Proceedings of the 1st International Conference on Social, Applied Science and Technology in Home Economics (ICONHOMECS 2017)

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Mind Maple Lite Software : Improve Student's Learning Outcomes And Stimulating Metacognition In Nutrition Science Subject

Aftika Andra Sagita, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Wahono Widodo
This study aimed to determine the validity, the practicality, and the effectiveness on the development of learning tools using software of Mind Maple Lite metacognition-based on meta lesson nutrition science. This research was 4-D model from Thiagarajan by using the intact-group comparison design on...
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Functional Literacy Skills And Problem Solving Skills In Culinary Vocational School

Nunung Nurjanah, Sonhadji Sonhadji, Waras Kamdi, Luthfiyah Nurlaela
Culinary work is related to services that require adequate interpersonal skills. Vocational Culinary School level operators must have high technical skills, intermediate interpersonal, and low concept. The purpose of this study aims to analyze the skills of vocational aspects of functional literacy and...
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Development Of Submitting Module Handware And Handmade Maintenance Competency To Increase Creativity And Student Learning Results In Vocational High School

Rizky Yulianingrum Pradani, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Wahono Widodo
The purpose of this study was to determine : the feasibility of modules developed to support learning with a model Problem Based Learning, the activities of teacher and students in teaching and learning activities using the module Manicure with problem based learning, the difference creativity students...
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Food Hygene Principles On Processing Practices Course At Vocational High School Culinary Major

Teti Setiawati, Eddy Sutadji, Djoko Kustono, Luthfiyah Nurlaela
Food safety namely the release of food from contamination, is the main thing and important to note. In order to produce food that is safe to eat, one of them is to pay attention to the principles of food hygiene during food processing practices. This study aims to examine the implementation of the principles...
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Computer Based Learning Media With Metacognitive Strategy : Improve Student's Learning Outcomes In Indonesian Food Processing Lesson

Mafisa Restami, Luthfiyah Nurlaela, Agus Budi Santosa
This study aimed to determine feasibility of computer-based learning with metacognitive strategy, learning implementation, learning outcomes, and students' responses. Method used was development of 4-D model with intact-group comparison research design on students in Vocational High School in Surabaya,...
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The Soft Skill Of Fashion Student For Entrepreneurship

Ma'rifatun Nashikhah, Hapsari Kusumawardani, Mochammad Bruri Triyono
The research aims to reveal the success of entrepreneurship student of fashion program that viewed from soft skill. The research was ex-post-facto research, with quantitative method. The results of the research show that there is a significant effect of soft skill on the success of entrepreneurship students....
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Improving Teaching Methods Through The Development Program For Teachers' Career And Leadership (An In-Depth Theoretical Study)

Endang Prahastuti, Didik Nurhadi, Siti Zahro
A quality teaching method is instrumental in helping students attain great success. Teachers, administrators, and academic community of teachers play a key role in the process of sustaining students' interest and boosting their self-confidence. It is important for teachers to foster professional development...
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Mapping Relevance, And Placement Model Of Work Practice Students Vocational High School

Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti, Marniati Marniati
This research aims to: (1) mapping type of program expertise fashion, (2) apprenticeship relevance, (3) model placement students This type of descriptive research approach to quantitative analytical techniques the percentages. Results: boutique fashion program Map (10) schools, 108 places apprenticeship...
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Creative Thinking Skills Enhancement Using Mind Mapping

Mauren Gita Miranti, Biyan Yesi Wilujeng
Creative thinking skill is one of the needed skills in this era of globalization. It can be used to solve the problems and develop the idea. Creative thinking skill is not developed by itself, but it takes the stimulation and encouragement. The aim of this study is to determine the improvement of students'...
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The Utilization Of Local Wisdom to Develop an Environment-Based Vocational School a Preliminary Study

Urip Wahyuningsih, Rodia Syamwil, Sri Endah Wahyuningsih, Muhammad Fahrihun Na'am
The utilization of local wisdom to develop an environment-based vocational school model was a preliminary study. This model analyzed the relationship between school policy aspects, learning approaches, location, and potential local wisdom to obtain an environment-based curriculum. Data collection used...
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Indonesian Bridal Makeup Subject: E-learning Implementation

Dindy Sinta Megasari, Ita Fatkhur Romadhoni
The purpose of this study is to determine the implementation of Semester Learning Plan (Rencana Pembelajaran Semester/ RPS) and to know the completeness of learning outcomes using e-learning in the Indonesian bridal make up courses. This research is done through two stages of developmental processes;...
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Influence of Motivation and Competence Factor on Lecturers' Performance in Universitas Negeri Surabaya

Sri Handajani, Imami Arum Tri Rahayu, Octaverina Kecvara Pritasari
This research aims to analyze the influence of competence and motivation on lecturers performance is in the home economics department of Universitas Negeri Surabaya. The data obtained through questionnaire and analyzed for multiple regression through Statistical Social Science Program (SPSS). The results...
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The Implementation Of Entrepreneurship Education And Production Unit In Vocational High Schools

Marniati Marniati, Mein Kharnolis, Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti
Production unit in vocational high schools is a place to train students with entrepreneurship practice. Teachers utilize this unit to help students developing competence in production lesson. Research uses quantitative approach. Subject includes 40 teachers of cloth-making lesson in vocational high schools...
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Optimization Of Curing And Extraction Time On Production Of Base Gelatin From Bovine Skin Material

Asrul Bahar, Nita Kusumawati, Mirwa Adipraha Anggrani, Supari Muslim
To explore gelatin materials used in any purposes for food additive with Indonesian local sources, gelatin in this study was prepared from bovine skin via base method. The effects of curing (10, 30, and 50 days) and extraction time (4, 5, and 6 hours) on yield percentage, pH, viscosity, organoleptic...
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Innovation Of Watermelon Skin To Watermelon Skin Slice Jam

Slamet Widodo, Gawarti Gawarti
The study was focused: watermelon skin slice jam was accepted by the community. Objective: produce well-liked slice jam from watermelon skin. Ingredients: watermelon (skin part), granulated sugar, jelly, and bread (as ingredients in jam favorite test). Experiment research, data collection: hedonic quality...
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Design Of Indonesian Paradila Woven Tied Batik

Yekti Herlina
The industry of Indonesian Paradila is the weaving industry producing sarong woven cloth, and the newest product, that is batik tied woven cloth. Paradila batik tied woven cloth has been produced for 2 years. The fabric material used is tied woven cloth combined with batik in cat fish and milk fish motifs...
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Costumik Cosplay Alternative For Cosplay Lovers Tokusatsu And Indonesian Comic

Esin Sintawati, Maulyda Agustine, Dwi Rahayu Ningsih, Kana Fitrotul Hasuna Jazula
The number of cosplay and Tokosatsu lover has an enormous proportion in Indonesia. For attracting inhabitant of Indonesia, researchers try to make cosplay by applying unsure and culture of Indonesia. Cosplay will be produced that is still modern and will be suitable with character and cast of Tokosatsu...
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Development Of Batik Motif Barrau Cawul

Suparmi Suparmi, Purwono Purwono, Rita Artuti
This study aims to develop Batik motif Barrau Cawul. The source of inspiration is taken from the local cultural arts ornaments. The research and development was designed. There are three stages in this research: exploration, design, and realization. Naming Batik motif of Barrau Cawul based on Focus Group...
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Making An Apple Motif On Painted Hijab Originated From Malang For Female Prisoners

Selena Johanna Putri, Fira Dia Ayu Candra, Nurul Hidayah, Agus Hery Supadmi Irianti
Painted-hijab training which conducted in correctional institution for women in Sukun, Malang, was followed by 30 prisoners. This training aimed to give skill training for prisoner after they are free from punishment. After attending this training, it is possible for the participants to create new job...
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Effects Of Added Katuk Leaf Powder And Cooking Oil On The Organoleptic Properties Of Groundnut Biscuits

Ismi Ayu Nadhifa, Nugrahani Astuti
Breastfeeding mothers need the additional food to increase the nutritional adequacy as well as to help the productivity of breast milk. Due to the lack of snacks, the production of biscuits is developed. This research focuses on the relation between katuk leaf powder and cooking oil on the organoleptic...
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The Quality Evaluation Of Bilimbi Jelly Candy

Laili Hidayati, Olivia Christy Pereira
The aim of this research was to analyze physical characteristics (color and texture), hedonic quality of taste and flavor of bilimbi jelly candy. There were 50 panelists in this research. This research was experimental research with two treatments, using bilimbi juice and smoothie, which were conducted...
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The Quality Of Transparent Soap With Addition Of Moringa Leaf Extract

Windi Eka Syah Putri
This study was designed to know the effect of moringa leaf extract addition toward transparent soap quality. The quality are foam ability, pH and microbial contamination, as well as to determine the best concentration of the addition of moringa leaf extract.Type of this study is true experimental design....
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The Influence Of Fixer Types And Mixed Leaves-Soil On Batik Coloring

Irma Russanti, Siti Sulandjari, Juhrah Singke
This research aims to examine the effects on colors in Batik when using both fresh and dried teak leaves (tectona grandis) mixed with soil and alum, lime, and tunjung as fixers. Data were collected from 50 batik consumers as participants using a checklist to measure the perceived quality of the newly...
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Developing An Ergonomic And Flexible Gawangan Batik Design

Irma Russanti, Yulistiana Yulistiana, Priyo Heru Adi Wibowo
Gawangan is a tool used to put cloth when batik process. Problems faced by craftsmen are often designs made less ergonomic gawangan less comfortable when used. The method used is the development of product design from existing gawangan design. The result is the realization of ergonomic and flexible gawangan...
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Effects Of Packaging Variations Toward The Level Of Bacteria's Contamination In Instant Uduk Rice

Asrul Bahar, Dwi Kristiastuti Suwardiah
Food packaging has several functions such as to keep the food clean, to prevent contaminations by microorganisms, to protect the product from any physical and chemical harm. This research aimed to know the effects of packaging's materials variations toward the storage of the instant uduk rice, and the...
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Instant Hijab Designs For Urban Muslim Women

Indarti Indarti, Li-Hsun Peng
This research examines the adoption of an innovative hijab design for urban Muslim women that is both fashionable and is easy to wear. Participants were 20 young urban hijabistas (M=27) with expertise in fashion design. The data were collected in May 2017, via social media (Facebook). This study used...
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Product Preferences: An Analysis Of Instant Uduk Rice

Dwi Kristiastuti Suwardiah, Febriani Lukitasari
This research study aimed to analyze the quality feasibility of an instant uduk rice product, that was associated with the consumer acceptance study in terms of the preference level. Data analysis techniques with descriptive statistics and Friedman analysis. The results based on consumer preferences...
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Javanese Tamarind Solution And Sugar Concentration: Preferred Levels In Spicy Fried Dry Potato And Shrimp Sambal

Dwi Kristiastuti Suwardiah
This research analyzed the preference levels of panelists toward the characteristics of six varieties of sambal goreng according to the following parameters: color, taste, stickiness, crispiness, preference, and test nutritional contents were also determined using chemical tests. The data, analyzed using...
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The Potential Of Gluten Free Flour Enriched With Resistant Starch Type 3 From Canna Edulis For The Management Profile Of Glucose, Lipids And Short Chain Fatty Acid In Healthy Mice

Mutiara Nugraheni, Badraningsih Lastariwati, Sutriyati Purwanti
This research aims to modifying Canna edulis flour to improve resistant starch content and identifying the effect of consumption of gluten-free enriched with resistent starch type 3 from Canna edulis flour toward profil of glucose, lipids and short chain fatty acids in healthy mice. Production of Canna...
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Influence of addition of moringa oleifera Lam Leaves Flour To Mocaf based Noodles Results

Susilowati Susilowati, Mochammad Rizal
Noodles as an alternative to substitute the rice, adding the flour leaves moringaoleifera lam on mocaf based noodleis expected to increase the variance of noodle product which is rich in nutrition. This research purpose is to know the influence of addition of moringaoleifera lam leaves crumbs affecting...
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Milkfish , Apple And Pineapple Waste As Alternatif Liquid Organic Fertilizer

Sri Widyastuti, Lady Softa Lovakusuma
The surge in milkfish production followed sewage pollution around the processing area. It is necessary to reduce the fish waste as alternatives. This study aims to determine the contents of C organic N P K, Salmonella and its effect on plant. Waste was fermented and added with fruit waste as well as...
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Waste-Based Engineering Technology: The Manipulation Of Rags 3-Dimensional Embroidery

Lutfiyah Hidayati, Anneke Endang Karyaningrum
The article aims to: 1) defines the process of rags-based 3D embroidery manipulation; 2) describe the manipulation product. This is a research and development on artm consist of exploration, designing, and engineering. Data collected by observation, analyzed by descriptive method. Result state that:...
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Sensory Evaluation In Determining Acceptability Of Scrub Cream: Sumenep Kingdom Body Scrub Modifications

Octaverina Kecvara Pritasari, Mangestuti Agil, Widji Soeratri
The main purpose of this study is to see the acceptance of modified creams from traditional scrubs of Sumenep Kingdom (one of big Kingdom in Madura, Indonesia). The use of three basic scrub creams are derived from the previous studies, namely: viyoch, the basic modification by using anionic acid aromatic...
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Quality Improvement Of Corn Husk As Raw Material For Textile Products *

Hasdiana Hasdiana, Ayuddin Ayuddin
Corn is a prominent commodity in Gorontalo, Indonesia. Its productivity in Gorontalo continues to increase. While the focus in corn production is the kernel, the husk is considered as a waste. In this research, corn husk was processed in order to meet the quality standard of raw materials used in making...
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Noni Fruit (Morinda citrifolia L) Extract As Traditional Body Scrub For Skin Care

Maspiyah Maspiyah, Amalia Ruhana
The purpose of this study was to determine best proportion of noni fruit extract and rice flour as traditional scrubs as observed from the aroma, color, texture, and adhesion to skin. This was experimental study. The independent variables in this study were proportion of noni fruit extract and rice flour....
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The Effect of Packaging Types on The Organoleptic Properties of Instant Ganyong Yellow Rice

Lilis Sulandari, Lucia Tri Pangesthi
The effect of packaging types: aluminium foil (Al foil), nylon, and oriented polypropylene combined with vacuum metallized oriented polypropylene (OPP-VMOPP) on the organoleptic properties of instant ganyong yellow rice was analyzed. The results showed that the type of packaging produced different effects...
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Soil Batik: Innovation In Design And Coloring

Yulistiana Yulistiana, Russanti Irma
Batik innovation has been carried out by Indonesian craftsmen and designers. The purpose of this study was to create new batik patterns utilizing a soil formula that brought out different colors. Quality Function Deployment method was used to understand the consumers' need. The results showed that the...
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Binahong As A Mask Facial Skin Care

Suhartiningsih Suhartiningsih, Maspiyah Maspiyah, Dewi Lutfiati
Mask is a cosmetic used on the last stage in the treatment of facial skin. It works in depth because it can pick up the dead skin cells and refine the skin. This research aimed to know 1) proportion of binahong leaves extract and tapioca flour as a traditional facial mask in terms of aroma, color, texture,...
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Traditional Indonesian Face Masks: Cypirus Rotundus L as a Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Sri Dwiyanti, Siti Sulandjari, Putri Cindy
This research focuses on the use of nut grass as a facial treatment to reduce hyperpigmentation. Umbi rumput teki contains flavanoid, an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant which is resistant to radiation reactions. Pendekatan penelitian menggunakan metode eksperimen .This research used three formulas...
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The Effect of Angkak and Chitosan Amounts on The Organoleptic Properties of Shrimp Corned

Lucia Tri Pangesthi, Lilis Sulandari
This study aims to know: 1) the influence on adding the amounts of angkak and chitosan to the organoleptic properties based tenderness, color, flavor, taste, and preferences and 2) nutrients from shrimp corned best applied on angkak and chitosan. This research included a kind of experiment with a single...
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The Effects of Cinnamon and Clove Powder Compositions on Hair Coloring

Nia Kusstianti, Biyan Yesi Wilujeng, Dindy Sinta Megasari
Hair colouring is a process of colour the white hair due to the ages by colouring certain or all parts of the hair. This research aims to examine the effects of cinnamon and clove powder compositions on the result of the hair colouring. The independent variable applied in this research is the composition...
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Up-Cycling: Beautifying Old-Fashioned Clothes In Indonesia

Ratna Suhartini, Juhrah Singke, Dwi Yanti
This study aimed at improving old clothes' using an up-cycle technique: through redesigning, combining, and decorating. The study was broken up into three stages: exploration, design, and embodiment. 30 new fashion designs for blouses and skirts were first categorized into three types (redesigning, combining...
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Effect of Chickpea and Okara Composite Flours on the Quality of Instant Noodles

Ng Hui Kuen, Mansoor Abdul Hamid, Hasmadi Mamat, Jahurul Haque Akanda, Fisal Ahmad
The study has utilized chickpea and okara composite flours and produced best formulation based on sensory and physicochemical characteristics. Formulation of F3 which comprised of 75% of wheat flour, 12.5% of chickpea flour and 12.5% of okara flour was selected as the best formulation. The qualities...
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Utilization Of Fashion Practice Waste To Increase Students' Creativity

Hapsari Kusumawardani, Nurul Aini, Ma'rifatun Nashikhah
Waste is unused material which couldbe recycled to be something more useful. Study Program of Fashion Design Education is one of the fabric waste and textile dye waste producer. The students' creativity is required to utilize those kind of wastes become something that has economy value. For examples,...
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Bitter Melon Culinary Product Innovation As One Of Functional Food Varieties

Ummi Rohajatien, Harijono Harijono, Teti Estiasih, Endang Sriwahyuni
Full nutritious bitter melon consists of bioactive component used as one important component for functional food. The food processing often causes the changes of nutritious component. The aim of the research is to know the nutrition component of bitter melon culinary innovation and the nutritious component...
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Stylish With Outer Wear

Nurul Aini, Hapsari Kusumawardani
The world of fashion is now growing, emerging fashion trends every year. Fashion trends often return to previous years, so there are some fashions back in the past trend in today, especially for the fashion-clothing that is timeless, such as outer clothing. Outer wear is an outfit or clothing that covers...
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Consumer Preferences On "Bakso Malang"- Indonesia

Rina Rifqie Mariana, Laili Hidayati, Soenar Sukopitojo
This research aimed to identify consumers' preference for "bakso malang" (a meal made from meatballs with soup that is originated from Malang, Indonesia). Questionnaires were distributed to 250 respondents taken from 5 producers with well-known brand names in Malang. The results of this research showed...
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Oyster Mushroom Addition On Nutritional Composition And Sensory Evaluation Of Herbal Seasoning

Ita Fatkhur Romadhoni, Siti Yuliana, Luthfiyah Nurlaela
Herbal seasoning on food has been developed and studied. It is recommended by some experts in the field of research experts not to consume MSG present in food, but other experts who understand it say no problem consuming MSG on food origin is still within the threshold of tolerance. The purpose of this...
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Traditional Mask Made From Mangosteen Peel Extract (Garcinia Mangostana L) As Pimply Skinface Treatment

Sri Dwiyanti, Siti Sulandjari
Pimply skin is naturally experienced in teenage ages and becomes problem for their look. Pimples occur due to the accumulation of riddance in the skin pores into the growth of bacteria. Acne can cause cells damage in the area, so it needs treatments which use substances that kill the bacteria, while...
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Cross-Contamination In Beef Meatballs: Pork, Bacteria, Cadmium (Cd), And Lead (Pb)

Amalia Ruhana, Olivia Anggraeny, Diah Noorariyani Mu'az, Selvy Revitasari, Wardatul Ashfia, Luh Putu Wulan Cahyani, Dewi Erikawati
Meatballs are one of the most popular foods in Indonesia. But some microbiological hazards, physical hazards, as well as pork contamination need to be particularly noticed for consumers of meatballs. The aim of this study was to identify the presence of pork, microbiological bacteria (Listeria monocytogenes,...
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Intisari Magazine's Visual telling Technique as Texts and Text Production?

Sufiana Sufiana
This research is focused on the visual representation of Intisari magazine is article Sorotan. This visual representation functions as an element of aesthetics, headline interpreter, and article compressor. It is consi-dered as a text which produces detailed texts, discourse, and social values. Visual...
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How To Optimize The Fusilli Carrot Pasta's Good Nutritional Condition?

Meda Wahini
Carrot's utilization as a processed product is still low to be used for any purpose. The purpose of this study is to optimize the carrot as a product and its nutrition. The organoleptic and chemical test had been done to measure the result of this study. The results showed that 1) the best fusilli color...
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Social Economic Empowerment for Ex-prostitutes and the Impacted Residents after Dolly and Jarak Closures

Mutimmatul Faidah, Biyan Yesi Wilujeng, Imami Arum Tri Rahayu
Dolly and Jarak are two bigger prostitutions in Surabaya, Indonesia before its closures in 2014. The closure still raises discussive issues in accordance with the closure itself and the forceful effort to return the prostitutes back home. This Participatory Action Research (PAR) used diverse subjects...
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SDGs and Home Economics: Global Priorities, Local Solutions

Donna Pendergast
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is a set of seventeen aspirational global goals that envisage a world transformed from today where poverty and gender inequality no longer exist; where good healthcare and education are available for all; and where economic growth no longer harms the environment....
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Non-Rice Staple Food Patterns in Indonesia

Niken Purwidiani, Choirul Anna Nur Afifah, Veni Indrawati, Any Sutiadiningsih, Urip Wahyuningsih
Staple food is the main needs and cultural form of society. This study investigates the reasons and the patterns of staple food consumption in Indonesia. The design of study was qualitative research. The research location was determined purposive. The data were obtained through observation, interviews,...
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Mother's Parenting with an Unplanned Pregnancy Status in Maintaining the Health of Toddlers

Choirul Anna Nur Afifah, Veni Indrawati, Niken Purwidiani
The objectives of this study were to identify health and nutritional knowledge of mothers, mother's behavior in caring toddler health, and to analyze pregnancy intentions with mother's behaviors in caring toddlers' health. The data of descriptive quantitative research were collected through cognitive...
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The Form and the Meaning of Bridal Dowry in Indonesia

Arita Puspitorini, Rahayu Dewi Soeyono, Mutimmatul Faidah, Eins Sophia Perwita
A bridal dowry as in a procedure of wedding ceremony regarding the specific regions is dependent to that of regions' cultures applied. This research aims to know the form, the function and the meaningfulness of a bridal dowry in Tuban, one of cities in East Java Province, Indonesia. Under a descriptive...
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Self-Control and Pornography Behavior Among Junior High School Student

Rika Hardani, Dwi Hastuti, Lilik Yuliati
Pornography behavior by adolescents, tends to increase. This research aimed to study the influence of  adolescence's  self-control on the pornography behavior. The study used a cross-sectional research design. Respondents who qualify as many as 278 boys and 322 girls. Multiple linear regression tests applied to...
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Male Domination in Inheritance and Development of Gim Embroidery In Surakarta, Indonesia

Yuhri Inang Prihatina
Gim embroidery is a crucial ornament both in Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat palace and in Surakarta Hadiningrat palace. Surakarta's embroiderers are often found from three generations, male parents to his sons and nephews, and or grandsons and grandnephews. Gim embroidery is only used during special occasions...