Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Education Technology, Management and Humanities Science

522 authors
Zheng, Jianrong
An Intelligent Evaluation Algorithm for Operator Training
Zheng, Siyuan
A New Method for Online Payment of Electricity Charge Based on USBKEY
Zheng, Hong
Research and construction of online knowledge resources Based on Internet and Multimedia Platform
Zhong, Weixuan
The Approach of British and American Literature teaching system Design and Implementation Based on J2EE Campus Network
Zhong, Fangfang
The Design and Implementation of Colleges Sports Teaching Management System
Zhong, Fengmei
The Architecture Research on Management Information System for College Students’ Ideological and Political Guidance
Zhou, Yan
Research on Personalized English Learning and Teaching System Based on Mobile Devices and the Internet: A Case Study
Zhou, Yingying
Research on the Applications of Data Mining in Financial Prediction
Zhou, Jing
Development Mode and Innovation Research of Cold chain Logistics of Agricultural Products
Zhou, Jing
Strategy Research on Perfecting the Cold-chain Logistics System of Fresh Food
Zhou, Kanheng
An Intelligent Evaluation Algorithm for Operator Training
Zhou, Xuxiang
A New Method for Online Payment of Electricity Charge Based on USBKEY
Zhu, Maodong
Research on Credit Guarantee System of SMEs Group Lending Based on Repeated Game
Zhu, Shangshang
The mobile application software design research about the college students’ class notes based on mental model
Zhu, Sicheng
An effective way to eradicate Ebola
Zhuo, Shuyao
Present Situation and Reform Ideas of Computer Training Base Construction
Zhuo, Shuyao
Research on Fusion Application of Mobile Internet and Internet of Things in Digital Campus
Zhuo, Bian
‘Unity of Heaven and Mankind ’ below Architectural Space Layout in Taoism
Zhuo, Ni
The Research of Digital Training System for Sports
Zuo, Yang
Research on the Network Platform Establishment of Scientific Archives Management
Zuo, Jingxian
Mathematical model of Behavior Control Mechanism
Zuo, Wanli
User Behavior Modeling Research Based on Group Level in Social Networks