Proceedings of the International Conference of Democratisation in Southeast Asia (ICDeSA 2019)

The Government Department, University of Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa held the International Conference of Democratisation in Southeast Asia (ICDeSA 2019), on September 4-5, in Serang-Banten, Indonesia.

ICDeSA 2019 is a forum where various issues related to democracy in the Southeast Asian Region are discussed and debated. ICDeSA 2019 was attended by academics, researchers, practitioners and also students who presented their researches related to the theme of the conference.

Furthermore, it becomes even more important due to the low attention of the Indonesian people towards the Southeast Asian region. Southeast Asia region has been loosely divided into two sub regions: Maritime and Mainland. Indonesians are familiar with the neighboring countries in the Maritime part, such as Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore. On the other hand, they are not familiar with Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar in the Mainland.

In fact, ASEAN itself is no longer just a state organization, but since 2015 it has become an ASEAN community. Therefore, it is important for people in Southeast Asia to get to know each other. ICDeSA 2019 is an important milestone for the process of making Southeast Asia a real community, not just imagination. We hope that the exchange of ideas, research and collaboration can be raised from this conference.

Finally, we thank the Center for Southeast Asian Studies (CSEAS) Kyoto University for Co-organizing this conference. Without CSEAS contributions this precious event would not happen.

This proceeding contains papers submitted to ICDeSA 2019 and has been through a review process by reviewers. Hopefully it will contribute to the development of democratization studies in Southeast Asia.

The Editors
Abdul Hamid, Ph.D
Yearry Panji Setianto, Ph.D
Riswanda, Ph.D
Anis Fuad M.Si
M Dian Hikmawan. MA