Proceedings of the 3rd International Media Conference 2021 (IMC 2021)

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Web Design of TPQ Zahrotul Jannah through Digital Marketing Strategy

Rizka Rahma Amalia, Ernawati Ernawati, Septianti Septianti, Abu Amar Fikri
Al-Qur’an Education Park (TPQ) Zahrotul Jannah is an educational institution located in Sidoarjo which has a private Al-Qur’an learning program for all ages with the advantage of flexible time and place. The number of students studying at TPQ has not yet reached the expected target because they do not...
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Digital Marketing Strategy for Campaigning @kedasbeutypusat Social Media Accounts on TikTok Application

Zamroatul Fuaddah, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Andre Rahmanto
In today’s society the marketing process is not only done conventionally but also the role of digital technology has brought changes in online marketing, making it much in demand by business people in promoting their products. As a result, business people are increasingly interested in implementing online...
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Ikoy Ikoy Digital Marketing Public Relations Strategy on Instagram

Farikha Rachmawati, Dian Hutami Rahmawati, Ahimsa Adi Wibowo
Digital marketing currently refers to innovation, content quality, customer engagement, and also the positive image of the company. Brands that successfully manage their online community and have a good image in the eyes of the public have a better chance of success in marketing communications. This...
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#Localpride in Online Media: The Rise of Indonesia Local Brand

Heidy Arviani, Ratih Pandu Mustikasari, Safrie Anas Priambodo, Putri Nada Camilia Lubna
In 2014 there was an invitation to love products and love the capabilities of the Indonesian nation. Many Influencers and other celebrities joined in enlivening the hashtags #BanggaBuatanIndonesia and #Localpride through their accounts. The Covid-19 pandemic has encouraged local brands to use social...
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The Importance of Murals for Strengthening Destination Branding of Kampong Opak Gambir

Zainal Abidin Achmad, Yenny Wuryandari, Rossyda Priyadharsini
The purpose of the study is to explain the important impact of using mural art as a destination branding to promote Kampong Opak Gambir in Plosokerep Village, Blitar City. This study uses a qualitative research method with a phenomenological approach. This study aims to reveal the structure of the subject’s...
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Eid Hampers as a Self-Actualization in Social Group

Dian Hutami Rahmawati, Farikha Rachmawati, Latif Ahmad Fauzan
The presence of new media affects how individuals interact. The principle of the internet where everyone can be a message maker and message recipient simultaneously also has an impact on individual consumption patterns. This journal will discuss consumer behavior in buying, consuming, organizing purchases,...
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Crisis Management and Communication: Sriwijaya Air Sj182 Crash Flight

Miftha Pratiwi, Farisha Sestri Musdalifah, Muchammad Yustian Yusa, Annisa Rahmawati
Sriwijaya Air has been the talk of the public related to the missing of SJ182 Boeing 737-524 after four minutes taking off around Kepulauan Seribu from Jakarta-Pontianak. This incident put Sriwijaya Air in a crisis due to bad reputation which should be anticipated by the company’s public relations through...
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Differences in Campaign Strategy Between “Indonesian Work” and “Indonesia Adil Makmur” Via Twitter in The 2019 Election

Rossi Maunofa Widayat, Achmad Nurmandi, Yeni Rosilawati, Haedar Nashir, Hasse Jubba, Tawakkal Baharuddin
Social media as a popular media is currently being used by political parties in maximizing political campaign strategies. Since the 2014 and 2019 elections, the use of social media Twitter has become one of the most influential platforms in building or manipulating public opinion. The opinion that is...
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“Tell Me How”: Supervisor’s Trigger Questions and Student’s Self-reflection to Examine International Master Student Difficulties during Dissertation Supervision

Oktifani Winarti, Syifa Syarifah Alamiyah, Sumardijati Sumardijati
This paper shows that a “shared knowledge” is an important aspect for supervisor-international student’s relation for master level. Indeed, Conversation Analysis method is not designed to understand physiological issues on international students’ problems and pressure, but the Conversation Analysis excerpts...
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Local Newspaper Editorial Policy in Reporting the 2020 Sleman Regional Head Election during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ahmad Muntaha, Supadiyanto Supadiyanto, Arya Tangkas, Yashinta Putri Rynandha, Fastina Pratiwi, Fawazul Hakim Al Holifi
The election of regional heads in Sleman is a credibility gamble in proportional reporting. The problem is: what is the editorial policy of Kedaulatan Rakyat and Tribun Jogja in reporting the 2020 Sleman Regency Head Election campaign? The research paradigm is qualitative. The research time is from September...
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Crisis Management of Covid-19 Cluster through Social Media Contents Analysis at @Inside Sampoerna

Diana Amalia, Roziana Febrianita, Kusnarto
The Covid-19 phenomenon has implications for the crisis in almost all sectors in Indonesia, even globally. PT H.M. Sampoerna experienced a crisis when employees were infected with Covid19, there were casualties and became a Covid-19 cluster as in May 2020. To maintain trust & reputation, PT. H.M....
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Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Korean Youtuber “Korea Reomit”

Mia Rizkiya Romadhona, Ade Kusuma
The popularity of Korean culture in Indonesia has led many Koreans to create YouTube channels with Indonesian language content. One of the Korean YouTubers who produce content in Indonesian is Korea Reomit. The focus discussion in this study is how the Korean Youtuber Korea Reomit’s experiences cross-cultural...
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Perceptions of Islamic Boarding School Students in Surabaya on the Movie Trailer “The Santri”

Didiek Tranggono, Dwi Wahyuningtyas
This study aims to determine and analyze the perceptions of students in Islamic boarding schools in Surabaya after seeing the trailer for “The Santri” movie. The theory used as the basis of the research is the theory of perception and the theory of individual differences. The methodology in this study...
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Using Online Media as Cyber Extension Urban Farming During Covid-19

Faathiyah Harun, Hafied Cangara, Siti Bulkis
The activities of urban farming are tenable for everyone as the technology of information expands. One of them is by utilizing social media to obtain information related to the development of urban farming, from selecting seeds to processing narrow land and various businesses to support agricultural...
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Social Media Utilization in the Yogyakarta Millennial Farmer Community

Ririn Puspita Tutiasri, Dian Hutami Rahmawati, Aulia Rahmawati, Syafrida Nurrachmi Febriyanti, Kusumajanti Kusumajanti
Millennial farmers are an element supporting development. They use technology as a transformation source. Millennial farmers are identic as an informed community. They onsider technology having strategic and economic values. Millennial farmers are used to using technology to search and distribute information...
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Keeping Family Harmony in the Time of the Covid-19 Pandemic

(A Review of Family Communications)

Rasianna Br.Saragih
The emergence of the Corona virus or called Corona Virus Disease or abbreviated as Covid 19 at the end of 2019, has had an impact on every aspect of human life, not only health aspects but also on other aspects such as economic, social, political, cultural. This paper is a literature review of several...
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Conflict Resolution in Maintaining Early Marriage Relationships in Alassumur Village, Bondowoso

Reny Yunia Ningtias, Windri Saifudin, Nada Oktaviani Wibowo, Yunita Safitri
The East Java Religious High Court survey shows that the rate of early marriage in Bondowoso is the highest in Indonesia. In fact, BKKBN recommends the age of marriage for women 21 years and men 25 years. The recommendation is based on several factors such as health factors and psychological factors....
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Digital Divide between Mother and Child in Parenting

Yuli Candrasari, Puji Lestari, Dyva Claretta, Sumardjijati Sumardjijati
The birth of the Internet raised new hopes for eliminating inequality in social interactions. The fact is that there is a digital divide among internet users, especially for women. Studies show that in using technology there is a gap between women and men. In today’s digital era children grow up with...
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Countering Broken Home Stigma of Adolescents On Social Media

Yuni Retnowati
Society stigmatizes adolescents from broken homes as environment destroyers, uncontrollable, and immoral, hindering their development and achievement. Hamur Inspiration Community uses social media to fight the stigma associated with adolescents who have encountered a broken home. The study’s objectives...
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Gender-Mainstreaming, Digital Security and Perception on Online Gender-Based Violence: A Case Study in Bpir Upnvjt

Palupi Anggraheni, Firsty Chintya Laksmi Perbawani, Maria Indira Aryani
New kinds of abuse have also emerged as a result of digital technologies. What is known as― online gender-based violence (GBV) creates undeniable consequence. Moreover, the existence of global pandemic COVID-19 were accommodating and escalating the surge number of online GBV cases. The outbreaks shifted...
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Halal Tourism Trends

Case Examples in Some Asian Countries

Nikmah Suryandari, Farida Nurul Rahmawati
Halal tourism is one of the new phenomena that emerged from the growth of the halal industry. Because the concept of halal is important in advancing the tourism industry, many Muslim and non-Muslim countries are competing to attract Muslim tourists, by providing tourism products, facilities and infrastructure...
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Community Readiness in the Implementation of Local Tourism Village in Alas Sumur Bondowoso

Ahmad Fahri Huzain, Windri Saifudin, Namira Yunita Ahmad
Tourism in Indonesia is starting to change from what was originally mass tourism to thematic tourism which is more of a nature, culture, uniqueness, and local characteristic tourism. This is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, in addition to preventing urbanization, tourist villages...
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Readiness of Tourism Digitalization in Alas Sumur Bondowoso Tourism Village

Nabila Ayu Ramadhany, Windri Saifudin, Ahmad Fahri Huzain
The COVID-19 pandemic that is still happening today has had various impacts in various sectors, one of which is the tourism sector. The government has taken various ways to minimize the impact of the pandemic in the tourism sector, such as the use of health protocols, and limiting the number of visitors...
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The Communication Process in the Development of The Alassumur Tourism Village

Muhammad Usamah Robbani, Windri Saifudin, Mohammad Fawaid Pradika, Pandhu Tanoyo
The concept of a tourism village as an alternative tourism makes local wisdom and village atmosphere a selling point. This can certainly be a long-term economic support option. The formation of a rural area to become a tourist village is certainly not easy, because it takes synergy between the central,...
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Dynamics of People, State, and Cyber Power in the Internet Shutdown Policy at Papua and West Papua In 2019

Irnasya Shafira Hadi, Riza Noer Arfani, Hakimul Ikhwan
The Internet Shutdown policy implemented at Papua and West Papua in 2019 has created a competing narrative between the government and the civil society. The main narration championed to justify the Internet Shutdown by the government is the concern of the national security whereas the civil society argues...
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Press, Broadcasting, Internet, and (Law) Mass Multimedia Convergence in Indonesia

Law Number 40/1999 concerning the Press and Law Number 32/2002 concerning Broadcasting are urgent enough for immediate revision. The very rapid development of telecommunications, media, informatics, graphics, and transportation technology has triggered a global communication revolution first, second,...
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Narrative of Bin’s Infiltration into The Taliban in Online Media

Ahmad Zamzamy, Roziana Febrianita, Resa Rasyidah
The Taliban had regained control of Afghanistan in mid-August 2021. Events taking place in Afghanistan have become headlines in Indonesia. The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) as part of the official Indonesian government agency engaged in intelligence has interest and concern for what is happening in...