Proceedings of the International Conference on Science and Technology (ICOSAT 2017)

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The Impact of Government Incentives onTrigona’s Project Assessment in Peninsular Malaysia

Ilmas Abdurofi, Mohd Mansor Ismail
Trigona honey is very essential to provide alternative daily supplement for health purpose. However, recent development indicates the need for demand increase but the supply of the product is still limited. The Government has introduced certain policies to develop agricultural performance in the country...
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The Influence of the Addition of Pectin Concentrations on Physical and Chemical Properties of Functional Food of Nori derived from Cassava Leaves

Gesti Annisa Innayatuhibbah, Nur Wahyu Sholitan, Afrianita Fitriani, Desi Anisa Nurlaily, Esti Widowati
The present research sought to find out appropriate pectin concentrations in the production of nori derived from cassava leaves, and the influence on chemical properties of the produced nori. The research is useful to optimize the use of cassava leaves as alternative raw materials for the production...
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Local Wisdom: Local Paddy Breeding Through Farming Revenue Analysis Approach (Case Study: Indramayu Regency, West Java)

Lilis Imamah Ichdayati, Rizki Adi Puspita Sari
Farmer’s aptitude on paddy breeding developed through Participatory Plant Breeding School (Sekolah Lapang Pemuliaan Tanaman Partisipatoris/SLPTP) was shown by reemerging of local paddy varieties. From 2002 up to 2010, Indramayu breeder farmers have succesfully created 400 varieties of paddy seeds which...
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Financial Feasibility Analysis of Trigona Honey Bee Business in Banten Province

Dr Elpawati
This research aimed to study the financial feasibility in the Trigona sp honey bee business in Banten Province, by calculating the Net Present Value (NPV), the Net Benefit Cost Ratio (Net B/C), the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and the Payback Period (PP) from the Trigona sp honey beekeepers in Banten...
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Employment and Gender Issues in National Development

Dewi Rohma Wati
Economic growth involves not only natural resources and capital resources. The growth of a country's economy can be achieved because of the active participation of both men and women. The purpose of this study is to examine gender and employment issues in national development. The importance of engaging...
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Characterization of Chemical Constituent and Antibacterial Activity of Honje Fruit Skin (Etlingera elatior)

Dede Sukandar, Ms Fitriyanti, Eka Rizki Amelia, Adi Riyadhi, Ramma Nur Azizah
Characteristic of chemical constituent and antibacterial property from Etlingera elatior fruit have been carried out. Essential oil of plant was extracted using steam and water distillation and then analyzed by gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. Antibacterial activity of the essential oil was done...
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Business Expansion Strategy of Trigona Honey Bee Business in Babakan Kalanganyar, Pandeglang, Banten

Achmad Tjachja Nugraha
Honey, which classified as non-timber-forest product, has many health benefits and economic values. Honey utilization is done by honey beekeepers in Babakan Kalanganyar, Pandeglang, Banten. There were more than 30 beekeepers in 2014, but it was significantly decreased for only 20 beekeepers recorded...
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Financial Assessment and The Impact of Government Incentives on Contract Broiler Farming in Peninsular Malaysia

Zineb Abdulaker Benalywa, Mohamed Mansor Ismail, Mad Nasir Shamsudin, Zulkornain Yusop
The broiler industry in Peninsular Malaysia has undertaken significant structural changes; mainly there has been a gradual move towards contract farming with an increasing number of broiler farmers working under contract arrangements for commercial firms and integrators. DVS indicated that the broiler...
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Adoption of Farmer Field School to Develop Entrepreneurship:The Case of Paddy Seed Growers and Small Business Trainees in Indonesia

Ujang Maman, Iin Inawati, Mike Syefira
Filed school (FS), in which it is the latest agricultural extension model, have succeeded to develop farmers’ awareness and ability to make a proper decision in adoption of innovation as a problem solving. Hypothetically, it would be a suitable way to develop entrepreneurship for farmer and small business...
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Food Security and The Role of Higher Education

Dede Rosyada
Food security has become a necessary issue in Indonesia. Enhancing food security is being the most priority for Indonesian government, because food is a basic need for every people in the world. The problems are balance of food, diversification and distribution. Food security is being a national, regional...
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Activity Test and Inhibitory Mechanism of Essential Oil of Lime Leaf (Citrus Aurantifolia, Swingle) Against Some of Bacterial Pathogens

Muhammad Yanis Musdja, Arys Medta Pariwidjayanti, Andria Agusta
Lime fruit (Citrus aurantifolia Swingle) is traditionally known to be useful for the treatment of various infectious diseases like fever, cough, toothache, sore throat, diphtheria, body odor, ringworm etc as folk medicine. Objectives: This study aims to determine the activity and mechanism of inhibition...
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The Influence of Organic Solid Fertilizer Type and Liquid Organic Fertilizer Dose to The Yield of Cauliflower In Landslide-Prone Areas

Slamet Minardi, Mr Suntoro
Cauliflowers are easy to grow as they can be planted all year round, regardless season and altitudes. They just need plenty of watering. The purpose of this research is to know the influence of best treatment of solid organic fertilizer (POP) and liquid organic fertilizer (POC) dosage to growth and yield...
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The Analysis of Halal Assurance System Implementation (HAS 23000) in Fried chicken Flour Product: A Case study on XXX Brand

Nunuk Adiarni, Anisaa Fortunella
The number of halal certified products as recorded by the Directorate Generale of Islamic Religious Community guidance reached 60.76% of the total product in circulation. Muslim consumers with 85% of the total population of Indonesia required halal food guarantee. The order of eating in the Holy Al Qur'an...
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Empowerment of Urban Marginal Community Through Urban Farming: Challenges and Solutions

Bekti Wahyu Utami, Hanifah Ihsaniyati
Urban farming is a solution for the environment and urban communities, especially in marginal areas. These solutions include saving the environment by managing waste, improving urban aesthetics, increasing oxygen supply in the city, and increasing income for urban communities. Especially considering...
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The Impact of The Upsus National Program to The Price Risk of Red Chili in Indonesia

Mr Suherman, Ratna Mega Sari, Rahmah Farahdita Soeyatno
Agricultural prices vary because production and consumption are variable (Gilbert and Morgan, 2010). Red Chili is one of the commodity that has high economic which is very volatile. Volatility refers to volatility refers to variations in economic variables over time (Policy Report, 2011). The National...
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Reflexivity of Food and Plants on Islam With Theory H

Roikhan MA
This research aims to study about Islam and science that often faced with the question is there any relation between food and plant to Islam or the Qur'an based on science? Are there Qur'an describes including science sector that related with food and plants? The purpose of this paper is to analyze the...
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An Added Value Analysis of Chicken Meat Products at PT. Sierad Produce Tbk

Akhmad Mahbubi, Acep Muhib, Denanda Putri
An added value analysis was performed on 16 processed chicken products, consisting of 11 types of Chicken Nugget products, 2 types of meatball products, Chicken Golden Fillet, Fried Chicken, and Spicy Wing. By employing Hayami method, we find the added value of 16 processed chicken products at PT Sierad...
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Mitigation of Milk Production Risk in Cattle Farming. Case Study on Animal Husbandry Mahesa Perkasa Farm, Depok City, West Java, Indonesia

Akhmad Riyadi Wastra, Rizki Adi Puspita Sari, Fernanda Aghnia Hafiza
Mahesa Perkasa Farm is one of the largest cattle ranches in Sawangan District which is in direct need of risk management in producing cow's milk. The advent of risks to cow's milk production will have a negative impact on livestock and many farms are unable to recover quickly from these negative effects....
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Effect of The Combination of Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers on The Growth and Production of Melons (Cucumis Melo L)

Mr Junaidi, Yukarie Ayu Wulandari
Melon is one of the horticultural products consumed in the form of fresh and processed fruit The demand for melon is quite high. Melon production in Indonesia is fluctuated, which decreased in 2010 and then increased in 2011 and 2012 and again decreased in 2013. One of the causes of the decrease in melon...
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Analysis of Cacao and Coconut Intercrop Farming on Production Centers in Central Sulawesi Province

Rosida P. Adam, Johanis Panggeso, Mr Suardi
The title of the research is Analysis of Cocoa and Coconut Intercrop Farming on Production Centers in Central Sulawesi Province. The purpose of this study is to identify and analyze the benefits of Intercrop Cocoa and Coconut for farmers. Central Sulawesi government has divided four centers of cocoa...
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The Effect of Career Development and Motivation on Performance of Agricultural Extension Agents in Banten Province, Indonesia

Siti Rochaeni, Yon Girie Mulyono, Dini Anggraeni
This study aims to (1) analyze the effect of career development on the performance of agricultural instructor in Banten; (2) analyze the effect of motivation on the performance of agricultural instructor in Banten; (3) analyze the effect of career development and motivation on the performance of agricultural...
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Determinants of Paddy Fields Conversion in Java Island, Indonesia

Edmon Daris, Iwan Aminudin, Adhitya Feriansyah
Rice is a main staple food of Indonesia. Availability of rice is not separated from Java island as the largest rice supplier in Indonesia. Almost 52% of Indonesia's rice production is produced on the Java island. However, production growth is only 0,7% given the increasing number of people. One of the...
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Pland Suitability Evaluation of Mangosteen Plant with Geoprocessing Model Approach Using Upland Soil Test Parameters

Syopiansyah Jaya Putra, Zainul Arham
In 2015, national exports of annual fruits consistent of 20 fruit commodities. Therefore, total exports of Indonesia annual fruits were valued US$ 35.98 million in 2015. Mangosteen export from Indonesia has increased since 1999 export volume of 4,743,493 kg with export value $ 3,887,816 and In 2015,...
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Development of a Gemstone Type Identification System Based on HSV Space Colour Using an Artificial Neural Network Back Propagation Algorithm

Ismatul Maula, Victor Amrizal, Anif Hanifa Setianingrum, Nashrul Hakiem
A gemstone is a mineral stone that be formed from the result of geological processes and has a hardness above 7 Mohs. Nowadays, gemstones have become famous in Indonesian society. Many facts concerning the business of gemstone rings, including encouragement by the the central government for the gemstone...
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Development of the Readiness and Success Model for Assessing the Information System Integration

A’ang Subiyakto
This study reports how to combine a technology readiness model within an information system (IS) success model in the context for assessing the readiness and success factors of an IS integration. As it is indicated by many IS studies, that most of the IS models are developed by adopting, combining, and...
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Usability Performance Evaluation of Information System with Concurrent Think-Aloud Method as User Acceptance Testing: A Literature Review

Yuditha Ichsani
In order to evaluate the user interface of information system in websites, softwares, applications, etc, some methods are needed to capture fully what is perceived by the user when accessing an interface, whether websites, mobile gadgets, desktop computers, and so on. One method that is growing in evaluating...
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Energy Efficiency of Chilled Water Pumping System Using Wireless Sensor Controller

Ignatius Widiatmoko Setiawan, Rizal Broer Bahaweres, Mudrik Alaydrus
One of the problem in chilled water pumping system is the degradation of performance of the control valve system that makes the energy consumption is less efficient. Thermomechanical method is proposed in this research to control the VSD of the pump to increase the energy efficiency of the pump. This...
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Characterization Analysis of PVDF Thin Films Fabricated Using Deep Coating Machines

Ambran Hartono, Suparno Satira, Mitra Djamal, Mr Ramli
Development of Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) thin film manufacturing technologies is rapidly increasing. Various fabrication methods continue to evolve. In this paper described about the fabrication of PVDF thin films using deep coating. Fabrication of PVDF films made for several samples with variations...
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Morphological and Growth Characters of Andromonoecious Jatropha curcas

Dr Dasumiati, Mr Miftahudin, Ms Triadiati, Hartana A
Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L.) is a potential plant for producing seed oil as a source for biodiesel. Generally, the plant is monoecious, but in some cases andromonoecious Jatropha was also found. Andromonoecious Jatropha produced hermaphrodite and male flowers in the same inflorescence. The objective...
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Comparing Two Models of Mapping the Peak Ground Acceleration (PGA) in Western Java

Tati Zera, Muhammad Nafian
West Java is an area located in the subduction zone of two major plates of the world, Indo-Australian and Eurasian plates that cause high tectonic activity. This is marked by the number of earthquake events in this area. The accumulation of earthquake-induced shocks produces a ground movement. The ground...
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Zn-Al Hydrotalcite As Adsorbent on Metal Waste (Cu2 +): Case Study of Liquid Waste in Integrated Laboratory Center UIN Syarif Hidayatullah

Nurmaya Arofah, Eka Fitriani Ahmad
Central Chemical Laboratory of Integrated Lab UIN Syarif Hidayatullah is one of the largest wastewater containing hazardous materials is high enough, one of which is metal Cu 2+. The most effective method for reducing heavy metal pollutants are adsorption, adsorbent consists of two types namely cationic...
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Effective IT Governance in Higher Education Institutions: The Conceptual Model

Muhammad Qomarul Huda, Meinarini Catur Utami, Nur Aeni Hidayah, Qurrotul Aini
Recently, a considerable literature has grown up around the theme of Information Technology Governance (ITG) in the organization. While some research has been carry out on ITG in general, there is still very little scientific understanding of Effective ITG in the context of Higher Education Institutions...
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The viability of Phanerochaete chrysosporium inoculant in gamma-irradiated-compost carrier and its biosorption efficiencies for Cd (II) and Cr (VI)

Megga Ratnasari Pikoli, Ida Farida, Tri Retno Dyah Larasati, Nana Mulyana
Phanerochaete chrysosporium is a well-known fungus that can be used as a heavy metal biosorbent. Its application as an inoculant requires a suitable carrier material. This study aims to obtain formula of solid carrier material which maintains the viability and quality of this fungus as biosorbent of...
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Forecasting System of Office Supplies Demand Using Simple Moving Average and Simple Exponential Smoothing (Case Study: Regional Office of The Ministry of Religious Affairs of Jakarta)

Elvi Fetrina, Meinarini Catur Utami, Anita Permatasari
The focus of this paper is to calculate the forecast of office supplies demand in the Regional Office of The Ministry of Religious Affairs of Jakarta. The major research is to compare two techniques of forecasting, namely simple moving average (MA) and simple exponential smoothing (SES) with the least...
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Identification of Fungy on Flour Albus Pathological of Pregnant Woman in Puskesmas Pekauman City Banjarmasin

Dede Mahdiyah, Putri Vidiasari, Junarta Fitriani Simarmata
Background: Infectious diseases are still one of the leading causes of death in the world. One of the infectious agents that often infect humans is a fungal infection. The fungus will cause primary or secondary disease if there is a predisposing factor. One of the predisposing factors is pregnancy. Purpose:...
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Electronic Customer Relationship Management Information Systems of Sharia Life Insurance at AJB Bumiputera 1912

Bayu Waspodo, Mr Zulfiandri, Afifah Fajri
Sharia individual life insurance products depends on Bumiputera agents to provide services related to the product and its policies. Related to get new customers and to maintain good relations with its customers. Problems occurs where such services cannot accommodate the needs of the public and participants...
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Implementation of NFC for Smart Gate Access Control in Campus Area

Khairunnisa Mansur, Zulfajri B. Hasanuddin, Mr Wardi
An innovative Smart Gate System has been implemented as a smart access control within the campus area. Smart gate uses ‘Smart card Near Field Communication’ as an identity card for the university’s academics. Students or lecturers entering the campus area through the barrier gate and perform the identification...
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The Measurement of Subsurface Environment at Cibubur Region West Java Province

Dr Sutrisno, Siti Mutia
It has investigated the subsurface environment on the area of Cibubur Region, West Java Province by using the geoelectric method. This research aims to identify the type of rock layers and ground water based on resistivity values then determine the depth and thickness of aquifers in the study area. This...
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Impact and Public Perception towards Agropolitan Area Development in Selupu, Rejang Rejang Lebong District, Bengkulu, Indonesia

Mya Novita Sari, Rahmi Purnomowati
Development activities agropolitan in District Selupu Rejang continue to run until today, the development of infrastructure to support the agropolitan as a regional producer of vegetable production in the county, Rejang Lebong such as agribusiness terminal, opening up new avenues as access to transport...
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Inventory Information System (Case Study: Zahabi Hotel Jakarta)

Meinarini Catur Utami, Elvi Fetrina, Novita Rizkiah
Customer satisfaction is one of the important aspects for companies to be competitive in the market. Many companies especially those that are in the hotel industries, depend heavily on their ability to serve the need of their customers at the right time. Zahabi hotel, one of Sharia hotels in Jakarta,...