Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Halal Development (ICHaD 2022)

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Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Andro Agil Nur Rakhmad
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Effectiveness of Website Role Play Game - Business Simulator (SIMBIZ-RPG) as a Life-Based Learning Media in Entrepreneurship Courses

Suryo Hadi Wira Prabowo, Achmad Murdiono, Jefry Aulia Martha, Ika Zutiasari, Nik Mohd Hazrul Nik Hashim
One of the causes of the small number of entrepreneurs in Indonesia is entrepreneurship education which is still theoretically oriented and has not been able to provide entrepreneurial experience to its students. In entrepreneurial learning, the effectiveness of learning will be achieved by teaching...
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Factors Affecting Consumers Willingness to Pay Towards Purchasing Halal Product in Indonesia

Hanna Rachmani Allya, Ahmad Fawaiq Suwanan
Halal products have a significant impact on the global market. This research is going to describe the components influencing purchase intention of halal products in Indonesia. The method used in this study is quantitative with data analysis using Partial Least Square – Structural Equation Modelling (PLS-SEM)....
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Sentiment Analysis of Tweets on Halal Tourism in OIC and Non-OIC Countries

Kirana Aulia As-Zahra, Dimas Maladzi Wibawa
Halal tourism is a sector experiencing rapid growth. Therefore, a study of its trends is necessary. The main purpose of this paper is to examine halal tourism trends in terms of the opinions of Twitter social media users using sentiment analysis. This study used six keywords in the extraction process....
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Islamic Boarding School Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: A Literature Review

Dzikrulloh, Lusiana, Mumfarida
This article aims to explore Islamic boarding school entrepreneurship which has potential in the economic development sector with an ecosystem approach that is useful for re-inventing and pre-existing entrepreneurship. This study used a qualitative method with a literature review approach. This research...
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Local Community Support for Sustainable Tourism Development at Sunan Giri’s Tomb

Mutiara Dewi, Idris, Nurul Ratnawati
Sustainable tourism is a good approach for tourism development, since it is encouraging the citizen to be involved. The tomb of Sunan Giri is a religious based tourism that uses sustainable tourism principles. In its implementation, the local citizen supporting the development in a various way. The form...
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Case Study: Vocational Learning for Independence Economic of People with Hearing Impairment in Special School in Malang – Indonesia

Muchamad Irvan, Monalisa Wulandari
People with hearing impairment in general have an abilities that are same with people in general. More specifically, they have a hearing impairment that affects their learning and communication processes. Based on these reasons, it is assumed that people with hearing impairment need an empowerment program...
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Existing Condition of Supply and Distribution Chain Model in Livestock Waste Management in Belung Village

Santi Merlinda, Hanjar Ikrima Nanda, Andro Agil Nur Rakhmad, Diana Tien Irafahmi, Abdul Ghafar Ismail
Most people in Belung village, Poncokusumo district, have cows and goats, which produce livestock waste. Closed-house condition encourages negative externalities of livestock waste in the form of water and air pollution. This study reveals the existing model of the chain supply and the distribution of...
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Halal Certificate and Public Trust Local Food and Beverage Business Development

Siti Atieqoh, Hendri Purbo Waseso, A. Luthfi Hamidi
Micro and small business actors need to accelerate themselves in order to increase their business turnover. Halal certification can be used as an alternative in business development efforts through the mechanism of growing public trust. This article reveals how halal certification fosters public trust...
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A Destination Aspect of Readiness for Halal Tourism in West Kalimantan

Ita Nurcholifah, Nurlia
This study aimed to select the halal destination which is prepared to be developing. The tourism industry is one that plays a significant part in the economic development of a nation and even a region. Different ideas and improvements are put forth in developing tourism attractions. Halal tourism is...
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Revealing the Meaning of Crypto and Bitcoin Currencies as Digital Assets: Al-Jashash Perspective

Abdul Basid
The development of information technology and the internet in the economic field has provided various benefits in people’s lives, both in trade and investment. At present, Bitcoin is not considering a means of payment or cryptocurrency but as an asset with economic value for its users. According to the...
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Halal Tourism: Usul Fiqh’s Analysis of DSN-MUI Fatwa Number 108

Nur Faizin
The phenomenon of tourism development following sharia has now become a demand of the Indonesian people and even the world community. MUI, as an institution with the authority to determine fatwas in Indonesia has made signs related to sharia tourism. Mui has established a fatwa with number: 108/DSN-MUI/IX/2016...
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Marketing Strategy After the Covid 19 Pandemic at Langsa-Aceh Hutan Lindung Park

Suri Amilia, Muhammad Rizqi Zati, Dhian Rosalina
Indonesia has many natural tourist destinations that are well-known in foreign countries. In a situation of economic recovery due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tourism sector is the driving force for the national economy. Langsa City has a well-known Hutan Lindung Park both from within and outside the...
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Creative Economy in a Pandemic: The Effectiveness of Moderation of Digital Transformation in Culinary SMEs in Langsa Aceh

Nasrul Kahfi Lubis, Muhammad Rizqi Zati, Dhian Rosalina
This study examines the effectiveness of digital transformation of SMEs engaged in the culinary sector. Culinary tourism in Langsa City continues to grow, with a wide market ranging from students, and households, to industry causing many culinary destinations such as traditional and modern cafes to get...
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Halal Standards in the Age of Globalization: The Current Situation in Muslim Minority Countries and the Responsibilities of Muslim Majority Countries

Satomi Ohgata
Halal standards have become increasingly standardized at the global level, but this trend has also created a distrust of local Halal standards in Muslim minority countries, and creating significant problems for Muslim minority countries. This paper aims to clarify the reality that globally accepted standards...
Proceedings Article Development of Halal Value Chain (hvc) Ecosystem Based on Digital Platform to Improve Halal Certified Products on Msmes in East Java

Andro Agil Nur Rakhmad, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Cesya Rizkika Parahiyanti, Wahyu Nur Hidayat
Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) have an important role in national economic development, including considering that poverty and unemployment in Indonesia are increasing every year, so with the presence of MSMEs, it can add jobs so that it can reduce the number of unemployed in Indonesia. According...
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Which One as the Best Mediator in the Effect of HR Practices on Job Performance During COVID-19 Pandemic? The Psychological Well-Being or the Physical Well-Being?

Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Yesiana Ihda Kusnayain, Fatwah Inna Aulisaina, Muhamad Arif Rahman Hakim
The role of HR in accordance with the conditions of the company and employees will also determine the effects that will be in the future. This study is having a purpose examine structural relationship among HR practice, psychological well-being, positively influence toward job performance in Indonesian...
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The Commodification of Religion in Halal Fashion: UM Female Students’ Perspectives on the SHAR’i Hijab

Nur Faizin, Adinda Zahra Amartha, Alfif Ageel Muchlis
Muslim fashion users among UM students, in this case, the hijab, are no longer something that is avoided in order to look beautiful and elegant with modifications to the hijab. On the other hand, the “shar’i hijab” and “halal hijab” are marketing strategies wrapped in Islamic values. This paper is the...
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Quranic Moderation Through Sedekah Therapy to Reduce the Impact of Recession and Inflation Rate In 2023

(Case Study On Youtube Channel CNN.Com)

Abdul Basid
The shadow of the 2023 global recession is increasingly visible. Various increases in the price of necessities have gradually begun to show symptoms of inflation in Indonesia. This article aims to find out how the Qur’an responds through almsgiving in suppressing the impact of the global Recession and...
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Readiness and Interest in Halal Certification: Evidence of the Importance of Self-declare Literacy and Types of Business of Indonesian MSMEs

Heri Pratikto, Yuli Agustina, Titi Mutiara
Currently, the Indonesian government is completing the work of enforcing halal certification and achieving Indonesia’s vision of being the center of the global halal product business. The rapid growth of Islam in Indonesia compels corporate actors to obtain halal certifications in order to gain the public’s...
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The Effect of Governance Toward Quality of Maternal and Child Health Services in Aceh Province, Indonesia

Erlindawati, Abdul Rahman Lubis, Said Musnadi, Nurdasila
The purpose of this study was to measure the effect of governance on quality of maternal and child health services in Aceh Province, Indonesia. A quantitative, cross-sectional study was conducted in hospitals, health centers and clinics. Sample consisted of health workers who provide maternal and child...
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Can Entrepreneurship Training Moderate the Relationship of Entrepreneurial Managerial Competencies to Digital Entrepreneur Intention in State University of Malang Students?

Kharisma Setya Anoraga, Dediek Tri Kurniawan, Farah Fathimah Az-zahra, Adelia Shabrina Prameka
In the era of digitalization like today where almost all aspects have a connection with the internet. This has led to an increase in the number of internet users every year around the world. The growth of internet users is increasing quite rapidly in Indonesia from year to year. This certainly has an...