Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Automatic Control and Information Engineering

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Multi Agent Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Double Layer Behavior Driven

Yan Cheng, Zhiming Yang, Weisheng Xu, Xiaoling Ao
In recent years, with the development of the Internet and network learning community rapid development, information technology is changing people's ways of e-learning with amazing speed. At the same time, learning trek, knowledge overload problems gradually emerged. Personalized learning recommendation...
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Research on Grouping Strategy of Virtual Learning Community Based on the Fuzzy C-means Clustering

Yan Cheng, Jianhua Xie, Weisheng Xu
Virtual learning community, as a new model of network education, is widely used in the process of learning. But this kind of way is not gradually satisfying people's needs for more intelligent and personalized. Teaching strategy in virtual learning community is an important research direction of intelligent...
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Collaborative Filtering Algorithm Based on Item Attribute and Time Weight

Qian Chen, Wanggen Li, Jiao Liu
Collaborative filtering is a recommendation algorithm which is used in personalized system. To solve the problem of low accuracy caused by sparse data in the user-item matrix of traditional collaborative filtering algorithm, this paper presents a hybrid algorithm. Firstly, it uses the data based on the...
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Low Rank Tensor Completion via Partial Sum Minimization of Singular Values

Feng Zhang, Jianjun Wang, Jia Jing
In this paper, we investigate the low-rank tensor completion problem, in which we wish to estimate missing values of tensors from incomplete samples its entries. In real world, the low-rank tensor can be seen everywhere and the exact rank of it is often known. Based on the fact that singular values before...
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Simulation Studies on the Non-uniform Temperature of Steel Members by the Solar Radiations

Jingfang Li, Xiaofei Jin, Xiaoye Li, Hongliang Qian, You Chen
The thermodynamic analysis of long-span structure can be very complicated with the numerous members and high-degree indeterminate. In this paper, a typical spatial grid model with 4.5 x 4.5 meters plane is simulated, through the numerical simulation study on grid temperature field by solar radiation...
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Item-Based Clustering CF Recommend Algorithm in MapReduce Framework

Liquan Han, Yuqiang Jiang, Qi Chu
Due to the overload of information, it's difficult to find the information we need from large amount of information. Thus, the recommendation algorithm appears. When the size of data is too large, the traditional collaborative filtering recommendation algorithm becomes unable to satisfy the requirement,...
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Parameter Estimation of Target in Interference Localization Background in Impulse Noise Environment

Li Li, Xiaofei Shi
This paper proposes an airplane parameter estimation algorithm based on the study of the problem of interference localization in impulsive noise environment. Firstly, an extended signal model to accurately estimate parameters of the target is proposed with Alpha-stable distribution model. A method of...
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Robust Multi-objective Optimization and Decision for Signal Timing at Single Intersection

Juan Chen, Mingxing Jia
For the purpose of improving the efficiency of traffic signal control with cycle perturbation for single intersections, a robust multi-objective optimization and decision method (RMODM) is proposed. Firstly, this paper presents a non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm II based on the degree of robustness...
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Advantages of A Novel Modulation technology Time Shifted Non-orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing

Mingyan He
Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) is a high efficient multi-carrier modulation technique for broadband communication applications with high peak to average power ratio (PAPR). In order to reduce the adverse effects of high PAPR on communication, a novel time shifted non-orthogonal frequency...
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Negative Differential Resistance in Doped Armchair Graphene Nanoribbons

Chunmei Liu, Junling Wang, Zhuan Li, Yang Wang, Lili Zhao
Using nonequilibrium Green's functions in combination with density-functional theory, we investigate the electronic transport properties of boron doped armchair graphene nanoribbons. The I-V curve of the device shows an interesting negative differential resistance (NDR) phenomenon. We discover that the...
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A Chaos Time Series Prediction Method of Generalized Phase Space

Yu-min Pan, Yong-hong Deng, Li-feng Wu, Quan-zhu Zhang
Aiming at the limitation of the regression prediction method for mine gas emission, a chaotic time series prediction method for reconstruction of generalized phase space is proposed in this paper. This method is used to construct phase spaces for time series with unobvious chaotic characteristics and...
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Analysis on the Motion Characteristics of the Crank-group Driving Mechanism by Graphical Method

Yuqi Wang, Shangxiong Sheng
The new transmission mechanism crank-group driving mechanism is mainly used in some special light industrial machinery. Paper drew the mechanism's trajectory curve of the structure unit by a new way-the graphical method, analyzed it related to the trajectory function, and then studied the motion characteristics...
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Design Demonstration System of SIEMENS S7 Series PLC Network Based on PROFIBUS

Ruokui Chang, Wu Zhang
PLC principle and application is a kind of theory and practice, engineering practice of the professional course. Among them, PLC experimental teaching is an important part of the course. Many Chinese universities opened the PLC curriculum, teachers use experimental board to describe the whole process...
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South China Sea Wave Height Trends Analysis Using 20CR Reanalysis

Lingli Wu, Xing Li, Teng Wu
This study investigates long-term significant wave heights trends in the South China Sea. The Hs-SLP relationship in each domain is represented by a multivariate regression model with lagged dependent variable, which is calibrated and validated using the ERA-Interim reanalysis of Hs and SLP for the period...
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An Embedded SIP Video Phone System Based on i.MX6

Zhijie Tang, Tianlun Li, Xiaocheng Wu, Xinnan Leng
On the basis of i.MX6 and embedded Android operating system, this paper designs and implements a SIP Video Phone System successfully. Design of hardware circuits and secondary development process of application layer are presented. From testing results, the displayed videos are fluent; the system is...
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Study on the Application of the Pure Angle Measurement of the Photoelectric Detector in the Aerial Maneuvering Target-Take the photoelectric radar as an example

Jingfeng He
Photoelectric detector is widely used in the military; it is mainly used to measure the azimuth of the air target. This paper mainly studies the requirements of the aircraft maneuvering when the photoelectric detector is pure angle measurement of air maneuvering targets. According to the principle of...
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The Design and Realization of Team Map Based on LBS

Xiao Luo, Fei Guo, Yanping Wang
With the application of GIS, the mobile positioning and wireless communications technology, the location-based services (LBS) are increasingly widespread. Location-based services are a kind of value-added services. Mainly through GPS and WIFI mobile location technology, it can get the user's current...
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Research on Characteristic and Application of Non-Contact Probe Based on Small Multi-Axis Measurement Machine

Wenming Lei, Lei Wang, Di Li, Jianguo Fang
In this paper, theory analysis and experiment validation of probes based on laser triangulation and conoscopic holography were compared. The research was carried out based on small multi-axis measurement machine which was designed for rapid detection of aero-engine components. Standard sphere was measured...
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Study on Usability of Agricultural Product Web Page Layout Based on Eye Tracker

Lulu Liu, Xiangzhen He, Fucheng Wan, Zhangyuan Xiong
This paper selects 30 college students as subjects, concludes of characteristics agricultural product web page layout and goods list line density, selects 3 domestic agricultural e-commerce website interfaces which is structured from top to bottom, left corner of the right type, and 3 domestic agricultural...
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Double Inverted Pendulum Based on LQG Optimal Control

Yi Zheng, Peisi Zhong, Qingchao Yue
In order to achieve the stable control for a double inverted pendulum system, linear quadratic Gauss optimal control was applied. Based on separation principle of LQG, firstly, the control law was proposed by the optimal control, and then a state feedback was obtained; whereas, the states of a system...
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The Optimization of Genetic Algorithm Based on Hydraulic Cylinder Position of the Exoskeleton Robot

Qingchao Yue, Yi Zheng, Hang Su, Peisi Zhong, Kunhua Liu
Human walking with multiple joints movement, The degrees of freedom is more, Movement is complicated, multi-objective and multiple constraints of continuous function, Common optimization algorithm is required more design variables and large range of computing information, convergence difficulties are...
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Prediction of Arch Dam Temperature Based on ARIMA-RTA Model

Guozheng Sun, Zheyu Zhang, Peng Qin
The analysis and prediction of arch dam temperature is very meaningful to engineering maintenance and disaster prevention. Taking the arch dam temperature monitoring data as the research object, the ARIMA-RTA combination forecasting model is improved by using the ARIMA model's higher fitting capacity...
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Study on Target Detection in Mainlobe Jamming with Bistatic MIMO Radar

Qing Sun, Junliang Ji, Jianfeng Tao
The throwing jamming and ESJ are widely used in ECCM technique domain. The higher power active interference can be received by the main lobe of radar system directly, which would degrade the target detection and tracking performance seriously. This paper proposes the target detection method in the presence...
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Experimental Study on the Safety Monitoring System of Rock Mass Acoustic Emission

Qing Zhang
A low cost, high performance safety monitoring system of rock mass acoustic emission which is able to complete wireless transmission has been established through adjustment of the present safety monitoring system. The experimental study of rock mass acoustic emission demonstrated that the improved system...
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Design and Realization of Automatic Forming Machine for Welding Rod Box Based on PLC Control

Bing Wang, Shunli Wang
The device controls the rotation of the servo motor by PLC, so as to control to the movement of the feeder device, making a coordination work with paper feeder, paper to transfer machine, box forming machine and the paper fetching machine. This device achieved a highly automation of forming the welding...
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Study on Intelligent Socket Based on Hybrid Dynamic Systems

Zong-feng Song
Electrical equipment connecting socket outlets still consumes energy when in standby mode or shutdown state. This makes a large amount of power wasted. According to usage and operation characteristic, socket with multiple outlets can be modeled as hybrid dynamic systems. This paper proposes the basic...
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Design and Manufacture of Scale-Model System of Highway Bridge Subjected to a Running Vehicle

Shuirong Gui, Shui Wan, Shuisheng Chen
According to vibration characteristics of highway bridge-vehicle coupling, taking a simple supported beam bridge as an example, the scale model test system of vehicle-bridge coupling vibration has been designed and manufactured, including model testing bridge, testing vehicle, traction, braking, limiting...
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Development of 72A High Carbon Wire Rod for Bead Wire

Shuwei Cao
High carbon steel wire rod 72A is an important raw material for manufacturing steel wire-rope, bead wire and hose steel wire. Based on strict chemical composition design, reasonable adjustment and optimization of smelting and continuous casting, reheating, rolling as well as cooling processes etc., Anyang...
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Noise Fault Diagnosis of the Refrigerator Based on Wavelet Denoising Method

Haijiang Kou, Jiaojiao Du
Noise reduction technology of the refrigerator has become one of the core competitiveness and low noise gives users a comfortable experience. A new experimental investigation for noise source diagnosis of the refrigerator is conducted based on wavelet denoising method. And wavelet denoising is compared...
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Comparison Analysis of the Effects of Small Resistor and Capacitor on Mitigation GIC in Power Grid

Peihong Yang, Lianguang Liu, Xupeng Zheng, Shiwei Feng, Ya Li
Geomagnetically induced currents (GIC) can cause half cycle saturation of transformers and adversely affect the security operation of the power system, even result in large area blackouts. It may be possible to reduce the magnitude of GIC by installing small resistor or capacitor into transformers in...
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A New Method of Color Pattern Recognition Based on Fuzzy Clustering

Yi Zhang, Feng Zhang, Bingquan Zhu, Zhongming Xiang, Lv Tang
The rapid development of online image monitoring has put forward more and more urgent needs for the application of computer image recognition technology. According to the design of Decision Support System (DSS) and the characteristics of online image monitoring, this paper analyzes the advantages of...
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Stability of CDFEs With Multiple Known and Unknown Delays: Discretized LKF Approach

Hongfei Li
This article considers the stability problem of a class of coupled differential-Functional equations (CDFEs) with multiple delays via the discretized Lyapunov-Krasovskii functional (LKF) approach. The system discussed contains both distributed delays known and discrete delays unknown, a LKF with two...
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Research on Quality Tests for Shop Floor Application Based on Local Network

Mengqing TanLi, Yan Jiang, Xiang Wang, Yulin Wang, Rushu Peng
In order to improve the efficiency of quality tests and optimize the process of the quality control, this paper deeply investigates main aspects of quality tests for shop floor application. The hierarchical model of quality tests is firstly set up in this paper. After the layout of hardware and network...
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A Technique for Smooth Switching from Conventional Database to Big Data System

Zewu Peng, Jianwen Huang
In order to comprehensively analyze enterprise data using big data techniques, data need to be transformed from conventional database to unstructured database, where smooth switching of database has a great significance for enterprises. In this study, a technique for smooth switching from conventional...
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Study of Alarm Filtering Method Based on Multivariate Process Condition Data

Jianwen Huang, Zewu Peng
In this paper, through the analysis of core demands related multivariate process condition data, the obtained features and classification results are used to calculate the alarm statistical index. By evaluating alarm presence rate and effective alarm rate, alarm classification filtering is achieved,...
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Research on the Key Techniques of Augmented Reality Navigation

Rui Gu, Jiale Gu
With the rapidly development of location-based services, Using augmented reality technology to develop LBS system can greatly improve human computer interaction. In the article, we design an augmented reality system based LBS on android device, mainly discussed the geodetic coordinate transformation,...