Proceedings of the 2023 3rd International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2023)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 2023 3th International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2023)
Date: 12-14 May 2023
Location: Xi'an, China (Hybrid)

The 2023 3rd International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2023) was held via virtual form in Xi’an, China, during May 12–14, 2023, following the successes of previous events held in Nanjing and Dalian via physical or hybrid form. The conference was supported by University Malaysia Sabah, Malaysia. About 80 international participants from more than ten foreign countries attended the conference.

This year, ICEMED 2023 aimed to bring together researchers, developers, and users in both industry and academia in the world for sharing state-of-the-art results, for exploring new areas of research and development, and to discuss emerging issues on enterprise management and economic development.

The ICEMED 2023 was featured with three keynote speeches (by Prof. Noor Azizi Ismail, Prof. Chen Ma, and Assoc. Prof. John Qi Dong, respectively), as well as several oral and poster presentations, in which a wide range of topics were covered and the most recent significant results were presented. Prof. Noor Azizi Ismail from Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Malaysia, presented his research Talent, Technology and Innovation: Potential and Reality. This presentation provided an overview of the potential of technology to drive innovation and some reality checks on the ground. It also touched on the role of universities in pushing for the nation’s innovation-driven economic growth. In conclusion, talent, technology, and innovation are intertwined and critical to the success of an organization.

Including oral and poster presentations, quantity of papers evaluated based on their originality, technical or research content, correctness, relevance to conference, contributions, and readability were presented in the conference, some of which were selected to publish in full papers in this edition of Atlantis Press. The topics of these papers include enterprise development and strategy, international operation and management, strategic human resource management, customer relationship management, economic statistics and econometric analysis, financial economics, etc.

With the excellent quality of all the presentations, the ICEMED 2023 was a great success. We wish to thank the sponsors of the conference and particularly the technical program committee and the organizing committee. We would also like to extend our gratitude to all the speakers and authors for sharing scientific ideas and presenting new perspectives with us on related topics. Our appreciation also to Atlantis Press for the assistance it provided for the publication of this paper volume.

The Committee of ICEMED 2023