Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

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Translating Sound Symbolism in Noblesse Comic

Mr Abdurrosyid, Dwi Santika
The study aims at identifying the methods used in translating sound symbolism from English into Bahasa Indonesia. The comic Noblesse by Son Jae Ho, is used as the object of analysis. Because the origin of the comic is from South Korea, this paper will also present Korean version (SL1) besides English...
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The Islamic Terms Translation in Kalimatun Sawa' an Indonesian Bulletin

M. Agus Suriadi
This research study aims to find out how the Islamic terms on the source text (ST) dealing to the target text (TT) - English language- with same sense and meaning. It is analyzed qualitatively by using some translation strategies considered as linguistic approach and semantic approach. The data were...
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The Relationship Between Ranau Krui and Retta

Darsita Suparno
This research examines the historical relationship between Ranau, Krui and Retta languages. As they are all members of the Austronesian language family, those languages have similarities and differences in their lexical or phonological features. The aims of this study are: (1) to describe synchronically...
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Rational Jihad: Measuring Rationality of Jihad Resolution

Zakiya Darojat
The World now is facing the common enemy namely terrorism, and Islam becomes one of world culprits as an actor of terror. The doctrine of jihad is accused as the cause of radicalism in Islam. Jihad is considered as an emotional expression which is implemented by terror actions, taking some Indonesian...
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The Development of Indonesia One Search: Retrieving Information Resources in Indonesia

Muhammad Azwar
The article discusses about development of Indonesia One Search portal. It is applied to retrieve a large number of references in all libraries, journals, and repositories from various institutions in Indonesia. The information resources are obtained by harvesting technique from membership online repositories....
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Gender Ideology in The Story of Zahra

Rizqi Handayani
This research aims at viewing gender ideology through the work of a female author which in this case is represented by the novel The Story of Zahra. This novel was written by a Lebanese female author Hanan Asy-syaikh (1945). As for the research method used is analytical descriptive method by using the...
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Halalbihalal Tradition in Java 2010-2015

M. Ma'ruf Misbah
This article discusses the halalbihalal tradition among Javanese Muslims held only at the time of Eid al-Fitr, whereas the behavior of mutual forgiveness and kinship (silaturahmi) which became the character of the tradition, could be done any time. This research aimed at finding out the cultural power...
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The Mosque Kebon Jeruk: a Portrait of Acculturation of Moslem Society in Jakarta 18th Century

Parlindungan Siregar
This research pointed out that Chinese architecture was more dominant at the Mosque Kebon Jeruk. Although, another element of architecture beside Chinese existed in it especially its material components. So, the acculturation has happened at the building of Mosque Kebon Jeruk. It was different from the...
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Dynamics of Moslem Scholars in Jakarta: the Role of Ahmad Zayadi in Klender East Jakarta

Abd. Wahid Hasyim
This study investigates the role of Ahmad Zayadi in developing religious social transformation in Klender East Jakarta. Based on the 2003 census, the population of Klender was 57,648 people and most of them are Muslim. However, their religious understanding was still relatively weak, and the level of...
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Diction in Arab and Indonesian Proverb: a Comparative Study

Yaniah Wardani
This writing aim to know the characteristic of diction in two Arab and Indonesian proverb, also the extrinsic element that affected it, include the differentiation and equation between it. There are differentiations in the appearance of diction either in Arab or Indonesia. In Arab proverb, it must be...
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Arabic Names for Young Children: Evaluating Muslim Javanese Identity

Pradika Ajar, Ananta Tur
The essence of names in a multilingual-multicultural nation is as an identity. These names will give a special identity to a person in the development of his/her personality. Selecting names is not merely a ritual dedicated to just-born babies but it is also a hope and a prayer with meaningful denotation....
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Punishment for Polygamy Doer in The Perspective of Islamic Law in Indonesia

Mrs Nurcahaya, Mr Akbarizan, Mrs Sri Murhayati
This paper explores the Indonesian regulation on polygamy for government officers. Some regulations have formally issued and amended in terms of issues on polygamy; regulation number 45 in 1990 is specially regulated polygamy doer to get permission for marriage and divorce. Hence, aims of this paper...
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Information Marketing to the Library Users

Mukmin Suprayogi
Library as a work unit within the parent institution has a strategic role in providing information services to its users. It takes a variety of tricks for the library to be in demand by its users. By understanding the basic principles of marketing commonly used in the business world, it is hoped that...
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Using Electronic Media and Problems of Prophetic Communication Behavior at UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta

Ade Abdul Hak, Tine Silvana Rachmawati, Agus Rusmana, Asep Saeful Muhtadi
Humanization, liberation, and transcendence communication as prophetic communication behavior becomes a crucial part for the free use of electronic media. An aspect often overlooked with this freedom is the ethics of communication. A case sample occurring in the community is easily the spreading of untrue...
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Against The State Ideology on Islamic Online Media in Indonesia

Moch. Syarif Hidayatullah
This study focuses on the use of the internet of Islamic online media in Indonesia to offer ideology against the state ideology. It was represented by and, the most intensive sites on offering ideology against the state ideology of the state and also the popular sites with...
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Translation Strategies of Islamic Terms In Indonesian-English Research Papers

Muhammad Farkhan
The study examined whether strategies employed in translating Islamic terms of the research papers from Indonesian into English distorted the intended messages. Translation strategies refer to ways of transferring messages or meaning from a source language (SL) into a target language (TL). The data of...
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The Utilization of the National Library Website in Southeast Asia

Evi Zakiyah
This study was to analyze the National Library websites in Southeast Asia based on population demography and performance of the National Library websites. The webometrics method applied to helps the author to examine the document recorded in the website. 11 countries were chosen, but not all of the National...
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Ideological Factors of Islamic Reference Books Publishing in Indonesia

Siti Maryam
This paper discussed the result of a research about Islamic reference books publishing in Indonesia, conducted in 2014 by employing qualitative approach. This study aimed at explaining a variety of non-business factors that encouraged the publication of Islamic reference books in Indonesia. The research...
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Murti Bunanta, Ida Farida
During the last two decades, the numbers of religious books in Indonesia are growing and becomes a good business for many publishers whether for Muslim or Christian teaching. One of the reasons is that parents see this kind of books can be used for moral teaching and language learning due to many published...
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Deficiency of Material Description in Islamic Manuscripts of Thesaurus of Indonesian Islamic Manuscripts (TIIM)

Alfida Alfida
The increasing of digital surrogates programs for Islamic manuscripts in recent years gives positive things in protecting manuscripts value as both cultural heritage and an academic source. Thesaurus of Indonesian Islamic Manuscripts has long been done the program. The creation of this finding aid allows...
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Political Conception of Sufism Leader in Java

Dr. Zubair
This article related the the political conceptions and the responses of Sufism leader in Java. The purpose of this study is to discover views and practices of Sufism scholars in Java regarding Islamic law of engagement in politics. Sufism leaders who became the subjects of the data were representatives...
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Static Archive: UIN-ANA Service Development Model

Marhamah Saleh, Lolytasari, Amrullah Hasbana
This study aimed to describe the static archive acquisition model applied by Gadjah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta, as the first role model and embryo of the establishment of an archive maintenance and rescue unit called as the University Archive. In addition, it is to identify the availability of...
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Terrorism and Religion in Indonesia: a Comparative Study of the Two Literary Works

Sukron Kamil
Terrorist often mentioned as Islamic terrorism is influenced more likely by the views and feelings of social injustice, both nationally and globally. Islamic religious understanding, that does not show true Islam, is used by the perpetrators and the 'brains' behind terrorism in the period of the Reform...
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Semantic Errors in the Translation about Actions to Defend Islam in 2016 into English

Danti Pudjiati, Elisa Fadilah
As defending Islam actions in 2016 were the greatest historical moment in Jakarta with a significant impact on Muslims in Indonesia, one of Islamic organizations, HizbutTahrir Indonesia (HTI), recorded these actions through Instagram in Indonesian which can be read as well in English through the newest...
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Volksraad: Malay Language (Indonesian) as a Means of Political Strategy of National Fraction

Nazirwan Rohmadi, Muhammad Akhyar, Mr Warto
History of Indonesia does not reveal many struggles made by the cooperative people in the legislative institution, namely Volksraad. Some members of the Volksraad since 1921 had used Indonesian language as a means of their political struggle. Historical method with discourse analysis approach was used...
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From Limited to Selected: Towards the Library of Children-Friendly Pesantren in Indonesia

Lilik Istiqoriyah
This article is based on the uniqueness of pesantren as a religious educational institution known for having high authority and independence, which implements a typical learning culture development especially related to the mastery of religious knowledge for santri who are generally in the system for...
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Ideology of Sayyid Qutb and Movement of Tarbiyah in Indonesia: A Linguistics Approach

Zamzam Nurhuda
This study aims at revealing that one's ideology can be interpreted through his actualization of language. Furthermore, this study is qualitative, applying library research. Therefore, steps done in composing this study are collecting the data, clarifying the data, analyzing the data, accomplishing the...
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Post-Stroke Language: Case Study of Medical Rehabilitation Patients at Dr. Suyoto Hospital Bintaro South Jakarta

Karlina Helmanita
The purpose of this research is to describe the post-stroke language in the case review of hospital medical rehabilitation patients Dr. Suyoto Bintaro South Jakarta; explains the differences of pre- and post-stroke language, speech-language barrier and stroke patient writings. The methodology of this...
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The Existence of Leadership Ascetism Value in the Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan in Indonesia

Ali Ma'ruf, Nunuk Suryani, Hermanu Joebagio
This research described the leadership ascetism value in the Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan and its existence on leadership in the Banyumas in particular and in Indonesia in general nowadays. Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan was one of the manuscripts of Banyumas society. Babad Banyumas Wirjaatmadjan contained...
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Language, Press, and Indonesian Nationalism

Miftahul Habib Fachrurozi
This paper will discuss relationship between language, the development of the press, and the emergence of Indonesian nationalism in the early twentieth century. Nationalism is a common consciousness of every individual in a community to achieve a common goal. Nationalism is the idea formed through a...
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The Representation of Islam Identity on the Commercial TV's Advertisements

Ida Rosida, Sulhizah Wulansari
This article discussed the use of veil by Indonesian Muslim women which was presented in the commercial TV'S advertisement. This study aimed at revealing the representation of Islam identity through Indonesian veiled women on the commercial television's advertisement. This study was descriptive qualitative...
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Animal in Islam: a Literary Study on Eka Kurniawan's "O" Through Alquran Perspective

Padel Muhamad Rallie Rivaldy
This paper aims to observe the position of non-human animal which is portrayed within Kurniawan's O. The novel narrates the journey of a female monkey named O that looked for her soulmate Entang Kosasih, a male monkey that seemed transform into Kaisar Dangdut after his mysterious disappearance from Rawa...
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The Khilafah Discourse on Aljazeera and Alarabiya: a Valuable Lesson for Indonesian Online Media

Moch. Syarif Hidayatullah, Yuliani
The study conducted on this thesis aims to reveal the online media ideology of Aljazeera and Alarabiya in presenting the news about Khilafah discourse, especially after the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in 2014. This study uses the theory of critical discourse analysis model Norman Fairclough...
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Dewi Setyawati, Sariyatun Sariyatun, Suryani Nunuk
The social stratification of society in Palembang appeared since the existence of Palembang Sultanate. Beside the native people in the 19th century, the population of Palembang consists of various ethnicities which have special existence of settlement, namely China, Arab, and the ethnic of Java-Malay...
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Gelumpai Script: The Relevance of Value Solidarity in Palembang Society

Mayang Indah, Hermanu Joebagio Joebagio, Suryo Ediyono
Gelumpai script is stored in Balaputradewa Museum with inventory code 07.57. Gelumpai script was found in Baturaja Palembang huluan area. Gelumpaimanuscript produced during the Sultanate of Palembang around the 16th-18th century AD. The Gelumpai manuscript shows the cultural system of the unique Palembang...
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The Attitude of Users towards a Micro Library "Gasibu": an Extended Service of Public Library in Sports Area

Neneng Komariah, Pawit M Yusup, Encang Saepudin
The literacy movement should be supported by availability of qualified and access able reading materials for people with reading interest. The Public library may support literacy movement, by way of library empowerment. The Government of the West Java Province has built Gasibu public library, a micro...
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Law and Culture: 'Urf as a Substance of Islam Nusantara as Reflected in Indonesian Religious Court Decisions

JM Muslimin
The aim of this study is to show the continuity of interaction between sharia and local living norms and culture as reflected in the Religious Court Decisions on Islamic Personal Law cases. From the beginning of its formative years, sharia and culture are interrelated closely. The specific terminology...
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Sundanese Qur'anic Commentaries and Its Contributions on Preserving Sundanese Language in West Java

Dadang Darmawan, Izzah Faizah, Irma Riyani
Endangerment of local language becomes an issue of discussion among many linguists all over the world. In fact, language serves as an identity of a nation. Thus, any attempts to preserve local language become the important thing to do. There are many strategies to preserve the existence of local language...
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Arabic-Javanese Translation: A Case Study on Textual Equivalence of Islamic Moral Ethic Book

Muhammad Yunus Anis, Eva Farhah, Afnan Arummi
One translation model in Southeast Asia languages is "word for word translation" between Arabic and Javanese language. This model reflects a great relation of Asian, Arabic, and Javanese cultures. This cultural relation was shown in the moral ethic book of Bidayatul-Hidayah written by Imam Al- Ghazali,...
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Shia Muslim In Indonesia: Intellectual Transmission and Spreading Patterns in Indonesia

Dr. Halid
This paper examines the development of Indonesian Shia Islam dealing with: 1) The pattern of intellectual transmission initiated by the predecessors and generations of Indonesian Shia Islam; 2) The dissemination strategy of Shia Islam as a minority group among the majority of Sunnah Muslim; and 3) the...
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The Image of Modern Woman in A.S. Laksana's Bidadari yang Mengembara Short Story

Deny Gunawan Susandi
This study focuses on the character analysis a masseuse whose name is Nita in "Bidadari Yang Mengembara" short story. It aims to show how Nita described as a modern woman but at the same time fits to the figure of a common traditional Javanese women. Qualitative method and feminist literary critics are...
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Projected Characteristics and Content of Arabic Corpus in Indonesia

Nur Hizbullah, Muchlis Madian Muhammad
Utilization and integration between linguistics and information and communication technology produce a result in the form of a language corpus. Corpus is a collection of data prepared systemically and is developed in such a way to be used as research data. In general, the content of a corpus relates...
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Discourse War on NKRI versus Khilafah Issues in Indonesian Cyber Media

Moch. Syarif Hidayatullah
This paper focuses on NKRI (Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia/ The Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia) versus Khilafah issues in Indonesian cyber media. It was represented by hizbut-tahrir.or. Id (representing HTI and other radical groups), (representing NU and moderate groups), and...
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The Analysis of Publishing Strategy for Islamic Reference Books in Indonesia

Nur Yudi
Using a qualitative approach, this research aims to reveal the factual phenomenon related to publishing business strategy of Islamic reference books in Indonesia, with a case study in Almahira publisher. The publisher director in Jakarta has been the subject of research to describe the dynamics of its...
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Morphological Interference of Javanese in Banyumas Dialect in Purwokerto

Yunilis Andika, Mr Sumarlam, Wakit Abdullah
Today, many people in Purwokerto become reluctant to use Javanese in Banyumas dialect in their communication. It is influenced by many immigrants from outside city who settled in Banyumas district to work or study. The decline of the existence of the Banyumas dialect as part of Java language leads to...
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The Spirit of Togetherness in Library Resource Sharing Among Indonesia Islamic Universities

Pungki Purnomo, Fadhilatul Hamdani, Abdul Hafiz Dinullah
There are two objectives of this study. First is to investigate the impact of togetherness spirit in resource sharing program among Indonesia Islamic university libraries on the internal aspects of each library and the other one is its impact on the external aspects of library members collectively. The...
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Truce and Tolerance: Syncretism of Islam and Java Revisit

Siti Aliyuna Pratisti
Islamic studies have its own dynamics in the Javanese tradition. Islam sharing its space with cultural values that have rooted in Javanese traditions. This intersection raises an interesting variant of Islam, but the debate about whether Islamic Javanism is also Islam continues to color the development...
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The Dynamics of the Islamic Publishers in Indonesia: a Case Study of the Publisher Gema Insani Press Jakarta (1986-2011)

Abdul Chair
Gema Insani Press (GIP) is one of the Islamic publishers that have emerged in Indonesia since 1980s. GIP has been publishing many Islamic books in Indonesian. GIP also published the books translated from Arabic into Indonesian authored by prominent Muslim intellectuals of the Middle East, such as Sayyid...
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Rise and Fall of Metaphors in Literary Translation: A Theoretical Review

Moh Supardi
Translating metaphors from one language to another language is one of the most difficult task for translators since the main problem is not only recognizing, but also understanding and differentiating metaphoric from nonmetaphorical usage. Regarding to the issue, this article sheds light theoretical...
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Living a Multicultural Lifestyle with Batik: Identity, Representation, Significance

Awalia Rahma, Jejen Jaenudin, Alfida Marifatullah
This study discusses north coast Java batik as part of everyday lifestyle. The north coast Java (Pesisir) batik signifies multi culture and beauty as compared to Court batik with its philosophical meanings. Studies focusing on lifestyle as part of consumption have not been widely written. The use of...
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Gender Equality in Novel Cinta Suci Zahrana and Bidadari Bermata Bening by Habiburrahman El Shirazy

Thera Widyastuti
The Qur'an recognizes anatomical differences between men and women. The Qur'an also recognizes that each gender function by reflecting on the differences that have been formulated well and maintained by the culture, both from women and men. Women have limited role in the domestic sphere, while men are...
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Barriers of Cross-Cultural Communication among Foreign Managers and Staff in Interacting with Malaysian Counterparts

Ahmad Arifin, Shehda Abuisaac
The main aim of this study is to investigate language and cultural barriers of intercultural communication among foreign managers and staff (expatriates) in interacting with their Malaysian counterparts at University of Malaya. Language and culture are fundamental barriers hindering the flow of cross-cultural...
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Muslim Pop: Voicing Da'wa through Contemporary English Nasyid Love Song Lyrics in Southeast Asia

Maria Ulfa
This paper examines nasyid English love song lyrics in Southeast Asia, in particular from Malaysian nasyid group named Raihan and Indonesian Nasyid group named Snada. Both are the icons of Southeast Asian nasyid groups. In their song albums, they have some English lyrics and one of the song lyrics is...
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Identity in Contemporary ASEAN

Mrs. Nuraeni
Regionalism always engages long discursive processes to compromise some gaps or disparities among member countries. This paper will explore how contemporary Southeast Asia countries are dealing with the problem of identity as inevitable, especially in very large plural society like this region. Constructivist...
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Emerging Identities of Foreign Domestic Workers in Singapore

Lydia Kanelli Kyvelou Kokkaliari, Sri Kusumo, Mr. Habsari, Mr. Mugijatna
In post-industrial societies, the right to work has institutionally set time off work. Leisure, thus, affects the process and the span of negotiations and contestations of migrant's identities, producing and transforming their cultural capital. This paper explores the emerging identities of foreign domestic...
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The Role of Pandji Masjarakat During the Guided Democracy Period

Teguh Prasetyo, Mr. M Yoesoev
During the times of Guided Democracy, absolute power over the whole nation was held by Soekarno's hand. Consequently, Soekarno had total control of various government regulations, ncluding the ones pertaining to politics and culture. This provoked responses from different groups, organizations, and political...
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The Spread of Mosques in Pre-Independence Malay Peninsula: A Digital Representation

Faridah Noor Mohd. Noor
The coming of Islam to the Malay Peninsula was established after Hinduism had spread throughout the Malay Archipelago. However, different theories abound on the arrival of Islam to the region. At the University of Malaya, a project was conducted to locate sites of mosques built before 1960 in the Malay...