Proceedings of the 3rd International Media Conference 2021 (IMC 2021)

Conference name: 3rd International Media Conference 2021 (IMC 2021)
Date: 13 -14 October 2021
Location: Surabaya, Indonesia (offline & online)

Along with COVID-19, a global and major shift happened in different aspect of society. The way education works, business, religions, governments and even culture shift. The world is more interconnected than ever. Digital platforms change the economics of doing business across borders, bringing down the cost of international interactions and transactions.

They create markets and user communities with global scale, providing businesses (SMEs) and Corporation) with a huge base of potential customers and effective ways to reach them. Individuals are participating in globalization directly, using digital platforms to learn, find work, showcase their talent, and build personal networks.

Countries cannot afford to shut themselves off from global flows, as everyone must adapt in order to take control of the flows. Those opportunities will favor locations that build the infrastructure, institutions, and business environments that their companies and citizens need to participate fully. However, when a country cannot take the lead of the control, the threat of global disruption and destruction of society will be inevitable.

Thus, this international conference would invite experts and academicians as well as practitioners from multidisciplinary background to discuss the development of the new era of digital globalization & interaction for communication studies and industries, to hopefully this conference will create a foundation of sustainable development for the future.

Your sincerely,
IMC 2021 Committee