Proceedings of the International Conference of Democratisation in Southeast Asia (ICDeSA 2019)

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The Citizenship Engagement Quality Of Student In ASEAN: Will It Be Able To Realize Sustainable Economic Community Performance In The Future?

Bambang Suseno
The purpose of this study is to (1) analyze regional dynamic influence to AEC; (2) empirically test regional dynamic influence on citizenship engagement; (3) analyze regional dynamic influence on risk of conflict; (4) analyze the influence of risk conflict on AEC performance; (6) empirically analyze...
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Reviewing Presidential Candidates And Political Parties Reactions On The Results Of 2019 General Election Quick Count

The results of the general election (presidential choice and choice of legislative members) in Indonesia on April 17, 2019 are known in a short time through a quick count process. On the one hand, there are differences in attitudes from the two presidential candidates in dealing with quick count results....
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Village Government Leadership Towards Optimizing Society Participation in Development Planning

Adam Latif, Irwan, Ahmad Mustanir, Jamaludin Ahmad, Geminastiti Sakkir
This research is to find out the leadership of the village government and to find out society participation in development planning in Pattondon Salu Village, Maiwa District, Enrekang Regency. The hypothesis of this study is that village government leadership has a significant effect on optimizing society...
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Juridical Analysis Of Criminal Acts Of Corruption With The Use Of Social Assistance Funds In The Ministry Of Education And Culture (Decision Of The Serang State Court No.25/Pid.Sus-Tpk/2017/Pn.Srg)

Kafurta Sutaarga
This research is to find out the application of Corruption Crimes committed by the Defendant in collecting from the Social Assistance Fund at the Ministry of Education and Culture according to Decision No. 25/Pid.Sus/2017/PN.SRG. This study uses Juridical-Empirical Research method, namely research that...
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Bawaslu and the Dynamic of Election Monitoring in Indonesia

Muhamad Febriansyah, Muhammad Febriansyah, Muhamad Ismail, Norazam Noor
This paper examines the election monitoring in Indonesia with a specific focus on a unique element in Indonesian elections that is the Bawaslu, an official institution established to observe and monitor the electoral process. Bawaslu had gained considerable juridical authority since 2017, granted by...
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The Informatıon Technology-Based Plannıng And Budgetıng System In The Regıonal Government Of Banten Provınce Indonesıa

Delly Maulana, Endang Larasati, Sri Suwitri, Kismartini
Transparency and accountability in the process of budget policy-making are two of the necessary principles which are conducted through the transparent presentation of information which is accessible to the public. The reason is that every use of funds must be accountable for its utilization of the resources...
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Kalimantan Province: The Incompetence Of Incumbents In The Contestation Of 2015 Regional Head Elections In The Central Hulu Sungai Regency Of South

Hairini Mahyuni, Mahyuni, Siti Hairini, Muhammad Fauzan
This study aims to determine the causes of incumbents in the contestation of 2015 regional head elections in the Central Hulu Sungai Regency of South Kalimantan Province. This research uses a qualitative method approach with an explorative descriptive type. Purposive technique was used to determine the...
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Political Expression on YouTube During the 2019 Presidential Election Campaign With Uses and Dependency Perspective

Drina Intyaswati, Drina Intityaswi, Eni Maryani, Antar Venus, Dadang Sugiana
This study wants to see political expressions on Youtube during the election campaign. Through the perspective of the Uses and Dependency that sees active users in using the media and the interaction with social and media systems, qualitative content analysis of comments from selected Youtube political...
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Decentralization Of Fiscal Administration Of Subang Regional Financial Year 2015 - 2017

Zaenal Hirawan, Hadi Nugroho
This aims study to analyze the implementation of fiscal decentralization, especially on Subang regional Revenue from legitimate regional income sources. This study used descriptive qualitative method. The data taken is primary and secondary data. The data collected is by conducting in-depth interviews...
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Government-Initiated City Branding: A Case of Sapta Cita In Cianjur, West Java, Indonesia

P.M Agustini, E.J Mihardja, T Widiastuti
Cianjur as one of the districts in West Java is carrying out various activities under the framework of city branding namely Sapta Cita. This research focuses on the packaging of Sapta Cita as the Cianjur government strategy as well as flagship program for establishing city branding. The purpose of this...
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Reconstruction and Transformation of Regional Culture Through Tourism: The case of Bangka Belitung Province

Kazuyo Futaesaku
My most recent research has focused on the province of Bangka Belitung, Indonesia. This province has been an important global tin mining center since the 18th century, but tin has been depleted in recent years and there is a big demand for new industries to replace tin mining. In recent years, the province...
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Effect of Social Interaction Based on Socio-Religions In Ensuring Security (Case Study: Capital City Police of Medan, Indonesia)

Dadang Hartanto, Nasrullah Hidayat
Purpose this study to know Social interaction Chief of Capital City Police of Medan based on social religions in ensure security . This type of research is quantitative descriptive research. The population in this study were people in Medan City consisting of religious leaders, community leaders, academics...
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Legitimation of Religious Symbols in Politics: Descriptive Analysis of The Narration of Indonesian Election Campaign 2019

Sonny Zaluchu, Stephanus Karnadhi, Fransiskus Widjaja, Harls Siahaan
The presence of religious symbols in the narrative and campaign for the 2019 general election in Indonesia concludes that religion can be a political tool for directing political choices. Religion and symbols are used as vehicles and a way to mobilize the masses to get the votes of voters. As a result,...
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Village democracy and winning strategies based on Power in Javanese culture in Village Head Election in Tanjung Village, Pagu District, Kediri Regency

Endik Hidayat, Miskan
This study based on the different understandings about political activities in the villages. This study aims to prove oligarchy in electoral process to elect village leader (headman) in Indonesia is different compare to other elections at the local and national level. By applying qualitative research...
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The Publics’ Perception and The Interest of Islamic Insurance in The City of Tangerang

Muh Husain, Sabik Khumaini
This study aimed to determine and analyze the influenced of perceptions and interests of the society towards the Islamic insurance. The unit of the analysis that used in this study was the Islamic insurance society in the city of Tangerang. The type of research was field research with a quantitative...
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Social Media in The Public Sphere, Network Society, and Political Branding

Naufal Afaf, Abdul Basit, Adie Nurlukman, Eko Wahyono, Yusuf Fadli
The digital era enlivened by the growth of various social media platforms has become a distinction in the course of democracy today. Social media has implications for the creation of new discourses on the public sphere, network society, and political branding, which in the previous era only touched the...
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Forest Utilization Policy in Indonesia in Improving Environmental Carrying Capacity

Nurikah, Ferina Cahyani
Environmental Problems are an undisputed issue both in Indonesia and in the world. The big and important issue of the environment makes United Nation launch the Sustainable Development Goals. One of them is about life on land, including forest. Indonesia, which was once dubbed as the lungs of the world,...
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Reframing on Organization Transforming at PT. Kereta Api Indonesia

Arenawati, Djadja Saefullah, Erlis Karnesih, Herijanto Bekti
Transformation is a process that can not be avoided when the condition of the organization gets worse in all aspects. PT. Kereta Api Indonesia prior to 2009 experienced worsening conditions in almost every aspect. Impaired employee performance, service performance associated with delayed arrivals and...
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Traditional Communication Model of Traditional Leaders in Maintaining Local Wisdom in Custom Tribe, Kasepuhan Cisungsang, South Banten, Banten Province, Indonesia

Naniek Framanik, Rahmi Winangsih, Idi Dimyati, Darwis
This study focuses on the traditional communication model of traditional leaders in the indigenous tribe 'Kasepuhan Cisungsang', namely an indigenous tribal community, in Banten Province, the westernmost part of the island of Java in Indonesia. The 'Kasepuhan Cisungsang' indigenous tribe has existed...
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Indonesian National Police in Terrorism Handling Policy During Joko Widodo's Government: Analysis of Role, Function and Evaluation

Sarah Siregar
In 1998, Indonesia began to enter the democratic system. The consequence of democratic system in security field is how to create a professional military and police. In police aspects, it is called Democratic Policing. But to realize it is not easy because the ways of police still dominant with element...
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Understanding Aceh Referendum Discourse in the Context of Asymmetric Decentralisation

Sait Abdullah, Deni Ramdani
As a result of recent political dynamic, particularly after the world most complicated simultaneous national elections, Aceh referendum discourse has been re-echoed by Acehnese local elite. This issue has become an interesting phenomenon to be investigated. As a result of MOU Helsinki Peace Agreement...
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Reading Symbolic Identity Smear Campaign on Presidential Candidates Billboards in Indonesia’s Post-Truth Era: The 2019 Election

Lely Rahmawati, Eva Leiliyanti, Shafruddin Tajjudin
The 2019 election Indonesia can arguably be seen as an intriguing election. Not only is it due to the virulent claim contestation between the presidential candidates’ camps – Jokowi’s and Prabowo’s – especially towards the contested versions of the election results based on the real count (the process...
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Implementation of E-Government and Public Service in Sidenreng Rappang Regency: Study of Village Website in Bulo Wattang, Carawali, Kanie, and Lagading Village

Saifullah, Madaling, Lili Hafid
Governments throughout the world are currently facing pressure from various parties to improve the quality of public services in providing information to the public. This causes E-Government to play an increasingly important role for all decision-makers. The traditional government that is identical to...
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How Did Women Workers Get Benefit From Revolution 4.0?

Ahmad Fuady, Kurniawati Dewi
The development of information and communication technology (ICT) not only raises optimism for economic progress, but also concerns for the increasing level of economic inequality due to the technological nature of capital and skill-biased. There is also fear that the digital revolution will harm women...
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Review of Pierre Bourdieu in Political Practice of Dana Punia in The General Bali Governor Election 2018

The regional head elections for governors and deputy governors of Bali in 2018 have succeeded in bringing I Wayan Koster and Cokorda Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace) as governors and deputy governors of Bali for the period 2018 - 2022. Behind the victories and democratic events the election money politics...
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The Problems of Political Development of Islamic Party Politics in Indonesia and Malaysia: History Review on Democration Process

Warjio, Heri Kusmanto, Yusniar Lubis
There is a very interesting relationship between political development and political parties, namely that both emerge as a response to the independence of the country. Malaysia and Indonesia are two countries that provide examples of how political development relations and political parties have a strong...
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Democratization of Partai Keadilan Sejahtera (PKS) Through Political CSR in The DKI Jakarta Regional Election 2017

Suraya Mansur, Evi Ganis
The Aims of this study to answer how the strategy of corporate social responsibility in keeping the constituents and what obstacles exist in the Election of Regional Head of DKI Jakarta in 2017? This study uses the theory of Political CSR that has emerged in the 2009 democratic election process in Indonesia....
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Traditional Ceremony as a Development Communication Medium

Abdul Malik
The Seren taun ceremony in Kasepuhan Banten Kidul is a form of reflection of gratitude towards the Almighty over abundant crops. In addition, these traditional rituals are also a place of friendship between indigenous members and stakeholders from the village to the central level. During the ceremony,...
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Corruption & Patron-Client (Understanding Shadow State Case In Banten)

Amalia Syauket
Banten is a relatively new province. It used to be a part of the Province of West Java but then established itself since year 2000 by the Law of the Republic of Indonesia Number 23 Year 2000 dated October 17th, 2000 with their center of government at the city of Serang. Expansion of Banten from West...
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Fake News and Elections in Two Southeast Asian Nations: A Comparative Study of Malaysia General Election 2018 and Indonesia Presidential Election 2019

Nururrianti Jalli, Nuurrianti Jalli, Ika Idris
Increasing Internet penetration across the globe and the wide distribution of false information on Internet platforms have resulted in the pressing need to study the effects of fake content on society. The advancement of technologies also had contributed to a more sophisticated false content that could...
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Political Education Model for Beginner Female Voters among Students in Local Leaders Election of Serang City in 2018

Kandung Nugroho, Agus Sjafari
This study aims to formulate political education models to increase the political participation of beginner female voters in Indonesia. Nowadays political education is getting worse along with the lower public trust in democratic institutions such as political party. Political parties that cannot be...
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Social Engineering Model for Empowering the Poor in the Border Areas of Pandeglang Regency and Serang Regency

Agus Sjafari, Kandung Nugroho
By using the concept of poverty (causes, measurement of poverty and dimensions of poverty), the concept of community empowerment, the concept of education, the concept of public health, infrastructure development, the concept of purchasing power and the concept of village potential, researchers attempt...
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Decentralisation Policy to Strengthen Local Government Capacity in Sumedang Regency, West Java Province, Indonesia

The new chapter of decentralization in Indonesia began in the reformation era in 2000 and was marked by Law number 22 of 1999 concerning Local Government. It was believed that this Law would bring fundamental changes to local governments in Indonesia. The hope was reflected in the existence of drastic...
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Mapping of Banten Province Population Quantity

Riny Handayani
Population aspects functionally form a unity of regional ecosystems, therefore information on population development is strategic information and is needed for planning development policies that are population-oriented and sustainable. Population problems, especially those related to increasing the quantity...
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Citizen Engagement in Open Data Movement in Indonesia:Challanges and Impacts

Anne Safaria, Arip Sudrajat
This article examines the involvement of citizens in Open Data (OD) movement. OD, as information that can be freely accessed by anyone, and for use, reuse, and redistribution by anyone, aims to make citizens can actively participate in processing it for their own interests and to participate in governance...
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An Integrated Public – Private Partnership System for Covering Narcotics Addiction Treatment Centre: a Case Study of Anti – Narcotics Zones in Indonesia

Arif Arifin, Ida Widianingsih, Riswanda, Heru Nurasa
Survey results of abuse and illegal trafficking of drugs by BNN and Puslitkes UI (2017) in 34 provinces in Indonesia, The prevalence rate of drug abuse amounted to 1.77% or an estimated 3.36 million Indonesian population aged 10-59 years who misuse drugs, with a mortality rate of 30 people per day. Narcotics...
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The Problems of The Implementation of Authority on Affairs of Population and Civil Registration in Regional Governance in Banten Province

Oki Oktaviana, Devi Bachruddin, Bani Darma
This study aims to see at the problems of the implementation of authority on population affairs and civil registration in regional governance in Banten Province. The study was conducted in March to April 2019. The method used in this study is descriptive research with a qualitative approach based on...
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Analysis of the Changing Village Status Becoming a Urban Village towards Public Services at Kampung Baruh Tabir Sub-District Merangin Regency

A Zarkasi, Riri Fatriani
The changing of the village becoming an urban village is one of the long journeys of regional autonomy in Indonesia which has a tremendous impact on the local-level government units. This research tries to show again by analyzing the changing village status becoming an urban village from the aspect of...
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Mapping Of Banten Province Population Quantity

Riny Handayani
Population aspects functionally form a unity of regional ecosystems, therefore information on population development is strategic information and is needed for planning development policies that are population-oriented and sustainable. Population problems, especially those related to increasing the quantity...
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Culture Stereotype in Etnic Humor: An Analysis of Sunda Humors in “Canghegar” Program on Rama FM Bandung

Ronny Priana, Siti Karlinah, Dian Sjuchro, Dadang Hidyat
This research based on the background of ethnic humor using Sundanese in a radio broadcast program. Humor on radio broadcast programs is included in entertainment content. The humorous variations presented in broadcast radio media are packaged creatively both as humor programs as a whole and in the...
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Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program for English Teachers’ Professional Competence in Secondary Subject' Forum of Serang Regency

Azkiyyatus Syariifah, Yudi Juniardi, Syafrizal
Professional teachers are expected to be able to participate in national development. Teachers as learners must always carry out self-development activities. It means that self-development is done not for the government, not for principals, and also not for the education office but practically every...
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The Role of Jambi Malay Customary Institutions in Preservation of Local Wisdom in Jambi Province

Iswandi, Ahmad Baidawi
Jambi Malay Customary Institution is an organization engaged in the socio-cultural field in Jambi Province. Jambi Malay Customary Institution is not an organization under the government but is a partner of the government in the field of cultural preservation. The purpose of this research is to describe...
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Elements and success factors of the electronic-based public service to the active role of the community in the Lukadesi Program in Wukirsari village government

Hanantyo Nugroho, Rosyid Ma'ruf
This article intends to provide an overview of public services in the digital era. Through a qualitative descriptive approach, this study discusses how the importance of building public trust, which in addition to interacting directly or indirectly through social media. Therefore, electronic-based public...
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Gender Responsiveness on Public Facilities in Terminal Type A of Pakupatan, Serang City

Yeni Widyastuti, Hermawan Agustin
The focus of this research is Gender Responsiveness on the Public Facilities in Terminal Type A of Pakupatan in Serang City. The problems of this research are the small waiting room and mixed with the merchant stalls, no medical room and complaint room used, no smoking area, no separated toilet between...
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The Pattern of Village Democratic Institutionalization in Managing Village Funds

Ali Maksum, Ahmad Rohman
This study intends to find out the pattern of institutionalizing village democracy in managing village funds. The aim is to find out why a village is prosperous, and some are not successful in managing funds so that it has an impact on the size of the village's original income. This study conducted in...
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Digital Technology Application Policy In Supporting Digital Era Of Educational Industry In Politeknik Negeri Bandung And Sman 24 Bandung

Mia Rosmiati
This study was aimed to determine the extent of the implementation of digital technology application in the education field, especially in Politeknik Negeri and SMAN 24 Bandung . The method used was a qualitative research design because the researcher seek to observe and express in depth what is happening...
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Muhammadiyah Political Role In Increasing Rural Community Economicn (The Role Of Institutional Assessment Branch Of Muhammadiyah In Resources Management)

Onsardi, Titi Darmi, Sri Ekowati
This article analyze political role in improving the economic organization of society Muhamamdiyah village. Focus observe extent of the contribution of institutional Muhmmadiyah branch organizations in the region Seluma to resources around the branches of Muhammadiyah. Stages of the research done by...
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Policy Of Tourism Development In Sawarna Village Lebak District Banten Province

Harits Wicaksana
Tourism potential in Lebak District must be managed and utilized optimally through the implementation of tourism development programs that are expected to be a trigger for regional growth and the spread of tourism places that tourists can visit. The legal basis for implementing tourism policy in Lebak...
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Implementation of Regional Regulation No.11 of 2011 Concerning Business Service Retribution at the Transportation Departmen of Pandeglang Regency

Hasyim Adnan
One source of local revenue is derived from regional retribution, so to maximize it, the Pandeglang District Government has issued Regional Regulation Number 11 of 2011 concerning Business Service Retribution. This business service levy is regional retribution which is a potential regional levy to finance...
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Effect of Fiscal Desentralization and Region-wide Corruption Level in Indonesia

Edy Anan
Many parties suspect that there is an in-between relationship of fiscal decentralization and the corruption level in the regencies and city. This study aims to examine the effect of fiscal decentralization on the city-wide corruption level in Indonesia. This study used the General Allocation Fund (Dana...
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Model to handle Street Girls’ Problem in Serang City, Banten Province

Titi Stiawati
Street children are kids who have daily economic activities in the street. In this case, street girls, the female street children, are one of the complex social problems and are related to other social problems, especially related to poverty. The characteristics of street girls in this study will be...
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Democracy in Crisis: Civic Freedom in Contemporary Indonesia

Auradian Marta, Leo Agustino, Baskoro Wicaksono
Civic freedom is the principle of modern democracies. A report from The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) in 2018 explained that the civil liberties index in Indonesia had a very sharp decline. This has caused the quality of democracy in Indonesia to decline. Therefore, the purpose of this paper is to...
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Analysis of Traditional Leadership Models in Indigenous Peoples of Kerinci on Affecting policy Direction

Rio Maulana, Makmun Wahid, Dori Efendi, Moh Rakhman, M Yusuf, Michael Lega
The discourse on traditional leadership can be seen in the second decade post-reform in Indonesia, with the strengthening of regional autonomy the dominance of traditional power is even more powerful and widespread. The cultural capital used by traditional leadership is substantial. The Kerinci community,...
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Sandiaga Uno’s Personal Branding in The Midst of Indonesian Millennial Generation

Fitria Santi, Abdul Basit, Muljadi
This study aims to find out how the personal branding of Sandiaga Uno in approaching Indonesian millenial generation in the 2019 Presidential Election. In this research, the personal branding aspects studied were focused on three aspects of personal branding: self-identification, political products,...
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The Improvement of E-administration in Indonesia : An Analysis Based on U Theory and Quintuple Helix

Ayuning Budiati
E-administration in Indonesia has an important role in public service deliveries. It is more efficient, effective, transparent and accountable by using e-administration. However, lack of infrastructure, leaders commitment in an integrated way in all areas in Indonesia, human resource e-literacy and bureaucratic...
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Empowerment and Literacy Development Through Waste Management (Case Study of Bank Sampah and Limbah Pustaka in Muntang Village, Purbalingga Regency)

Wahyu Kartiko Utami, Moh. Rizky Godjali
This study aims to explore the empowerment efforts while increasing community literacy through waste management in Purbalingga. This research is important to be research, where the problem of waste is an endless problem. Every day almost everyone produces waste, including in Purbalingga Regency therefore...
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Environmental Movement Against Mining Exploration in Bojonegara Serang Banten

M.Dian Hikmawan, Ika Indriyany, Yeby Mayrudin
This research describes a social movement conducted by KMBPL (Komunitas Masyarakat Bojonegara Peduli Lingkungan), this movement (KMBPL) against the mining activity of excavation C in Bojonegara, Serang regency. This movement was born from the phenomenon of environmental destruction caused by mining excavation...
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Identity Politics Within Indonesian Islamic Parties: Study of PKB and PKS

Yeby Mayrudin, M.Chairil Akbar
This paper will focus on the issue of political behavior of the National Awakening party (PKB) and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) which are the two major Islamic parties in Indonesia. In the practice of managing relations with voters, it appears that the two Islamic parties often use religious attributes...
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The Movement of Women with Disabilities on Indonesia’s Legislative Election 2019

Ika Indriyany, M.Dian Hikmawan, Yeby Mayrudin
The absence of representatives of the DPR RI (Representative Council Republic of Indonesia) from persons with disabilities and the discourse of their political struggle to obtain previlage rights as citizens became an interesting focus study. This research focuses on the issue of the emergence of a movement...
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Messianism on Menak Reclaiming at Sumedang

Gilang Ramadhan
This research is about how menak reclaim right of landowner from Pemda Sumedang. This case was begin at 1996 when BPN Sumedang set up Land Consolidation (LC) project that must be land acquisition at kelurahan Situ, North Sumedang. In the middle of project there are many mistake in land measurement that...
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Critical Analysis on Entrepreneurial Strategies on Drug Abuse in Indonesia

M. Retno Dewi, Ida Widianingsih, Heru Nurasa, Riswanda
Public entrepreneurship focus on the initiatives by government that are reflecting the characteristics of government to be innovative, able to seize opportunities, willing to take risks and exercising discretion to achieve the public interest. This study explores how actors in government and in non-government...
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Government Management In Local Taxes Pandeglang District

Bayu Nurrohman
This research study of management government exercised by government kabupaten pandeglang through the agency of local tax services kabupaten pandeglang.Research methodology uses the method the qualitative study with the approach descriptive. The research results show that: (1) matter the phase planning...
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The impact of government transfers and expenditure assignments as part of fiscal decentralization on the level of corruption: Evidence from Indonesia

Riya Handaka, Ibrahim Harriadi
Since 1999 Indonesia has provided as much autonomy as possible. Regional autonomy is provided together with funding through fund transfers and also flexibility in the budget. Fund transfers from the central government are used by local governments to fund expenditures following the desired needs. But...
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Pseudo Governance: A Lesson Learned From Banten

Ismanto, Listyaningsih
Governance has become a mainstream since the 1990s, which is widely accepted as rapid as the unstoppable democratization and globalization all around the world, including Indonesia. Although it has been formally adopted since the 1998’s national reforms, new values in the governance paradigm are still...
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Perception, Knowledge, And Acceptance Of Rome Statute In Malaysia

Ismail Sualman, Nuurianti Jalli
On April 5, 2019, Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad announced that Malaysia would withdraw from the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (Rome Statute) citing that the government was forced to do so due to political pressure. In Malaysia, the ratification of the Rome Statute was said to be...
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Exploring Digital Legislation Concepts and Practices: Inspiration for Indonesia City Government

Bani Pamungkas, Maulana Yusuf
Both in global and local context, cities have become more important politically, economically and socially. With rapid growth of information and communication technology (ICT) over the last decade, human relations have revolutionized, creating new possibilities of encounter and connectivity, as well...
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Ethnic Humor in Intercultural Interaction: An Analysis of Humor Discourse in The “Ini Talkshow” Television Program

Diana Tustiantina, Dadang Suganda
This paper investigates how humor is used in intercultural interactions in the entertainment segment of the television program “Ini Talkshow” Episode 884. The program “Ini Talkshow” Episode 884 is interesting to study because it presents a lot of ethnic humor from several tribes in Indonesia, such as...
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Policy Implementation Model Of Hiv And AIDS Prevention Program Budgeting At Banten Province

Ipah Jumiati, Nina Yuliana
The background of this research is the fact that the problem in HIV / AIDS prevention to provide good services has been mandated in the Minister of Health Regulation 21 of 2013 so that the Banten Provincial Government should be able to provide good services for people with HIV AIDS (ODHA), but in fact...
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E-Government Based Public Information Servicesin the Framework of Public Information Openness

Rina Yulianti, Anis Fuad
In obtaining public information there are two ways, first by going directly to public institutions or conducted electronically which prioritizes information services through the internet media or known as e-government. Through e-government, all information related to activities in each regional organization...
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Digital Information Literacy Competency among Lecturers of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa University in Supporting Research and Scientific Publication

Anis Fuad, Abdul Hamid
Technological developments of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era have changed landscape higher education landscapes. Internet has become the main sources for improving the quality of teaching and research. But the research quality improvement depends on the digital information literacy competency of the...
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Rural-Urban Linkage and Local Government Capacity in Coping With Water Crisis: A Brief Note From Indonesia

Ida Widianingsih, Riswanda, Caroline Paskarina
This article discusses rural-urban linkage and local government capacity in coping with water crises in Indonesian context. Water security problems often connect with flood, drought, and other catastrophises that occur globally. These issues closely relate to multiple problems, including economic burden,...
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The Role of Women In Baduy: Food Security In The Era of Globalization and Media Convergence

Nina Yuliana
Food security Bedouins in Indigenous construct by both religious and culturally identical in Baduy female figure. Construction Identification is done with a special and honorable position in the concept Ambu Baduy women (mother) and Nyi Pohaci (Goddess of Rice) as the goddess of Bedouin life source....