Proceedings of the International Conference on Social, Economics, Business, and Education (ICSEBE 2021)

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Blockchain Technology Adoption, Benefit and Challenges for Halal Food Traceability

Tasnim Nikmatullah R, Made Iska A, Yudhi Anggoro
The traceability of halal food has in turn increasingly become the focus of attention of researchers, business actors and stakeholders. Various benefits can be obtained from strengthening the halal food tracking system. This technology system is a form of digital transformation of supply chain management...
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Poverty in Indonesia

This type of qualitative research uses a phenomenological approach, while the results show that the poverty rate continues to increase every month and every year, this indicates that the problem of poverty is a very important problem to find a solution, the impact of poverty has an impact on all social,...
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Chinese and Non-Chinese Relationships in Inclusivity

Lukman Ismail, Rabihatun Idris, Andi Agustang
This study analyses the relationship between ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese in Makassar, which has its own space in terms of open and limited social relations and interactions compared to other ethnic relations. The occurrence of inclusivity in the two ethnicities, which leads to conflict rather than...
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Effects of Leader Empathy During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Afiah Mukhtar, Asmawiyah, Nurjaya, Muhammad Ilyas Thamrin Tahir
This study was conducted in a pandemic situation to link leader empathy with the performance of EDC (Electronic Data Chapter) mechanical engineering employees and job satisfaction as an intermediary variable. Using cluster random sampling technique, this research was conducted on 113 employees of technician...
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The Economic in International Islamic Education Strategy Collaboration: A Rapid Review

Dian Cita Sari, Ezi Apino, Ari Setiawan, Nurzannah, A. Hamid, Afib Rulyansah
This paper examine regarding the context throughout which Islam of Education economic techniques in global ventures may also be laid low with their global information, that shapes their dynamic talents. supported a carried out math synthesis of empirical insights collected in a completely big frame of...
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Economic Education and Character Well-being of Art Therapy students

Yulita Kurniawaty Asra, Dian Cita Sari, Vivik Shofiah, Mukhlis, Ummi Rasyidah
This text explores the economic science of education and character well-being of art theraphy students. The analysis subjects were eighteen folks taken by purposive sampling methodology. This study uses a real experimental style wherever within the true experimental style there’s a random sample choice...
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Student as Child Labor in Agriculture Sector During Pandemic Covid-19

Faidah Azuz, Aylee Christine A. Sheyoputri, Fidaan Husein Azuz, Mulono Apriyanto, Mieke Yustia Ayu Ratna Sari, Dina Lusiana Setyowati
This study aims to describe the condition of the students who work in agriculture sector during covid-19 pandemic; what the reason to work and what the parents’ perception about students who work in farming. This research was done in Enrekang Regency of South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. Respondents...
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The Influence of Investor Intrinsic Motivation on Islamic Stock Investment Decision Making

Fitria Husnatarina, Muh. Arafah, Andiyan Andiyan, Zul Azmi, Yenny Suzana, Andi Hartati
This study examines the effect of investor intrinsic motivation variables, option, competence, full of meaning, and Progress on Islamic stocks investment decision making in the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The sample in this study is the investors of Islamic stocks in Central Kalimantan, who come from the...
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The Implementation of E-Commerce for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMES) in Covid 19 Pandemic Era

Ihwana As’ad, Muhammad Alwi, Bestfy Anitasari, Alfry Aristo J Sinlae, Fresy Nugroho, Khairul Anwar
The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on all sectors of people’s lives. One of the sectors that greatly affected was the economic sector. Micro, small, and medium enterprises are one part of the community’s economic activities that are trying to stay afloat, although not infrequently some are forced...
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The Impact of Government Policies and Regulations on the Development Islamic Economics Distribution

Ivan Rahmat Santoso, Ahmad Arif Zulfikar, Lukman Handoko, Firmansyah, Selamat Muliadi, Mualim
The application implementation of Islamic distribution requires government policies and regulations in order to support the smoothness, effectiveness and achievement of the goals of the distribution of the Islamic economy. This paper aims to provide a basis for a scientific discussion on the impact of...
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Empowerement of Mompreneurs in Creating Economic Independence

Meilani Dhamayanti, Evi Susilawati, Mavianti, Jelita, Nurul Pujiastuti, Marni Br Karo
Women have an important role in household economic resilience. Women are required not only as household managers but also as protector of the family’s economic stability. The phenomenon of housewives who build the business world has become a trend. The fact shows many women success build a business in...
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Increasing the Added Value of Shorea Javanica Resin from the Pesisir Barat District Through the Geographical Indication Regime

Mieke Yustia Ayu Ratna Sari, Suhartina, Sa’diyah El Adawiyah, Muannif Ridwan, Faidah Azuz, Puji Hastuti
This study describes the increase in added value and development of Shorea javanica as a superior product through a geographical indication regime. The descriptive research collected data on the factual condition of Shorea javanica and the social settings of the people in the West Coast Regency of Lampung...
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Green Economy for Degenerative Society

Mohammad Imam Sufiyanto, Euis Amilia, Diana Puspitasari, Abditama Srifitriani, Resista Vikaliana, Lilla Puji Lestari
The green economy will be a determining factor in the challenges of the society era. The development of green economy products is needed in responding to the challenges of the society era. This study aims to determine the challenges and constraints of marketing green economy products that are starting...
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Small-scale Coconut Farmers in Indragiri Hilir District as a Model of Youth Entrepreneurship in the Plantation Sector

Mulono Apriyanto, Prety Diawati, Latarus Fangohoi, Elfarisna, Faidah Azuz, Eko Sutrisno
Young people’s entrepreneurship in agriculture is very popular in Indragiri Hilir. The low level of youth involvement in the marketing chain of coconut plantation products needs to receive little attention—a comparative analysis of youth and the elderly in coconut production and marketing in Indragiri...
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Telehealth Business Potential in Indonesia

Novita Rina Antarsih, Sri Panca Setyawati, Sri Ningsih, Deprizon, Eman Sulaiman, Nurul Pujiastuti
The purpose of this study is to describe possible Telehealth business opportunities in Indonesia using a narrative approach. This literature review uses articles related to telehealth. This database uses secondary data in the infographic-Katadata. The biggest challenge in Indonesia is the ratio of doctors...
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The Effect of Intellectual Capital Disclosure on The Performances of Private Universities

Rabiyatul Jasiyah, Endang Tri Pratiwi, Suriadi, Refika, Frans Judea Samosir, Muchammad Zaenal Mutatqin
This research aims to find out the influence of intellectual capital disclosure, such as human resources, structural capital and relational capital on the performance of private universities. The analysis units in the study were 149 private universities, determined by purposive sampling. Data analysis...
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Integrated Marketing Communications Sharia Banking Economy

Sa’diyah El Adawiyah, Tria Patrianti, Meilani Dhamayanti, Nurul Intan Pratiwi, Siti Seituni, Rahmanita Ginting
Integrated marketing communication is a communication process used by Islamic Banking in Indonesia to market their financial solutions to various people. In building the Islamic banking economy, IMC combines advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and publicity, and direct marketing...
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Analysis Factor of Teacher Performance Mediated by Work Motivation on Productive Teachers in Vocational School

Santi Susanti, Sri Zulaihati, Francaisca Elizabeth Rustiarini, Hengki Mangiring Parulian Simarmata, Khairul Anwar, Widaryanti
The purpose of this study is to see how Work Discipline and Financial Compensation affect Teacher Performance, as mediated by Work Motivation, among DKI Jakarta’s productive business and management teachers. From May to June 2020, the research was carried out for two months. The survey method was employed...
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Financial Performance and Economic Growth of Government in the Province of Papua in the Pandemic

Wa Ariadi, M. Anas, Muhammad Yasser Fedayyen, Tiolina Evi, Irma, Heny Sidanti
The study on the analysis of the Papua Provincial Government’s financial performance during the pandemic aims to determine the development of Regional Original Revenue and direct expenditure budgets, and the effect of Regional Original Revenue (PAD) and direct expenditure on economic growth. This research...
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Antecedents and Consequences of Consumer Satisfaction in the Context of Special Occasion at Trade Exhibitions and the Halal Business in Indonesia: A Method Based on Partial Least Squares (PLS) Path Modeling

Setiawan Zunan, Purwoko, Setiawan Ari, Agung Hari Sasongko, Ratih Pratiwi, Adiyono
The analysis model is validated using structured equation modeling (PLS-SEM) on datasets of both local and international trade exhibition attendees and the Indonesian halal business. Along with examining the model, this study will incorporate consumer satisfaction to validate the perceived quality factors...
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The Effect of Knowledge Sharing, Competitive Advantage Strategy Implementation on Employee Performance

(Case Study at “SARI” Cokroaminoto Makassar Foundation)

Roswiyanti, Syamsu Alam, Muhammad Asdar, Nuraeni Kadir, Prilmayanti Sri Awaluddin
The motive of this exam modified to have a examine and look at the effect of Knowledge Sharing on competitive benefit, approach implementation, and organizational typical overall performance. Studies accomplished at the “SARI” Foundation in South Sulawesi, considering that the education worldwide this...
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WhatsApp Business Application as a Digital Marketing Strategy of UMKM

Asmayanti, Agus Syam, Muhammad Alfa Sikar, Beche Bt Mamma, Sudarmi, Nurafni Oktaviyah
Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM) are the real sector that accounts for 99.9% of all businesses operating in Indonesia and absorbs 97% of the total workforce. The growth of UMKM certainly requires a marketing strategy in the face of business competition. The application Whatsapp Business is functional...
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Digitalist Literacy in Women’s Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (UMKM) in the Midst of the Covid-19 Crisis: Conceptual Paper

Andi Widiawati, Idayanti Nursyamsi, Fauziah, Wahda
This paper aims to understand and explore how women business owners in MSMEs who join participatory study groups and discussion groups know how to use and utilize social media and embrace digitalization during the crisis due to the Covid-19 pandemic to maintain business viability. Design / methodology...
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Determinants of Fresh Marine Fish Price Fluctuations, 2000-2019 in South Sulawesi, Indonesia: A Qualitative Independent Variable Estimation Method

Abd. Rahim, Diah Retno Dwi Hastuti, Alimudin Laapo
Changes in seasons cause an imbalance between supply and demand for fresh marine fish in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. On the supply side, there is oversupply during the fishing season (harvest), while the lean season (west and east) or the fishing season during the total moon production decreases. This...
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The Industrial Electronics Learning Model Needs Analysis Based on Industrial Teaching at Vocational School

Purnamawati, Muhammad Yahya, Sabran, A Arfandi, Fitrah A. Darmawang
This study aims to produce the needs analysis of the Teaching Industry-based on the Industrial Electronics learning model. This research type is development research which final product in the form of a Teaching Industry-based Industrial Electronics learning model. The research subject is Vocational...
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Function Analysis of Household Consumption in South Sulawesi Province (Case Study of Makassar, Gowa, Maros and Pare-Pare City)

Sri Prilmayanti Awaluddin, Basri Hasanuddin, Fatmawati, Nur Dwiana Sari Saudi, Roswiyanti
This study aims to determine the effect of permanent income and temporary income on people’s consumption patterns in four regencies and cities in South Sulawesi Province (Makassar, Gowa, Maros, and Pare-Pare). By using the OLS (Ordinary Least Square)method and collecting data primarily by conducting...
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Influence of Green Accounting and Environmental Performance on Profitability

Ati Sumiati, Santi Susanti, Ahmad Maulana, Lina Indrawati, Diana Puspitasari, Rini Indriani
The purpose of this research is to gather empirical evidence about the effect of green accounting and environmental performance on profitability, either separately or concurrently. The population in this study consists of 107 companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange in the mining sector and the...
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Increasing the Economic Value of Locally Processed Food

Nahriana, Ratnawati T.
The current pattern of sago availability starts from the sago sales center in the market and is then purchased by the business owners who consume the sago, so it is not difficult for every business owner to obtain sago. When viewed from the protein content, sago has the most superior protein content...
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The Effect of Government Budget in Education and Health Sector, GRDP and Gini Ratio on the Human Development Index (IPM) n Makassar City

Nurdiana, Hajrah Hamzah, Citra Ayni Kamaruddin, Andi Tenri Ampa
This review intends to decide the impact of government financial plans in the instruction and wellbeing area, Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) and the Gini proportion to the Human Development Index (HDI) in the city of Makassar. This exploration is quantitative examination. The examination strategy...
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Study of Marketing Education Communication in Increasing the Capability of Mismes to Survive in the Time of Covid 19 Pandemic: Digital Literature Perspective

Riesso Andi Sawe, K. A. Sumarlin, Rahmawati, Rachmawaty
The examination on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Small and Medium Enterprises was led subjectively, the reason for subjective exploration was to clarify a peculiarity as profoundly as conceivable by gathering the most unfathomable information, which shows the significance of profundity and detail...
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How Does Macroeconomic Variables Affect Human Development Index

Nurjannah, Listriyanti Palangda, Sri Purwaningsih Siswanto, Ilham Abu, Sutrisno
This study aims to analyze the impact of government spending on the education and health sectors, economic growth and poverty levels on the Human Development Index (HDI) in South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia. This research is quantitative research. The type of data in the form of secondary data in the...
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The Roles of Educators in Stimulating the Development of Early Childhood

Herman, Azizah Amal, Sirajuddin Saleh
This research is aimed to describe the roles of institutions and educators in stimulating the early children’s development. This descriptive research implemented purposive sampling technique. The data were collected by using questionnaire and analyzed by employing descriptive statistic technique. The...
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Analysis Welfare Determinants of Poor Family in Makassar City on SDGS Perspective

Basri Bado, Syamsu Alam, Dedy Rastrawan
Welfare is a right for all people, but the problem of poverty results in a different degree of welfare for poor families. This study aims to analyze the determinants that affect the welfare of poor families in the city of Makassar with the research year 2020. As well as to determine the extent of the...
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Millennial Entrepreneur Ecosystem Based on Digital (Digital Entrepreneurship) in Pandemic Covid 19 in Makassar City

Muhammad Azis, Muhammad Alfa Sikar, Fajriani Azis, Nurjannah
During the COVID-19 pandemic, digital-based millennial entrepreneurship is a digital entrepreneurship ecosystem that pays attention to the development of technology, information and communication which is used as a model for changing conventional businesses into digital platforms. The research method...
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E-Business-Based Marketing Strategy in the Silk Fabric Industry of Non-Machine Weaving Equipment (ATBM) in Wajo Regency

Mustari, Hajrah Hamzah
This study aims to identify and analyze e-business-based marketing strategies in the non-machine woven silk fabric industry (ATBM). This research method uses qualitative research methods. This research was conducted on non-machine loom silk fabric entrepreneurs (ATBM) in Wajo Regency. Data collection...
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Business Incubator Model in Support Makassar State University Edupreneur

Muhammad Farid, Muh. Ihsan Said Ahmad, Syamsuardi, Aris Baharuddin, Muhammad Hasan
One of the entrepreneurship programs that have a strategic role in realizing these goals is to streamline the role of business incubators. The purpose of this study is to (1) examine the results of the initial investment needed for a business incubator model to support edupreneurs at UNM, (2) examine...
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Analysis of Factors Affecting the Development of MSME Business Scale in the Agricultural Sector of Soppeng Regency

Sitti Hajerah Hasyim, Muhammad Hasan, Nur Arisah, Nuraisyiah
This study aims to determine the effect of capital, quality of human resources, business management, level of competitiveness and technology on the development of MSME business scale in the agricultural sector in Soppeng Regency. This study was conducted using a quantitative approach, and was designed...
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Effect of Education, Unemployment, Health Level, and Human Development Index on Economic Growth in South Sulawesi Province

Muhammad Dinar, Muhammad Hasan, Nur Arisah
Macroeconomics is the study of economic activities in a country. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of education, unemployment, health levels, and the human development index on economic growth in South Sulawesi. This study uses the multiple regression method whose data are taken from...
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A Study of Marketing Communication in Improving the Ability of MSMEs to Survive in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Digital Literacy Perspective

Muh. Yahya, Elpisah, Muh. Fahreza, Zulfaida
This study, namely the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on MSMEs was examined in a qualitative way, while the purpose of this study was to be able to explain how the phenomenon occurred, namely to examine it more deeply using qualitative methods. The impact of the spread of the entire COVID-19 outbreak,...
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Pentagon Fraud Analysis in Detecting Fraudulent Financial Statements in Pharmaceutical Companies Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)

Masnawaty Sangkala, Nurhidaya Safitri
This study aims: to obtain evidence regarding the existence of partial and simultaneous effect of the component fraud pentagon on the possibility of fraudulent financial statements in pharmaceutical companies listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. The variables in this study are: (1) financial statement...
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Determinant Analysis of Labor Absorption in the Manufacturing Industry Sector in Sulawesi Island (2010-2019)

Andi Naila Quin Azisah Alisyahbana, Fatmawati, Anas Iswanto Anwar
This research aims to analyze the factors that influence the absorption of labor on the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. In addition, to contribute or provide input to the employment situation and the performance of economic development in the Sulawesi region in particular and in Indonesia in general....
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The Influence of Corporate Social Responsibility, Revenue Growth, and Ownership Structure on Tax Avoidance

M. Ridwan Tikollah, Muhammad Azis, Fajriani Azis
In this study, the aim of this study is to find out how the effect of CSR partially, increasing revenue and ownership on tax avoidance, and to find out which variables have a strong influence on tax avoidance in bank companies which have been previously listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. There are...