Proceedings of the International Conference on Educational Psychology and Pedagogy - "Diversity in Education" (ICEPP 2019)

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Experiential-Based Counseling: to Improve Adversity Intelligence Adolescent

Atik Asriandani, Nandang Budiman, Ipah Saripah
Success and failure is a real phenomenon in human life, as well as in adolescents. In every life, it can not be separated from problems and difficulties. Adolescents today not a few who overcome the difficulties destructively, some of which are the involvement of adolescents in drug cases, suicide, tendency...
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The Effectiveness of Token Economy in Improving Adaptive Daily Living for Children with Intellectual Disability

Ayu Dwi Noviyanti, Iding Tarsidi, Rahayu Ginintasasi, Rizki Setiaji Mutaqin
Parents have a strategic role in optimizing children’s abilities. Children with intellectual disability have limitations in Adaptive Daily Living (ADL) abilities. ADL is an important abilities possessed by everyone to be able to live independently. Children who lack in ADL abilities will need the help...
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Is There Peace in My Classroom? A Student’s Perspective of Peace with Narrative Research in Senior High Schools in Yogyakarta

Eva Imania Eliasa, Sunaryo Kartasasmita, Ilfiandra
This study aims to determine perceptions of peace based on the students, conflict resolution and expectations for class peace. The research approach used narrative type qualitative research. The participants of the research were 22 students of Grade K11 of SMAN 1 Kalasan, Yogyakarta. The interview was...
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The Role of Problem Solving, Problem-Based Learning, and Critical Thinking in the Era of Globalization

Aidil Akbar, Disman, Kusnendi
In the era of globalization one can obtain information in various ways, places and times. So that information obtained by someone can be effective and does not cause a negative impact, a “filter” is needed to filter every information received. One such filter is the critical thinking ability that a person...
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Contribution of Self-Directed Learning in Maximizing Learning Outcomes of Students in Schools

Andriani Puteri Yoesya, Juntika Nurihsan, Anne Hafina Adiwinata
There are several aspects that can affect the learning outcomes of learners in the learning process one of them is self directed learning. Self directed is a form of students ‘ activities or activities that want to study voluntarily without compulsion. Self directed learning is influenced, such as the...
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Ineffectiveness of Religious Education as Character Education in Islamic Higher Education

Asep Dudi Suhardini, Kama Abdul Hakam, Asep Herry Hernawan
Character development in higher education is carried out, among others, through lectures on Islamic Education. This Islamic Education course, based on the characteristics of the material, is a subject that is full of value and has the potential to be the spearhead of character education. The implication...
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Mujtahid: From Theological Term into Vision and Mission of Higher Education

Asep Dudi Suhardini, Kama Abdul Hakam, Asep Herry Hernawan
Vision and mission, although not in a long form, but full of values for the continuity of organizational growth. Starting from the vision and mission of the university, the entire program and agenda was developed to reach step by step the progress of the organization. Therefore the vision and mission...
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Lecturers’ Perspectives on Ignatian Pedagogy

Brigitta Erlita Tri Anggadewi, Timotius Maria Raditya Hernawa, Marcellinus Andy Rudhito, Danang Satria Nugraha, Maria Josepha Retno Priyani
Ignatian Pedagogy (IP) is signature pedagogy in Jesuit education. It is an approach through which lecturers help students to be a whole-person. This pedagogy consists of elements, which form a cycle: Context, Experience, Reflection, Action and Evaluation. Since the lecturers become the keys in the implementation,...
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Grammatical and Diction Inaccuracy in English—Indonesian Translation on Google Translate

Deden Novan Setiawan Nugraha
Language is one of the means that has a large in public opinion to build a new perspective on development, both academically and non-academically. Relating to developing a 4.0 thought system (Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Machine Interface, Robot Technology and Sensors, and 3D Printing...
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Self-Regulated Learning Constructions for First Middle School Students

Dahlia Mulyawati, Nurhudaya, Iding Tarsidi
Self-regulated learning has benefits for students and teachers. The benefits of self-regulated Learning for students, namely students can control learning behavior and control the environment so that they are effective in achieving their learning goals. Whereas for teachers is a learning strategy or...
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Preliminary Study of Hope in Adolescents Who Experience Unwanted Pregnancies

Devi Sumarno, Hani Yulindrasari, Rahayu Ginintasasi
In Indonesian unwanted pregnancies in adolescents has been a popular phenomenon and it happens mostly because of premarital sexual problem. Premarital sexual adolescents among Indonesian communities are unacceptable acts both according to social norm and Indonesian culture. Mostly in Indonesian community...
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The Development of Reflective Learning to Improve Mother’s Mindful Parenting Skills

Elsa Farhana, Tina Hayati Dahlan
Mindful parenting skills become a basic skills that must be possessed by mother when interacting with their children. Mindful parenting skills can help mothers for nurturing their children with more calmly and patiently, reduce of parenting stress and creating more positive relationship for mother and...
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Problem-Based Learning to Improve the Students’ Tolerance of Difference

Eva Susanti Nova, Juntika Nurihsan
Character education in schools is an integral part of character strengthening programs. The character of tolerance serves to foster students’ multicultural competencies. The phenomenon of cases of intolerance needs to be prevented through the development of character education in schools. Tolerance is...
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Psychological Well-being: A Preliminary Study of Guidance and Counseling Services Development of Preservice Teachers in Indonesia

Idat Muqodas, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Juntika Nurihsan, Tina Dahlan, Syamsu Yusuf, Aam Imaddudin
Well-being is a central issue in guidance and counseling services in Indonesia, done to support individuals in obtaining their well-being to be happy, and satisfied about life. This study aims at analyzing psychological well-being of pre-service teachers as a basis for developing their guidance and counseling...
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Teacher Versus Classmate Support: Which One Is More Important to School Well-Being of Senior High-School Students?

Dewi Kumalasari
Indonesia is the worst country in the well-being index related to education in adolescents compared to other Asian countries (Cho, 2014). Because adolescents spend most of their time in school, studies of well-being in adolescents can focus on school well-being. School well-being refers to student perception...
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The Effect of Information Technology on the Quality of Teaching Learning Process in Junior High School in Bandung

D. Hidayati, A. Komariah, A. M. Mirfani
A focus of this research is to analyze the effect of information technology on the quality of learning process in junior high school in Bandung. This research is to analyze the impact of information technology in improving the quality of learning process consisting of a plan, organization, technical...
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Evaluation of Education and Training Programs for Naval Officers Personnel Specialization in Kodiklatal (Naval School)

Eko Setijo Pudjiantoro
The purpose of this study is to analyze education and training programs specializing in Navy officers, using qualitative approaches and descriptive methods. Data analysis was carried out qualitatively through the stages of interviews, observation, documentation and evaluation of Kirkpatrick’s four-level...
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Positive Parenting Program to Increase Parental Monitoring Toward Youth Sexual Behavior

Febry Rostiawan, Syamsu Yusuf, Tina Hayati Dahlan
The role of parents in the context of education in adolescents needs to be optimized, including sexual education in adolescents. In adolescence, most teenage boys and girls already have enough information about sex, especially in the digital era that is very open. Parental monitoring is a monitoring...
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The Influence of Parenting Style and Peers Group on Self-Efficacy and its Implications for Self-Regulated Learning

Fernando Saragih, Kusnendi
This study aims at obtaining the evidences about the influences of parenting style and peers group on self-efficacy and its implications for self-regulated learning. The approach used in this research is quantitative. This research was conducted in senior high schools in Purwakarta. The method of data...
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The Implementation of Teaching Materials Based on Local Agricultural Wisdom in Binjai to Improve Student Environmental Literacy

Findi Septiani, Siti Sriyati, Amprasto
Learning materials based on local wisdom are needed to make it easier for students to understand the material because it is close to the student environment. The study aims to measure the effectiveness of teaching materials based on local wisdom of agriculture in Binjai in improving the students’ environmental...
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Teacher’s Perception of Tolerance Among Elementary School Students

Muhamad Furqon Alhadiq, Dinn Wahyudin
Instilling tolerance is meant to make life in diversity harmonious. For elementary school teachers, it has become a demand to be able to instill tolerance in students but there are still many definitions and differences in indicators that make tolerance standards not yet established. The characteristics...
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Application of Educational Comics About Academic Integrity in Elementary School Students

Ginanjar Agung Jatmiko, Illfiandra, Cepi Riyana
The character of students’ academic integrity is currently one of the concerns in the world of education. Many cases of dishonesty in the educational environment are indicative of the low level of student academic integrity. One effort that can be done to grow it is by using comic media. Comic media...
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Life Satisfaction Among College Students: The Role of Self-Monitoring Through Peer Education

Hazhira Qudsyi, Achmad Sholeh, Nyda Afsari
Purpose of this study is to identify the effectiveness of self-monitoring training through peer education to improve life satisfaction for college students through peer education. This study uses a quantitative approach with a quasi-experimental method. Participants in the study were 30 students of Universitas...
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The Implementation of Modified Free Inquiry Learning Model to Improve Critical Thinking Skills of 21st-Century Students in High School on Bryophyta Learning

Eva Faozia Rahmi, Sariwulan Diana, Ana Ratna Wulan
The 21st century demands quality human resources and is able to compete globally. Critical thinking skills are part of important competencies in the 21st Century. The use of modified free inquiry learning models is one alternative to improve critical thinking skills and facilitate learning of Bryophyta....
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The Design of Behavior Modification Program with Token Economy in Elementary School

Fitria Siska Rijal, Tina Hayati Dahlan
Giving learning material in improving environmental care behavior of elementary school students is not only on environmental education but also needs to be strengthened towards the behavior of these students. Strengthening is provided through a program designed and developed to modify the behavior of...
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Fostering Altruism in Elementary School

Iklima Istiqomah, Mamat Supriatna, Nandang Budiman
Altruism is an important factor in maintaining the continuity of social life in society, especially in high diversity communities such as Indonesia. Research shows individuals tend to show altruistic behavior in other people who have similarities with them, such as gender, ethnicity, religion, and race...
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The Analysis of Classroom Climate in the Perspective of Peace Psychology

Kania Dewi Kurniawati, Anne Hafina, Ilfiandra
This research aims to explore the causes and efforts in building a peaceful classroom climate. This research was conducted at Bandung City Elementary School X. The method used in this research is a single case type study (single instrumental case study). The data used in this study are based on interviews,...
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Development of Self-Determination

Imamudin, Nandang Budiman, Suherman
This research is motivated by the purpose of self-determination, the awareness of individuals to achieve goals with the motivation that is in themselves. The essence of self-determination includes the awareness of the basic self-motivation to achieve the desired goals with all the consequences that will...
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Guidance and Counseling to Improve Healthy Sexual Behavior of Adolescents in West Java

Ipah Saripah, Nadia Aulia Nadhirah
Recently, the sexual behavior among adolescents has shown a general tendency toward urgency and is becoming a specific concern for several groups. Based on guidance and counseling’s perspective, the healthy sexual behavior an individual’s personal ability to reach their physical, psychological, and social...
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An Analysis of the Eight-Grade Test’s Items of the Islamic Junior High School in Yogyakarta

Nurul Aisyah
This study is a survey intended to determine the level of difficulty and power of discrimination of a final test 2018/2019 academic year with the use of multiple choice applied in the subject of Aqidah-Akhlak for the Islamic Junior High School’s Eighth Grade in Yogyakarta. Method of data collection use...
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Emotion Regulation in Adolescents

Husna Mulyati, Syamsu Yusuf LN, Mamat Supriatna
The emotional life of adolescents is different from children and adults, they react more strongly to situations that emit emotions, experience negative emotions, feel various mixed emotions, and flare up more quickly in certain situations. This article provides an overview of research on regulation of...
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Design of Integrated Experiential Learning Model with Music to Improve Entrepreneurship Intention of Vocational High School Students

Itsna Iftayani, Cahyana Nursidiq
This study aims to design learning models which can increase entrepreneurship intention of Vocational High School students. This study uses Research and Development Method of the 4-D model, in this study only two stages are conducted; define and design, while develop and disseminate stages will be continued...
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Personal and Social Environment in Self-Regulated Learning

Jesika Artha Theresia Sihotang, Eeng Ahman, Rasto
This study aims at obtaining evidences about the effect of self-efficacy, parenting style and peer groups on self-regulated learning. This research was conducted in Senior High School Cimahi. The method of data collection used is a survey method using questionnaires. The population consists of 105 Senior...
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The Development of Teaching Materials Based on Bali Local Wisdom in Environment Conservation

Kadek Sera Harlistya Udayani, Siti Sriyati
Teaching material is a component that has an important role in learning in the classroom. Students need contextual teaching materials to make it easier for them to understand the material. The development of teaching materials based on local wisdom in Bali aims to create teaching materials that are appropriate...
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Expressions of Curiosity and Academic Achievement of the Students from Low Socioeconomic Backgrounds

Laesti Nurishlah, Nandang Budiman, Hani Yulindrasari
Curiosity plays important role in encouraging students from low social economic status to achieve high achievement in school. For students with lack of access to learning facilities, curiosity becomes a source of intrinsic motivation to study. Through literature research, this article identifies key...
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Inclusive Early Childhood Education Management in Disaster Areas of Wonosobo Regency, Central Java

Lilis Madyawati, Hamron Zubadi, Khusnul Laely, Dwi Prihati
As the response of the right on education for the children with special needs, inclusive preschools emerge. This study questions the management of inclusive preschool in disaster areas in Wonosobo. It was a qualitative research that used interview, observation, and documentation as the method of data...
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Understanding Subjective Well-Being from a Top Down Theory Approach

Moh Fikri Tanzil Mutaqin, Hani Yulindrasari, Tina Hayati Dahlan
This article is a part of a Master of Education’s thesis concerning on subjective well-being of teenage inmates who join an alternative education in prison. This article focuses on discussing subjective well-being based on a top down theory approach. In general, to look at the quality of life and subjective...
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Analysis of Pedagogic Competence of Elementary School Teachers Based on Regional Characteristics

Ridwan Jusuf, Wahyu Sopandi, Ana Ratna Wulan, Udin Syaefudin Sa’ud
The ability of elementary school teachers to understand pedagogical competencies is absolutely necessary to carry out their duties as professional educators. The purpose of this study was to determine the pedagogical competence of elementary school teachers in understanding creative thinking assessment...
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Peace Education Pedagogy: A Strategy to Build Peaceful Schooling

Riswanda Setiadi, Ilfiandra
Violent behaviors and conflicts in our schools are increasingly intensified. This situation can be deemed as an anomaly as education actually contains a message of peace and encourages students to be able to live in harmony. The strategy allegedly effective in building the culture of peace in our schools...
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Program Evaluation of the Indonesian Navy’s Mental Development (A CIPP Model Evaluation Research)

Sri Depranoto
The study aims to analyze the implementation of the Navy’s mental development program, using a qualitative approach and evaluative methods. Data analysis was carried out qualitatively through interviews, observation and documentation. Evaluation of the CIPP model. The results show: (1) Components of...
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ECD Teacher Perspective on the Thematic Song in Early Childhood Learning

Maria Susana Yudianti, Mubiar Agustin, Titin Kartini
The aim of this study was to determine the perspective of teachers in the use of the song in children in Play Group Ceria Ujung Berung 2018-2019. The method used in this research is a case study with descriptive research with qualitative paradigm. Subjects in this study 10 teachers. The data collection...
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Opportunities Structure in Partnership Between Teachers and Parents in Creating Inclusive Culture at Play Group and Kindergarten

Melina Lestari, Sunaryo Kartadinata, Sunardi
One of the indicators of creating inclusive culture is a good partnership between parents and teachers so that the expected objective of inclusive education can be achieved. However, schools do not have opportunities structure for teachers and parents to collaborate in establishing inclusive culture...
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Cultivating Peace Model for Development of Peaceful Life Competencies of Adolescents

Nadia Aulia Nadhirah, Ilfiandra
Violence is adolescents an important topic for educators and school psychologists. Adolescents commit violence, destruction or persecution because they do not how to resolve conflict constructively. The study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of cultivating peace model for developing students’ peaceful...
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What Neuropsychology Says about Mathematical Word Problem Solving: Contribution of Executive Function in Educational Setting

Nani Restati Siregar, Supra Wimbarti, Sri Koesrohmaniah, Yulius Sunardi
The literature study was aim to describe the important role of neuropsychology in relation with the process of learning mathematical word problem. In this case, the involvement basic components of executive function (EF) which is consist of working memory, inhibition control, and shifting. The components...
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Life Skills and Entrepreneurship of Juvenile in Prisons

Noviani Utami, Nuryani Y Rustaman, Bambang Supriatno
A study to learn about early life skills of Senior High School students of Taruna Wiyata Mandiri, science major at Juvenile Correctional Penitentiary Class II Bandung. Study conducted on 5 samples, taken purposely under the consent, with characteristic: 15–22 age level, middle and lower economic class...
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The Implementation of Inclusive Education in Yogyakarta’s Primary Schools

Ratna Sari
This study’s objective is to discover the implementation of inclusive education in Primary schools. Inclusive education is a single education environment which provides chances for all students to study together. As mentioned in the Minister of National Education Regulation Number 70 of 2009 - Article...
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Grit World Strategy to Evolve the Academic Grits of Senior High School Students

Rian Andrian, Ilfiandra
Problems emerged during the learning process are not frequently due to the cognitive disabilities of the students. Yet, it is more of a lack of grit. Low grit causes a person to not work hard, own no high standards, to not focusing on fulfilling their responsibilities, as well as to show no effort when...
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How Animated Videos and the Snakes–Ladders Game Can Prevent Sexual Abuse in Children

Ni Made Swasti Wulanyani, IGAP Wulan Budi Setyani, Adijanti Marheni, Putu Yoga Sukma Pratama
Cases of sexual harassment in children have significantly increased in the last year, including in Bali. This is due to, among other considerations, a lack of knowledge in children related to sexual health as a means of prevention. As a precedent to behavioral changes, cognitive conditioning must be...
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Exploring University Students’ Learning Goals

Titik Kristiyani, Faturochman
Among the causes of failure to complete higher education is the incompatibility of students’ goals with the objectives of their study programs. So far it has been assumed that students have the same goals as their education providers. There are very few exploratory studies regarding student goals that...
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Traditional Game for the Development of Emotional Intelligence

Uup Abdul Raup, Nandang Budiman, Abin Syamsuddin
Children in solving various problems are strongly influenced by the emotional intelligence that is on him. Through the development of emotional intelligence will help children to find solutions to the problems of daily life. Children’s emotional intelligence can be trained from an early age, which is...
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Profile of Educands in the Digital Era

Babang Robandi, Euis Kurniati, Rianita Puspita Sari
This article is aimed to describe the profile of educands in the digital era which obtained through the research of “Pedagogic in the Era of Industrial Revolution 4.0”. The research method used is the phenomenology research method. Data were obtained through in-depth interviews with the Pedagogics Study...
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Values and Characters of the Samin Society

Roudhotul Anfalia, Yeni Rachmawati, Hani Yulindrasari
This study is written as literature reviews to answer the phenomena of social problems occuring frequently in several aspects such as doing violence in solving problems, manipulating information for personal gain and power, emphasizing and forcing one’s right commonly considered normal, as well as the...
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Diversity and Children’s Empathy: The Mediating Role of Parent’s Prejudice

Shani Safarah Rohmah, Rose Mini Agoes Salim
The high cases of aggressive behavior in the Indonesian primary school indicate the low empathy of children. One of the factors that influence empathy development is the social environment. Furthermore, Indonesian society is very diverse as the social environment of children. Therefore, this study aim...
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Implementation of Traditional Music Tools in Cultural and Art Learning for Mentally Disabled Students

Siti Fatimah Soenaryo, Beti Istanti Suwandayani, Reni Dwi Susanti
Music is a sound that is raised and accepted by someone and has different characteristics according to the location, culture, taste, history, and music lovers. Indonesia has a diverse diversity of regional music. Regional music or traditional music is a musical instrument that is influenced by the culture...
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Adolescent’s Career Maturity

Sugiyarlin, Mamat Supriatna
Career maturity is one of the important aspects of supporting one’s career development in the future. Guidance and counseling are an integral part of the education process. One of the development tasks of the adolescent is insight and career preparation. This is related to one of the tasks of adolescent...
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Description of Teachers’ and Parents’ Practices in Dealing with Young Children’s Developmental Delay

Suharsiwi, Weny Savitry S. Pandia
Early detection for children with special needs at early childhood education (PAUD) and elementary school (SD/MI) are very important. Early detection and proper handling causing children develop more optimally. Cooperation and good communication between parents and teachers are very important due to...
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Sociodrama to Develop Emotional Autonomy of the Adolescents

Syafrina Maula Tsaniah, Nurhudaya, Nandang Budiman
Emotional autonomy is one aspect of the task of adolescent development. Emotional autonomy is the ability to free oneself from emotional dependence on parents or others, and responsible for everything that is done. Emotional autonomy has four aspects, namely de-idealized, perceptions of parents as people,...
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Improving Teachers’ Competence in Information Technology

Susilo Dwi Rahayu, Sukoco
While in the global world, the education 4.0 has entered, only 40% of 2.7 million Indonesian teachers are familiars with ICT and do not yet have digital culture. Generation Z and α students are taught by generation X or Y teachers, meet in class education 4.0, what will their forms of learning be like?...
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The Factor Contributing Most to Midwife’s Professional Character

Yati Budiarti, Kama Abdul Hakam, Ace Suryadi
Professional is a character value that must be possessed by every profession included midwife. It is important to know what factors contribute to build the character of professional midwife, and what the most factor contribute to character professional midwife. The objective of this study was to analyze...
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Analysis of Integrity Index of Students in National Exams Based on Casual Loop Diagram Model

Suryadi, Nurhattati Fuad, Fransiskus Sawan, Fadhillah
Student integrity is a problem that is widely discussed in Indonesia, especially since the government measures the school integrity index in national examinations. This article aims to analyze students’ integrity problems with a casual loop diagram (CLD) model. CLD is a visual aid in systems thinking....
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The Role of Socioeconomic Status in the Relationship Between Career Aspirations and Engagement in Career Exploration

Dian Ratna Sawitri, Bambang Suryadi
Career exploration captures the gathering of information relevant to career progress. Career explorations in adolescents are crucial to examine, as they are essential actions required to realise one’s career aspirations. Career aspirations are important to study, as they are forerunners to future career...