Covid-19 Pandemic

Heriyanti Tahang, Maulana Rumbouw, Ruslan, Yuliana, Rinda Hardianti
Covid-19 has pushed honorary teachers in West Papua to switch from offline teaching to online teaching as not all teachers, especially honorary teachers, are prepared well to encounter a pandemic situation; for this reason, exploring the honorary teachers’ sight to find a better educational consideration...
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Implementation of Environmental Ethics in Ecopedagogy-Based Geography Learning by Teachers on Environmental Sustainability

Puspita Indra Wardhani, Hastari Setyo Palupi, Wahyu Widyatmoko, Muhammad Musiyam, Siti Hadiyati Nur Hafida, Elok Surya Pratiwi
School teachers’ application of environmental ethics needs to be comprehensively studied because it plays a vital role in shaping students’ character who cares about the environment from an early age. However, research on environmental ethics in schools rarely gets attention, especially in Indonesia,...
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Improving Entrepreneur Competency for the Entrepreneur Community Using The Triple Helix Approach

Dhany Efita Sari, Hanun Almas Darojati, Sabar Narimo, Suranto, Tri Nur Wahyudi, Surya Jatmika, Mutiara Karima
Triple Helix is an approach to developing a knowledge-based economy that encourages collaboration among three actors: academics or universities, government, and business or companies. The purpose of this research is to describe the pattern of using the Triple Helix approach to increase the entrepreneurial...
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Strategy Conditions of Speaking and Presenting Skills Learning Strategy in Vocational School

Setyo Eko Wahyu Addin Nugroho, Laili Etika Rahmawati, Miftakhul Huda
The strategy of learning speaking skills in Indonesian subjects with news text material is included in the learning achievement (CP) of speaking and presenting elements. The purpose of speaking skills in learning Indonesian is so that students can convey information orally by going through the stages...
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Learning How Transformational Leaders Create Positive Climate for Learning in Multicultural Schools: An Exploratory Study

Aryati Prasetyarini, Sofyan Anif, Harsono, Sabar Narimo
Transformational school leaders are always correlated to positive climate in order to encourage students learn maximally. This article is aimed at discussing the results of an exploratory study on how transformational leaders manage positive climate in five secondary multicultural schools in Surakarta,...
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Pancasila Student Profile Based Learning in Elementary School

Nanda Dwi Rohmah, Djalal Fuadi, Minsih
The purpose of this study was to describe learning through student profiles of Pancasila in elementary schools, using qualitative research methods and data collection techniques in the form of observational interviews and documentation. Where the research was conducted at Muhammadiyah 1 elementary school...
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Synergy of Sole Worker Women and Families to Achieving Family Resilience in Klamana Village East Sorong District Sorong City

Umar Ramli, Hasbi, M. Ramli AT
This study aims to analyze the synergy of sole worker women and families in achieving family resilience. The research was conducted in Klamana Village, East Sorong District, Sorong City. The research method used is a qualitative approach with a descriptive type. Data collection techniques through observation,...
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The Implementation of Socrative as a Tool for Formative Assessment in Students’ Perspective

Latifah Suryani, Endang Fauziati
The purpose of formative assessment tools usage is mainly to assess learning outcomes easily and quickly in an English classroom. Socrative is one of the students’ response system applications that can be used for formative assessment. Socrative is an online platform and it is really simple to use. This...
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Using Teaching Factory Model for Improving Student Employability Skills in Vocational High School

Suranto, Wafrotur Rohmah, Ita Nuryana, Sutama, Sabar Narimo, Bunga Amanda
The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation and the role of the Teaching Factory as an effort to improve the employability skills. The study was conducted in 8 vocational schools majoring in Accounting in Surakarta. Research using ethnographic design. The data collection technique used...
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Development of Creativity Skill in Critical Reading with Humanistic Literacy Approach

Harun Joko Prayitno, Nur Amalia, Ratnasari Dyah Utami, Yusron Wahyu Saputro, M. Fahmi Johan Syah, Miftakhul Huda, dan Gautam Kumar Jha
The creativity skill is a significant aspect in developing critical reading skills for students in the global communication era today. This study aims to develop creativity skills in critical reading through humanistic literacy learning. This research design employed research and development (R&D)...
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Strengthening Literacy and Independence in Learning the Era of Independent Learning: A Multi-site Study on Homeschooling Sinta and Sumardiono Jakarta

Djalal Fuadi, Irfan Wahyudi, Naufal Ishartono, Wafroturrohmah, Achmad Fathoni
This study aims to describe improving literacy skills and forming learning independence in two single homeschooling. This research uses qualitative methods with a phenomenological approach. Data collection methods are carried out through in-depth interviews, observations, and documentation. The data...
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Innovative Collaborative Learning Leadership to Build School Academic Culture During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Harsono, A. Chirmala Vishnu Permata, Sabar Narimo, Sutama, Ahmad Nurkhin
The Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the world of education. The direct impact is in the form of school closures and online learning services. In a situation of uncertainty, offline learning is stopped, while schools must organize alternative learning, the ability of principals, teachers,...
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Development of Business to Consumers-Based E-Commerce to Increase Sales of Queen Fashion Products During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Sragen

Harsono, Adhelia Zulfa Widayat, Sabar Narimo, Sutama, Wily Purbonuswanto
This research is motivated by the anxiety of small and medium entrepreneurs to close or continue their business during the COVID-19 pandemic. This research aims to describe the use of business-to-consumer-based e-commerce to increase sales, in the type of business directly from stores to consumers that...
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The Influence of Financial Literacy, Family Environment and Pocket Money on Student Financial Management

Sabar Narimo, Sicily, Harsono, Surya Jatmika, Wily Purbonuswanto
The development of information technology encourages practical life among students, one of which is online shopping, the shopping system is allegedly having a low impact and a wasteful life. In terms of economics, students who do not yet have income but do not have good financial management skills, live...
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The Use Repetition and Feedback Methods in Supporting the Learning of Slow Learners Children

Milda Sofia Indarsari, Arief Cahyo Utomo
This research activity is intended to describe the use of repetition and feedback methods to support slow learners’ learning. Elementary School of Klepu 02 is one of the schools that accepts Students with Special Needs. Research by taking descriptive elements produces case study data with purposive sampling...
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Program Analysis of the School Literacy Movement in Central Java Elementary Schools

Arief Arffianto, Muhammad Abduh, Muhamad Taufik Hidayat
Elementary School is a child’s time at the golden age so it is important to instill noble ethical values. The literacy movement is one of the ways that can be done to instill noble ethics. This study aims to find out 1) reveal the planning of the school literacy movement in Central Java Elementary School...
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Local Wisdom Diction in News Discourse on National Online Newspaper

Rahma Nurmala Ainin, Atiqa Sabardila, Markhamah
The basic of language use in news discourse is not only to understand, but also more importantly is the usefulness in diction which can increase the literacy interest on the reader and give impression to the reader sensitivity. This research aim to identify diction of local wisdom in news discourse on...
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Teaching Vocabulary Using Game in SMP Muhammadiyah Ambarawa: A Case Study

Zakiyah, Muamaroh
Grammar is very important for students to master when they study a foreign language. This study aims to teach Vocabulary using Games in SMP Muhammadiyah Ambarawa. The design of the research used a case study. The participants were nine students in year VII consisting of three males and six females. The...
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Teaching English as A Foreign Language Based on Home-schooling in Pandemic Covid-19

Rizki Aji Saputro, Muamaroh
This study aimed to describe how to teach English based on home-schooling, the problems faced by the teachers and the solution to overcome the problems. The design of the research used descriptive qualitative. The participants were four students with secondary education levels consisting of 3 females...
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Implementation of Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) Method in Learning Indonesian Language at SMA Negeri Karangpandan

Agustin Eka Prasetyawati, Yakub Nasucha, Atiqa Sabardila
This research aims to describe: (1) program development on the Student Team Achievement Division (STAD) method in learning Indonesian language at SMA Negeri Karangpandan, (2) implementation of STAD method in learning Indonesian language at SMA Negeri Karangpandan, and (3) evaluation of implementation,...
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Implications of Actual and Contextual Content in Teaching Materials for General Course of Indonesian Language at PTMA

Desy Anggraini, Yakub Nasucha, Laili Etika Rahmawati
Indonesian language is one of the compulsory courses that must be taught in the university. The substance in Indonesian language course must be developed by inserting and exploring actual and contextual contents. This study aims to identify the actual and contextual implications of the contents contained...
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Conditions of Learning Strategies for Speaking and Presenting Skills at SMK

Setyo Eko Wahyu Addin Nugroho, Laili Etika Rahmawati, Miftakhul Huda
The strategy of learning speaking skills in Indonesian subjects with news text material is included in the learning achievement of speaking and presenting elements. The purpose of speaking skills in learning Indonesian is so that students can convey information orally by going through the stages of critical,...
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Prevention Media of Child Sexual Abuse in Indonesia: A Meta-analysis

Esa Mutiarani, Murfiah Dewi Wulandari, Ika Candra Sayekti, Muhamad Taufik Hidayat
One strategy to prevent sexual abuse is through a school-based sexual abuse prevention program. Sexual abuse prevention programs using the media are needed to understand children from sexual abuse. This study aims to analyse child sexual abuse prevention media use in Indonesia. This study is a literature...
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Local Wisdom in the Coffee Production Process as Content for Science Learning in Elementary Schools

Minsih, Ratnasari Diah Utami, Fitri Puji Rahmawati, Yulia Maftuhah Hidayati, Anantri Destya, Ummi Tadzkiroh, Suci Perwita, Uslan
The purpose of this study is to describe the value of local wisdom in the coffee production process which can be used as scientific knowledge as teaching material for science learning content in elementary schools. And identify the scientific concepts contained in the coffee-making process. Local wisdom...
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Analysis of the Influence of the Role of Parents Accompanying Children at Home Learning Activities During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Zakiyah Anwar, Supriadi, Ruslan, Andi Maryam, Rizky Ekawaty Ahmad
The purpose of this study is to find out the role of parents in accompanying children during online learning activities at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. The method in this research uses descriptive qualitative research. Data collection techniques were obtained through observation, questionnaires,...
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Blended Learning: Can Increase Student’s Interest and Learning Achievement?

Heny Sri Astutik, Yus Mochamad Cholily, Akhsanul In’am, Surya Putra Raharja, Firman
This study aims to describe the effectiveness of blended learning based on the Edmodo in terms of students’ interest and learning achievement in mathematics. This study is a quasi-experimental study with a one-group posttest-only design. The population in this study were all students of the mathematics...
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The Values Content of Education Character in Indonesian Language Book of Merdeka Curriculum

Eko Purnomo, Atiqa Sabardila, Markhamah
Teaching materials are a medium for teachers to provide material and implement character education values. To support that, it is necessary to have teaching materials that accommodate the existence of book Merdeka Curriculum. This study aims to describe the values of character education in Indonesian...
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Literacy Movement Program in Elementary School: A Study of Central Java, Indonesia

Arief Arffianto, Muhammad Abduh
Elementary school is a time when children are at the golden age, so it is crucial to instill noble character values. The literacy movement is one way that can be done to instill noble character. This study aims to find out (1) reveal the planning of the school literacy movement in Elementary Schools...
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(AKTOR) Resistor Accessories

Ninit Putry Sagita, Hanung Vernanda Putri, Qatrunnada Salsabila Putri, Iin Nashihah
Along with the progress of development, the use of lamps as a source of lighting is also increasing. The use of more and more lights also has an impact on the amount of electronic waste that is difficult to process. Therefore, it is necessary to take action to process the waste from the lamp so as not...
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The Influence of Digital Story Media-Based Quantum Learning on Mathematical Problem Solving Skills

Nadia Yuli Ismawarti, Yulia Maftuhah Hidayati
These problems include (1) the lack of students’ understanding of how to solve math problems and (2) the lack of mathematics learning media. This study examines how fifth-grade students of SD Muhammadiyah 16 Karangasem can solve mathematical problems using a quantum learning paradigm based on digital...