Proceedings of the 2nd Educational Sciences International Conference (ESIC 2019)

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Developing Digital Printing Sticky Media for Chemistry Learning of Senior High School Students on Inorganic Compound Nomenclature Subject

Mayda Parlinawati, Mukhamad Nurhadi, Zulkarnaen
This study aimed to determine the feasibility of digital printing sticky media to be used as a learning media in the subject of inorganic compound nomenclature. This research was categorized as a research and development (R&D) which adopted the Borg and Gall model. This research was carried out in...
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Effectiveness of Using Google Forms in the Problem Based Learning Model to Increase the Critical Thinking Ability of High School Students

Erni Endah Sari, Usman, Abdul Hakim
This study aims to examine the effectiveness of using Google Forms in the Problem Based Learning (PBL) model to improve the critical thinking skills of high school students. The research method used experimental research through the nonequivalent control group. The experiments used in this study were...
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Dayak Deah Culture Preservation Management in Tabalong District, South Kalimantan

Mudiyono, Susilo, Mursalim
The research aims to determine the management of Dayak Deah cultural preservation, with qualitative methods, grounded theory. Data collection through observation, interviews and study documents. Preserved culture: clothes made of wood bark, wood carvings, sentokong music; dance, rites of birth, marriage...
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Problems Analysis About Needs on Development of Biology Learning Media for Junior High School Student in Digital Era

Wiwiek Okty Herlinda, Muh. Amir Masruhim, Sonja V.T. Lumowa
In digital era, teachers need pedagogical ability to create interesting and meaningful learning; development of learning media. The purpose of this study was to analysis problems in developing of learning media as a media to increase student learning outcomes. The research method was qualitative descriptive....
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Needs Assessment of Teaching Book Development Based on Plants Multiplication Research in Plant Tissue Culture Course

Fauziyah Harahap, Harifah Insani, Diky Setya Diningrat, Nanda Eska Anugrah Nasution, Roedhy Poerwanto, Rifa Fadhilah Munifah Hasibuan
Teaching books are a source of information, tools and teaching materials that are arranged systematically and used in learning process. The purpose of this study was to analyze the need for developing teaching books based on in vitro multiplication of Sipahutar pineapple plants in tissue culture courses....
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Developing Speaking Skill Through Debating: Undergraduate EFL Students’ Perception

Syamdianita, Amedea Cathriona Maharia
The main focus for students to learn English is to be able to use English in oral communication. However, the problems of students who do not have enough good capability in English is because the students feel too shy to speak or afraid of making mistakes. Moreover, the students might also struggle with...
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The Implementation of Discovery Learning-Based E-Module: Effectiveness of Using Vee Diagram in Concept’s Construction and Learning Achievement in Environmental Topics

Nur Fitakurahmah, Rizki Agung Sambodo, Puguh Karyanto, Sri Astorini, Dwi Oetomo
This study aims to check effectiveness of using the discovery learning based E-module assisted by vee diagram in enhancing learning achievement in environmental topics. These achievements explain the process of students to construct their ecological knowledge because it is related to learning outcomes....
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Exploring IIUM Students’ Perceptions on the Effectiveness of Teaching Practical Module on Their Teaching Skills in Kuliyyah of Education

Fresti Arbangiati, Sadam Fajar Shodiq, Lukman Nur Rohman
Teachers play an important role in the world as they are the backbone in education institution. Practical program for students-teachers are important to ensure that the education system in Malaysia would be able to produce quality trainees who are achieve the demands of classroom teaching and learning...
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Exploring Students’ Experience in Project-Based Drama Learning and Their Perception on Their Speaking Anxiety

A.K. Amarullah, Noor Rachmawaty
Previous studies showed that drama is quite effective in improving English language skills. Thus, it is considered as a method that has been widely practiced by teachers. The use of drama can be a motivation for learners in learning process. Project-based drama learning is a learning model designed for...
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Development of Competency Based on Outdoor Education Model for Elementary School Students in Samarinda

Muhammad Ramli Buhari, Kamelia Dwi Marda
This research aimed to develop a competency-based outdoor education model for elementary school level as an alternative to effective physical education learning. The research approach used is research and Development. The data Collection techniques used in this study were observations, interviews, documents...
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Study Habits and English Learning Achievement of Vocational High School Students in Samarinda

Asyarli Amri, Aridah, Weningtyas ParamaIswari
The process of students’ learning involves many factors, and one of which is study habits. This important factor in the learning process has the potential to influence students’ learning achievement. Therefore, this present study aimed to investigate the correlation between study habits and English learning...
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Analysis of the Content of Character Values and the Learning Practice of Character Values in Pancasila and Citizenship Education Texts Book

Jawatir Pardosi, Rifan Azzola
One way to support the implementation of character education is the provision of textbooks for students. The studies were aimed to analyze the content of character values in Pancasila and Citizenship Education text book in 2013 Curriculum and to describe the learning practice of character values in Pancasila...
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Implementation of Student Sheet Activities Through the Usage of Mantangan (Merremia peltata (L.) Merr.) Extract as Organic Fertilizer to Increase Student Concept Understanding on Plant Physiology

Vandalita MM Rambitan, Evie Palenewen, Rachmawati
Plant physiology is one of the subjects studying the metabolic processes in plants. Almost every subject in this course is generally difficult for students to understand because it is abstract, so we need the right way to overcome it, one of the ways to do learning that demands student activity, which...
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Local Excellence-Based Education that has Character in the Study of Biodiversity and Its Conservation Efforts

Susanti Pudji Hastuti, Agna Sulis Krave, Aldo Pramudya, Dan Elimelek Fuka, Desy Fajar Priyayi
Local Excellence Based Education (PBKL) is a policy of implementing education units by inviting teachers, instructors of integrated science and biology subjects to prepare material in accordance with the policy directions contained in the curriculum and the demands and needs of the community. The examples...
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Burnout and Related Factors Amongst Special School Teachers in Samarinda

Iwan M. Ramdan, Effidiyanti Yasinta, Bibit Suhatmady
Special school teachers are vulnerable to burnout, but research of burnout on this profession has not revealed much. The purpose of this study is to investigates the burnout of special school teachers and to analyze related factors. Cross-sectional studies were conducted on 90 teachers in the city of...
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The Effects of Team Games Tournament Smart Cards Method to the Handwashing Knowledge with Soap Among 5–6 Years Old Preschoolers

Malpaleni Satriana, Aminuddin, Ummi Salamah, Danti Mutia Sari, Herawaty, Antung Dewi Nurliana Sagita, Ali Abubakar, Kasbonati
This research aims to reveal the knowledge of how 5-6 year old preschoolers wash their hands with soap by employing Team Games Tournament Smart Cards method in TKIT of Baitul Izzah Bengkulu. This research uses pre-experimental method with 33 preschoolers as the sample. The instrument used is a questionnaire...
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Science Process Skills of Eigth-Grade Students at SMPN 2 Masbagik

Baiq Fatmawati
This study was conducted to know the science process skills of eight-grade students at SMP N 2 Masbagik. A total of 160 eight-grade students at SMPN 2 Masbagik, East Lombok, Indonesia, were used as research population and 30 of them were selected as sample by using cluster random sampling. The science...
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The Ethnicity of Tenth-Grade Students of Natural Science in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province, Indonesia

Didimus Tanah Boleng, Elsje Theodora Maasawet
Students’ ethnic forms the character of students. Students’ characters influence the way they learn, and ultimately affect student learning outcomes. A survey study was conducted in senior high school, Samarinda city, Indonesia, in the academic year of 2018/2019. The aim of this study was to determine...
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Adapting Elementary School Curriculum Innovation in Line By 4IR and Cultures

Endang Setyaningsih
Technology transformations in the Fourth Industrial Revolution encourage Indonesian elementary school education institutions to prepare the student with the modern ability to facing 4IR challenges. The revising of Indonesian elementary school curriculum must be implementing immediately to organize Indonesian...
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Strategies for Strengthening Character Through Mappatulung Local Wisdom in Actualizing Pancasila Values in the Muara Badak Coastal Area

Novita Majid
Great nation is a nation that has strong character side by side with high competence, which grows and develops from a pleasant education and an environment that applies good values in all aspects of life as a nation and state. Cultural wealth (local wisdom) owned by the Indonesian people can be synergized...
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Hopes and Ideals in the Self Name Dayak Kenyah Community

Syamsul Rijal
This research looks at the semantics of the concept desired by the Dayak Kenyah community in Pampang Village. The concept is seen through the meaning of the name given to his child. To collect data about the names of the Dayak Kenyah people, an observation method was used with the distribution of questionnaires...
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Gender Representation and Language Politeness in Speech Events of Senior High School Students and Vocational High School Student in Samarinda: A Pragmatic Study

Hanik Wahyu Ningsih, Widyatmike Gede Mulawarman, Mursalim
Language politeness is categorized into two levels different. The first level refers to ethics or principles of behavioural appropriateness in society. On the other hand, the second level refers to the use of language to maintain interpersonal relationships. This study aims to describe the gender representation...
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Analysis of School Supervisor Planning in Kutai Kartanegara

Sinta Tri Rahayu, Saraka, Lambang Subagiyo, Hasbi Sjamsir
The purpose of this study was to analyze the policies used in planning the needs of school supervisors in Kutai Kartanegara, to analyze the school supervisors’ needs planning process implemented in Kutai Kartanegara and to analyze the process of recruiting School Supervisors in Kutai Kartanegara. The...
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Management of Application Character Education at Sekolah Dasar Kemala Bhayangkari, Balikpapan

Akhmad, PM. Labulan
This study aimed to examine and describe the management of application character education at Elementary School namely Sekolah Dasar (SD) Kemala Bhayangkari, Balikpapan city, East Kalimantan, Indoneisa. We conducted guided interview with school principal followed by giving him the questionnaire. The...
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Do Contextual Factors and Gender Influence Students’ Language Attitude in Learning English?

Noor Rachmawaty, Weningtyas Parama Iswari, Nia Astuti
Language attitude and orientation are considered as one of the most important components in the success of learning a target language. The learning context in which students learn foreign language is also considered as variable which contribute to promote teaching and learning process. In addition, individual...
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The Effect of Integration of Islamic Values in Quantum Learning on Student Learning Outcomes and Attitudes

Muflihah, Eka Normawati, Iis Intan Widiyoawati
This study aimed to determine the effect of integration of Islamic values in quantum learning model on student learning outcomes on the subject of reduction and oxidation reactions. This research was conducted at senior high school namely Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA) Nabil Husein Samarinda, East Kalimantan...
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Development of Entomology Handout Based on Natural Resources from Tropical Rain Forest

Sonja V.T. Lumowa, Zenia L. Kurniawati
Lecturers and students of the Biology Education sProgram of Teachers Training and Education Faculty of Mulawarman University have conducted a lot of research in field of entomology including use of natural resources from tropical rain forest as organic pesticides. Unfortunately, they have not been widely...
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Difference in Learning Outcomes Between High School Student Taught Using Learning Cycle 5E and Learning Cycle 7E on Colloid Subject

Ratna Kusumawardani, Suhaiya, Muflihah
This research was aimed to know differences in learning outcomes between high school student taught using learning cycle 5E model and learning cycle 7E model on the subject of colloid. This research was conducted at SMAN 4 Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. This research used quasi experimental with...
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Student Learning Outcome Difference on Salt Hydrolysis Between Student Taught Using STAD Model and Student Taught Using TAI model

Sudding, Sulastri Taty, Wahab Nur Fadilah
This research aimed to know difference between students learning outcome taught using STAD model and students learning outcome taught using TAI model on the subject of salt hydrolysis. This research was conducted at SMA N 2 Majenne, Indonesia. This research was categorized as quasi-experimental with...
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Development of Interactive Learning Multimedia to Increase Understanding of Basic Skills Teaching Procedures

Sudarman, Riyo Riyadi, Ratna Fitri Astuti
The teacher has an important role in student the life that is as a facilitator, resource developer, planner, information providers, and innovators. Strategies for transferring knowledge and skills require learning resources and learning media that are adaptive to technological advances and pedagogical...
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Influence of Discovery Learning Model Equipped Re-Lyric Songs Toward Learning Outcome on Chemical Bonding Subject of Tenth-Grade Natural Science Student

Sumiati Side, Muhammad Jasri Djangi, Fitri Safitri
This research was conducted to know the influence of discovery learning model equipped re-lyrics song (DL model – re-lyrics song) toward learning outcome on chemical bonding subject of tenth-grade student at SMA N 4 Makassar, East Sulawesi, Indonesia. This research is a quasi-experiment with pretest-posttest...