Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Economics and Management Innovations

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Is there a pattern for innovative firms? A case study from a Portuguese and a Polish Region

Nelson Duarte, Francisco Diniz, Matylda Bojar, Anna Arent
The article presents the results of the study and comparison of innovation of Portuguese and Polish companies. For this research, the perspective is taken from innovation based in intangible factors, trying to measure, above all, the organizational culture of companies on innovation. The results state...
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Risk management as a determinant of the effectiveness of the quality management system in a building company

Harasymiuk Jolanta, Barski Janusz
The aim of this article is presentation of the results of an analysis of quality research on the conditions of an implementation of risk management in Polish building enterprises. The quality research was done on the basis of a participating observation and of an unstructured interview. The interviews...
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Quality Assurance Matrix as the advanced generation of quality control

Belu Nadia, Misztal Agnieszka, Ionescu Laurentiu Mihai
Presently, in the automotive industry, continuous improvement of product and process quality is always challenging and creative task. Many quality techniques were adopted in this field and advantages were also gained. The intention of this paper is to present the possibilities that offers the use of...
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Improving an organization functioning in risk conditions in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015

Golas Hanna, Mazur Anna, Gruszka Jozef
ISO 9001 quality management systems are very popular in Poland. The changes in the standard introduced in 2015 related to, among other things, the treatment of risk management as a vital part of corporate governance, will make companies improve the management of their systems in this respect. The aim...
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Knowledge Acquisition in Complex Systems

Grzybowska Katarzyna, Lupicka Anna
Knowledge in complex systems (supply networks or inter-organisational networks) is refined, among others, through dialogue, discussion, common experiences and observations. Such aÿknowledge evolves from dispersed knowledge into a single, consistent resource, difficult to imitate or duplicate in a different...
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Were our leaders ready to implement the changes? - a case study

Jasiulewicz-Kaczmarek Malgorzata, Szwedzka Katarzyna
The goal of the paper is to introduce results of the research carried in a large industrial company and concerning leadership style assessment. The results of the research presented in the paper refer to the specific period for the company analyzed, as it went through a kind of revolution. Over the last...
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Evaluation of ergonomic risk in the production line of frozen food products

Marek Lasota Andrzej, Hankiewicz Krzysztof
The objective of the present study was to assess and investigate the exposure level to risk factors of Work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) in the production line of frozen food products. The workers were evaluated using the Quick Exposure Check (QEC) observational tool. The exposure level...
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The essence of culture diversity in family businesses from Mexico and Poland

Wiecek-Janka Ewa
The present paper is the description of research on differences in the influence of family aspects on the functioning of family businesses in two cultural contexts: low and high. High-context culture was represented by family businesses from Mexico and low-context by family businesses from Poland. The...
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Studio Inheritance and Cultivation of Chinese Veteran Doctors of TCM in China

Junping Zhang, Aihua Zhang, Zheng Wei, XiaoPing Cai
Veteran Doctors of TCM are the outstanding delegates of contemporary Chinese medicine clinical and technological level conclude and refine lively and practical experience which is not only scientific but also practical to enrich and develop TCM academic and improve the level of clinical. Overall objectives...
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Analysis of The Leading Role of Ideological Education on The Undergraduate Career Development Plan

Xiaoyun Li
It is very important to develop the leading role of the ideological education from university to the undergraduates as the employment situation is severe for them. This article analyse how to realize the leading role of ideological education on the future career plan for the undergraduates on the basis...
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Based on SPSS to analysis the satisfaction hierarchy structure of e-commerce logistics professional student in College

Xumei Zhang, Shaohua Wei
Through literature review, this article summarizes several existing measurement systems of university student satisfaction, combined with the e-commerce and logistics 's characteristics, extracts 16 measures which can reflect the characteristics of the satisfaction of e-commerce logistics student. After...
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Implementation and Improvement of the Argumentation System for Navigation Safety Influences of Water-Involved Projects

Wei Wang, Youyou Li
The argumentation of navigation safety influences of water-involved projects is aimed to remove hidden navigation safety dangers in the form of management in advance, thus being an effective way of managing navigation safety. Since implementation of the system, it has played an active role in reducing...
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Fictive motion involves mental simulation in second language comprehension

Ling Pan, Zhiyi Li, Jing Fan
Recent studies have confirmed that people produce mental simulation when processing sentences including literal motion, abstract motion or fictive motion. However, the doubt is whether EFL learners mentally simulate fictive motion during language comprehension as native English speaker did. The paper...
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Discussion on the legal clinic for the protection of the rights and interests of the disabled

Hui Ma, JiZhou Yang
As a new mode of practice teaching, the law can not only help the Law School of theoretical knowledge into practical ability, but also to provide legal aid for vulnerable groups. This paper put forward a tentative idea on the construction of "the protection of the rights and interests of legal clinic"...
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Scientific research of early warning under the "Big Data"

A mu-la A mu-la, Guo-bo Zhuang
With the rapid development of information technology, the informationization tide impact on all aspects of human society. Under the background of big data, reasonable use of the growing data resources, to establish a set of scientific basis for the early warning mechanism, in order to speed up the anti-corruption...
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The Design and Implementation of the APP of Experiencing Guangxi Folk Custom

Biqing Li, Wenya Lai, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
This paper introduces the client terminal's design firstly which adopted Android platform structureÿand the program of layered modular design.ÿArchitecture design was made for the overall design, of which user login, travel information, setting and food information are the function module. The functions...
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The Feature and Popularization of American Clinical Legal Education

Zhongze Chen, Fang Shi
Since clinical legal education rose in the United States, it has profoundly influenced the legal education in numerous countries. This kind of schooling mode makes students majoring in law undertake independently judicial practice and study the critical skills of law practice. Besides, it develops a...
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The Justice of Higher education: a Necessary Care of Education

Jinlan Fu, Hongtao An
It is an ethical requirement that realizing everyone's equal right to accept education is an important aspect to realize social equality. Aimed at the conflicts between higher education opportunities and the demands of higher education, the paper elaborates these real problems in detail. Through empirical...
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The Research on Distribution of Benefits in the Cooperation of Enterprises, Colleges and Institutes Based on Shapley Model

Mengshi Zhan, Qiming Cai, Shuangteng Liu
The Intelligent Control Management System of fish tank uses STC12C5A60S2 microcontroller as the control and can automatically light on, automatically change water, automatically feed, and automatically water cycle. The collected data and all of the operations can be accessed through the display which...
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Intelligent Control Management System and Its Application

Biqing Li, Wenya Lai, Chongjun Yang, Shiyong Zheng
The Intelligent Control Management System of fish tank uses STC12C5A60S2 microcontroller as the control and can automatically light on, automatically change water, automatically feed, and automatically water cycle. The collected data and all of the operations can be accessed through the display which...
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Application of big data technology in clinical medicine and scientific research

Zhiyi Li, Ling Pan, Lifang Cui, Shiping Xie
With the development of science and technology, big data analysis can process massive amounts data generated by the medical and health industry. Timely acquisition, efficient treatment, rational application of big data, which can provide the reference for clinical diagnosis and treatment of common diseases,...
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Research on the path of private enterprise human resource management performance based on enterprise value system model

Xiao Zhao Wei, Wen Xia Hong, Fan Yang
Along with China's economic expansion, internationalization, private enterprise as a semi mature enterprise group in continuous attention. Human resource management in private enterprises have gradually become one of the important factors that must be considered in management. By reflecting existing...
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A Service Supply Chain Framework from Process Perspective

Xuesong Ma
The nature of services is a process of value creating process, starting from customer demand, operating through service supplier cooperating with customer, ending by customer service evaluation and paying service expense. Base on this point, a service supply chain framework is created. The analysis result...
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A Comparative Analysis on the International Competitiveness of Sino-US Trade in Higher Education Service

Qiaoqin Su, Xiaofu Zhou
Under the background of economic globalization, the global trade of education service has seen a rapid development especially in some western developed countries which regard the education industry as an important service industry with great support and have gained substantial economic and social benefits....
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Service Supply Chain Network Evolving Model Driven by Service Cooperation Strength_20160515

Xuesong Ma
This paper discusses the nature of service supply chain network from complex network perspective, and formulates a service supply chain network-evolving model based on service cooperation strength combined with service time and service frequency, which is special characteristics of service supply chain....
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Discussion of Effect of Training Programs on Improving Employees' Communicative Skills ---from the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

Zhiyong Cao
With the development of economic globalization, the competition among different enterprises all around the world is becoming fiercer and fiercer. Many researchers find that the quality of staff in a company is a crucial factor to improve the productivity of an enterprise. Moreover, in order to improve...
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On the Curriculum Setting Management of College English ESP Elective Courses Based on Demand Theory

Guoting Qian, Ming Wang, Jie Wei, Yiyan Shu, Yihang Ding, Zhengyu Ren, Ruocheng Wang, Bo Yan
Nowadays, English elective course setting is not consistent with the actual needs of the students, which results that students can not receive general English education to solve professional problems. This article aims to study the Curriculum Setting Management of college English ESP elective courses...
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Predictive Two-Degree-of-Freedom Control for Cavity-Temperature System

Qu Wu, Bo Lv
By analyzing the operating principle of rotor dryer, the cavity temperature system is approximatively abstracted as a second-order plant with time-lag. To aim at efficient control for the cavity-temperature system, two-degree-of-freedom controller with predictive control is designed. The simulations...
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The Innovation of Legal Education in the Primary and Secondary Schools in Minority Areas -Taking a Minority County in the South of GuiZhou Province as an Example

Zhongze Chen, Ye Bi
Legal education in the primary and secondary schools in minority areas is very important to the development of compulsory education in minority areas, the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the protection of left-behind children.At present, due to the slowly development of economy and society in...
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Research on Management Information Platform of County agricultural products electronic commerce Based on Precision Poverty Alleviation

Chunhua Hu, Ling Yang
Accurate poverty alleviation is an innovative means of poverty alleviation, and provides a new way for the work of poverty alleviation. Production of agricultural products for the life of the peasants provide material guarantee, the need to take active measures to give support, allowing farmers to increase...
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Study on the Transformation of Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Management

Bingfeng Liu
Since ancient times, accumulated rich ceramic culture with porcelain industry in Jingdezhen, known as the capital of porcelain. The Millennium kiln fire, like a Phoenix, the birth of a Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Management is brilliant. Jingdezhen Ceramic Culture Management has a diversity of characteristics:...
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Research on The Use of Big data in Anorectal Branch

Mingliao Niu, Yuyan Liu, Huanhuan Zhen, Zuowu Xi
The era of big data to the community more than just data becomes large, increased resources, more is to change the mindset and the consequent data mining technology continue to make breakthroughs, the rapid development of the ability to use the data. In this context, all the valuable data will soon be...
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Study of the Process Motivation Theory for Improving the Learning Autonomy in Shaanxi Private College Students

Hui Hua
The construction of the style of study is an significant issue for the cultivation of talents in China. The importance and significance is self-evident. In the private colleges in shaanxi province, the problem in the construction of the style of study is especially prominent. The key source to solve...
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Mineral Resources Development and Management Strategy in Sierra Leone

David Kanume KOROMA, Yujie WANG, Cintia Betiza KOROMA
Mineral resources management has today become one of the key factors in the extractive industry which has gotten a lot of attention from the populace and government of resources rich countries, thus its exploration and production must also pursue a sustainable mode. Based on the current management of...
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Integrating social responsibility considerations into PCR model: an application of China's electricity price regulation

Qing Huang
Price cap regulation (PCR) has experienced widespread adoption in some countries' electricity sector. In current China's electric power transmission-distribution price reform, the cost plus revenue regulation model has been adopted for the supervision over electric power transmission-distribution price,...
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An Analysis of Bitcoin Price Based on VEC Model

Junpeng Wang, Yubo Xue, Minghao Liu
As the world's first completely decentralized digital payment system, the emergence of bitcoin represents a revolutionary phenomenon in financial markets. This paper mainly studies the fluctuations of bitcoin price and discusses weather digital currencies represented by bitcoin have the potential to...
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Analysis of Existing Problems in Higher Inclusive Education for Physically Disabled Undergraduates

Qian Xia
Higher inclusive education is a kind of education model in which physically disabled undergraduates and sound undergraduates receive higher education together. To have physically disabled undergraduates receive higher inclusive education is an objective requirement for equal education right, which will...
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Correlation Analysis of Working Capital Management and Corporate Performance in Manufacturing Industry: A Perspective of Supply Chain

Hong Zhou, Jingyi Wang
Working capital management is the foundation of enterprise fund management. In this paper, from the perspective of supply chain, the manufacturing industry is divided into three stages, namely, primary raw materials, equipment and final consumer goods suppliers. The author collected the related financial...
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Chinese Investor Sentiment and Stock Returns

Mengni Xie
To verify the relationship between Chinese investor sentiment and Chinese stock returns, this paper collets data from 2003 to 2015, using principal component analysis method to construct the monthly investor sentiment index, then using Granger test to examine whether Chinese investor sentiment and stock...
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Study on the Rural Tourism Image of She Ethnic Group Based on Network Text Mining Analysis

Xinlei Wu, Ying Zhang
Network text mining analysis is an important method for the evaluation of tourism destination image, through the collection, screening and analysis of network data, the tourists' perceptual information can be obtained, the attributes and characteristics of tourism destination image can be studied and...
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Computer Applications Educational Reform and Laboratory Practice and Exploration in Higher Education

Dawei Xiang, Yanbo Wu
In the booming higher education today, lab construction has become an important job for personnel training in universities. Universities must accelerate the experimental teaching reform, strengthen its laboratory management and community-oriented development to cultivate innovative talents. In this paper,...
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Relationship Marketing for Energy Contract Management

Hongyu Liu, Wei Zhao
Energy Contract Management is to pay for the cost of energy-saving projects by saving energy costs. It is a new energy-saving investment, mainly for professional energy services companies. Through this way, companies can take advantage of future energy-saving benefits of equipment upgrading and lower...
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Psychological Assessment Data Processing Model Based on Neural Network Theory

Xiaowang Chen
Neural networks are real rough neural network simulation, it is fault tolerant, anti-interference, high efficiency and other characteristics, with learning, memory and other cognitive functions powerful and therefore suitable for simulation of psychology in many areas. In this paper, the data from College...
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Computer Applications Educational Reform and Laboratory Practice and Exploration in Higher Education

Yanbo Wu, Dawei Xiang
In the booming higher education today, lab construction has become an important job for personnel training in universities. Universities must accelerate the experimental teaching reform, strengthen its laboratory management and community-oriented development to cultivate innovative talents. In this paper,...
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Analysis on the Influence of Enterprise Micro-blog Interaction on Product Diffusion

Mairan Xue
As an enterprise marketing platform, micro-blog has been widely used. With its influence and number of users rapidly increasing, the commercial value has been reflected gradually. The article took sales of intelligent mobile phones as the review indicator of product diffusion, and selected official micro-blogs...
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Feng Xiaogang's movie economy operation

Jiachong Hu
China's movie industry has developed rapidly since the new century. Feng Xiaogang's movie market oriented, service to the viewers, in a row to create the myth of domestic movie box office, once beyond the period overseas Hollywood blockbusters. His movie economic operation mechanism is very important...
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Reality and Dilemma Analysis of Civil Servants' Properties Declaration System in China

Zenan Xiong
At present, the corruption in civil servants of China is in high-risk situation, which has seriously hampered the economic development and has damaged people's benefits. And the situation of struggling against corruption is very severe. The civil servants' properties declaration system, which includes...
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Prediction Using Logistic Regression Analysis of Peripheral Vascular Disease

Yanan Li, Xiaona Guo, Chunsheng Yan
Logisic regression model is to study the response variable is an important analytical method for non-continuous variables. Linear regression models and quantitative analysis is one of the most commonly used data mining methods of statistical analysis, linear regression analysis but generally require...
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A novel hybrid intelligent fault diagnosis method based on improved RBF neural network

Yi Liu
The radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) is a great potential artificial intelligence technology and can effectively realize the fault diagnosis for small sample and nonlinear problem. But the parameters of RBFNN model seriously affects the generalization ability and diagnosis accuracy on the...
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Design and implementation of a socialized medicine reimbursement management system of high school based on Java technology

Weiwei Yang
In this paper, to improve the office efficiency of public health office and planning finance office, a management system of medical reimbursement management systems of Jinan University was designed and analyzed based on Java technology. Script xml was implemented with JSP + Java Script as a development...
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Teaching Exploration of the Features of the Context-based Enterprise Management Course

Haihuai He
This paper analyzes the background of enterprise management course in vocational college. describes the "lead case, task-driven, strengthen training" teaching content which includes: the development of learning areas, creation of a dynamic update of teaching content system, the development of career...
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The Construction of World-class Universities and World-class Disciplines: Reasons, Targets and Measures

Xiaohong Lv
Based on "Project 985" and "project 211", The Overall Plan to Promote the Construction of World-class Universities and World-class Disciplines is designed for China's transition from a big country in higher education to a powerful country in higher education, it aims at constructing a group of universities...
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A Brief Summary about Application of CaseTeaching Methodology in China

Zhongze Chen, Yuan Li
In order to build a legal society in China, the education quality of law schools is receiving more and more attention, many reforms of education bring many highlights as well as drawbacks. This paper focuses on case teaching methodology, one of the highlights of education reforms, which put forward by...
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On Translation Methods of Materialogy English

Liang Ma, Wei Zhao
There are various common problems in the translation of materialogy English, which are caused by a lot of specific English language features of materialogy. Therefore the staffs of materialogy should learn these features as well as learn some basic translation skills in order to introduce more western...
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A Brief Analysis of Methods and Approaches of Using Conformist Mentality of Students to Carry out Ideological and Political Education

Bing BAI
Conformist mentality is a common social psychological phenomenon in daily life and at work. The way of guiding university students to have a right attitude toward conformist mentality has a great significance for cultivation of ideological morality and good individual characters. This paper conducts...
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Study on Establishing Administrative Approval for Piloting Institutions

Qian Xia, Bihan Yang
Piloting is a kind of unique service based on grasp of local knowledge and special circumstances often occurring within piloting areas. In terms of form, piloting is the behavior of helping ship navigate by staff with professional knowledge, experience and skills in order to ensure safe navigation and...
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Entertainment idols' art management innovation research

Yali Zhang
This paper mainly expounds the entertainment idols' art management innovation, entertainment idols have been rising earlier in the West, and it has been rising in China from the 80s . With the development of media, entertainment idols have great influence on the way of public's life, behavior and values...