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The Influence of Gibberelin and Light on the Growth of Plantlet Orchids Denrobium Taurulium J. J Smit in Vitro

Raden Budiasih, Lia Amalia, Linlin Parlinah, Reni Nurhayatini, Rida Nabila
Experiments aimed at studying the concentration of gibberellin and light against the growth of Orchid Plantlet Dendrobium taurulium J. J. Smit. This experiment was carried out at the Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Winaya Mukti, Sumedang West Java. Trial began in May and ended of August 2018. The...
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Off Season Planting System as Supply Function in Chili Pepper Availability (An Analysis of Rational Expectation Model in Red Curly Chili Pepper Farming (Capsicum Annum L) in Cikajang, Garut Regency)

Dety Sukmawati, Euis Dasipah
Chili pepper is one of national leading commodities and has a high economic value. One of the factors causing the balance is unplanned and uncoordinated pattern of production and cropping pattern between each district of chili pepper production center resulting the fluctuative income. These research...
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Determining Factors in Improving Poor Family Food Security and Allocation of Food Consumption Cost Based on Indicators Status of Children’s Nutritional Status

Tuti Gantini, Nataliningsih Nataliningsih, Gijanto Purbo Suseno
Family food consumption affects the food consumption of young children. The still high number of toddlers who have underweight indicates the need to be investigated for what causes it. In Bandung Regency showed that the number of toddlers with overweight was 1.79%, normal weight of 94.25%, underweight...
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Heat Hydration of Recycled Concrete: Experimental Study

Suharwanto Suharwanto
The experimental study has been done to get data of heat hydration. It important to know the temperature in the concrete during hydration reaction and forming a gel condition of silica reaction with water. Eighteen concrete specimens of cubes have been tested for many dimensions, those are cube 25cm,...
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The Influence of Personality, Empowerment, and Leadership on Job Satisfaction of Employee in Indramayu Education Departement

Sumardi Harun, Fauzi Farchan, Gunawan Gunawan, Diaz Alfaris Rahman
Dinas Pendidikan Indramayu is the agency responsible for carrying out development in the field of education that refers to increasing human resources. The quality of work in the Department of Education is arguably lacking because employees do not have high job satisfaction in learning or working, the...
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Pancasila in the Primordialism and Modernism Intersections

Alda Rifada Rizqi
The rapid development of life in Science, Information Technology and Social Culture has a very significant impact on changes in human life, one of them is modernism. As a pluralistic country, Indonesian society have a view of life that is crystallized in the values of Pancasila, yet nowadays Indonesian...
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The Society Participation in Eco Farming at Supporting Area of Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai Kuningan Regency

Yayat Rahmat Hidayat, Akhmad Jaeroni
The existence of the Taman Nasional Gunung Ciremai (TNGC) has the goals to give the benefits for surrounding society both directly and indirectly. There are two benefits provided by TNGC, both ecological and social benefits. Ecologically, the existence of TNGC gives the benefits to contribute ecosystem...
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Analysis of Structure Cost, Break Event Point, and Income Level of Farming Black Rice: A Case Study Palir Village, Cirebon

Amran Jaenudin, Iman Sungkawa, Maryuliyanna Maryuliyanna
The aims of this study is to analyses black rice farming including cost, revenue, profit and R/C ratio in Palir Village, Cirebon. The research was conducted from March to August 2019 using purposive sampling. Depth interview with farmers, total revenue, total fixed cost and total variable cost are needed...
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The Effect of Bulb Seed Diameters and KCl Fertilizer Dosage on Growth and Productivity of Bima Varieties of Shallot (Allium ascalonicum L.)

Amran Jaenudin, Iman Sungkawa, Maryuliana Maryuliana
Shallot is one of valuable horticulture commodities that planted almost in Indonesia. One of the advantages in shallot cultivation is decreasing of shallot productivity although fertilizer was given in shallot cultivation. The purpose of this research was to determine the effect of diameter of bulb shallot...
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Participatory Oriented Method in Developing Tourism Village of Mendak Madiun

Maria Magdalena Widiantari, Fikri Hasan, M. Arif Bakhtiar Effendy
In 2017, Madiun Government had been prepared Madiun Tourism Development Master Plan as the main guideline for planning, management and control of tourism development at the district level. It contains vision, mission, objectives, policies, strategies, plans, and programs that need to be carried out by...
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The Role of Radio in Digital Era and Community Participation in Maintenance Safety and Traffic Safety in East Java

Novi Indah Earlyanti, Bayu Putro Wijayanto
As a mass media, radio is demanded to be able to create a program that can accommodate various reports and convey information from and to the public quickly, precisely, in an effort to support the maintenance of security, safety, order and smooth traffic (Kamseltibcar Lantas). This can be achieved if...
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A Need to the Analysis of Teaching Materials of Mandarin Speaking Based on Quantum Approach

Tri Budianingsih
This study aims to develop the teaching materials for speaking Mandarin language based on a quantum approach. The materials are developed based on the target needs and in line with the students’ learning styles. This study analyzes the lecturer’s and students’ needs in the domains of learning styles,...
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Mapping of Food Security Based on Aspects of Food Access and Availability of Rice in Ogan Komering Ulu District

Fifian Permata Sari, Munajat Munajat
Food security is understood as a system that concerns the availability of food, access to food and food consumption that is reflected in food supply, people’s access to food, and the utilization of food products. The aim of this study was to analyze food access and rice availability in Ogan Komering...
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The Role of Corporate Social Responsibility on Education Funding in Palm Oil Plantation PT. Astra Agro Lestari, tbk (PT. AAL,tbk) in Indonesia

Mesta Limbong
This study analyzes the role of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in financing learning activities as well as facilities and infrastructure which is needed by schools. There are financial assistances given by regional orders namely Regional Operational Costs (BOSDA), and School Operational Assistance...
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Pegon’s Script as One of Scripts to Present Character Education’s Theme and Preservation of Local Culture: A Review of Singir Mitera Sejati - Rembang

Iin Suryaningsih
Pegon to be popular script characters in certain communities and in certain times. In addition to Java especially in coastal areas such as the Central-Java Rembang, many of the original Muslim scholarly works of this city have been found references in the field of science that are very important such...
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An Analysis of Translation Procedure in Translating Cultural Word

Apandi Apandi, Devi Siti Sihatul Afiah
This study aims to identify the types of cultural words contained in 5 story texts found in the Cirebon area of West Java and to identify the types of cultural words based on Newmark theory and how students use translation procedures. This study uses a qualitative descriptive approach that aims to make...
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Analysis and Identification of the Value of Anti-Corruption Education in Indonesian Traditional Games

Auliya Aenul Hayati, Dede Trie Kurniawan
Corruption behavior has become a problem that needs to be solved so that it does not become a culture in Indonesia. One way to install anti-corruption values is by the game method because according to J. Piaget Games is the way children work - their understanding of knowledge. Traditional games can be...
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The Effect of Coconut Water and Planting Media to the Growth of Christmas Palm (Veitchia merilli)

Umi Trisnaningsih, Siti Wahyuni
Christmas palm seed is one types of seeds that are difficult to germinate. This study aims to determine the effect of coconut water and different growing media on germination of Christmas palm seeds. The experiment was conducted at the Faculty of Agriculture screen house, from October 2017 to February...
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The Effect of Doses of Manure and the Concentration of Organic Herbicides on the Growth and Yield of Cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Cultivars Bhakti

Deden Deden, Wijaya Wijaya, Dukat Dukat, Richie Agustirra
This study aims to determine the effect of doses of manure and the concentration of organic herbicides on the growth and yield of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) cultivars Bhakti. The experimental design used Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD). This experiment consisted of 12 combinations of manure...
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The Legal Study of the Compulsory Immunization Program to Comply with Children’s Right to Health

Any Fitriyani, Endang Sutrisno, Waluyadi Waluyadi
The Compulsory Immunization Program for children is a form of government obligation in the health sector. It is very important considering the development process must be supported by healthy human resources. The realization of this public policy was built through Law No 36 of 2009 on Health and the...
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The Criminal Law Enforcement Toward Violation of Environmental Permit

Endang Sutrisno, Teddy Asmara, Junior Perdana Soetopo
Environmental issues in the development of urban areas namely licensing become the main tools in the context of creating a sustainable environment. The implementation of criminal law enforcement for violations of environmental permits due to inconsistencies between regulations in terms of granting Building...
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The Implementation of Online Labor Market Information System to Fulfill Job Opportunities in Developing Countries

Mukarto Siswoyo, Heriyani Agustina, Helmy Ari Ghoni
The problem of developing countries in employment concerns on the small number of job opportunities, the high number of unemployment, low ability of labor, low wage rates, and social security. The purpose of this research is to implement an online labor market information system. With a system that is...
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Theoretical Study of Policy in Tax Payment

Cipto Dwiariyanto, Mukarto Siswoyo, Endang Sutrisno
Regulatory policies in Law Number 6 of 1983 Article 1 Paragraph 1 as amended by Law Number 28 of 2007 Article 1 Paragraph 1 and taxes have a very important role in the life of every country. The revenue taken from taxation is used by the state and institutions for various kinds of infrastructure development...
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Digital Marketing Strategy of Indonesian Agricultural Products

Juri Juswadi, Pandu Sumarna, Neneng Sri Mulyati
This research aims to determine the strategy for digital marketing of Indonesian agricultural products. The research method is SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) analysis by using secondary data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), the ministry reports and various research...
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Efficiency of Papaya Marketing (Carica papaya L.) in Indramayu Regency, West Java Province of Indonesia

Hartini Widyaningsih, Teguh Iman Santoso, Hanny Stephanie, Neneng Sri Mulyati
Papaya is one of the suitable plants cultivated in Indramayu Regency. This study determines the price transmission elasticity and marketing efficiency of papaya in Indramayu Regency. It applies an econometric model using producer and consumer monthly prices of papaya in Indramayu Regency from January...
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Effect of Corynebacterium Against Xantomonas Campetric Causes of Bacterial Leaf Blight in the Paddy Plant (Oryza sativa L.) Varieties Inpari 13

Reni Nurhayatini, Raden Budiasih, Lia Amalia, Linlin Parlinah, Yanyan Suryana
This research aims to determine the influence of biological Agensia Corynebacterium on growth and yield of paddy crops (Oryza sativa L.) The varieties of Inpari 13 were held in Cianjur regency with a height of 500 m above sea level from January to April in 2015. Environmental Design uses random Group...
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Determinants of Technical Inefficiencies of Sweet Potato Farming in Kuningan District

Riantin Hikmah Widi, Agus Yuniawan Isyanto
The study was conducted to analyse the technical inefficiency of sweet potato farming in Kuningan District. 51 farmers were analysed using the stochastic frontier production function. The sample is determined using simple random sampling with one output and six inputs (land, seed, organic fertilizer,...
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Response of Soybean Growth (Glycine max (L.) Merril) on the Treatment of Refugia Plant and Nanosilica Fertilizer

Tety Suciaty, Wijaya Wijaya, Dukat Dukat
This study aims to analyse the growth response of soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merrill) to the treatment of refugia plants and Nano silica fertilizer. The research was conducted at the Unit of Palawija Seed Development and Paddy, Agriculture Office of West Java Province, Plumbon, Cirebon Regency, from December...
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Community Participation in Political Development: A Study of Political Engagement in General Election in Indonesia

Heryani Agustina, Ayih Sutarih
Legislative elections are a form of community participation in political development. Public participation in the elections is one of significant factors in the victory of a legislative candidate. This encourages a legislative candidate deciding manners to assemble public participation to win the election,...
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The Power Versus Political Ethics in Selecting the Regional Head and Its Relationship with Corruption in Indonesia

Ayih Sutarih, Heryani Agustina
Election of Regional Heads (Pilkada) in Indonesia is an arena for political power struggles that are direct, general, free, secret, honest, and fair based on legal norms, social norms, and ethics. This political activity is often characterized by violations through all means that cause material, immaterial...
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Designing English Coursebook for Islamic Bilingual Boarding School Based on the Value of the Four Pillars of Nationality

Mahmud Mahmud
The purpose of this study is to develop an English course book for bilingual boarding school (Pesantren). It’s motivated by the finding of the writer that there are same problems regarding curriculum and learning text book. The value of four of national pillars (Pancasila, Bhineka Tunggal Ika, UUD 45...
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The Legal Politics of Irrigation Management in Developing Agroindustry in Facing the Industrial Revolution 4.0

Ujang Suratno
Water has a very important role in increasing agricultural productivity. Irrigation provides a significant contribution in providing water. The problems are (1) which regulations can be used as a basis for irrigation management in line with the Regional Government Law after Law No. 7 of 2004 concerning...
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Examining the Effectiveness of Reading Comprehension Practice via the Brain-Based Learning Model at SMPN Unggulan Indramayu

Dadun Kohar
Text structure has a pivotal role in reading comprehension. It can be visualized in the form of different diagrams. By recognizing the text structure, the students are expected to be able to improve their reading comprehension on exposition text. Brain-based learning model is a learning model that corresponds...
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Improving Work Productivity Through the Improvement of Organizational Atmosphere and Culture

Ipong Dekawati
In University institutions, the work productivity of educational staff should be highly improved to support the implementation of three main obligations of higher education. This study only focuses on discussing organizational atmosphere and culture. This study used quantitative approach method. The...
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The Study of Judges’ Disparity in Corruption Cases in Indonesia

Hamidah Abdurrachman, Fajar Dian Aryani, Nayla Majestya
Disparity in decision often occurs in corruption cases because the judges have their own independence to decide corruption cases without full consideration. For example, people with the same case and position, but they can get a different sentence. It is impossible to omit disparity but the number of...
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The Fuzzy Multiple Correlation and Its Application to Determine the Correlation of Math Anxiety with Math Self-Efficacy and Attitude

Hari Purnomo Susanto, Tatik Sutarti, Agus Maman Abadi, Agustina Sri Hafidah
The use of the fuzzy number is not doubtful in psychological domain. The fuzzy number provides a more real and flexible conception of psychology variable. The correlation between two variable and its form of fuzzy data can’t be determined by using Pearson correlation. The correlation analysis to analyse...
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The Use of Castration Punishment Toward Perpetrators of Sexual Violence in Indonesia

Fajar Ari Sudewo, Hamidah Abdurrachman
Castration punishment for perpetrators of sexual violence in Indonesia becomes a concern from many parties because it affects depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety for the victims. This study aims to find out the basic idea, the regulation, and the obstacles in castration punishment. This...
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The Problems with Honest and Fairness Principles in General Election in Indonesia

Imawan Sugiharto, Ratna Riyanti
Article 22 paragraph (1) of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Year 1945 stated that the General Election is carried out on a direct, open, public, secret, honest and fair manner every five years. This so-called Luber Jurdil (langsung [direct], umum [public], bebas [free], rahasia [secret],...
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Reconstruction of the Media Law of the Era of Industry Revolution 4.0 Elections

Eddhie Praptono, Erwin Aditya Pratama
Indonesia election in 2019 attracted great attention, began a large humanity event where 554 general election officers who passed away to spend a large budget to hold the elections Simultaneously of 2.4 trillion. Elections in Indonesia are organized using conventional methods, namely by striking or contrard...
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Prohibition in Baduy Dalam Community: Soil and Water Conservation Perspective

Ismail Saleh, Ida Setya Wahyu Atmaja, Ray March Syahadat
Baduy tribe is one of traditional community that live in Banten, Indonesia. They live in groups that still uphold to their ancestors’ habits especially in farming. The purpose of this article is to explain their habits and prohibitions in their community in perspective of soil and water conservation....
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The Effect of Organic Matter as Plant Media Component to the Growth of Three Ginger Cultivars with Bag Culture Technique

Alfandi Alfandi, Umi Trisnaningsih, Siti Wahyuni
This study was conducted to determine the effect of various types of organic materials, as components of the planting medium, on the growth of three ginger cultivars. The experiment was conducted at the Faculty of Agriculture Experimental Garden UGJ, starting from May to July 2019. The materials used...
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Group Farmers Association and the Success of Rural Agribusiness Development Program

Achmad Faqih, Siti Aisyah, Roosganda Elizabeth
Leadership function affects the performance that exists in an organization and is expected to bring changes in organizational life. The objectives of the current studies were to find out: (1) the relationship between Group Farmers Association (Gapoktan) leadership function partially with the success...
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The Empowerment Strategy of Gapoktan Toward an Agribusiness Microfinance Institution in Rural Areas

Dedi Muhammad Siddiq, Achmad Faqih
The basic strategy as the effort to strengthen the institution is through community empowerment, optimization of agribusiness potential, and capital funding. The institution is an important tool for running a program. This research intends to find out the work of the Association of Farmers Group (Gapoktan)...
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The Influence of the Guidance from Agricultural Extension Agents on the Dynamics of Farmer Groups

Rianmahardika Sahid Budiharseno, Achmad Faqih
The role of extension agent in agriculture is very important to improve the abilities, knowledge and skills of farmer group members. This research aims to find out: (1) the influence of the guidance from agricultural extension agents in assisting the preparation of RDKK and RDK on the dynamics of farmer...
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The Impacts of Cell Phone Usages on Learning Motivation: What Students Say?

Siti Aisyah, Mintarsih Danumihardja, Misdi Misdi
The paper attempts to describe the impact of accessing cell phone among the students of senior high schools in Cirebon. Employing survey design, the participants from several high schools in Cirebon received the questioners. From all received questionnaires, 115 were validated and sent to the further...
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Comparison of the Reduction of Uric Acid Level by Administration of Tempuyung (Sonchus arvensis) Leaf Extract and Breadfruit (Artocarpus altilis) Leaf Extract in Hyperuricemic Wistar Rats

Tuswandi Ahmad Waly, Rama Samara Brajawikalpa, Nurbaiti Nurbaiti
Uric acid is a heterocyclic substance that comes from metabolic breakdown of purine compound in the body. A condition where there is a high uric acid level (>7 mg/dl) in the human body is called hyperuricemia. Some traditional plants that often be used as alternative of hyperuricemia drugs by Indonesian...
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The Effectivity of Problem-Based Learning Tutor in Achievement of Learning Issue

M. Rifky Ilhami, Vivi Meidianawaty, M. Edial Sanif
Problem-Based Learning (PBL) is part of the learning process in the competency-based curriculum of Medical Education. In PBL activities, students are given a problem in the form of a scenario, then students will actively discuss to achieve the learning issue. In the discussion, students are guided by...
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Is the Decision to Apply LEISA Related to Decision Making Stage?

Siti Wahana, Mutia Intan Savitri Herista, Ismail Saleh, Ray March Syahadat
Indonesia government establish program organic agriculture called Go Organic 2010. This program appear because government aware of the danger posed by the use of synthetic chemical in agriculture. Implication of this program are counselling and training about organic agriculture held almost all over...
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The Effect of Social Media on Reading Intensity of Fifth Grade Elementary School Students

Pratiwi Kartika Sari, Deti Rostini, Otto Fajarianto, Yuyun Safitri
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of social media use on the intensity of reading fifth grade elementary school students. This research was conducted in Public Elementary Schools in Ciledug Sub district. The method used in this study is a quantitative method. The results showed that...
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The Implementation of Islamic Heritage Law

Waluyadi Waluyadi, Setia Budiyanti
The purpose of this study is to describe and analyse the implementation of Islamic inheritance law in Cirebon. The doctrinal research approach and qualitative research specifications are applied using primary and secondary data. The study used literature study and conducted interview to some people to...
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The Role of Patient Characteristics and Group Support to Adherence Treatment in People with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) in Cirebon City

Yandri Naldi, Amanah Amanah
The success of antiretroviral (ARV) treatment is inseparable from the patient’s adherence in treatment. The level of non-adherence with taking ARV drugs is still high in Indonesia, which is around 21.03%. This study aims to analyse the role of patient characteristics, family support and peer / peer support...
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Beggars, Homeless, and Displaced People: Psycho-Social Phenomena and the Implementation of Local Government Policy

Raden Mahendra Haryo Bharoto, Iin Indrayanti, Nursahidin Nursahidin
This study discusses the implementation of a policy that is claimed as one of local government roles dealing with issues of specific community in a small area in Indonesia. As one of problems related to social issues that affect the disruption of public order. PGOT; a psycho social phenomena with respect...
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Analysis of the Difficulty of Students on Visualization Ability Mathematics Based on Learning Obstacles

Ferry Ferdianto, Sinta Hartinah
This research based on the students who have a difficulty solving Sistem Persamaan Linear Tiga Variabel (SPLTV) problems. The difficulty can be seen from the mistakes made by students when solving SPLTV problems. Student mistakes result in learning obstacles when understanding and solving SPLTV problems....
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Implementation of Good Governance in the Security Guard Recruitment Process in PT Rian Jaya Perkasa, Kota Tegal

Suci Hartati
The study aims to determine the recruitment of Satpam (Security unit) viewed from (1) the implementation of recruitment and Satpam training, (2) Output of the implementation of education and training, (3) Efforts to channel alumni to employment, as well as supporting factors and obstacles to the implementation...
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Digital Democracy in Indonesia’s 2019 Election: Between Citizen Participation and Political Polarization

Amalia Sustikarini
In April 2019 Indonesia conducted its fourth direct election since the 1998 democratic reformation. This election is frequently described as one of the most complicated elections in the world, given a large number of voter and simultaneous process with the legislative election. The eminent feature of...
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Learning Science Through STEAM Approach (Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) Integrated Ethnoscience in the Context of Batik Culture for Pre Service Teachers of Primary Education

Nailah Tresnawati, Ismail Saleh, Dede Trie Kurniawan, Sudarmin Sudarmin, Sri Wardani
The exoticism of Ciwaringin batik has a different appeal and privileges compared to other Cirebon written batik, in addition to the unique motifs depicting flora meaningful hereditary historical philosophy it also has a soft batik colour because it is produced from natural dyes. STEAM learning is believed...
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Hoax and Journalism in Media Literacy Approach

Abdul Jalil Hermawan
The contents of journalism have rules when a news to broadcast. At least nine elements journalist was be border it. If journalism is required to uphold these nine principles, so should social media. The controller by individuals itself. Hoaxes, slanders, and expressions of hatred are increasingly out...
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Creative Thinking Based on Technology in Mathematical Problems

Hasriani Ishak, Stevanus Budi Waluya, Rochmad Rochmad, Neneng Aminah
This article is a preliminary study for research to improve technology-based creative thinking in mathematical problems. This is a step taken to address the concerns of parents of students and teachers of the adverse effects of technology on the development of education, especially the development of...
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How is Reasoning Ability in Learning Real Analysis?

Isnani Isnani, Stevanus Budi Waluya, Rochmad Rochmad, Sukestiyarno Sukestiyarno, Amin Suyitno, Neneng Aminah
Each Mathematics Education students take Real Analysis subject must have reasoning ability. However most of them have a low reasoning ability. Reasoning ability is a drawing conclusion process by linking facts in problem solving which includes deductive thinking. The reasoning ability is able to explore...
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Analysis of Technology Pedagogic Content Knowledge Ability for Junior High School Teacher: Viewed TPACK Framework

Neneng Aminah, Stevanus Budi Waluya, Rochmad Rochmad, Sukestiyarno Sukestiyarno, Wardono Wardono, Nuranita Adiastuty
For a teacher, TPACK’s ability is very important in improving the implementation of teaching and learning processes in the IR 4.0 era. This is stated in the TPACK framework which contains seven interrelated domains. This study investigates some mathematics teachers’ competence of Technology Pedagogic...
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Early Children’s Sex Education in Self-Curriculum Theme

Melda Rumia Rosmery Simorangkir
Revealed 2016 as many as 120 sexual violence, and in 2017 as many as 116 cases of sexual violence. The purpose of this study was to enrich the understanding of children aged 4-5 years about the importance of sex education and looking after themselves starting from school. The method used in this research...
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Local Government Unit Participation: Its Duties and Functions in the Tourism Sector

Sri Wulandari, Iin Indrayanti
Over the last two decades, tourism industry in Indonesia has been undergoing. One of its significant carried out by the role of local government. Its unit particularly in Cirebon, has a profound influence on the local tourism industry, and plays a part in conserving the potentials. Thus, the current...
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The Protection of Rights to Healthcare for People with Mental Illness in Stocks in the Era of National Health Insurance

Endang Sutrisno, Junaedi Junaedi, Nina Nur Ainy Syarief
Protection for People with Mental Illness (PMI) in stocks is by releasing them while at the same time granting them rights to healthcare so that PMI can find their way to recovery and are expected to return to the community. This research aims to describe the policies regarding stocked People with Mental...
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The Role of Information Technology in Developing the Creative Economic Tourism Sector (Case from Cirebon Tourism Object)

Arie Indra Gunawan, Rochanda Wiradinata
The purpose of tourism development into the tourism industry by the government is to strengthen the economic sector with the hope of opening employment opportunities and creating jobs, this is in line with the goals developed in the creative economy, therefore one of the sub-sectors in the creative economy...
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Transferring Technology in a Religious Based School (A Case in West Bandung)

Mohammad Mustari, M. Taufiq Rahman
This study analyses deeply and systematically the ability of religious based schools (pesantren) to adapt the development of information technology. This study takes the case in a religious-based school, i.e. Pesantren Nurul Falah, West Bandung Regency. The study was conducted descriptively and qualitatively...
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The Influence of Giving Information on Diarrhea Management to the Knowledge and Attitude of the Mother Carrying Infants in the Primary Health Care in Sitopeng Cirebon

Rais Sutan Muhammad Zain, Risnandya Primanagara, Yandri Naldi, Nurbaiti Nurbaiti
Diarrhea is one of the major public health problems in Indonesia. The high incidence of diarrhea can be affected by several factors such as lack of knowledge and treatment of diarrhea in children under five years old. Giving information of diarrhea management can reduce its incidence on children. The...
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The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Learning to Write by Senior High School Students

I Made Sutama, I Dewa Gede Budi Utama
This study aims to describe (1) ICT utilization needs, (2) utilization of ICT, and (3) obstacles faced in utilizing ICT by students in learning to write. To achieve that goal a quantitative descriptive design was used. The subjects of this research were 1242 high school students spread in nine state...
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Relationship Between Internship Experience, Self-Concept and Student’s Commitment to the Work Readiness of the Automotive Field

Alfin Mohamad Hilmi, Dhanu Lukmantoro
Vocational high schools are educational institutions that aim to prepare their students to become skilled workers and prioritize the ability to do certain jobs such as the automotive sector. This is in accordance with the specific objectives contained in the education unit level curriculum which states...