Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Global Economy, Finance and Humanities Research

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Educational Reform of Aerobics Course in Sports Colleges and Universities

Hehua Ao
In view of the Aerobics in sports colleges and Universities knowledge skills and practical education emphasizes only materialized, learning, and into the present situation, the concept of educating people neglect of teaching, research thinks, the value of rational Aerobics tool rationality and education....
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The Study of Supporting Elements in Small Towns’ Urbanization with Characteristics

Jian Zhang, Yujin Li
To get a further knowledge over the essential characteristics supporting small towns’ urbanization process, case study utilizing towns in a abroad China was conducted. Theme features were discovered to be related to humanistic spirit, historic feature, particular industry and market-oriented strategy....
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Regional Cooperation in Quality Assurance of Higher Education among Nordic: A Case Study of NOQA

Chun-Mei Yang
Promoted by internationalization and European integration of higher education, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland establish the Nordic Quality Assurance Network in Higher Education?NOQA for short?for regional cooperation in quality assurance of higher education. They promoted mutual trust and...
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The Training for Special Education Schools’ Physical Education Teachers in Chongqing

Jinxia Bao, Xiaoling Huang
This paper takes the situation of the training for sports teachers in Chongqing’ special education schools as the object. It focuses on three aspects of the content, including the cultivation actuality of special education sports talents and the orientation and in-service training for special education...
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Chinese Higher Education Enrollment Policy: Fairness of System for Students’ Choice of University

Muhammad Azeem Ashraf
China has made a great progress in the expansion of higher education system in recent years. The enrollments into higher education institutes has been increased from 3% in 1991 to 27% in 2010 and it is projected that gross enrolment rate in higher education will increase to 40% by 2020. China has made...
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Suggestions on Perfecting Index Systems of Building a Well-off Society in an All-round Way

Jian Lv, Li Yi
The index systems are not only the tools to evaluate existing practice results, but also the guides to the future development direction and development way of practical activities. The 18th CPC National Congress in 2012 put forward “ensuring to achieve great goals of building a well-off society in an...
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Various Items Causing IELTS Test-Taker’s Low Performance in Mainland China: an International Joint Education Program Solution

Qinglan Yu
Administered at local centers in 120 countries throughout the world, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is one of the most widely used large-scale ESL tests that offer listening, writing, reading and speaking modules. In mainland China, students join in various international joint-education...
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The Vocal Ideology of Master Xiang Shen

Xinqiao Liu, Hao Chu
Professor Xiang Shen was a famous dramatic tensor singer, and a master of vocal music education. In his more than 40 years of teaching, he has supervised many outstanding singers. In this paper, we summarize his life and vocal ideology, and hope to give some help for contemporary vocal teaching.
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Survey on Mathematics Anxiety of Junior Middle School Students

Guiping Yuan
Objective To investigate difference of mathematics anxiety in gender and grade of junior middle school students. Methods Totally 380 students from 3 junior middle school of Shandong province attended the investigation. The Mathematics Anxiety Scale for Middle School Student used in the investigation...
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Study on Compound Talents Training Mode of Economics

Xulei Chi
With the rapid development of China’s economics, the compound talent is an important mode of personnel training in colleges and universities. Training mode in Colleges and universities has certain significance for training talents, and achieved good effect, but there are some problems, is not conducive...
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Motivation and Emotions among Top Players in the Western Balkan Basketball Teams

Nenad Suzic, Slobodan Simovic
This study was conducted on the sample of 127 top level basketball players from 11 different teams in three countries from the Western Balkans. Two significant findings were found in this paper. The first one is consisted of six motivational variables (controlled motivation, autonomous motivation, external...
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The Study of the role of Government In the Development of Agricultural Industrialization

Wenhua Kong
In the process of the development of the agricultural industrialization, there is a degree of government functions misplaced problem in some areas, the key to correct the dislocation of the government functions is to position accurately to the industrialization of agriculture in the role of government...
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Parents’ Socio-Economic Background as a Predictor of Students’ Performance in E-Learning Education

Smart Odunayo Olugbeko, Emmanuel Nkoro Asagha, Patrick Aliu Akinmusire
Parents give lives to their children; they biologically determine the quality of intelligence of their children even at birth. The socio-economic background of the parents exposes the children to after birth factors that help in nourishing or malnourishing the children. The type of education a child...
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A Research on Self-Directed Professional Development of a Teacher of TESOL in Chinese Context

Kathy Meng
Nowadays, it is urgently imperative to call for more teachers’ active commitment to their self-directed professional development. Based on inductive-inferential approach and narrative-analytic approach, this paper is designed to observe and analyze a one-year programmer for self-directed professional...
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Discussion on College English Teaching Model in Universities under New Situation

Wenjuan Du
In 2007 the “College English Curriculum Requirements” has established the college English teaching model of the student as the center, cultivating the language skills, the students’ comprehensive ability and autonomous learning ability. But in 2013 the “Beijing 2014-2016 College Entrance Framework Plan...
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The Research on the Relationship between Mongolia's Fertility Rate and Income based the Easterling Model

Jiliang Xue
Along with the economic development and social progress in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, and gradually change attitudes, unique ethnic characteristics and the nomadic culture of Mongolia makes its fertility, fertility preferences and livelihood strategy has changed, but the research on the fertility...
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Encoding, Decoding and Cultural Identity: An Analysis of Culture Communication of Confucius Institutes

Tianzheng Wang
The Confucian culture communication is a process of culture reproduction. The process is the re-encoding on Chinese Culture resources, aimed to strengthen the culture identity in different countries. Different cultural contexts affect culture decoding; culture identity is the result of interaction between...
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Financial Innovation's Opportunities and Challenge in the Tax Policy

Ranlin Zhao
Since the 1970 s, financial innovation become a phenomenon which is of particular concern in the field of economics finance. Financial innovation not only have a booming developed in the country's financial markets, and play an important role in the international financial market. Not only in terms of...
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Development Research of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Sports Tourism Resources

Xuezhi Li
This paper is based on strengths and weakness of Sports tourism resources in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region; it mainly analyzed the following problems such as under-development of sport. Tourism resources in Xinjiang, lack of professional talents, backward of hardware facilities, lack of financial...
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Sports motion analysis based on mobile sensing technology

Yu Wei, Qingsong Fei, Lijuan He
Motion analysis plays a significant role in most of the sports, a large number of demands of Information Technology exist in related fields, including the sports training and P.E. practicing. As the development of mobile smart devices and relative software applications, we are able to assist sports practicing...
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Discrete Time Risk Model with Discounted Rate

Guzalnur Abdukadir, Lijun Wu
In this paper, we consider a discrete time risk model with discount rate. By using the recursive method, recursion formulas for distribution of the largest surplus before ruin, ruin probabilities in finite time and ultimate ruin probability are derived. Moreover, recursion formulas for the ruin lasting...
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Present Situation, Problems and Countermeasures of the Graduate Education Internationalization in China

Yu Guo
With the opening-up policy constantly deepened and the strategy of the science-education and the talent fully implemented, the graduate education internationalization has become an important way of promoting the innovation ability. Deeply understanding the connotation and development tendency of the...
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A Model based on the Coupled Rules of Evidence Theory used in Multiple Objective Decisions

Songping Mao, Zuxu Zou, Yunxia Xue, Yuanlin Li
In response to a situation that it is not easy to accurately compute the indicator weight in multiple objective decisions, and it is unable to achieve effective harmonization of subjective and objective when the traditional methods were used to calculate the weights. The combination rule of evidence...
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ITO Risks Preliminary Analysis Model of IT Outsourcing Corporations in China

Lingmin Jiang, Ruiqiong Zhong
With the development of the computer technology and international specialization, a growing number of companies consider outsourcing as an effective method to improve the operation environment, reduce the cost, and enhance the efficiency. Despite of the many advantages comes with it, the risk in the...
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Research on Influence of the Athletic Dance on the College Students’ Health

Yi Guan, Fei Liu
Sports dance is a dance, music, clothing, grace and beauty in one elegant sport, sports, art, which spans three in the field of education, one item has the aesthetic value and entertainment value high comprehensive art. Sports dance is a very popular sport, has certain effect on the prevention and treatment...
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Research on Sports Dancing to Healthy Development of College Students’ EQ

Yi Guan, Yuning Gong
by the methods of literature, experiment method, the experiment in teaching reform of teaching methods, using the methods of the mental skill training in goal setting training, has the influence to the Haunches Science and Technology College 2008 Dance Sport Specialized Course Students Eq. The result...
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The Systematic Goal of Human Development: Individual Freedom Should Not Conflict with the Global Interest

Huiyi Tang
This paper calls for improving the world governance system in order to systematically solve the urgent human facing problems, such as mass-destructive weapons, climate change, ecological system deterioration, environmental pollution, food shortage, epidemic disease control, population planning, poverty...
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Cooperative Technology Innovation of Shipbuilding Industrial Cluster based on the Symbiosis Theory

Long Chen
In this paper, in the perspective of three basic elements of symbiosis theory, symbiosis unit, symbiosis environment and symbiosis interface of cooperative technology innovation of the shipping industrial cluster were analyzed. Based on this theory, the author analyzed the case of shipbuilding industrial...
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Female Employees’ Work Family Conflict and Job Satisfaction in Hospitality

Jin Quan Zhou, Wen Jin He
Along with tourism industry rapid development, more and more female employees have been working in this field since Hainan to be build to an international tourism destination. And as the tourism industry rapidly development and hospitality need more labor to fit this trend, more local female employees...
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The Influence of Children’s structure on Rural Intergeneration Resources Exchange Mechanism

Yuchun Tao, Yu Shen
Using the data from “china health and retirement longitudinal study” in 2013, employing the generalized linear model and logistic regression analysis, It is founds that there is division of labor and replacement between children either in financial support or emotional support to meet the various requirements...
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China Ceramic Tile Industrial Cluster Competitive Strategies under the Global Economy

Mei-hor Lo, Dechang Han
In the study, we discuss what changes come into play in the radical world markets, both for ceramic tiles and for surrounding ceramic tile supportive industries. These issues will be discussed with an amount of literature reviews through the various perspectives to explore the more comprehensive insight...
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An Arrogant Conqueror in Nature ---- A new view on Patrick White’s Voss

Lan Xiang
If we consider Patrick White’s novel in green and read his works for their ecological content we can see nature writ large in White’s novel Voss: In the novel, Voss, an ego-centric German fails in his attempt to conquer nature. This article seeks to reveal how the author’s eco-sense is conveyed in his...
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Research on Project Teaching Method of Logistics Teaching

Fanlei Meng
This paper applies project teaching method to logistics teaching course and explores its application in practical teaching process. It also illustrates the existing problems, the choosing of projects, implement and requirements in detail.
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Discussion on Teaching Reform Based on Logistics Management Course

Guocheng Li, Peimin Zhao
This paper, based on modern logistics management curriculum features and the training objectives of high-quality logistics personnel, by integrating new concepts of logistics teaching reform, puts forward a number of recommendations on innovative teaching according to the following aspects: transforming...
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The Reform of Logistics Education Based on "High-Quality Personnel Training" in Higher Vocational School

Peimin Zhao, Guocheng Li
Currently in China, the contradiction between the supply and demand of logistics personnel has protrude the shortcomings of the development of the logistics industry, which has made the task of training large numbers of logistics talent very imperative in China .Based on the background of reflecting...
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The Civilization Slept in the Land --The Outlook on Heritage and Innovation of Folk Art from the Xiao Guo Clay Sculpture

Yanqing Hou
Xiao Guo clay sculpture in the city of Cang shan is the outstanding representative in the Chinese folk sculpture art. Meantime it can also be known by foreigners as the most folk artistic handwork full of the oriental color. This article is mainly illustrated from three aspects, which is the unique style...
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Reflection on Basic Art Education

Yanqing Hou
A great number of people regard art as a sort of practical skill rather than academic discipline, which exerts great influence on art education. This paper tries to explore issues concerning basic art education from the perspective of the nature of art education and the new curriculum standard.
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New Exploration by Means of Intuition in the Field of Children’s Art Education

Yanqing Hou
Intuition plays an important role in children’s art education, for intuition enables children to grasp the basic characteristics of the object and represent visual image in a creative way so as to demonstrate the natural rule of beauty. This paper is divided into three parts. The first part points out...
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Research on Talents Training Mode of Applied Logistics Management

Fanlei Meng
With the rapid development of modern logistics industry, the requirements of logistics companies for applied logistics management talents become higher and higher. Colleges and universities as a talent training institutions, they must adapt to the objective requirements of modern logistics development,...
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Studies on Kate Jennings in the Process of Internationalization of Australian Literature

Xinxin Li
During the process of the internationalization of Australian literature, there arise many famous writers in Australian literary world, who have accelerated this process. Kate Jennings is one of them. Born in New South Wales, Australia, she was firstly famous for an incendiary speech given before a Vietnam...
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Comparison of Music Education in Schools between China and the U.S.

Lili Fu
The differences between China and the U.S. are analyzed in terms of the understanding of the culture, description of the relation between the culture and the music education, and the discussion of the history of the music education. Problems are identified via comparison. Next, differences and similarities...
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Research on the Hierarchical English Curriculum Pattern of General Undergraduate Institutions Based on the Qiqihar Region

Yan Wu
College English is a very important required elementary undergraduate course in Chinese general undergraduate curriculum. This course has a great influence on students not only the academic achievement evaluation and the award of scholarship but also the employment and the performance after graduation....
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The Research of the Distinguishing Features of Blue and Leisure Sports in Liveable Cities -----Taking Weihai as an Example

Qi Zhang
This paper is to study the current state of blue and leisure sports at Weihai by using the methods of documentation, statistics and questionnaire. This paper mainly introduces the forms of highly-participated blue leisure sports at Weihai such as sailing boats, golf, swimming and badminton, etc. And...
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The Construction of Shandong Economic Climate Index and its Application

Guo Rui, Yongfu Cao
To facilitate regional economic monitor, this paper constructs economic climate index of Shandong province using frequency filter method. The main analysis findings include: The economy of Shandong is more stable comparing with Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang; the economic fluctuation of Shandong is...
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On the Status quo of Idioms in Chinese and English Language Acquisition

Yang Liu
The paper mainly analyzes the status quo of idioms in Chinese and English Language Acquisition. And a comparative study is made. It then points out that in China, English idioms are not paid enough attention to by English learners in their learning process, which results in the misunderstanding of English...
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Experimental Study on Optimization of Physical Education Teaching Mode to Promote College Students' Social Development

Zhanlong Wang
according to the development trend and the current teaching mode of physical education teaching requirements, we optimized the construction of multiple teaching modes, through the contrast experiment for a year of study,. The results show that: optimizing the teaching mode can better meet the psychological...
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Research on the Countermeasures of the Vocational College Students' Comprehensive Ability based on the Training Practice Base

Yuchen Zhang
The students 'comprehensive vocational ability is the key to improve the quality of vocational teaching practice, and the construction and role play of the training practice base is the basis of students' comprehensive vocational ability. Vocational colleges should be multi-pronged approach, actively...
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Language Game Theory and Information Science: A Metatheoretical Investigation

Lin Wang
This paper briefly introduces the language game theory put forward by late Wittgenstein, and then discusses the metatheoretical implications of language game for information science (IS) research. It demonstrates that compared with logical image theory, language game is more suitable and useful to the...
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Reform of Basketball Course Teaching in University

Xiang Yu
Reform of basketball course teaching should change the form of technical skill instillation into the aim of encouraging college students to exercise and to develop permanent exercise habits. It should attach importance to college students’ mastery of basketball skills and the improvement of their physical...
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Study of University Students’ Stress Accommodation and Participation of Leisure Sports

Fang Yi
By the method of questionnaire consultation, this article probes into the relation between university students’ stress accommodation and participation of leisure sports. The result indicates that different university students’ attribute and the pressure source contain obvious and sexual difference. The...
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Current Situation and Strategic Suggestions of Physical Education Teachers in Hubei Vocational Colleges

Junhao Zhao, Guanghui Guo
This study used literature survey and questionnaire methods to investigate the age structure, research ability, professional standards, education levels and other aspects of physical education teachers in Hubei Vocational Colleges. The results indicated that the age structure of the faculty in higher...
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On the Vision of Basketball Players

Junhao Zhao, Guanghui Guo
In basetball teaching and training, many teachers/coaches often overlook the vision practice of students or players. The limited vision affects the technical and stratigical level of the whole team. In this study, I conducted systematical and scientific analyses on the character of basketball players’...
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The Harmony and Strategy of Chinese Basketball Association

Junhao Zhao, Guanghui Guo
This study discussed the harmony of Chinese Basketball Association (CBA). We found that inharmonious factors include the audiences violence, athletes violence, referees’ qualification and black whistle. Based on these studies we proposed several strategies for creating harmonious competition: the Basketball...
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The Leisurely Nostalgic Feelings under the Traditional Culture Vision Based on the Appreciation of Hometown Banyan Tree

Ying Yu
Chinese literature are marked with traditional culture. The Hongkong writer Huang Helang described his childhood hometown with the brushwork to reflect the national character and cultural, it reflects his high writing skills. He adopted the style "Focused on the love things to memory childhood, focused...
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Study on the Value of Yunnan Maca in Sports Nutrition

Jinfeng Tong
Through the scientific analysis of the nutrition data of the plant Maca the paper do the research into value of Maca in the sport nutrition, The research indicafes the sport player take the Maca in the sport diet, which will .help athlete's recovery and be good to get better place in the gane.
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Analysis of Yoga in Health Science

Shuangjun Li
"Heaven" is the highest level of health and practicing yoga. Health purpose is human longevity. We use the literature to talk about the effectiveness of yoga health from the five aspects, such as Behavior (moral) health, Pranayama regimen, Prey Health, Environmental Health and Asana (Sports) regimen....
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A Study on Interpersonal Meaning in Communicative Discourse Analysis

Jian Li
The research on communicative discourse based on Systemic-functional linguistics is in accordance with the development tendency of discourse analysis. Through a detailed study on how to embody the interpersonal meaning by discourse, it is concluded that modality system occupies an important position...
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Development and Reflection of Chinese Government Micro-Blog from the Perspective of Public Administration

Ying Meng
This paper regards the government micro-blog as research object, discuss their daily published content, communication effects, especially their response model about crisis events and the influence of public opinion. Analysis on the innovation in government public management mode, development trend and...
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A Study on the Culture Tourism Development ---- A case Study of Linyi

ShouYan Miao
Culture tourism is a kind of new research trend and the way of travel in the academic and practical operation, etc. This paper study the conception of Culture tourism and its reasons causing. Furthermore takes Linyi as an example and analyzes its category. The paper takes the relevant measures to promote...
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Follow-up Research of the High Vocational Nursing Students’ Self-esteem and Their Coping Style

Zhili Bi, Lijuan Meng, Xuemei Liu
In 2013, we continue to use the Self-esteem Scale (SES) and Simplified Coping Style Questionnaire. We random surveyed for grade 2012 students in Nursing College of Binzhou Polytechnic. The proportion of complete questionnaires is 99.82%. As a result, the Self-esteem Scale score was 32.57 ± 3.40, 2.15...
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The Investigation and Analysis of Self-esteem and Coping Style of High Vocational Students

Zhili Bi, Tongjun Wang, Shubai Chen
We adopt the Self-esteem Scale (SES) and the Simplified Coping Style Questionnaire, to make a random investigation among the Binzhou Polytechnic students in 6 professionals of grade 2012. As a result, the Self-esteem Scale score was 32.59 ± 3.40. Positive coping style score was 2.14 ± 0.38, negative...
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Assess High Vocational Teachers’ EAP Demands by Using Own Compilated Questionnaire

Yundou Hu, Zhili Bi, Junfang Du
We compilated questionnaire for EAP demands by own. We investigated and analysed of high vocational teachers’ subjective emotion in work, the subjective awareness of the workload, the subjective recognition from others, the conflict of work and family, pressure source and the demand of EAP service. The...
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A generalization Credibility Premium Estimator with Dependent Risk Structure under the Exponential Premium Principle

Qiang Zhang, Lijun Wu, Juan Zhang
In classical credibility models, claims are assumed to be independent and identically distributed. In many practical situations, however, claims are not identically distributed. In this paper, we present the assumptions of risk heterogeneous portfolio, the credibility models with dependent risk structure...
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Relationships Among Undergraduates’ Occupation Attributional Style, Work Values, Career Decision Making Self-efficacy and Job Searching

TongJun Wang, JiWei Si, GuoHua Duan
Choosing 515 college students as subjects, a questionnaire survey research was carried out to explore the relationship among college students’ work values, occupation attributional style, career decision making self-efficacy and job search behavior. The findings were: 1) There was a highly significant...
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On the Reform of Teaching College English at Different Levels

Caiyun Liu
In recent years, teaching college English at different levels has attracted more and more attention. Conducting such a reform aims at resolving the individual differences among students and embodying the principle of “people-oriented” and teaching accordingly in order to improve teaching quality. The...
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Discussion on the Relationship of Administrative Efficiency and Administrative Efficacy

Chunmei Ren
In the administration field, the concepts of administrative efficiency and administrative efficacy are closely related but easy to be confused. Generally, administrative efficacy can direct administrative efficiency and contrarily be reflected by administrative efficiency. At the same time, there are...
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Study on the Personnel Training Mode of School-Enterprise Cooperation in Higher Vocational College

Xianbing Ji, Yinxia Chen
Personnel training mode of school-enterprise cooperation is an efficient way to reaching the training target in higher vocational college. The present situation and main problems of school-enterprise cooperation in our country was analyzed. Corresponding countermeasure and suggestion was put forward...
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Whole English Immersion Teaching of Optical Images, Interference and Diffraction of University Physics

Huaqiu Deng
The paper applies whole English immersion teaching on optical images, interference and diffraction of university physics, discusses graphic method, comparison method and discussion method of whole English immersion teaching, and shows that the whole English immersion teaching is an effective one in teaching...
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Integration and Development of National Traditional Sports and Community Sports from the Perspective of Harmony

Chuan-Qin Liu, Hzi-Zhi Zhang, You-Ming Zhang
the national harmony is the foundation of constructing harmonious society, national traditional sports is rich in the content of building a harmonious society, the fusion and development of national traditional sports and community sports is an effective way to promote national harmony. Combined with...
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Research on Intergenerational Inheritance of Family Business Based on Relational Contract

Li-ping Lou, Zhi-min Deng
The problem of intergenerational inheritance of family business has a great influence on not only the family business itself, but also the stability of China's social and economic life. From the perspective of the relational contract, the paper analyses the positive role of the reputation, trust and...
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Analysis of the Interaction between China's Real Estate and Stock Market through Co-integration Test

Huawei Liu
This paper analyzed the transmission mechanism of the interaction between the real estate market and stock market. The real estate and stock markets showed a certain positive interaction through credit expansion effect and the wealth effect. And to some extent, the conduction effects of macroeconomic...
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The Research Progress of Undergraduates Resiliency and its Application in Mental Health Education

Bin Xu, Liang Fei
The researches of resiliency have became hot points for psychology. These researches also have been extended to the students in colleges by many scholars. Aims: This paper scientifically introduces the overseas and domestic research progress of students resiliency in colleges. Methods: analyses the theories,...
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Present Situation Investigation of Amateurish Badminton Training Market in Chengdu

Min-min Zhu
In order to meet the needs of more and more badminton enthusiasts to participate in the amateur badminton training and better develop amateur badminton sports in Chengdu, questionnaire survey, literature, mathematical statistics, logic reasoning and expert interviews were employed to study the current...
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Comparative Research on Education Facilities Change in the Sparsely Populated Rural of China and Japan

Zhiyong Zang
The population migration is a major feature of the development of human and social change. It relates to political, economic and cultural, as well as concerning the city modernization, industrialization, and many other factors. From 60's of the twentieth Century, the Japanese migrated from rural to urban...
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Discussion about the Lack of Contemporary College Students’ Humanities Accomplishment and Improving Methods

Xianhua Meng
Contemporary college students are playing more and more important roles in the future development of China. Naturally, the requirement of the humanistic literary for the college students will become higher and higher. However, the current social accomplishment of college students presents a weak trend,...
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Brief Discussion on Education Modes of Vocational School

Yimei Ren, Ping Ma, Xu Wang, Qian Wu
It is more important for vocational schools to cultivate talents in process of training students’ skills. The key to improve the quality of vocational education is to set up comprehensive and cultivating-talents-oriented faith and diversify talent training standards. By stimulating the students’ learning...
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Teachers' Professional Development from the View of Ecological Civilization

Yimei Ren, Qian Wu, Likun Gao, Yifan Cao
The study observed teachers’ educational activities from the view of ecological civilization. We found that teachers' professional development is a continuous process. The school that teachers worked in is an important foundation. Society and school offer professional acknowledge and educational resources...