Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Financial Innovation and Economic Development (ICFIED 2023)

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Yushi Jiang, Guangming Li, Wilson Xinbao Li
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Customer Churn Prediction Based on Big Data and Machine Learning Approaches

Ziyu Zhu
Telecom companies are facing fierce competition in the market. For telecom operators, customers are living. Due to the high upfront investment in acquiring new customers, they prefer to retain existing customers rather than acquire new ones. The loss of old customers means that telecom operators are...
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Credit Default Prediction Based on Multivariate Regression

Yingzi Sun, Lirui Yang, Ruonan Zhao
Credit default is a wide-spread credit derivative instrument. As it becomes more and more popular, an appropriate supervision system has to be established. In this paper, a multiple factor regression models are constructed in order to investigate the feasibility for credit default prediction based on...
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Portfolio Selection Effectiveness Based on Absolute Parity Premium: Evidence from Convertible Bond Factor

Haiyi Li, Qianya Ma, Hongmin Sun
In the past, financial analysis mostly relied on subjective judgment, but with the improvement of the tools brought about by the development of The Times, the use of quantitative tools has become more and more important in financial investment. As an easy to use and expanding computer language, Python...
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Status Quo and Suggestions for the Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry in Guangdong Province

Jingyuan Yang
This paper analyses the status quo and necessity of the manufacturing industry’s digital transformation in Guangdong Province, combined with the government documents Guangdong Province, to understand and analyze the path of the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province....
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Analysis of Causation and Future Trends of Service Industry in Hong Kong

Wenhong Zou, Ruihan Xia, Jinwen Chen
As one of the global financial centers, Hong Kong, China is one of the regions with the highest degree of freedom and service industry dominance in the world. By analyzing the development form of Hong Kong’s service industry in recent years, this paper predicts its changes and future trends. This paper...
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The Impact of Resilient Supply Chain on Enterprise Supply Chain Management—Based on the Analysis of E-commerce Enterprises Under the COVID-19

Yijing Zhao
Since the global public health security incidents broke out, the occurrence of diseases had brought about a serious impact on the global supply chain. Natural disasters and other emergencies expose the vulnerability of the supply chain. Through analyzing some e-commerce enterprises’ successful solution...
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Analysis on the Influencing Factors of Demand for Commercial Health Insurance

Xiaohan Wang
The Healthy China strategy has made the concept of health increasingly popular and also promoted the progress of China’s insurance industry, especially the development of health insurance. However, the comprehensive development level of China’s commercial health insurance industry is still far behind...
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Research on the Role and Existing Problems of Enterprise Supply Chain Management in Zhejiang Province

Jiawu Liu
The rapid changes in China’s domestic and foreign economic environment have put forward higher requirements for the level of enterprise supply chain management. As an important link in enterprise development, supply chain management should be highly valued by enterprise managers to improve the competitiveness...
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Value-Based Management of Chinese and Foreign Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Enterprise Innovation

Yixuan Sun
Enterprise value-based management is a new enterprise management mode which conforms to the development requirement of economic times. This paper introduces the basic definition of enterprise value and value management, expounds the relevant characteristics and driving factors of small and medium-sized...
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Analysis of U.S. Banking Industry Based on Fama-French Model Under COVID-19

Xiaoling Wu
The global epidemic of the COVID-19 has further aggravated the imbalance of the world’s economic order, and the global economic recession is inevitable. The purpose of this research is to test the performance of factors and the applicability of Fama-French Factor model for the banking industry during...
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Employee Salary Competitiveness and Enterprise Innovation: The Moderating Role of Personnel Structure and Fintech

Wenqi Zhang
Based on social comparison theory, this paper explores the impact of employee salary competitiveness on enterprise innovation. Taking the data of A-share listed companies from 2010 to 2020 as a research sample, the empirical results show that employee salary competitiveness is significantly positively...
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The Positioning and Future Development of Hong Kong International Financial Center

Zhiyi Lin
Hong Kong’s international financial center has always been a bridge between the mainland and the world. It has experienced the triple blows of social unrest, geopolitical tension and COVID-19. Many people doubt whether the Chinese central government marginalizes Hong Kong. What is the positioning and...
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A Study on the Uneven Development of Regional Integration in the China’s Yangtze River Delta

Rongquan Yang, Yintong Zhang
With the support and transformation of the domestic and foreign economic dual circulation government work in the new era, accelerating the regional integration construction of the Yangtze River Delta is the same A key link. On the basis of various exchanges and cooperation between the government, enterprises...
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Research on the Application of CAPM Model in Investment

Taking Amazon and Costco as Examples

Yuchen Gao
Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) is one of the most important theories in modern finance. As a simple, intuitive risk premium model, The CAPM was primarily developed to study the relationship between expected returns on assets and risk assets in the securities market. Scholars have conducted a lot...
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Impacts of Financial Decentralization on China’s Innovation

Yiyun Sun
This paper studies the impact of financial decentralization on innovation activities in China based on the perspective of “finance-innovation”. Using the data of China’s industrial enterprises above designated size in 30 provinces from 2000 to 2019, this paper verifies the relationship between financial...
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Are Formalized Management and Job Transfer the New Solution for the Perfect Fit Between the Street-Stall Economy and the City?

Junyao Chen, Yicun Li, Jingjing Wang, Ranran Gu
Under the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic since 2020, the global economy has suffered a setback, and China’s economy has grown slowly. In order to stabilize the employment of residents and promote economic recovery, the street-stall economy has become a new driving force. However, as the size of the...
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The Impact of Financial Development on International Trade in China

Zhaoyu Zhou
With the deep integration of the world economy resulting from globalization, finance and trade interact with each other and jointly affect the economic development of a country or region. However, there are few studies on the impact of financial development on international trade in China. This review...
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CEO Greed and Corporate Efforts Towards Environmental Protection

Wenzhe Xu
In recent decades, environmental protection has been a topic that the world has been working hard on. In the field of finance, companies can play a vital role in environmental protection. This paper will start from the research on the degree of CEO greed, and then explore the degree of its impact on...
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Canadian Monetary Policy and Chinese Monetary Policy Under Covid-19

Xinyi Zhu
The comparison between Chinese monetary policy and Canadian monetary policy regarding Covid-19 could intuitively display the socioeconomic differences and similarities between western counties and eastern countries. China and Canada were two typically eastern representative countries and western representative...
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How the Russia-Ukraine Conflict Alter the Global Economy

Lichen Ma
In February 2022, the Russia-Ukraine war, which has drawn significant attention from all sides of the world, officially started. Some people think the war is a “personal feud” between Russia and Ukraine over Donetsk and Luhansk regions, but behind it is a great power game with the United States and Russia...
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The Impacts of COVID-19 on Different Economic Entities in North America

Shan Zhong
COVID-19 has had a significant impact on different economies. The rapid and dramatic impact of the pandemic and the economic shutdown caused by health prevention and control measures have plunged the world economy into a severe contraction. The virus spread would also increase global debt risks, raise...
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Monetary System and Economic Situation of Japan from 2013 to 2019

Jinbo Hu
The monetary system is related to the economic situation. It is a system formed by the state’s regulations on the relevant elements of currency, the organization and management of currency circulation. As a developed country in Asia, Japan has a close relationship between the formulation of monetary...
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Research on the Impact of the Risk on Bond Returns in China

Xiuhua Zhang
In recent years, with the development of the China’s bond market, the studies on bond pricing have become more and more numerous. In this paper, the impact of maturity risk, credit risk, and liquidity risk on bond pricing is analyzed, and the yield to maturity of enterprise bonds and corporate bonds...
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Behavioral Finance: An Introduction of Herd Effect - Take the Dotcom Bubble in 2000s as an Example

Yudie Xu
This essay introduces the formation of behavioral finance, which considers psychological factors on investor’s behaviors to explain anomalies in the traditional finance. Using the first market bubble — tulip mania in 17 century as an example to see how irrational behavior affects the stock market. The...
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Difficulties Faced by Chinese Companies in Overseas Listings Regarding Information Disclosure

Chenyan Yi
By introducing the importance of the information disclosure system, this paper introduces the impact of the regulatory issues of the information disclosure system on the stock market, financial market, and national economy. This paper studies financial statements prepared in accordance with the accounting...
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Impact of High-Tech Product Import on Export Quality Level

Huiyuan Zheng, Yanfei Shu
Based on China Customs database, Wind database and China Statistical Yearbook, this paper measures the export quality of high-tech products in 31 provinces of China from 2008–2021 and constructs the export and development level of high-tech economy in each province using variables such as high-tech imports,...
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Comparison Between the Fama-French Three-Factor Model and the Fama-French Five-Factor Model: An Empirical Study on China’s Stock Market

Kasoi Cheong
This paper compares the performance of the Fama-French three-factor model (FF3) and Fama-French five-factor model (FF5) in China’s stock market. The empirical result of the regression and GRS test demonstrates a stable size effect in China, which can be captured by these two models. In addition, compared...
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Study on the Main Contents of the Fiscal Measures of the U.S. Chip Act and Their Actionability Under the WTO Perspective

Tehong Ye
Against the background of the prevalence of unilateral protectionism and the obstruction of WTO multilateral trade system reform, the United States provides huge financial subsidies and tax credits to its semiconductor industry and related enterprises through the Chip Act in an attempt to enhance the...
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The Focus Point and Practice Path of Green Finance to Support Agricultural Development Zhangye City as an Example

Guofeng Zhao
Green finance is important for the development of agriculture. The government gives reasonable guidance and uses a market-based operation model to drive stakeholders to participate in the field of green finance to support agricultural development. To ensure the stability of the real agricultural economy,...
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Urban Governance Dilemma and Countermeasures of Shared Bikes

Xiaoyue Hu
With the increasing prominence of urban traffic problems and the deepening of the concept of “green travel” into people's hearts, the bicycle sharing system came into being and developed rapidly, showing extraordinary charm. The emergence of bicycle sharing is changing people's lives in an...
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An Analysis on Measurement of the Development Level of Digital Economy and Influencing Factors of the Tertiary Industry in Eastern China

Yuxin Cao
This paper uses the entropy method to construct an evaluation system and evaluate the development level of the digital economy in Eastern China from three aspects: digital industrialization, industrial digitization, and digital innovation. It also constructs a fixed-effect model to analyze the effects...
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Assessing Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase Intention for Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Services in China: A Perceived Value Theory and UTAUT Perspective

Jiyuan Shen
Internet access has caused a change in video content consumption led by the spike of over-the-top (OTT) video services. Despite the large market and the growing trend of OTT in China, OTT platforms have been facing the lack of profitability; in addition, few studies exist on how consumers perceive OTT...
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Research on the Influence of Independent Director Scale of Listed Companies on the Quality of Accounting Information Disclosure

Yuan Sun
There are some issues with the disclosure of accounting information in Chinese listed companies. Accounting information that is not disclosed honestly, promptly, or in sufficient amounts will mislead external investors who rely on accounting data, lead to information asymmetry between corporate management...
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Prediction of US Stocks Based on ARIMA Model

Boyu Xiao
Time series analysis method is an important part of statistics. It has practical applications in various fields from economics to engineering. Time series analysis includes analyzing time series data in order to extract meaningful features of data and predict future values. Box-Jenkins method belongs...
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Economic Analysis of China’s Beauty Market

Yikun Li
Based on the reference article from McKinsey, five trends will influence China’s economic growth [1]. The increasing upper-middle class will be the main power for the global consumption of discretionary categories, which have higher incomes and contributes a lot to fashion, beauty, electric vehicles,...
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Study on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Employment and Income Inequality, Based on Technological Determinism Theory

Qiran Yue
With the advent of the fourth industrial revolution, the rapid development of Chinese artificial intelligence industry has impacted the existing social stratification structure to some extent. This paper combs the impact of AI on employment and income inequality, mainly in the substitution and creation...
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Risk Prediction Method of Village Banks Based on Equity Relationship

Ailun Zhang
In the context of the simultaneous occurrence of financial risks in four rural banks in Henan, China, the public is worried about rural banks. Unlike big banks, which are “too big to fail”, rural banks face the problem of “too many to fail”. In this paper, an indicator system is established by selecting...
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Financial Risk Caused by Climate Change and Its Countermeasures

Yidan Hong
In 2022, high-temperature weather continued in many parts of the world. Natural disasters occurred frequently in the world, thus causing huge economic losses. Not only that, water transportation, tourism, and other industrial economies have been seriously affected. Based on the existing literature and...
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Research on the Market Situation and Positioning of the Tequila Industry: A Case Study of Teremana Tequila

Jing Feng, Linruyuan Tan
The purpose of this report is to investigate the market situation of Teremana Tequila and evaluate its positioning strategy. This report gets more accurate analysis through product life cycle analysis, target market analysis, market segmentation, competitor analysis and SWOT analysis. Due to the lack...
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Empirical Analysis of Factors Affecting RMB Exchange Rate and Policy Implications Under Epidemic Conditions

Yuhang Zhang
This paper first summarizes the current situation of RMB exchange rate fluctuations from 2020 to 2022. On this basis, the causes of RMB exchange rate fluctuations are analyzed from five aspects: the epidemic, the international political environment, the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the interest rate hike...
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Prediction of Stock Prices Based on the LSTM Model

Guanze Shao
This paper focuses on improving the structure of the LSTM model and optimizing its parameters to improve its accuracy in predicting stock movements, as well as investigating the effectiveness of the LSTM neural network in predicting weekly and daily data for US stocks. On the one hand, the difference...
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A Literature Review of the Impact of Russia Ukraine Conflict on the Global Economy and China’s Countermeasures Under the Background of Agent Strategy

Liyang Hao, Junshui Feng, Xingshun Zhang, Zeting Hu
At present, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is getting worse and worse, and there is no easing situation. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is obviously important for the agent war. The summary mainly elaborates the meaning, motivation and operation mode of the agent war, and systematically...
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Analysis and Outlook of Blockchain Technology Application in China Internet Finance

Zhexu Jin
In July 2020 the People’s Bank of China officially issued the Notice on Promoting the Standardized Application of Blockchain Technology, which is a redefinition of blockchain + Internet finance. As China is a policy-oriented country, with the policy tilt, the concept of integrating Internet finance with...
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Analysis of Advantages and Disadvantages of Cross-Border E-Commerce in International Economy and Trade

Zhixu Liu
Since the epidemic, cross-border e-commerce has become an important engine to support “external circulation”. In 2021, China’s cross-border e-commerce maintained a good momentum of development, with a market size of 14.2 trillion yuan, and a year-on-year increase of 13.6% compared with 12.5 trillion...
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An Analysis of Public Infrastructure Investment and the Thai Economy

Qingyang Deng, Xingchi Li
The main objective of this paper is to investigate the impact of the policies of heavy investment and expansion in public infrastructure deployed by the Thai government on Thai economic growth and government debt between 1997 and 2007. It employs the method of detrending the Thai economic data and analyzing...
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Reaching for the Goal: Do Economic Growth Targets Drive FDI Inflows in China?

Yi He
This paper studies the impacts of economic growth targets on foreign direct investment (FDI) in prefecture-level cities. In China’s political promotion system, it is found that local governments seek to achieve such targets by introducing more FDI. And favorable investment environments for foreign enterprises...
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Optimization of HEYTEA'S Crossover Marketing Strategy

Qian Li, Yalan Song
Amid the market competition, crossover marketing stood out above the traditional single-brand marketing mode and gradually became one of the mainstream marketing means for new-style tea brands. Nowadays, crossover marketing has become so mature that ‘‘everything is open to crossover’’. This paper analyzes...
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Internet Finance Risk Warning Based on Big Data Analysis from the Perspective of Personal Consumption Finance

Shuzhen Ke
Since the early 2020s, China's Internet financial market has suffered huge losses due to the ravages of the novel coronavirus. Repeated and localized outbreaks make the Internet financial market prone to financial risks under the influence of adverse factors led by the novel coronavirus. Therefore,...
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The Influence Mechanisms of Policy Guidance on the Innovation Performance of Enterprises: A Case Study on High-Technology Shipbuilding Enterprises

Jie Yin, Zhihao Cheng, Feng Li
Overnment policy guidance plays a pivotal role in promoting supply, driving demand, shaping the environment, and other aspects of enterprise development. Research on the impacts of policy guidance helps governments to implement precise policies and provide policy bases for the innovation and development...
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Research on the Current Situation and Cultivation Path of Financial Literacy of College Students in the New Era

Jianru Xie, Yintong Guo, Jian Dong
China has a relatively late start in the cultivation of financial literacy. Currently, the policy framework of financial literacy education at the college stage has basically taken shape, and the research and practice of financial literacy education are also vigorously carried out. However, there remain...
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A Study on the Improvement Plan of Citizens’ Park Through Metaverse Convergence Focusing on the Case of Busan Citizens Park

Weisen Gao, Huimin Yang, Seo, Chang Bae, Pengfei Zhang, Jie Hao, Jinxin Zheng
Since 2021, the Metaverse has witnessed explosive development. With the investment of capital, the application scenarios of the Metaverse are gradually enriched. This paper aims to improve the attraction, economic power and international influence of Busan Citizen Park by integrating it with the Metaverse....
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Research on NIO Healthy and Sustainable Development of the Automotive Industry

Dingluo Jia
NIO focuses on its own strengths, main user demographic and the company's basic core values and service philosophy, keeping up with Internet technology and environmental protection and seizing the new energy business opportunities. NIO takes the responsibility of promoting the healthy development...
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Management and Analysis of Chinese Business Information System in the New Era

Zedong Cao
In recent years, with the rapid development of information technology in China, business information system management has become the mainstream means of modern enterprise management. Nowadays, the transactions and development of Chinese enterprises are not limited to regions, borders, races and nationalities,...
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The Impact of Green Diamond Reward Rating on Liquidity Risk of ESG Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Yamei Zhao
It is a puzzle that whether environment, social, and governance (ESG) exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a better choice for investors than buying conventional ETFs and whether ESG ETFs with higher green diamond reward ratings could have lower liquidity risk, especially during the recession. By regression...
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Analysis of Sustainable Development of Sharing Economy

Ziren Wang
Under the background of rapid economic and social development, sharing economy emerged at the historic moment. Due to the strong vitality, high flexibility and complexity of the sharing economy, the traditional government regulation has ushered in a whole new challenge. Firstly, the traditional concept...
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Overview of Router Architecture in High Performance Computing

Dejun Shi, Xiaohu Han, Weijian Chen, Hongliang Li
High Performance Computing (HPC) system has excellent computing power. The router is at the heart of a high-performance interconnection network, which is an important building block of HPC systems. Router architecture is classified into three types: crossbar, hierarchical, and network structures. The...
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Impact of Technological Innovation on the Yangtze River Delta Region's Economy Based on a Quantile Regression

Zeyao Li
Although the Yangtze River Delta region has an extremely high degree of scientific and technological innovation, its contribution to GDP is not known. Gross domestic product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services produced and sold (not resold) in a specific...
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Research on Commercial Bank's Operating Efficiency

Lanxin Zhang
In this paper, we identify the specific factors influencing how well commercial banks operate by measuring their operating performance indicators, combining them with their operating input indicators, using data envelopment analysis technology, and investigating the effectiveness of their input. Solow...
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An Analysis of China’s Cosmetics Market: Taking Estee Lauder Companies Inc. as an Example

Jiarong Gu
Estee Lauder makes a brilliant performance in China's cosmetics market and occupies a large market share of the middle and high-end products. Studying the performance of Estee Lauder Companies Inc. Will give the raising Chinese local cosmetics companies an insight into successful business paten....
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Financial Technology, Market Contest and Commercial Bank’ Business Performance

Xingrui Peng, Yingjia Xiao, Sisi Ma
The paper examines the effects of Fintech and Competitive markets on Commercial Bank Performance by constructing a panel data model with annual panel data of nine Commercial Bank during 2016–2020 as a sample. The conclusions show that there is a relatively negative correlation between Fintech and commercial...
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Digital Innovation Networks: Theory Building and Future Research

Yongquan Hu, Ningning Xu
Properties such as convergence of digital innovation that change the relationships, structures, and modes of interaction between innovation agents have initiated challenges to existing innovation network theories and have led to thinking about digital innovation networks. This paper classifies digital...
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Research on the Growth of Medical Device Firms Driven by the Normalization of COVID-19 Epidemic Take INTCO MEDICAL CO., LTD for Example

Junhui Xue
This paper aims to examine the changes the COVID-19 epidemic has brought about for the medical device sector and to show how it has helped medical device companies grow. In order to generate more thorough recommendations for the implementation of strategies for medical device companies in response to...
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The Impact of Extreme International Political Conflicts on the Household Consumption Based on Big Data Analysis

Xiaotong Huang
In 2022, the globe has not been peaceful, as various disputes, political negotiations, and even furious wars have disturbed the political stability. Most significantly, the Russian-Ukraine war directly break the normal life for citizens in these countries. For the indirect impact, citizens’ consumptions...
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Empirical Analysis of Constructing GARCH Model to Predict Stock Prices with Trading Volume

Yifan Li
The immature stock capital market exhibits a kind of instability and immaturity, which can cause strong volatility in the Chinese stock market. Under such background conditions, how to describe as well as predict the price of the Chinese stock market has become a popular topic of concern for scholars...
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Analysis and Application of Investment Cost of 10 kV and Below Power Grid Infrastructure Projects

Weifeng Xu, Shangxing Ye, Jian Huang, Hongjun Wen, Yi Qiu, Xia Pan, Bowei Chen
Under the influence of foreign economic slowdown, internal transmission and distribution price reform, the company’s main business profit is under pressure, and its operation and management are facing new challenges. In order to reduce the uncertainty caused by decision-making, lean management of State...
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Research on the Theoretical Basis of Rural Economy Based on the Background of Rural Revitalization

Jing Wang
The rural areas have excellent farming culture since ancient times, and the development of its agricultural industry chain has been basically complete, with a larger scale and higher level of agricultural industry model. Based on the basic regional conditions, the rural areas have comprehensively promoted...
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Algorithmically Detecting Whether a Compact Set is Connected or Not

Rouzhi Wang, Wangrui Zheng, Zhitian Song, Daniel Yixuan Shi
In this work, we study whether there is a program that always terminates the connectiveness of a given Constructive Metric Compact Set (CMCS), a collection of finite epsilon nets formed by computer generated Cauchy sequences with a convergence regulator. If such decisive program Q ...
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The Influence of Industrial Role Positioning Strategy in Place Brand Internationalization on the Purchase Intention of Host Country Consumers from the Perspective of Moral Legitimacy

Zixiang Yu
The transnational place brands often have difficulty in gaining role identification from host country consumers due to trade barriers and regulatory differences. Based on a moral legitimacy perspective, this study proposes a research model of how internationalized place brands implement industrial role...
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Adoption of Robo-Advisory Service in the Personal Financial Planning Industry in Australia

Jia Khang Hoe
Everyone needs personal financial planning. The post-GFC fraud and financial crisis has resulted in confidence in financial services and professionals being at an all-time low. Financial advisors may not be affordable for everyone because of their high cost, diverse demand for financial advice, and barriers...
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The Impact of the Global Grain Problem Caused by the Russia-Ukraine Conflict on Chinese Grain Market

Yumeng Jiang, Fengyi Sun, Xinping Hu, Yuchen Lu
This paper examines the impact on the Chinese grain market of the global food problem caused by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. It is conducted in two main aspects. First, the Russia-Ukraine conflict was found to have caused a global food problem. In turn, the impact of Chinese food was examined. Hypothesis...
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Analysis of the Cause of Recent Mortgage Boycotts in the Chinese Real Estate Market

Junkai Qian
China, as one of the most populous countries in the world, has a substantial proportion of its real estate industry in its GDP. Millions of people are closely related to real estate, and most Chinese generally believe that only real estate property can provide the foundation of a home. However, recently,...
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Impact of Online Education During Covid-19 Epidemic Lock-Down on Students’ Satisfaction and Mental Health

Shiqi Wang
As the growth of COVID-19, the global effect is multidimensional. This inconvenience not only affects the economic development, but also causes great inconvenience to the society, which mainly affects the education of students. In this situation, a number of nations have adopted lockdown measures, causing...
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Disincentive or Incentive? What Role Do Government Subsidies Play for High-Tech Companies in the New “Double-Cycle” Development Model?- The Moderating Role of the Internal Corporate Governance Mechanism

Xinyu Tan, Yuxiao Xu, Su Chen
During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, some high-tech enterprises are facing many difficulties in foreign trades. How to break through the difficulties and find the right time to promote the positive development of high-tech technologies is the focus of building a “double-cycle” pattern, which is also...
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The Impact of Monetary Policy, Transport Costs and Substitute Prices on the Australian Wheat Futures Market Price

Xincheng Wu
This paper is going to analysis the impact of three different factors on the price of the Australian wheat futures market which might make contribute on the price model construction. According to the research in the past years, this paper gives three different factors which might be significant influence...
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Research on the Construction and Promotion of Countermeasures for the Culture of Local Government Administrative Organizations Based on the Case of Dalian Biliu River Reservoir Administration

Shuning Wang
With the continuous development of modern society, organizations pay more and more attention to the study of organizational culture in order to better adapt to the changes of internal and external environment. Administrative organizational culture, as an important branch part of organizational culture,...
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Main Problems, Opportunities and Countermeasures of China India Cooperation from the Perspective of Geopolitics

Yu Chen
Based on the development and changes of Sino-Indian relations since the 21st century, this paper analyzes the geopolitical problems faced by Sino-Indian cooperation from the perspectives of conflict of strategic interests in the Indian Ocean, issues left over from history, and interference from third-party...
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Research on Innovation of Total Quality Management Implementation in Aerospace Manufacturing Enterprises——Based on PDCA Cycle

Teng Sun, Qinghuang Zeng, Chang Li, Weiliang Shen, Guoyao Wang, Jiaqi Li
With the Chinese government’s high attention to aviation science and technology and the injection of a large number of important resources, China’s aviation industry is booming. Under the current market background, the efficient and low-cost aerospace industry has become the core factor for Chinese airlines...
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Internet Finance in China

Qi Li
In this passage, we argue that the current number of users of third-party payment, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding in China. The existing problems in Chinese third-party payment, peer-to-peer lending and crowdfunding at this stage. And the solutions which can be used to improve these problems.
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Regional Collaborative Development and Emission Reduction in the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle

Zhen Xu
Developing a low-carbon economy is a necessary path for the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle to achieve the goal of high-quality development. This study measured the level of synergistic development of the two urban economic circles in Chengdu and Chongqing and established a fixed-effect model to verify...
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Research on the Demand of Intelligent Accounting Talents for the Development of Digital Economy

Yuan Li Cui
In recent years, the digital economy has become a new driving force of the economic development of our country. The development of digital economy has brought an endless stream of new business forms and models, and also urged a series of changes in the finance industry. “Intelligence, connection, integration...
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A Study on the Impact of Cross-Border Marketing on Potential Users’ Purchase Intention - Mediating Effect Based on Brand Perception

Yinghui Wei, Yu Lu
Cross-border marketing systems are a typical type of complex adaptive system, consisting of corporate subjects and customer subjects involved in cross-border marketing. In order to break out of the market bottleneck, in order to obtain a more sustainable competitive advantage, enterprises from different...
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Research on the Factors Influencing the Participation Intention of Tiktok Information Flow Advertisers Based on Perceived Value Theory

Huiying Zhang
In 2017, Tiktok took the lead in introducing native information stream advertising. With advanced data tracking technology and recommendation algorithms, Tiktok information stream advertising not only has the advantages of large exposure, rich forms, good user experience, strong fragmentation, and high...
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Research on the Impact of Integrated Marketing Communication on Consumers’ Perceived Value from the Perspective of Green Marketing

Yongzhen Ye
Against the background of deteriorating global environmental problems, the concept of green development is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and green products are increasingly favored by consumers. This paper focuses on the impact of green integrated marketing communication behavior on consumers’...
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Research on the Mechanism of Blockchain and Distributed Generation Participating in Provincial Regional Power Grid Electricity Trading

Han Zhang, Song Xue, Gao Zhang, Li Ma
With the acceleration of the construction of new power systems and the implementation of the dual carbon goals, new business types and new modes of power consumption on the user side continue to emerge. Power distributed trading has become an important form of future power energy trading, which is of...
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Study on the Benefit Evaluation of System Operation and Market Operation After the Participation of Electric-Gas-Heat Multi Energy in the Market

Han Zhang, Xun Dou, Song Xue, Li Ma
The remarkable effect of multi energy system coordinated operation on improving the reliability, economy and cleanliness of energy system has attracted extensive attention. Multi energy coupling utilization and collaborative trading are important to ensure energy security, improve energy supply capacity,...
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Analysis of Audi's Marketing Strategy in China

Jiayi Yin
Audi, as one of the top three luxury car brands (BBA) in China market, has always been the first choice for consumers to buy luxury car. Audi, as a high-end brand of Volkswagen, entered China very early. In 1988, Audi realized its first domestic production. After more than 30 years of localization, Audi...
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Consumption Behaviors of Chinese Generation Z: Apply to Culture and Creative Products

Yanfei Wang, Yue Yang
Generation Z(Gen Z) is becoming the main consumer of cultural and creative market in China. Hence, this thesis mainly focuses on research what are the special consumption behaviors of Chinese Gen Z by qualitative study, the study shows:1) Subculture enthusiasts of Gen Z will gain a sense of community...
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Research and Development Proposals on Consumer Protection Mechanisms

Yanlu Xie
While the term consumer is now well known, and the rights and interests of consumers are playing an increasingly important role, the concept of financial consumer is still relatively unknown in China, and its first official appearance in a public document issued by a government department was in the...
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Platform Leadership and Platform Exploration and Innovation: An Empirical Analysis by Big Data on Mediating Role of Relationship Management Skills and Platform Openness

Suxian Li, Luyu Zhang, Can Tian, Yu Xiao
With the advent of the digital economy era, platform companies continue to tap the potential of big data, have more room for development, and give it the possibility of greater value. Therefore, we study the impact of platform leadership on platform innovation and the impact mechanism of platform leadership...
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Chinese Restaurants in the U.S.: Qualitative Examinations of Current Obstacles and Breakthroughs

Yu Han (Cynthia) Wang
This research study aims to explore the cultural identity and economic significance of Chinese cuisine in the United States, as well as the challenges faced by Chinese restaurants in the current market. By contrasting the successful business strategies of successful Chinese restaurants with those that...
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Study on the Mechanism of Value Creation Role of Enterprise Digital Transformation: A Theoretical Analysis Framework

Xiaoxuan Guo, Junbo Zhang, Shuhua Zhou, Tianzi Geng
In the era of the rapid emergence of the digital economy, digital transformation is a new driving force for the high-quality growth of China's national economy, and also one of the important driving forces for the innovation of enterprises. However, the existing literature focuses on the specific...