Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Public Policy, Social Computing and Development (ICOPOSDEV 2021)

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Deliberative Policy of Village Government in Village Fund Management in Jembrana Regency

I Putu Dharmanu Yudartha, Komang Adi Sastra Wijaya
The village government in Jembrana Regency is a village that has not been included in the independent village category. The increasing development of village funds in each village in Jembrana Regency is an excellent opportunity in strengthening deliberative perspective policy. Village fund management...
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Spiritual Psychotherapy and Mental Health: The Forgiveness Therapy in Achieving Spiritual Well-Being of Drug Addicts with Depression Disorders

Hielda Noviyanty, Zainab Ismail, Salasiah Binti Hanin Hamjah, Abu Dardaa Mohamad
Emotions involve all the inner feelings experienced by each individual. Such as feelings of disappointment, sadness, anger, and annoyance which are expressions of feelings when someone is not well. This behavior is common and is carried out by everyone in social life. So there is the difficulty for most...
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Legal Analysis of Obstacles in Applicating the Extradition by Law Enforcers in Extraditing Perpetrator of Corruption Criminal Crime

Dio Poliando Panggabean, Suhaidi, Ediwarman, Jelly Leviza
Indonesia has explored extradition agreements with various countries around the world, such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, China, India. Even though Indonesia has had extradition treaties with various countries, if the agreement is not ratified into the...
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Comparison Between Indonesia and the United States in Enforcement of Narcotics Illicit Trafficking

Jhoni Fernando Sinaga, Ediwarman, Mahmud Mulyadi
The crime of illicit narcotics trafficking is a transnational crime and is included in an extraordinary crime, therefore its handling requires an extraordinary criminal policy. This research method is normative juridical with literature study and using qualitative analysis. The legal approach to illicit...
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District Authorities That Are in the Region Country Border in Managing Border Area

Robert Hoffman
The Border Area as a strategic area in maintaining the territorial integrity requires special supervision. Seeing the life of the people in the border areas of the country which is still concerning, the sub-district which is part of the district/city area as their place of residence must of course be...
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An Analysis of Personal Financial Distress: A Review of Financial Behaviors among Rural and Urban Communities

Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, Siti Latifah
The development is intended to provide welfare to the community and to boost the nation’s economy. Financial wellbeing is the state which lies opposite to financial distress. The rural community people in Penyangga village, North Sumatera - Indonesia, have not generated significant income from non-timber...
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The Application of the Cabotage Principle in Shipping Transportation to Support Indonesia to Become a World Maritime Axis

Aflah, Hasim Purba, Suhaidi, Mahmul Siregar
Indonesia is designated as an archipelagic country as well as a maritime country by the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) 1982. The current government aspires to make Indonesia the world’s maritime axis country as outlined in Act No. 17 of 2005 concerning the Long-term National...
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Sanctions for Notaries for Breach of Position and Code of Ethics Conduct in the Exercise of the Authority

Mujib Medio Annas, Tan Kamello, Hasim Purba, Saidin
Notary is a public official who is authorized to make authentic deeds and other powers based on Law Number 2 of 2014 concerning Notary Office (UUJN), and based on other statutory regulations. According to the UUJN conception that a Notary deed is an Authentic deed made by a Notary according to the forms...
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Peer to Peer Lending Policy Patterns for MSMEs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Debora, Ningrum Sirait, Tan Kamello, Mahmul Siregar
When human movement is restristiced due to the covid-19 pandemic, many businesses are thinking about how to survive and recover. This condition is an opportunity for the digital finance industry, including fintech, which offers a simpler method method, especially in the loan process. Digital financing...
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The Indonesian Government’s Approach on a Human Rights-Based to Control the Spread of Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19)

Kevin Tobing, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Huala Adolf
The purport of this article is to examine the Government Regulation in Lieu of Law No. 1/2020 enacted by Indonesian Government to controlling the spread of COVID-19 was meant to protect people’s life or economy. National Commission of Human Rights in Indonesia (KOMNAS HAM) publish its report on governance...
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The Successes and Failures of Three Democracies in Resolving Covid-19

Indonesia, The United States of America, and South Korea

Mohammad Hidayaturrahman, Ita Rahmania Kusumawati, Sudarman, Ahmad Hasan Ubaid, Nur Inna Alfiyah
Since Covid-19 spread throughout the world, all countries have been competing to stop its spread, including in three democracies: Indonesia, the United States, and South Korea. The most effective way these three countries stop the spread of Covid-19 is by limiting physical interactions between citizens...
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Comparison of Regulations in the Eradication of Money Laundering Criminal Offence Originating From Narcotics Between the Countries of Indonesia and the United States of America

Juna Karo Karo, Bismar Nasution, Sunarmi, Mahmud Mulyadi
Money laundering is a multi-dimensional and transnational crime. In the eyes of the international community, Indonesia is considered to be vulnerable to money-laundering and terrorism-financing practices due to its limited financial system regulations and ineffective law enforcement. INTRAC (Indonesian...
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Environmental Management Law Policy in Indonesia Towards People’s Prosperity

Nurpanca Sitorus, Budiman Ginting, Sunarmi, Mahmul Siregar
The President of the Republic of Indonesia issued Presidential Decree No. 86 of 2020 of the Government Work Plan (RKP) in 2021 which is an annual development planning document prepared as a description of the second year of implementation of the National Medium-Term Development Plan (RPJMN) 2020-2024....
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Juridical Review of Comparative Prosecution Systems in Indonesia and the United States of Prosecutors Based on Restorative Justice

Bona Fernandez Martogi Tua Simbolon, Alvi Syahrin, Madiasa Ablisar, Marlina
Prosecutors are state institutions that carry out prosecutions. Knowledge of the criminal law prosecution system is needed to optimize the performance of law enforcement officers at the prosecutor’s office so that justice, legal certainty and benefit can be realized. The main problem is how to apply...
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Identification of Gathering Space in Pekan Labuhan

Morida Siagian, Samsul Bahri, Rudolf Sitorus
Understanding globalization and modernization has always been related to capitalism which in the end tends to weaken the social and social relations between the peoples of the city who have been living in it. Meanwhile, at various points in the city’s growth centre it is still necessary to elaborate...
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The Struggling of Onan as Gathering Space in Urban Transformation

Morida Siagian
Cities in different parts of the world compete into an advanced city. The changes occur everywhere and change the city space as tangible and intangible. This phenomenon also occurs in Balige. Globalization has encouraged capitalists to bring modernity to the various corners of the Balige. The local spaces...
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Legal Analysis of the Transition of the Determination of NJOP to Local Governments in Determining Tax Value in the Deed of Selling

Albert Lodewyk Sentosa Siahaan, Budiman Ginting, Muhammad Yamin, Keizerina Devi
Selling Value of Tax Object is the value that becomes the basis for calculating tax in the deed of sale if the transaction price is below the NJOP price. By knowing the tax base, the transfer of land and building taxes consisting of PPh, PPN and PPnBM and BPHTB can be determined. The determination of...
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Language Attitude and Urgency of Pakpak Dairi Language

Ida Basaria, Parlindungan Purba, Yulianus Harefa
Local (native) languages in Indonesia and national language live in one umbrella organization and its growing, too, is in one umbrella organization, namely the Indonesian nation. In reality, the two languages can be said to be contradictions, because there is a desire for the national language to become...
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Responsibilities of E-Commerce Platform Providers Against Copyright Infringement in Indonesia: Comparison with Singapore

Anggara Hendra Setya Ali, OK. Saidin, Kholis Roisah, Edi Warman
The advancement of technology through the development of the internet has changed of society on a global scale, especially in the trade sector. Conventional businesses have shifted to online or e-commerce platforms. However, pirated goods have also made their way to these platforms. It would be unfair...
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Umpasa as a Cultural Batak Toba Poem: Antropolinguistic Study

Ida Basaria
Culture has a broad and diverse range of understanding so that it is an entity that is not easily defined. Although there are various theories that explain cultural meanings; one thing that is certain is that culture is different from nature. The values contained in local wisdom can be reflected in everyday...
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A Study of the Use of Cashless Payments in Relation to Income, Financial Behavior, and Almsgiving Behavior in Sumatera, Indonesia

Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, Amlys Syahputra Silalahi
In 2014, Bank Indonesia established the National Non-Cash Movement. Cashless payments are made digitally for changing financial transactions among people. This study aims to investigate whether gender, income, herding behavior in shopping, debt behavior, and almsgiving behavior affect the opportunities...
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Goar Abalan in Toba Batak Ethnic: Anthropolinguistic Study

Ida Basaria, Parlindungan, Yulianus Harefa
This study wants to show how important the role of language in understanding culture is; but conversely, the role of culture is also very important in understanding language. It is true communication in language will achieve the target if the communication participant places the language in its cultural...
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Bureaucracy Challenges and Prospects of Transfer of Authority to Provide Secondary Education in North Sumatra Province

Februati Trimurni, Rudi Kristian P.M., Wiro Oktavius Ginting
This study examines the challenges of public bureaucracy and the prospect of transferring authority to administering secondary education after the regulation of Law No. 32/2014 concerning Regional Government. Secondary education as a government affair that is concurrent affair in nature is transferred...
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Ambiguity of the Position of Directors of State-Owned Enterprises (Persero): Achievements of Profits and Allegations of Corruption

Hasrul Benny Harahap, Hikmahanto Juwana, Mahmul Siregar
The management of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) in Indonesia has special characteristics. While business entities SOEs (Persero) are directed to seek profit in order to increase the national economy. However, venture capital SOEs derived from separated state assets provides space for SOEs (Persero)...
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The Legal Paradigm in a Global Context: Judicial of Evidence in Actualization of Electronic in Indonesia.

Finna Nazran, Tan Kamello, Hasim Purba, Saidin
Development in a time of globalization has brought an electronic movement, including the development of electronic evidence. According to Indonesian procedural law, electronic evidence is an extension of legal evidence.This paper discusses the development and comparison of law in a global context, the...
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Legal Protection of International Labor Organization (ILO) and Indonesia Towards Indonesia Illegal Migrant Workers

Theddy, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Agusmidah, Rosmalinda
There are a lot of Indonesia Migrant Workers (IMW) work at overseas with illegal status, illegal means unprocedural and/or undocumented. They faced a lot of problems and do not have any rights given. Tough to the status, states should be full responsible to protect IMW This research is using doctrinal...
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The Use of Electronic Information and Transaction Law as a Police Social Engineering Tool to Maintain Homeland Security Stability from Hoaxes

Wira Prayatna, Alvi Syahrin, Edmon Makarim
With the development of the use of the Information and Electronic Transactions Law today, there are various kinds of news that are not true circulating very quickly and rapidly which corners the government. In fact, these reports are hoaxes made by outside parties (foreign countries) to threaten the...
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The Rethoric of Gender Mainstreaming During Covid-19 Pandemic in North Sumatra

Asima Siahaan, Tunggul Sihombing, Marhaeni Munthe
This study aims at exploring the challenges to the implementation of gender mainstreaming in managing Covid-19 crisis in North Sumatra. It focuses on indicators in aspects of access, participation, control over resources and decision making, and the benefits of policies and programs for managing Covid-19...
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The Dilemma of Partnership in the Perspective of Competition Law

Mohammad Reza, M. Hawin, Ningrum Sirait
The welfare of all citizens is the goal of every nation. The Indonesian Government adopted various economic policies to archive it. One of the causes of the financial crisis in Indonesia is unfair business competition, among others nepotism and collusion between the authorities and businesses, thereby...
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Privacy and Data-Driven Applications

Joiverdia Arifiyanto, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Miratul Khusna Mufida, Mohammad Reza
The emergence of data-driven applications brings new hope to understand and explain many world phenomena. For instance, it helps to explain how the Covid-19 pandemic spread all around the world. The objective of this research is to bridge the potential disclaimer on privacy data usage. In the middle...
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Policy Practice Models Group in Management Peat Swamp River

(Study of River Management Policy Peat Swamp Based on Indigenous Knowledge System)

R.Sally Marisa Sihombing
Watersheds in several places in Indonesia carry a very heavy burden due to their very high population density and intensive use of natural resources so that there are recent indications that watershed conditions are declining with indications of increased incidence of landslides, erosion and sedimentation,...
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Perspective of Competition Law on Partnership of Palm Oil Company and Nucleus Estate

Ningum Natasya Sirait, Rosmalinda, Mahmul Siregar
Partnership is important in a business including the oil palm plantation. As a form of cooperation in business circle, partnership should be exist either directly or indirectly. Moreover, it must be applied in some principles such as mutual need, trust, strengthening, and benefit. Partnership should...
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Challenges in Partnership Between the Cooperative and Entrepreneurs

Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Rosmalinda, Mahmul Siregar, Agusmidah
Cooperative is a choice for legal entities in improving the business and welfare of members of an organization. It could be due to the purpose of the cooperative which give benefits to its member(s) and/or the community who use its services. Article 140 of Law No 11/2020 concerning the Job Creation regulates...
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Forestry Policy Evaluation in Preserving and Maintaining the Existence of Forests Post Eruption of Mount Sinabung in Karo District, North Sumatera Province

Simson Ginting, Februati Trimurni
In the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia; that the utilization and use of forest areas must be carried out appropriately and sustainably by taking into account the ecological, social and economic functions as well as to maintain sustainability for the lives of present and future generations....
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Government Wrong Policy Provides Tax Incentives to MSMEs During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Tri Murti Lubis, Sunarmi Sunarmi
The Covid-19 Pandemic period has passed for the past 2 (two) years, causing changes in the order of life, both in the world and in Indonesia. All activities are carried out online, including in work and business. Various government policies have been carried out to support the country’s economy by increasing...
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Policies for the Prevention of Radical Understandings Through the Role of Community Order Supervisory Agency Police within the Indonesian National Police in Order to Improve Public Security

Alimuddin Sinurat, Budiman Ginting, Ediwarman, Mahmud Mulyadi
The role of the National Police in terms of crime prevention is to maintain the security and social order. Weak crime prevention policies are one of the factors causing the growth of radicalism in Indonesia. This paper discusses efforts to prevent radicalism through a non-penal approach that is pre-emptive...
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The Role of the Cianjur Regency Government in the Implementation of Child Protection to Create Child-Worthy Districts

(Study on the Implementation of Cianjur Regency Regional Regulation Policy No. 6 in 2015 Concerning the Implementation of Child Protection)

Franklin Asido Rossevelt
Children are the beginning of a chain that determines the form and life of a nation’s life in the future. So it is necessary to prepare a special and deep preparation, of course, in preparing the next generation as a qualified heir to the nation means building and prospering the life of children as early...
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Strengthening National Logistic Ecosystem to Increase Indonesia Competitiveness in International Trade

Elfi Haris, OK. Saidin, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Maria Kaban
One aspect that determines the competitiveness of a country is the arrangement of national logistics. Logistics is a supply chain of goods and services from the producer to the goods received by the final consumer. The value of an item is determined by various factors such as production costs, marketing...
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Legal Aid Online Application for People with Disabilities - Opportunities and Challenges

Rosmalinda, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Ade Candra
Indonesia has ratified the Convention on The Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) through Law No. 19/ 2011 in the same year when Law No. 16/ 2011 concerning Legal Aid was legalized too. Although there are two Laws which concerns on People with disabilities (PwDs), they still face problems to access...
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The Role of Psychological Actions in Combat Crime Prevention Efforts

Fitri Yani, Alvi Syahrin, Madiasa Ablizar, M Eka Syahputra
Crime prevention in Indonesia is usually carried out by law enforcers by using and implementing criminal law regulations stipulated in the Criminal Code or based on laws and regulations outside the Criminal Code. This has been widely practiced in the scope of law enforcement, both in the police and in...
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The Utilization of Local Wisdom of the Pusuk Buhit Community, Sianjur Mula-Mula District, in Tourism Development in Samosir Regency, North Sumatera Province

R. Hamdani Harahap, Yeni Absah
The Lake Toba area, which is one of the priority tourist destinations in Indonesia, has a variety of local wisdom that can be used for tourism development. This study analyzes what local wisdom in Pusuk Buhit is still guided by and which has been lost in today’s daily life. Next, we will analyze the...
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The Sustainable Utilization Model of Coastal Natural Resources in Serdang Bedagai Regency, North Sumatra Province.

(The Case of Mangrove Nature Tourism in Sei Nagalawan Village, Perbaungan District, Serdang Bedagai Regency, North Sumatra Province)

R. Hamdani Harahap, Yeni Absah
This study aims to describe and analyze tourist needs in order to increase tourist satisfaction visiting mangrove tourism in Sei Nagalawan Village, Perbaungan District, Serdang Bedagai Regency and to describe and analyze the strategies carried out by tourism managers in the context of developing mangrove...
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Determination of Locus of Control, HR Competence and Information Technology Towards Distro Performance in Increasing MSME Income

Fivi Rahmatus Sofiyah, Yeti Meliany Lubis, Ami Dilham
The purpose of this study is to find out how the determination of locus of control, HR competence and information technology on distribution performance in increasing MSME income. The population in this study were all distributions. Determination of the sample in this study using the Slovin formula with...
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Optimization of Lecturer Performance Impact on Graduates’ Competence through Campus Environmental Support as Intervening Variables in Private Campus Medan City

Ami Dilham, Yulinda, Fivi Rahmatus Sofiyah
In the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, all learning is done online. The policy of canceling all educational activities adopted by many countries, including Indonesia, has forced the government and related institutions to propose alternative education procedures for students and students who cannot be educated...
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Authority of State Land Management and Port Business, Problems and Consequences

Muhammad Fauzie, Sunarmi, Muhammad Yamin, Maria
The Shipping Law Number 17 of 2008 has outwardly returned the authority to manage state land and business activities at the Port to a government agency which is currently called the Port Authority (PA) under the Ministry of Transportation replacing the State-Owned Enterprise (SOEs) PT. Pelindo (Persero)...
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The Sui Generis Nature of Indonesia Investment Authority

Siti Anisah, Ratna Hartanto, Abdurrahman Alfaqiih
The Indonesian government in early 2021 has established the Indonesia Investment Authority (INA) as a government-owned institution that plays a role in investment activities to increase economic growth. Institutionally, INA is a sui generis institution that has elements of public law subjects (using...
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Implementation of the Constitutional Court Decision No: 21/PUU-XII/2015 of 28 April 2015 Concerning Suspect Identification as a Pretrial Object

Dadi Purba, Ediwarman, Madiasa Ablisar
As a negative legislator, the Constitutional Court has issued Decision Number: 21/PUU-XII/2015 of 28 April 2015 that expands pretrial objects as referred to in Article 77 of the Criminal Procedure Code. This study aims to discover the problems arising from the inclusion of suspect identification as a...
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Comparison of Law Concerning the Concept of Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises in Civil Law and Common Law

Ayu Trisna Dewi, Tan Kamello, Muhammad Yamin Lubis, Edi Ikhsan
The implementation of the nationalization of Dutch companies during the Dutch East Indies era based on Law No. 86 of 1958 concerning. The implementation of the Law on State-Owned Enterprises can be used as an important momentum for the policy of fostering BUMN by the Government, political will, commitment...
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Application of Restorative Justice in the Settlement of Criminal Cases of Fraud and Embezzlement: Investigation Level

Ismawansa Ismawansa, Madiasa Ablisar, Alvi Syahrin
The purpose of restorative justice applied in the settlement of criminal cases is to bring justice back to its rightful place. Both the perpetrator and the victim forgive each other and promise not to sue each other again in the future. The same is true for law enforcement officers, the Indonesian National...
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Disparity in Criminal Sanctions in Criminalizing Corruption Cases

Junjungan Moses Siallagan, Ediwarman, Madiasa Ablisar, Muhammad Ekaputra
Criminal disparities in court judges decisions are in principle a natural thing, with the independence of the court as stipulated in Law Number 48 of 2009 concerning Judicial Power. However, if the criminal disparity is too glaring, then the decision is seen as unfair to the convict. This normative juridical...
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Thugs Act of Community Organizations as a Cause of Unfair Business Competition in Procurement Tenders in Government Agencies

Martuasah H. Tobing, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Mahmul Siregar
Intenders for the procurement of goods/services at government agencies, it is often monopolized by invisible hands. In fact, there are already anti-monopoly and unfair business competition arrangements as referred to in Law no. 5 of 1999 concerning the Prohibition of Monopolistic Practices and Unfair...
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The Development of Rural Tourism in National Geopark of Karangsambung-Karangbolong

The Case of Seboro Village

Ignatius Agung Satyawan, Ulya Zaen Cahyani
Being the poorest regency in Central Java, Kebumen evidently has abundant natural potential resources in Seboro Village, located in Sadang District. The nickname “primordial ocean floor” was given to the silent witness of geological history that was revealed on the land of the archipelago. This area...
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Utilization of Village Potential for the Development of Village Business Company (VBC) Entities in North Sumatera, Indonesia

Badaruddin, Kariono, Bisru Hafi
Inequality of rural development compared to urban development has become common place in Indonesia. Various policies and programs have been carried out by the government to reduce this inequality. Village Autonomy through Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning Villages is a major breakthrough made by the government...
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Family Planning Village Program and Village Community Empowerment in Deli Serdang Regency, North Sumatera Province, Indonesia

Badaruddin, Lusiana Andriani Lubis, Humaizi, Klaudia Evinta Siregar
The Family Planning Program was one of the programs in the New Order Era which was considered successful in reducing the rate of population growth in Indonesia. At the beginning of the Reformation Era, attention to the Family Planning Program weakened and the impact on the rate of population growth was...
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Implementation of Green Open Space Policy in the Utilization of Public Space in City of Medan

Tunggul Sihombing, Deddy Hutapea
The existence of Green Open Space (GOS)in Medan City has a number of challenges, such as availability, distribution, and other supporting infrastructure. In addition, green open space policies in Indonesia, including the city of Medan, must refer to Law Number 26 of 2007 concerning Spatial Planning,...
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Corporate Social Responsibility for the Development of Village-Owned Enterprises: Legal Opportunities and Challenges

Detania Sukarja
The enactment of Government Regulation No. 11 of 2021 (“PP 11/2021”) following the passage of the Job Creation Law emphasizes the role of Village-Owned Enterprises (Badan Usaha Milik Desa—”BUM Desa”) in Indonesia’s economic and development strategy. Successful BUM Desa are viewed as supporting village...
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Understanding the Importance of Financial Strength and Emotional Intelligence of Employees at the Regional Tax and Retribution Board and the Capital Investment Agency of Medan City

Khaira Amalia Fachrudin, Elisabet Siahaan, Iman Faisal Pane
Regional Tax and Retribution Board (BPPRD) plays the role of raising regional income. Whereas the Capital Investment Agency and One-Stop Integrated Service (DPMTSP) plays the role of actualizing investment in one region. Both institutions help create local financial strength. The understanding towards...
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Influence of the Administrative Services Quality on the Public Satisfaction in the Land Certificate Program at the National Land Agency (BPN) of Tangerang City

Nafizha Trie Permata Sari, Siti Rochmah, Mochamad Chazienul Ulum
Many problems arise in the public services provided by the National Land Agency (BPN) of Tangerang City to administer public land certificates. The topic raised in this research is public service at the National Land Agency of Tangerang City. The essence of the vision of public service is the realization...
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The Reason of Government on Community Empowerment Through Paddy Field Tourism in Pematang Johar Village, Deli Serdang Regency

Mujahiddin, Badaruddin, Zulkifli Lubis, Harmona Daulay
In Pematang Johar Village Deli Serdang Regency, there is a paddy field tourist attractions developed by the village government as community empowerment efforts. It is a good idea to chose paddy field tourist attractions because village Pematang Johar have the potential paddy fields with total area of...
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The Existence of a Portrait of Nudism in the Perspective of Copyright Law

Satria Perdana, OK Saidin
The art of nudism photography is an art of photography that invites much debate, especially assumptions that contradict the decency and tendency of pornography. There are also other parties in the portrait work, namely as the party that uses the portrait work for certain purposes. In this case, intended...
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Determinants of Local Government Accountability

Evidence from Central Java Province, Indonesia

Doddy Setiawan, Jaka Winarna, Yoga Pratama Nugroho
This research aims to examine the factors that determine local government accountability as a dependent variable measured by the audit opinion of the financial statements. Specifically, the focus of this research was based on a local government located in Central Java, Indonesia, where the determinants...
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Challenges of Implementing Foreign Manpower Policy During the Covid-19 Pandemic in Indonesia

Darmawan Yusuf, Ningrum Natasya Sirait, Agusmidah
Foreign Workers continue to arrive even during the Covid-19 Pandemic. The existence of regulations related to the control of foreign workers is Law No. 11 of 2020 concerning Omnibus Law is unable to stem the influx of foreign workers. This condition has given rise to pros and cons in society. This paper...
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Resources Factors in the Implementation of Sinabung Eruption Disaster Mitigation in Gung Pinto Village, Karo Regency

Rudi Kristian P. M, Deddy Hutapea
Disaster mitigation consists of structural mitigation and non-structural mitigation. Structural mitigation is a form of mitigation that is physically related. In the implementation of non-structural mitigation, the role of citizens is important and necessary so that the implementation of mitigation can...
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Reviewing the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on the Current Indonesian Economy

Tunggul Sihombing, Bernard Lubis, Elsina Sihombing, Liyus Waruwu, Yusuf L. Henuk
Covid-19 has been endemic since the end of 2019 in Wuhan, China and spread to become a global pandemic throughout 2020. The development of the Covid-19 pandemic has become a new threat, not only for physical health, but also for the mental health of the world community. In Indonesia, the Covid-19 pandemic...
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Capacity of Local Government Tanah Karo Regency in Responding to Mount Sinabung Eruption in Indonesia

Tunggul Sihombing, Henri Sitorus, Yusuf L. Henuk
Local governments have an important role in minimizing disaster risk. This is related to development goals in the region. Therefore, local governments must have the capacity to guide the community in order to minimize disaster risk. This aspect is contained in the context of this paper, namely knowing...
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The Covid-19 Pandemic and Human Rights-Based Approach to Local Governance in Desa Pakam, Batu Bara, North Sumatra

Majda El Muhtaj, Prayetno, Reh Bungana Beru Perangin-angin, M. Fahmi Siregar, Fazli Rachman
The subsidiarity principle in conducting local governance system in desa (village) has been adopted by Law No. 6 of 2014 concerning Desa. The law recognizes that Desa has the scale of local authorities and decisions to fully realize the villagers interests. However, in the situation of covid-19 pandemic...
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Patent Protection For Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Inventions in Indonesia

Zulfi Chairi, Saidin, Tan Kamello, Hasim Purba
Patent ownership, especially for inventions produced by Indonesian MSMEs, can help increase MSME competitiveness through research and development of new products. In addition to increase competitiveness, the use of patents will also increase the selling value and indirectly have the potential to develop...
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Capacity Mapping and Institutional Management Model of Village Owned Enterprises (BUMDes) in North Sumatra

Asima Yanty Siahaan, Piki Darma Kristian Pardede, Yonathan FP Hutapea
This article aims at exploring the challenges of institutional management of BUMDes in North Sumatra and develops an effective BUMDes model management for creating independent professionals of rural economic institutions. It focuses on access, participation, and control on resource management and decision...