Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Languages and Arts (ICLA 2018)

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Traditional Spirit in Contemporary Dance

Indrayuda Indrayuda
Nowadays, the growth of dance world has not only limited to esthetics and artistic, however it has already developed along with social, culture changing and economics growth which progressively accelerate, and surely the growth of science and technology follow to drag the development in the world of...
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The Changes and Sustainability of Alek Batonjong Tradition in Customary Marriages in Nagari Solok Kubuang Tigo Baleh

Muhammad Fajar Hidayat, Agusti Efi, Yeni Idrus
This study analized the changes and sustainabillity of marriage system of tradition custom for local villagers of Solok Kubuang Tigo Baleh called Alek Batonjong. The study was conducted in subdistrict of IX Korong and KTK of Solok regency. The purposes of the study were to describe the continuity and...
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West Sumatera’s Contemporary Painting in Sociology Studies

Nora Susanti, Budiwirman Budiwirman
West Sumatra is one of the regions that contribute many artists to the field of arts. One of the field of arts that gains so much attention is contemporary art. It is an art that is no longer bound to the rules of past works. Contemporary art has gained such a rapid growth that it intrigues many researchers...
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Contestation of Global-Local Culture in Islamic Art of Pondok Pesantren Walisanga Situbondo

Panakajaya Hidayatullah
This article is the result of anthropology research using ethnographic methods. Discusses global and local culture contestation in the performing arts in the Walisanga Islamic Boarding School Situbondo. The findings of this study indicate that this Islamic values spread (dakwah) is a method of Islamic...
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Suntiang as the Culture Identity on the Marapulai Basuntiang Wedding Ceremony at Nagari Indrapura Pancung Soal District Pesisir Selatan

Elsa Dwi Nanda, Elida, Daryusti
Marapulai basuntiang it’s one of the unique culture that are a groom using suntiang at the middle of ceremony in marriage in Nagari Indrapura. This tradition has been using by the people from the old generations untill now. Its became typical of Nagari Indrapura. The purpose of this research is to express...
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Manapa: An Event to Renew Social Bonds through the Performativity of Gandang Tasa in the Pariaman Community West Sumatera

Asril Asril, Andar Indra Sastra, Adjuoktoza Rovylendes
The goal of this article is to investigate manapa or batajau in an event to renew social bonds through the performativity of gandang tasa in the Pariaman community. Manapa (a regular social gathering with a performance) is an example of local wisdom that is implemented in a traditional manner with an...
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The Adaptation of Jago Temple Bas-Relief into Children’s Literature

Nanang Bustanul Fauzi
Everything left by ancestors in the form of moral teachings, values, and philosophical reflections will be very useful for future generations. However, centuries later, these relics are no longer known by the younger generation. Everything involved it will certainly be unique character and become the...
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Representation of Fanaticism against Local Culture through the Use of Tari Manyang in Sikakap Community Life

Hana Shilfia Iraqi, Yahya Yahya, Indrayuda Indrayuda
Sikakap subdistrict have a variety of arts including Tari Manyang. Tari manyang displayed every two-event. Where this is Tari Manyang icon from Sikakap subdistrict. Tari Manyang known as the dance of life, Falcon where Manyang meaning ' Eagle '. The methods used in this research is qualitative research....
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The Existence of the Perahu Baghanduang in Subdistrict Kuantan Mudik (Lubuk Jambi), Kuantan Singingi Regency Riau Province

Yulliza Fajrianti, Budiwirman Budiwirman
Kuantan Singingi Country area, has many diverse art forms, such as tradition Randai and tradition Perahu Baghanduang. One form of the tradition in KuantanSingingi Regency is a tradition of Perahu Baghanduang in subDistrict Kuantan Mudik (Lubuk Jambi). Parahu Baghanduang in the form of a parade of traditional...
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The Symbolic Meaning of The Bridal Attire on Alek Gulai Manih Marriage in Solok

Nurrahmania Hasanah, Agusti Efi, Daryusti Daryusti
Alek gulai manih wedding is the second level wedding at Solok, one of the cities in west Sumatera. This wedding is symbolized by slaughtering a buffalo and a long speech or pidato panjang. The cloth worn by the groom is called Marapulai indak babaju or Marapulai basanda kain barangkok. This cloth surely...
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The Representation of Women in Galombang Creations Dance Produced by Syofiani Studio Padang City

Mia Fahmiati, Indrayuda Indrayuda
This article aims to utter and explain about women representation in the work of Galombang dance creation produced by Sofiani Studio. The methods used in this research are qualitative and descriptive method, the data is collected by interviewing techniques. Other techniques of data collection is performed...
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Putiak Sanggua in the Marriage Ceremony for People in Nagari Sijunjuang West Sumatra

Nurul Fhadilla Prima Yanda, Agusti Efi
Putiak Sanggua can only be used by "Bajiniah" people, meaning those from descendants who have the title like Datuak. This research was conducted using a qualitative approach, which is a descriptive analysis. Data collection techniques in this study were carried out with literature study techniques, observation,...
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Tingkuluak Tanduak Batingkek in Lintau District Tanah Datar Regency (Study of Function and Purpose)

Hadiastuti Hadiastuti, Nita Sahara, Agusti Efi
Tingkuluak tanduak batingkek is one of traditional woman clothes especially regency bundo kanduang and bride which is result culture society of lintau,regency tanah datar, province west Sumatra. Along with the times tingkuluak tanduak batingkek has been progressing especially in terms for using. Tingkuluak...
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Revitalization of Dance and Values Contained in Dance Balota in Kenagarian Sungai Bukik Baiah District 9 Lasi

Fifi Fitria Sari, Indrayuda Indrayuda
The purpose of this study is to revitalize Balota Dance in Kanagarian Bukik Baiah District. 9 Koto Sungai Lasi, values ​​contained in Balota Dikanagarian Dance Bukik Baih Kec. 9 Koto Sungai Lasi. Research Methods This research is conducted using a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis method....
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Minangkabau Dance Movement based on Abs-Sbk Value (A Study of Minangkabau Tradisional Dance in Tanah Datar)

Afifah Asriati, Desfiarni Desfiarni
Minangkabau dance is now increasingly existing. It is used and functions in many formal and informal events, both government and traditional events in various forms of tradition, as well as creations. It is also performed by both men and women, either in acrobatic motion using magic or not. On the other...
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Tourist Art Packaging Randai Performance in Seribu Rumah Gadang Area Jorong Lubuk Jayanagari Koto Baru, Solok Selatan Regency,West Sumatra

Marzam Marzam, Darmawati Darmawati, Herlinda Mansyur
Randai is a traditional Minangkabau art that presents a combination of literary, dance and music. The essence of randai presentation is as a medium to convey kaba (folklore) through gurindam or poems sung, and galombang (dance) originating from Minangkabau martial arts movements. Randai performance is...
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The Tradition of Indang Tagak Dance in Nagari Lubuk Gadang Utara Solok Selatan: An Aesthetic Study

Desfiarni Desfiarni
The purpose of this article is to reveal the aesthetic values ​​contained in the structure of the traditional IndangTagak dance performance in North NagariLubukGadang, South Solok Regency. This dance has a characteristic which is the dancers are males and aged between 39 to 50 years. This research is...
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Pendet ‘Berbaju’ A Subjective Aesthetic Image

I Nengah Mariasa
Pendet is a Balinese dance played by a group of women who wear special clothing. The body part wears a prada belt and the waist to down is covered with a golden ornament cloth. The shoulder and arms don't wear a shirt, so it looks exciting. Exciting words have multiple meanings, can mean beautiful and...
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Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Art and Design as a Creative Economy Subsector

Jalil Jalil, Irfan Irfan, Hamrin Hamrin
This study aims to identify business opportunities in the field of art and design, in general in Indonesia and specifically in South Sulawesi. Qualitative research methods with purposive sampling techniques (based on research objectives) is used in this research. The data was interpretively interpretive...
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The Existence of Music in the Ba Arak Program in the Traditional Culture of Marriage of the Koto Tangah Community

Linda Destri Rama, Agusti Efi
This article aims to reveal and explain the function and existence of music in the Ba arak tradition in the marriage customs of the Koto Tangah community in Padang city. Ba arak is a tradition commonly practiced by the Koto Tangah community at a wedding party. The process is done from the Bako house...
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Model of Embroidery Design ‘Kepala Peniti' Minangkabau on Acculturative Batik

Yuliarma Yuliarma, Wakhinuddin S Wakhinuddin S
This research is motivated by the problem of industrial embroidery ‘kepala peniti’ tradisional creativity difficulties in developing innovative designs according to the market needs. This study aims to produce a embroidery ‘kepala peniti’ tradisional Minangkabau design development model based on acculturative...
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Overhead Project Play: Filling the Creativity Gap of 21st Century Learners

Stefanny Irawan, Meilinda Meilinda
Some studies show Millennials are tech-savvy but lack of soft skills needed in the working world. Creativity is one of the soft skills needed and indeed, is one of the pillars in Trilling and Fadel’s 21st C Skills that students need to master. Overhead Projectplay (OP), a shadow puppet play using overhead...
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Learning and Singing: Thematic Children Songs in Kindergarten

Fajry Sub'haan Syah Sinaga, Esy Maestro, Emah Winangsit, Yensharti Yensharti
Based on Permendikbud No. 137 of 2014, the Early Childhood Education Curriculum was implemented as the basis of education which was divided into eleven themes: (1) Self, (2) My environment, (3) My Needs, (4) Animals, (5) Plants, (6) Recreation, (7) Jobs, (8) Water, Air, Fire, (9) Communication Equipment,...
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The Impact of Cooperative Script Methods on Learning of Music Art

Elfitrayeni Elfitrayeni, Nurhizrah Gistituati
This article aims to reveal and explain the impact of the Cooperative Script method in learning the art of music at SMK 1 Hiliran Gumanti. In fact, all this time students' learning outcomes in music art subjects do not meet the standard values set by the Hiliran Gumanti Vocational High School, this is...
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Development of Learning Model for Appreciation of Music Art Based on Archipelago Art in the Subject of Cultural Art for Improvement of Aesthetic Experience of Grade VIII Students of Junior High School

Idawati Idawati, Ramalis Hakim
This research aims to: (1) Produce multimedia software that can support musical learning; (2) Know the software’s compatibility as a learning material. This is a Research and Development model of research. It was done in four phases: prelemenary study, planning, design, and development. The sampling...
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Using Solfeggio Learning Model in Teaching University Students in West Sumatera, Indonesia

Jagar Lumbantoruan
The problem of this study was rooting down from the students music learning circumstances, of which they had low skill and knowledge of solfeggio, low ability of transforming solfeggio into a new context, made the lecturer rather difficult to teach them thereof, it is a compulsory to select proper methods...
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Creative Movement Learning Model in Dancing for Kindergarten Teachers

Fuji Astuti
At the age of kindergarten, identically students in the phase of playing period. Thus, the repertoire learning of dance is not the main goal for them to be achieved. However, the motoric skills are something that are expected to encourage and increase their confidence properly. There is a tendency for...
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Popular Games among Elementary School Children as Child Culture and Tradition Games in West Sumatera

Ardipal Ardipal
There are few researches on forms of popular games among elementary school children because the commonly accepted concept in society is the preservation of old arts and traditional cultures. In fact, both of these concepts can conflict with one another. This study investigates popular games among children...
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Strengthening the Technology Awareness on Art Learning to Improve Creativity of Students of Prospective 21st Century Teachers

Zulfi Hendri, Endang Nurhayati
The emergence of industry 4.0 automatically influences Educational Institutions including the Fine Arts Education Study Program which has a curriculum framework that prepares prospective educators of fine arts. The foundation of current curriculum tends to rely on philosophical, social, and artistic...
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The Implementation of K-13 on Art and Culture Subject at SMP Negeri 12 Padang

Ade Tya Kusuma, Budiwirman Budiwirman
The purpose of this study was to describe and analyze the implementation of the 2013 curriculum on cultural arts subjects in SMP Negeri 12 Padang. This type of research is qualitative. This research was conducted in SMP Negeri 12 Padang in the academic year 2017/2018 . Data collection techniques and...
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The Effect of Method Discovery Learning and Learning Motivation on Text Writing Skill Report on Observation Results

Repa Mustika, Erizal Gani, Abdurahman Abdurahman
This study aims to describe the comparison of writing skills in the observational reports of VII grade students of 5 Kerinci Junior High School which are taught by discovery learning methods and lecture methods in general, and describe the comparison of students with high learning motivation and low...
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Contribution of Social Field Vocabulary Mastery and Humor Reading Interest to Skill of Producing Anecdote Text of Students

Rina Oktavani, Yasnur Asri, Abdurahman Abdurahman
The purpose of this research was to describe some if the following. (1) The contribution of social field vocabulary mastery of producing/writing anecdote text of students of class X SMAN; (2) The contribution of humor reading interest of producing anecdote text of students of class X SMAN; (3) The contribution...
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Developing Instruments for Evaluating the Authentic Assessment for Writing Skill at Junior High School

Mega Enjela Sari, M. Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
Authentic assessment is current assessment used in educational system of 2013 curriculum. It aims to evaluatestudents’process and product of the learning. A guidance book of authentic assessment for writingskill at junior high school has been developed by the experts from UniversitasNegeri Padang. The...
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Developing Instruments for Evaluating Validity, Practicality, Effectiveness of the Authentic Assessment For Writing Skill at Junior High School

Mutia Trianita, M. Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
Authentic assessment assesses real students’ ability as closely as their real life experience in a subject. It is a comprehensive assessment of all instructional activities covering both process and product of learning. A guidebook to implement authentic assessment for writing skill for junior high school...
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Development of Archipelago Art-Based Appreciation Learning Models on Culture Arts Learning for Increasing Estetical Experiences in Class VIII Students Junior High School

Rafvita Asmil, Ramalis Hakim
This study aims to develop an appreciation learning model of archipelago art based dance on cultural arts subjects to enhance the aesthetic experience of eighth grade students of junior high school and find out the effectiveness of the learning model.This research is categorized into Research and Development...
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Development of Nusantara Arts-Based Fine Arts Appreciation Learning Model in Cultural Art Learning for Improving the Aesthetic Experience of 8th Grade Students of Junior High School

Julius Hade Putra, Ramalis Hakim
This Research is aimed to describe the development of Nusantara Arts-Based Fine Arts Appreciation learning model in cultural arts subjects to enhance the aesthetic experience of eighth-grade junior high school students. The main data sources in this study were 20 culture arts teachers from 20 junior...
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The Effectiveness Sentence in Instagram Caption of Political Figure Ridwan Kamil

Reri Oktarina, Ermanto Ermanto
A political figure must pay attention to the sentence he uses in interacting by using effective sentences.The purpose of this research is to describe the effectiveness of sentence on instagram caption of a political figure that is Ridwan Kamil. The type of research used in this study is qualitative research....
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Design of Reading Materials based on Contextual Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Atmazaki Atmazaki, Vivi Indriyani
Based on the needs analysis carried out, it was concluded that it was important to develop reading teaching materials for learning Indonesian. Teaching materials are developed to support learning and as additional material in learning. The diversity of ethnic groups with cultural and linguistic backgrounds...
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The Traditional Marriage of Pekal Ethnic in North Bengkulu Regency

Berru Nobellia, Agusti Efi
Meaning and composition the traditional procession of Pekalnese ethnic marriageit is unique, because it is different from other traditional marriages. Many young people of Pekal ethnicdon’t undestandwhy themmust following the existing marriage terms. Because of that the researcher intends todescribe...
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Dance Punawo Satay as the Treatment of Media in Society Siulakkerinci: Learn the Meanings and Functions

Rahmadona Rahmadona, Indrayuda Indrayuda
This study aims to reveal and explain the meaning and function of Punawo satay dance in the treatment process, and in the treatment process always use the dance movement media in SiulakKerinci District. This research is qualitative in nature with descriptive methods, data is collected by interview techniques,...
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Educational Values in Expressions Sarantak Sadagam on Silek Galombang Duo Baleh in Nagari Pitalah

Tomi Alberto
This article aims to reveal and analyse the biennial donations values contained in the phrase sarantak sadagam on Galombang Pitalah Nagari in baleh duo Subdistrict Batipo Tanah Datar Regency. This type of research was the analysis of the qualitative approach. This research had be done in Nagari Pitalah...
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English Teachers’ Difficulties in Implementing Authentic Assessment in Speaking Skill

Wenny Elsara, Syafrida Maiwen
The background of this research is the important of implementing authentic assessment since it is one of the demands of the current curriculum, curriculum 2013. However, many teachers still face some problems in implementing it. This research aims to investigate the types of authentic assessment in speaking...
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Critical Speech Act in the Indonesia Lawak Klub (ILK) Event in Trans 7

Nofieana Gusti Winata, Agustina Agustina, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
This study aims to describe the criticizing speech acts in the Indonesia Lawak Klub (ILK) program in trans 7. This type of research is qualitative using descriptive method, that is, each data collected will be presented and described according to the data encountered in the speech of the speaker and...
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Form of Presentation and Role of Accompaniment Music Galombang Dance by Lindang Urek Art Studio Payakumbuh

Ilham Khalid, Indrayuda Indrayuda
Galombang dance is a traditional dance of Minangkabau. This research was carried out using a qualitative research approach that was analytical. The object of this study was the accompanying music of galombang dance made by the Lindang urek art studio. The purpose of the research was to describe the form...
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The Ysu French Student Ability of Explaining Tourism Objects

Dwiyanto Djoko Pranowo
This study aims to describe the students' skills of explaining tourism objects in French language, the competence level to interact, and the speaking error. The research data was collected by using the performance test of French speaking skills through video recordings of presentation of tourism objects....
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Nuances of Meaning Synonyms for Affixed Ke-An Abstract Noun in Indonesian

Desra Fitria Erita, Ngusman Abdul Manaf, Novia Juita
A number of articles of synonyms have been researched by some previous researchers, but the research only discussed the same elements of meaning in synonymous words, but lacks in studying the nuances of meaning. The writing of this article was carried out to explain the nuances of the meaning of synonyms...
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The Role of Youth in Martaukopi Indigenous Activities West Pasaman, Silaping Jorong

Yuli Andesta, Yahya Yahya
The purpose of this study is the basis for the existence of youth in the Martaukopi activities in Silaping village. Those are the tatus and role of youth in Martaukopi activities. The impact of Martaukopi's activities on the wedding party in the Silaping community. This type of qualitative research,...
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The Effect of Using Youtube as A Teaching Media on the Students’ Listening Skill (The Case of 2nd Semester Students of English Education Study Program of IKIP-PGRI Pontianak)

Abang Muhammad Rizkan, Mukhaiyar Mukhaiyar, Refnaldi Refnaldi
The objectives of the research are: (1) to identify whether using youtube are more effective than using audio in teaching listening skill; (2)To identify whether there is an interaction between Youtube and Audio on listening skill. The research was conducted at IKIP-PGRI Pontianak. The population of...
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The Effect of Direct Corrective Feedback on Students’ Writing of Recount Text

M. Arifin, M. Zaim, Kurnia Ningsih
The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of direct corrective feedback toward students’ writing, especially in writing recount text. This is a quasi- experimental research. The students of grade ten at MAN 3 Payakumbuh were the population of this study. The sample was chosen by using cluster...
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Enforcing Linguistic Intelligence Method to Activate Students’ Literacy in English Economic Subject for Islamic Banking Department

Widya Syafitri
Activating students’ different kinds of intellegences is not easy for the educators in teaching English. Most educators focus on arousing students’ cognitive domain only. In fact, the students just comprehend the material based on the text book. They, however, cannot analyze the current information about...
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Development of Problem Based Writing Learning Module

Wiwin Firdaus, Atmazaki Atmazaki, Irfani Basri
This study aims to explain the validity and effectiveness of the module in writing the text of the observation report that was developed based on PBL principles for grade VII students of junior high school. This study follows the 4D model starting from define, design, develop, and disseminate. The validation...
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Analyzing Teacher Talk in Classroom Interaction at Junior High School

Qana’ah Nuryan Arif, M. Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
This article was intended to find out, describe, and analyze Initiation and Follow up as part of teacher talk used by the teacher in classroom interaction. It was focused on identifying the types of initiation and follow up used by the teacher in classroom interaction. The research was conducted at SMPN...
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The Educational Character of Students from Critcal Reading

Gusnetti Gusnetti, Agustina Agustina, Ermanto Ermanto
Many reading will enrich the mind, because the more one reads the more knowledge they get and the broader their horizons of thinking. Reading activities have an important role in human life, especially in growing one's personality. The problems that are often found in the field are many of the students...
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Gender Variables in Reading Behavior of Middle School Students in the Internet Era

Muhammad Saleh, Sultan Sultan
This study aimed to explain the cultural behavior of reading junior high school students in the internet era based on gender variables. The study was designed with a quantitative approach. The study population was high school students in four districts / cities in South Sulawesi and West Sulawesi, namely...
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The Achievement of the First Grade Students based on Their Learning Experience in Elementary School at SMP Negeri 5 Kota Jambi: A Comparative Study

Tri Rahayu, Wennyta Wennyta, Nurul Fitri
This research aimed to find out whether there is a difference in English achievement between students who have experience of studying English at elementary school for more than 4 years and students who do not have such experience. This research was quantitative research and a comparative analysis techniquehas...
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The Nuance of Meaning Synonyms of Female Greeting Nouns in Indonesian

Siti Aminah, Ngusman Abdul Manaf, Novia Juita
The purpose of this study was to explain (1) synonyms of greeting expression for women in Indonesian, (2) types of synonyms of greetings for women in Indonesian, (3) nuance meanings of synonyms for greetings for women in Indonesian. This research is a qualitative. The data of this study are the basic...
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An Analysis of Compound Sentences in Students’ Writing

Ika Dirga Sari, Hermawati Syarif, Zul Amri
Grammar is one of the language components that are taught at English Department. Grammar is taught in order to produce good sentences and understand the meaning of sentence. In grammar class, students are expected to be able to write a good sentence especially in compound sentence. This study is aimed...
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The Effect of Semantic Mapping in Teaching Writing Skill on Seventh Grade Students of SMPN 3 Batusangkar

Adhmi Fauzan, Jufrizal Jufrizal, Zul Amri
This research was aimed to see the effectiveness of semantic mapping technique in improving students` writing skill. The research design of this research was a quasi experimental design. The population was the seventh grade students of SMP Negeri 3 Batusangkar in the academic year of 2017/2018. The samples...
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Speech Act Politeness in Asking and Answering Questions in Discussion of Students at Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri

Dwima Jupriadi Putri, Ermanto Ermanto, Ngusman Abdul Manaf, Abdurahman Abdurahman
This research was encouraged by the lack of an explanation about the language politeness of Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri (MTsN) students in Bariang Rao-rao. This study was aimed to describe the form and strategy of politeness in speech acts in asking and answering questions in classroom discussions. The...
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The Differences of the Ability of The Leant Reading Aloud between Explicit Instruction and Conventional Methods

Noibe Halawa, Irfani Basri
This study aims at revealing the difference in the ability to reading to the aloud two groups of students, design true experimental is posttest only control design and pretest-postest control group design. The data collection instrument was a test given to the 7th grade SMPN students of North Mandrehe....
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The Quality of Students’ Mind Mapping at IAIN Bukittinggi

Iradatul Hasanah, Hermawati Syarif, Ratmanida Ratmanida
Commonly, many students still get difficulty in reading compehension. It is hard for them to gain the essence of information among the overlapping sentences. Therefore, the lecturer provides them strategies to handle it. Among others is mind mapping strategy which facilitates the students in acquiring...
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Representation of Indonesian Imperative Speech Acts Teacher at MTSN 4 Padang

Fifi Ferdila Masykur, Syahrul Ramadhan, Abdurahman Abdurahman
In the learning process there is communication between teachers and students and student with a student . The process of communication that occurs to students and student-speech utterances involve highly varied , including speech acts/ acted imperative. This study aimed to describe the type of speech...
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Problems in Oral Language Teaching in Primary School

Elfia Sukma, Ritawati Mahyudin, Rahmatina Rahmatina, Ari Suriani
This study aimed to determine the problems faced by teachers in the oral language learning on the aspects of cognitive, affective, and psychomotor in primary schools. This research uses qualitative approach. Data were obtained based on the results of the questionnaire answered by the teacher. Data were...
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Implementation of Task-Based Language Teaching to Teach Reading Comprehension in Senior High School

Doris Sukma, Yenni Rozimela, Ratmanida Ratmanida
So far, the process of teaching in many reading classrooms offers students less chance to use target language communicatively. Mostly, language forms are introduced early before students read texts alternately. The activity is then followed by group work or discussion. As such, students will not be able...
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Improving Students’ Ability in Conducting Autonomous Learning by Using Information Communication Technology

Hendro Saptopramono, M Zaim, Atmazaki Atmazaki, Jufrizal Jufrizal
Autonomous learning is one of essential abilities that must be acquired by students in developing countries like Indonesia. The independent learning may solve the problematic situation in English learning such as insufficient learning time, large classroom, inadequate learning facilities, insufficient...
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English Teaching and Learning Strategies on Genre Based Approach in Indonesian EFL Class : A Case Study

Hanip Pujiati, Ellis Tamela
The teaching and learning strategies in the context of ICT implementation in EFL Class are considered as the important aspect to encourage the improvement of students English performance. The current research aims to investigate the teaching and learning strategies on Genre Based Approach in Indonesian...
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The Implementation of Serial Image Media in Learning German Writing Skills to Students of German Language Education FBS UNM

Ambo Dalle
This research aims to describe the process, results, and response of students to the learning of German writing skills through serial media students of German Language Education Study Program FBS UNM. This research is a classroom action research with a qualitative descriptive approach. The subject of...
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The Effect of Reading Strategies and Speed Reading on Students’ Reading Comprehension Skill in Higher Education

Amril Amir
The purpose of this research is to determine the effect of reading strategy and speed reading on students reading comprehension skill. The population were 4996 students. Further, 370 students were selected using the technique proportional stratified random sampling. The instrument of this study were...
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The Effectiveness of Scaffolding Model in Teaching Reading at Senior High Schools in Padang City

Jufri Jufri
This research is aimed at identifying the students’ ability in reading by using scaffolding teaching model. This is an experimental research that is done at senior high school. There were three senior high schools that became the location of the research, namely SMAN 1, SMAN 7 and SMAN 8 Padang. The...
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The Effect of Authentic Listening Materials and Self-Regulation toward Students’ Listening Ability at Tenth Grade of SMAN 1 VII Koto Sungai Sariak

Kartika Harda Putri, Kurnia Ningsih, Refnaldi Refnaldi
This research aimed to find out the effect of using authentic listening materials and self-regulation toward students’ listening ability. The design of this research was an experimental research with factorial design 2x2. The population of the research was the tenth grade students of SMAN 1 VII Koto...
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Developing Instruments for Evaluation the Implementation of Authentic Assessment on Writing Skill at Junior High School

Liza Hasda, M. Zaim, Refnaldi Refnaldi
The curriculum that is being applied in Indonesia is 2013 Curriculum. This curriculum demands teachers to use authentic assessment, including an assessment of students ' writing skill in English subject. This authentic assessment instrument can be arranged by teachers or experts. Authentic assessment...
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The Effect of POW+TREE Strategy by Using Learning Video towards Students’ Writing Ability in Pekanbaru, Indonesia

Marhamah Marhamah, Yenni Rozimela, Hasanuddin Hasanuddin, Syahrul Ramadhan, Agustina Agustina, M. Zaim
Based on curriculum 2013, in learning English subject, the students are expected to develop and produce write simple text types, analytical exposition text. The POW+TREE strategy is the astrategy that teacher used in the classroom by combining which is available the learning video in teaching writing....
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The Correlation Study: Student's Mastery of Simple Present and Their Ability in Writing Descriptive

Novarita Novarita
This study is about the correlation between student's mastery of simple present and their ability writing descriptive. The problem of study was there any significant correlation between student's mastery of simple present and their ability writing descriptive. The purpose of this study was to find out...
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Teaching Listening through Islamic Storytelling in Indonesian Junior Secondary School Context

Sultan Baa, ErzacZafan Jaya
The objectives of this research were to find out whether or not the use of Islamic storytelling is effective in improving students’ listening comprehension and to find out the students’ interest during the process of teaching and learning through Islamic storytelling. The study employed mix-method design....
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Cohesion and Coherence in Indonesian Textbooks for The Tenth Grader of Senior High School

Syamsudduha Syamsudduha, Johar Amir, Wahida Wahida
This study aims to describe: (1) cohesion and (2) coherence in Indonesian Textbooks for XI Grade Senior High School. This type of research is qualitative analysis research. The data are the statements or disclosures that contain cohesion and coherence in the Indonesian textbooks. The sources of data...
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Value Clarification Technique based on Open Ended Approach to Increase Pre-Service Teachers’ Art Appreciation

Zariul Antosa, Jupriani Jupriani
Nowadays, the process of learning art tends to make students to imitate form, style, and expression into artworks. For this reason, a change in the learning process is needed. The application of value clarification technique (VCT) based on an open-ended approach is a learning process that prioritizes...
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Struggling for International Publication: The Potential Rhetorical Problems for Indonesian Scholars in Social Sciences and Humanities when Writing in English

Safnil Arsyad
Indonesian faculty members and postgraduate students are encouraged to publish their research results in reputable international journals such as those published in English. This is to boost the participation as well as prestige of Indonesian scholars in the eyes of international scholars. However, the...
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Interactional Practices in Language Teaching and Learning: Understandings and Applications Gained through Conversation Analysis

Anna Filipi
Conversation analysis (CA) provides researchers with a set of microanalytic tools and a solid set of research findings about human interaction as it naturally occurs in both ordinary, everyday interactions and in interactions that occur in institutional settings. It has its roots in a sociological, and...
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Phonological Acquisition (Case Study on Indonesian Child)

Riri Amanda Fitriana, Agustina Agustina
This study aims to describe the acquisition of phonology including the acquisition of vowels, consonants, and diphthongs obtained by aIndonesian child. The research design used uses a qualitative method with a longitudinalcase study approach by following child's language development from 0 months to...
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Exclusion in Online News about "Terrorism" the Study Theory of Theo Van Leeuween

Mursida Mursida, Ermanto Ermanto
Along with the development of internet technology, people can easily access information about events that occur, such as news about terrorist attacks at the Riau Police Headquarters suspected of carrying bombs on online newspapers published by, Detik News,, Banjarmasin
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The Sequences of Expression of Minangkabau Young Generation: Request Study From ABS-SBK Philosophy

Novalinda Novalinda, Ike Revita, Eva Najma
This research is a study of the language dynamics of Minangkabau young generation which is seen from the request speech sequence when interacting. The data in this study are taken from the students in several universities in Padang such as UniversitasAndalas, Universitas Bung Hatta and Politeknik Negri...
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Euphemisms in the Headlines of Haluan Newspaper

Sucia Winita, Ermanto Ermanto
The use of language in communication process is not limited to its function as a tool for delivering information, but also as an important tool for maintaining social relations. This can be realized with the use of the right language, one of which is by including the euphemism. This study aimed to describe...
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Verbal Interaction between Male and Female Teachers and Their Students in the English Classes

Azmi Septiana, Hamzah Hamzah, Zul Amri
Verbal interaction involves using words and voice to exchange information between two or more people. In a classroom context, the interaction will result in comprehensible input and feedback from teacher to students and vice versa because both of them will exchange of ideas, thoughts, and feel during...
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Greetings and Politeness Used in French and Indonesian Language Communication

Siti Perdi Rahayu, Roswita Lumban Tobing, Rohali Rohali
This current research is a descriptive research aiming to explain the form and function of greetings in Indonesian and French in the context of using the language politely for communication. The data of this research are speeches containing greetings both in Indonesian and French taken from the films:...
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The Ability to Use Repeated Words in the Sentences by the Sixth Grade of Elementary School Students

Fauziah Hasibuan, Syahrul Ramadhan
The purpose of this study w is to describe the ability to use the word in a sentence by six grade students of Hutanopan 0501 Negeri Padang Lawas District Lubuk learning Barumun year 2016-2017. This type of research is qualitative research with descriptive methods. This research was carried out in 0501...
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The Type and Meaning Nuances of Limitation Adverb Synonym in Indonesian

Khadijah Ramadhanti, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
Synonymous words still have dissimilar meanings, even though only in nuances. This study aims to explain the types of synonym and the nuanced meaning of the pair of adverbs limitative of synonymous Indonesian language. This type of research is qualitative research using descriptive methods. The data...
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Representation of Terrorist News In Kompas.Com Online Newspaper

Nurrahmi Fitri, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
Research on the news about terrorists has often been done, but its representation has not been thoroughly discussed. Critical paradigm possessed by researchers is a factor that influences the conduct of critical discourse analysis research, especially in analyzing the language used in the media.Terrorist...
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The Politeness of the Acts of Speech in the Indonesian Language Learning Group Discussion

Petri Nomarlinda, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
Courtesy shows an awareness of the dignity of others in language, both when using spoken and written languages. This study aims to describe the politeness of asking students in Indonesian language learning group discussions. This type of research is qualitative research using descriptive methods. Data...
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Politeness Strategy of Directive Speech Act by Students-Lecturers of French Department FBS UNY

Rohali Rohali
This study aims to describe the use of politeness strategy in directive speech act used in the communication act bystudents-lecturers of French Language Education Department. Data collection was conducted using participatory observation technique and non-participatory observation that is data collection...
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The Rhetoric of Persuasion of Ustadz Abdul Somad: Discourse Analysis in the Media Youtube

Yosi Zamzuardi, Ermanto Ermanto
Rhetoric is the art of speaking or language processing skills that can give an impression on the hearts and minds of those who listen. Religious lecture is an object of rhetoric that draws attention to research because in the religion there are many persuasive speeches. Focus of this research in this...
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Phonology Acquisition of Children of Age 3,4−3,10 Years (Case Study on Razka Salim Mirza)

Elvira Elvira, Agustina Agustina
This study aims to describe the language acquisition of children aged 3;4−3;10 years of phonological studies which include vocal acquisition, consonant acquisition, and factors that influence phonological acquisition. The method used in this study is a qualitative method with a case study approach. Data...
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Grammatical Cohesion of Conjunctions in Short Story Collection Kompas March 2014 Edition

Lova Lovenia, Ermanto Ermanto
Writing short stories is very concerned about the relevance of the content so that the stories made can be understood and liked by the reader. This will be seen in the relationship between lines, sentences, and paragraphs which can be realized in one form of cohesion. The linkage of content in the short...
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Phonology Acquistion of Children of Age 2,5 Years (Case Studi on Akhwa Febrianto)

Finda Fiona, Agustina Agustina
This study aims to describe the acquisition of vocal sounds, consonants, and explain the phonological acquisition of children aged 2; 5 years. The method used by the researcher is descriptive method. Data sources in this study were obtained from a child named Akhwa Febrianto. The results of this study...
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The Acquisition Language of Children Ages in the Ages of 2-11 Years Syntactic Study (Case Study on Khayira Latisha Aquina)

Asri Maida Ayudi, Agustina Agustina
Language acquisition is a process that applies in a child's brain when acquiring language. One of them is for children aged 2 to 4 years, children in particular have obtained complex vocabulary, phonology and grammatical systems, and the same complex rules for how to use language appropriately in many...
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Forms of Violation of Politeness in Communicating Local Political Figures in West Sumatra

Ermanto Ermanto, Agustina Agustina, Emidar Emidar
Local political figures in West Sumatra are role models for people in areas such as communication performance. Communication politeness is important to be used by local and national political figures. In this regard, the research on the communication performance of local political figures both at the...
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Ideological Values Representation in Online Media Political Discourse

Johar Amir, Akbar Bachtiar, Aswati Asri
Indonesian is one of the means to represent political ideas. One of the media used to include these ideas is online media. This study aims to, (1) Describing the form of political ideology of online media in terms of vocabulary features (2) Describing the form of political ideology of online media in...
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Language Politeness of Executive Leader in Facebook

Novia Juita, Ermanto Ermanto, Ngusman Abdul Manaf
Articles about language politeness in speech acts have been frequently studied by linguists, but the question of how politeness of executive leader in facebook has not been answered. This article was written to describe the politeness of the executive leader's language in communication on facebook in...
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Developing Online-based Tap Course Materials

Rudy Sofyan, Bahagia Tarigan, T. Silvana Sinar
The development of information and communication technologies (ICT) has changed learning system in universities, including its course materials. Offline course materials have been outdated, gradually replaced by online-based materials. As the course aiming at preparing students to become not only scientists...
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Transitivity Analysis of the Translation of Student Translators

Rusdi Noor Rosa, Rudy Sofyan, Bahagia Tarigan
This paper aims at finding out the structure of transitivity elements used in the translation of student translators through which typical characteristics of Indonesian history text would be obtained. This is a qualitative study taking the English history text entitled ‘Early History of Yellowstone National...
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Ideology in Politicians' Comments on DKI Jakarta Election Discourse in Twittpolitik Free People

Weli Sundari, Agustina Agustina, Ermanto Ermanto
A number of articles about ideology have already been written, but have not provided a full explanation. Articles about ideology carried out by previous researchers only discuss critical discourse analysis, but no one has discussed thoroughly about ideology in the comments of politicians. The writing...