Proceedings of the 2023 3rd International Conference on Enterprise Management and Economic Development (ICEMED 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Gaikar Vilas, Jing Gao, Xi Chen
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Client-Auditor Mismatches, Internal Control and Strategic Deviance

Libing Yang
Uses A-share listed companies from 2015 to 2020 as research samples, this paper explores the impact of client-auditor mismatches on strategic deviance. The empirical results show that the client-auditor upward mismatches will restrain the strategic deviance to some extent, in contrast the client-auditor...
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Application of DCF Model in Enterprise Value Assessment

Jiaxing Han
With the capital market being increasingly open, people’s living standards are being improved day by day. A large amount of capital enters the market, and people’s cognition and demand for investment are becoming more and more urgent. In this context, choosing a scientific method of enterprise value...
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The Impacts of Business Model Innovation on Enterprise Development: Taking East Buy Holding Limited as an Example

Yingfei Xia
Nowadays, Internet is very developed, so plenty of enterprises choose to expand new sales channel, which is e-commerce. This study is going to explore the impact of business model innovation on enterprise development. The study adopts case study to analysis a specific company: East Buy Holding Limited....
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The Implications of RMB Exchange Rate Changes on China’s Tour Industry Foreign Exchange Income

Peizhi Wang
The relationship between exchange rate fluctuations and economic development has always been a hot topic for scholars from all walks of life. Tourism is equivalent to developing a new engine of communism. Studying the result of changes in the value of the renminbi against foreign currencies on tour industry...
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Is Confucianism a Panacea for Improving Financial Reporting Quality? Evidence from China

Yalin Lu, Zhong Ma
The study breaks the inherent perceptions of Chinese Confucianism and discovers the shackle effect of Confucianism on financial reporting quality. Further analysis suggests that Confucianism intensifies the manipulation of actual business activities. The shackle effect of Confucianism is more prominent...
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Impact of the International Economic Law on the Foreign Trade of New Energy Vehicles Under the Background of the “Belt and Road Initiative”

Fengyi Wang
In recent years, the scale of foreign trade of new energy vehicles industry has expanded rapidly, which has raised concerns about the industry’s ability to effectively manage international legal risks. Through the methods of text analysis and case analysis on the existing foundation of the “Belt and...
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Research on Risk Management in the New Era

Xinbo Zhu
With the rapid development of science and technology, the ‘new axis era’ will become an important driving force for the future development of mankind. It not only promotes the progress of basic theory, but also changes the way of risk, cognition and management, so that people can better cope with future...
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The Impact of Tax Reform on Logistics Enterprises - Shunfeng Express as an Example

Yujie Hu
In the process of modernising socialism, as the times change, policy updates and adjustments are inevitable in order to promote the long-term and stable development of many industries. Since the change of business tax to value-added tax was introduced, the “camp reform” has had different degrees of impact...
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The Impact of Unicorns on Urban Economic Development

Wei Wu
In recent years, China’s unicorn enterprises, as a representative of the new economy, are developing rapidly, and have become an important indicator to measure the urban innovation environment and economic development. This paper selects Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Hangzhou and other cities...
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Impact of Low-Carbon Economy on the Exports from China Under WTO Mechanism

Yilin Wen
In the current international society where the idea of economic globalization and green environmental protection is increasingly worshiped and enshrined, promotion of low-carbon economy has become a new trend of and necessary demand for developing international economy. Based on a comprehensive analysis...
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Chip Semiconductors: The Development Trend of Global Supply Chain and the Challenges Faced by China

Zhihui Ni, Zirui Wu
Japan, the United States, China and other countries have different chip development histories. With cooperation and competition in the process of development, different countries explore and research into different sub sectors, and ultimately occupy an important part of the global chip industry chain....
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PDCA-Based Management of Corporate Research Integrity and Ethics

Xiner Luo, Zijun Liu, Jie Tian, Yinuo Wang, Hao Liu
In recent years, research integrity and research ethics have received national and world attention, and people from all walks of life have carried out research on various aspects of research integrity and ethical approaches, but research on research integrity and ethics in companies is still very scarce....
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The Original Development Analysis of Marxist Ecological Economic Theory

Min Gong
Based on the relevant theory of Marxist ecological civilization, the necessity and feasibility of the ecological development of market economy are studied. Respectively from the market economy did not realize the decisive role of social resource allocation, the government support for market ecological...
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Analysis of the Impact of the Epidemic on Chinese Commercial Banks

Jingyan Lin
The epidemic will temporarily impact the commercial banks, which can be divided into three dimensions. First, the shortcomings of online functions lead to limited development of commercial banks. Second, the rapid growth of non-performing assets has dragged down the pace of bank expansion and income...
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Exploring the Legal Regulation of Executive Remuneration

Linyun Xie, Jiarui Zhang
This paper analyses how the main components of executive compensation have changed in recent decades and the disadvantages of option incentives. It will then analyse the effectiveness or limitations of each of the legal instruments that have been implemented to alleviate the situation and how public...
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Research on Construction and Scheduling of Seru Considering Worker Flexibility

WenMin Han, WanJin Si, Yang Liu
Seru have gradually become the production method to cope with multi-variety and small-lot demands due to their high productivity and flexibility, and the allocation of tasks, equipment and workers are the key decisions in the construction and scheduling of Seru. In this paper, an optimization model with...
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Comprehensive Evaluation of Product Design Quality for Stakeholder Needs

An Empirical Study on the Example of Company S

Ping Gu, Huixian Guo
In view of the importance of quality in the design and development stage, we introduce the classification of stakeholders and their specific needs for product design quality, and construct a comprehensive evaluation index system for product design quality to meet the needs of stakeholders. A representative...
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Influence of Governance and Technology on the Environment and Economy Under Dual-Carbon Target

Ran Zhao, Pinglin He, Linlin Sun
As carbon emission increases significantly with the development of the economy, a series of environmental problems have occurred so far. The investigation of the dual-carbon target has become a frontier science to alleviate the contradiction between the environment and the economy. To investigate the...
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Innovative Transformation and Practice of Internationalized Business Management Model of Central Enterprises in the New Era

Xinsheng Zhang, Jianfei Lu, Haolan Li, Yunfei Xv
The world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century, especially the global pandemic of new crown pneumonia has accelerated the changes. Facing the increasingly complex external environmental challenges, central enterprises urgently need to build a management model that matches the strategic...
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The Influence of Suggestibility of Brand Names of Agricultural Products on Consumption Decision-Making: A Case Study of Names with Taste Suggestibility

Ruoxun Zeng, Xue Li, Yulu Liu, Zixin Meng, Jialin Xu
With the continuous development of agricultural economy, China has entered the era of agricultural products brand from the era of agricultural products shortage, agricultural products market competition has gradually developed into quality, reputation, popularity and other comprehensive strength competition....
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A Study of the Internal Mechanism of Consumer Response to Corporate CSR Behavior

He Liu, Zhaoyu Chen
Existing studies mainly study the impact of CSR behavior on consumer response based on questionnaires. However, there are relatively few studies on online consumer response, especially on the intermediate mechanism of impact. From the perspective of grounded theory, this paper takes major CSR events...
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Analysis of China’s Current Situation of Population Aging and Its Impact on the Economy

Shiyuan Xu
With the development of Chinese society, the current situation of China’s aging population is more and more serious, which attracts people’s attention. China’s aging acceleration is manifested by the large size of the elderly population, the proportion of the total population is getting higher and higher,...
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Research on Digitization of Core Competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises – Take Z Enterprise as an Example

Xiaozheng Liu
With the continuous development of digital economy, improve the quality of economic development, the society has developed to a new stage of economic - digital economy era. This characteristic of economic development brings great opportunities and challenges to small, medium and micro enterprises in...
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Analysis of the Validity of the Capital Asset Pricing Model: A Comparison Based on the FTSE ALL-Share and the UK Three-Month Treasury Bills

Cheng Xie
CAPM (Capital Asset Pricing Model) is the most important model in modern finance that can be used to: calculate the systematic risk of assets, estimate the expected rate of return on assets, and evaluate the performance of a portfolio. In this study, FTSEALL-Share and UK three-month Treasury bills are...
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Research on the Elements and System Framework of Modern Transportation Logistics

Rongna Xiao, Dachuan Ding, Nanxi Zhao, Xinzi Wang
As a value-added activity in economic production, modern transportation and logistics is the product of the continuous development of socialized production and specialized division of labor. Its position and role in economic and social activities are becoming increasingly important. It not only plays...
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Research on the Division and Analysis Method of Water Efficiency Standards for Industrial Industries in Industrial Parks

Cheng Chen, Qingfang Wang, Huibin Yang, Qifeng Li
This article proposes a water efficiency index system and water efficiency standard levels for admission and evaluation management of industrial enterprises in industrial parks, as the existing unit product water quota index is difficult to apply to the water efficiency management needs of industrial...
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A Comparative Study of Precedent Procedures for Shareholder Derivative Actions

Xiang Liu
As a specialized form of civil pre-litigation, the shareholder derivative pre-litigation procedure actively promotes reconciliation between companies and shareholders and extrajudicial resolution of disputes. Because of the corporate governance structure and social traditions, the shareholder derivative...
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Research on the Green Transformation Path of Manufacturing Enterprises

Jierui Du
In today’s advocacy of green and sustainable development, the green transformation of manufacturing enterprises is an inevitable choice for the manufacturing industry to seek new development in the context of Industry 4.0. As a pillar industry of China’s economy, the green transformation of the manufacturing...
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Research on Automobile Development Strategy Based on ESG

Taking NIO as an Example

Yu Fu
The popularity of the concept of green development makes the traditional automobile enterprises with oil as fuel start to think about how to transform. Meanwhile, in recent years, the concept of ESG has gradually become an indicator to measure the value and sustainable development of listed companies....
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The Impact of the Resource Base on the Construction of Entrepreneurial Networks for University Students

Exploratory Learning as a Mediating Variable

Boheng Zhao, Chao Wang
Entrepreneurial network is a strategic prerequisite for university student entrepreneurs to expand the survival space of their enterprises within the entrepreneurship process. In this paper, exploratory learning is used as a mediating variable to construct and verify the relationship between the resource...
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Research on Digital Transformation and Operation Management Model of Power Grid Enterprises

Tiebin Guo, Li Jiang, Yunjing Liu, Xuanting Huang, Xiaozhuo Guan
In recent years, in the context of economic globalization and the prevention and control of the COVID-19, enterprise digital transformation has become the core element to ensure enterprise operation and achieve sustainable development. In the environment of customer service innovation, power grid enterprises...
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A Study of Chinese Entrepreneurs’ Motivation for Innovation and Its Influencing Factors

Haigang Zhuang, Yumei Hou
Innovation strategy has become the core strategy of the country, and entrepreneurs are the natural main body of innovation and the fundamental driving force to promote innovation. However, the academic research on the innovative motivation of entrepreneurs is less and not systematic, and the research...
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Research on Investment Economics of Hydrogen Production Project in Thermal Power Plant Under Auxiliary Service Market

Jing Jiang, Hua Li, ZhiWei Xie, YiWei Xue, Qi Luo, RunQi Liu
On the basis of analyzing the characteristics of hydrogen energy, the application status and development trend of hydrogen energy storage technology, the feasibility and advantages of participating in auxiliary service of peak load balancing for hydrogen production projects invested in thermal power...
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Foreign Exchange Risk Analysis and Countermeasures of Chinese Multinational Corporations

Based on the Analysis of China National Petroleum Corporation

Yunqin Hu
In recent years, Chinese multinational companies are facing increasing exchange rate risks with the deepening degree of internationalization. This paper takes China National Petroleum Corporation as the object, based on the financial data of the company in recent three years, and discusses mainly from...
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Comparative Histories of Tiffany&Co.’s Evolution and the Jewelry Industry

Yiyu Chen, Ailifeiya Aili, Yuewei Si
In conjunction with the end of the pandemic, the LVMH Group acquired the venerable luxury brand Tiffany. This article is based on analysis conducted by McKinsey. We conducted a comprehensive analysis of Tiffany Brands’ brand marketing, brand planning, and brand history. By comparing multiple luxury brands,...
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Research on Equipment Management and Control System Under the Integrated Mode of Operation and Maintenance in Pumped Storage Enterprises in China

Guohe Li, Zhengxi Wan, Bowen Hao, Kangle Wang, Jiaping Han, Qingyou Yan
With the continuous development and growth of power enterprises, equipment management is also increasingly valued, especially in the hydropower industry, which mainly focuses on clean energy. Equipment management is even more important. Based on the current international concept and best practices of...
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Research Progress and Trends of Feed Business Management in China—Based Bibliometric Study

Yingzi Xu, Li Yu
Feed industry in China’s national economy occupies a very important position. Since the reform and opening up, the rapid development of China’s feed industry, into the new century, due to the rapid growth in the number of feed enterprises in China, causing excess capacity and vicious competition, and...
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Text Analysis of Commodity Evaluation Data Mining Based on LDA Theme Model

Qian Zhang
With the development of e-commerce industry, product reviews have become an important bridge between consumers and businesses. Consumers intuitively express their opinions and comments on products or services through product reviews, making online reviews an important basis for online businesses to improve...
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The Impact of COVID-19 on Cash Holdings

Based on Evidence from Chinese Food Manufacturing Firms

Qi Chen
This study collected financial panel data of 42 food manufacturing firms from 2014–2022, and finally selected 15 to explore the changes in the impact of each risk on the cash holdings of firms before and after the COVID-19. The risks include market volatility (VaR), market share (MS), inventory turnover...
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A Study on the Factors Influencing the Turnover of Knowledge Employees in State-Owned Enterprises

Taking CZ Company as a Case

Yunhong Xu, Rini Suryati Sulong, Xuming Wu
Under the background of knowledge economy, the competition among enterprises is gradually condensed into that for human resources. However, the turnover rate of employee in stated-owned enterprises is actually getting higher and higher, particularly, the knowledge staff. CZ Company is chosen as a case...
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New Combined Tax Support Policy in the Post-epidemic Era Research to Help the Development of Small Micro Enterprises

Jiayi Ma, Yalan Sun
Small micro enterprises have made great contributions to China’s economic development. However, due to their own characteristics of small scale, single business and lack of own cash flow, the chance of bankruptcy is greatly increased when small micro enterprises face difficulties. The sudden outbreak...
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Research on Dynamic Evaluation of Organizational Efficiency of Agricultural Enterprises

Lin Qiu, Weihua Yang
Faced with strong population pressure, the importance of agriculture has become increasingly prominent, and the development of agricultural economy has attracted the attention of the government. As the main carrier of agricultural economy, agricultural enterprises play a crucial role. There are a large...
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Evaluation of the Application of Facility Reliability Evaluation Indicators in the Development of Distribution Network Industry

Jingjing Huang, Zhesheng Hu, Chao Zhu, Ling Lin, Manying Zhang, Nian Jiang, Qian Wu
The application effect evaluation of reliability indicators for distribution network facilities should be in line with national conditions, especially considering the current situation of enterprise facility reliability management, personnel quality, facility type, and advanced level of facilities. The...
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Promotion, Application and System Construction of Reliability Evaluation for Distribution Network Facilities

Kai Shen, Xuan Yang, Fen Qin, Zhe Chen, Nian Jiang, Jun He, Qian Wu
The ultimate goal of conducting reliability evaluation of distribution network facilities is to seek the lowest life cycle cost without reducing the reliability of the facilities. At the end of 2022, the industry standard “Guidelines for Reliability Evaluation Indicators of Distribution Network Facilities”...
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The Impact of Employee Work Experience on Job Performance in Internet Enterprises: The Chain Mediating Role of Positive Emotions and Work Engagement

Yonghui Gao, Hui Zhao, Wenjing Wang
With the continuous development of the experience economy, the relationship between employee work experience and work performance is increasingly valued by enterprises. Based on the theory of emotional events, the research framework of “employee work experience-positive emotions-work engagement-work...
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Research on Innovation Performance Evaluation of Sericulture Science and Technology Organizations in Nanchong City

Jian Tang, Jing Chen, Gu Chen, Yangyang Chen
Sericulture innovation is the driving force for the development of sericulture, and innovation performance evaluation is an important means to promote the innovative development of sericulture technology organizations. This article conducted a questionnaire survey on the innovation performance of sericulture...
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Research on the Impact of Digital Economy on Urban Carbon Emissions

Linlin Cui, Hongfei Cao, Xuchang Miao, Junjie An, Linzhuoshang Wang
In recent years, the rapid development of the digital economy has become a new endogenous driving force for economic growth. Digital technologies are providing important support for sustainable development and addressing global climate change. Considering this, this paper focuses on exploring the relationship...
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Digital Transformation and Enterprise Value Creation - A Case Study Based on GRG Banking

Xiaoxuan Guo
Digital transformation is the key for companies to cultivate competitive advantages, but few studies have distilled the paths of action in depth. This paper adopts a single-case study approach to investigate the process of digital transformation at GRG Banking, as well as the value creation mechanism...
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Research on the Development of Artificial Intelligence Industry Based on Structural Equation Model - ChatGPT as an Example

Qingling Fan, Mengjie Ren
Based on the structural equation model, this paper mainly analyzes the influencing factors on the development of ChatGPT from four dimensions, and draws the main conclusions: ChatGPT has great advantages in application maturity; Subject factors are important factors affecting the development of ChatGPT;...
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Research on Consumer Information Processing and Purchase Intention of Live Streaming: Integrating Elaboration Likelihood Model and ABC Attitude Model

Changhua He, Mengyao Yu, Lijun Shi, Wenxuan Jia
This study proposes an extended research model that explores the relationship between consumer information cues and purchase intention in the context of live streaming. The model builds upon previous theoretical methods and research successes and combines the Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM) and the...
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Smart Economic City: Current Status and Optimisation of Macau’s Transport and Environment

Jinzhou Zhu
The accelerated development of Macau over the past decade has led to an increase in demand for transportation and energy consumption, resulting in significant environmental and transportation issues. This paper examines both the transport and environmental aspects of Macau in light of the current situation...