Proceedings of the International Conference on English Language Teaching (ICONELT 2017)

In the era where innovation is highly valued, still, there are many English teachers who apply what can be called as a more ‘traditional’ methodologies such as grammar-based teaching, translation-based teaching, and focusing more on how to answer exam-like exercises. These traditional methods may certainly be favored by students and are suitable to be applied in certain context, but in order to meet the demand of the digital era, it is needed and recommended, if it is not a must, that educators and students shall follow and adapt the evolution of English language teaching and learning.

Since attending and getting involved in discussion is one of the effective way to help develop understanding and therefore improve capabilities, this conference is held with the hope to create communication and sharing platform between experts, educators, education practitioners, and teachers-to-be. It is hoped that the presenters and the participants who will come to this conference, would gain more knowledge on the issue and the application of the ELT innovations, which especially relate with technology, self-directed learning, literacy and edupreneurship.

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