Proceedings of the International Conference on Culture and Language in Southeast Asia (ICCLAS 2017)

There are about 117 (one hundred and seventeen) papers submitted to the International Conference of Culture and Language in Southeast Asia of the Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University in Jakarta, Indonesia. In response to this submission, the reviewers of this conference reviewed the papers, and accepted 57 (fifty-seven) of them. These accepted papers include interdisciplinary studies in the area of the religious studies: Islamic history and civilization, Southeast Asian language, Islamic literature, Islamic culture, contemporary Islamic studies, and Islamic library.

In terms of the review procedure, two reviewers assessed one paper by using a review matrix. This review form encompasses criteria, such as abstract, introduction, method, result and discussion, conclusion, and reviewers’ brief recommendations. Each of these standards contains subdivisions. Here, the abstract includes objective, method, and finding. Next, the introduction contains a brief discussion of problem, brief literature review, and scientific merit or novelty. Afterwards, method consists of research design, data collection procedure, and approaches to data analyses. Furthermore, result and discussion is to be clear and concise, related to the study objective, and consistent with or different from previous studies. Finally, conclusion should demonstrate scientific justification of study and suggestion for future studies.

The reviewers rated the papers from the lowest score (0) to the highest one (100). The papers rated below 60 are rejected, while above 60 are admitted. The overall evaluation is as follows: 3 (85-100) strongly accepted; 2 (70-84) accepted, 1 (60-69) weakly accepted, 0 (50-59) borderline; -1 (40-49) weakly rejected; -2 (30-39) rejected; and -3 (10-29) strongly rejected.

This conference held in two days: Tuesday-Wednesday, 14-15 November 2017. The venue of this conference was in the Faculty of Adab and Humanities Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta, Indonesia.

Jakarta, Desember 22, 2017
Dr. Moch. Syarif Hidayatullah (Chairman)
Usep Abdul Matin, Ph.D. (Secretary)