Proceedings of the International Seminar on Computation, Communication and Control

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An Adaptive Approach for Optical Recognition of Inter-Point Hindi Devanagari Braille and its Transcription to Text

T. Shreekanth, V. Udayashankara
Optical Braille Character Recognition (OBR) system is in great need inorder to restore the old Braille documents to make them available for the large section of visually impaired people. The recognition of the double sided Braille dots is a challenging task due to the overlapping of the front side dots...
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Constructing A New Japanese Development Design Model “NJ-DDM”

Amasaka Kakuro
The author consructs a New Japanese Development Design Model “NJ-DDM” utilizing CAE to realize “simultaneous achievement of QCD” (quality, cost and delivery) in automobile development design by evolvinging the super-short-term development design process. Base on this, the author verifies the validity...
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Automatic Lumbar tracking based on image processing and particle filter

Liu YuChen, Ma YingDong, Du ZhiHao
Lumbar motion is one of the most widely used information to diagnose low back disorder. By using the Digitalized Video Fluoroscopy (DVF) technique, a sequence of X-ray frames can be acquired, which shows the movement of patient vertebra. But the X-ray frame sequence is usually indistinct and having extra...
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Improved Adaptive Support-weight Algorithm Based on Guide filtering and Disparity calibration

Xiao JingWen, Wan Min, Wu Yao
A novel local stereo matching method based on guided filtering and disparity calibration was presented in this paper. Firstly, the three dimensional cost volume was built by computing initial matching costs at given disparity values, and it was enhanced with guided filtering to preserve edge information...
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Propagating Anti-TrustRank with Relationship Strength for Fighting Link Farming on Twitter

Shen Hua, Liu XinYue
How to find the features of spammers and link structure is a fundamental issue in social networks. Existing work solves this problem by classification and ranking. However, these methods ignore relationship strength on edges, i.e., the weight between a pair of users. Then the challenge is how to effectively...
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Study on Model based Hazard Identification for the Hyperloop System

Zhou DaTian, Xin Wei, Hessami Ali, Wang Han
The Hyperloop system is a novel conceptual system aimed to provide a high speed public transportation service in the future, featured with a reduced-pressure tube in which pressurized capsules ride on a cushion of air that is driven by a combination of linear induction motors and air compressors. The...
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Eye Location Method based on gray projection with improved skin color segmentation

Feng KaiPing, Yang Pan
The accuracy of eye location using gray projection method is dependent on the quality of the ambient light, the face posture and facial hair in front of the face . in order to solve the actual environment problem, this paper proposes a improved color segmentation and repeatedly reused gray projection...
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Design of SPWM Generator IP Core Based on SOPC

Huang XiangSheng, Wang Qun
A waveform circuit of SPWM based on SOPC is designed. In Quartus II 9. 0 environment, Using Verilog HDL and module design method the design is completed. The selected FPGA model is EP2C35F672C6 in Cyclone series. According to the principle of sinusoidal PWM by irregular sampling, using the real-time...
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UX Scenario Development based on Chatting UI for IoT Home Appliances

Jung Eui-Chul, Min Kyungbo
Recently, many smart and network features are incorporated into electronic home appliances. As home appliances have becoming IoT products, usability issues are increasing because every home appliance has different platform and functionality. This research aims 1) to examine why the chatting-based UI...