Proceedings of the The 1st International Workshop on Cloud Computing and Information Security

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A QoS-based service composition optimization method

Wang Xiaolong, Zou Peng, He Jun, Wang Peng, Chen Liang
With the development of web services technology, service composition gradually call people's attention, and how to improve the efficiency of Web service composition is the focus of research. In this paper, in order to improve the QoS (i.e., Quality of Service) of composition service, first of all using...
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The SLA Framework Based on Cloud Computing

Liu Xuan, Xu Feng
Service Level Agreement was put forward to protect the service quality of telecommunications. With the development of science and technology, users are increasingly concerned about the service quality of cloud computing. Service Level Agreement is not limited to the telecommunications industry. Cloud...
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A method based on compressive sensing to detect community structure using deep belief network

Zhang Liangliang, Wu Haijia, Feng Jing, Zhang Xiongwei
A deep learning scheme based on compressive sensing to detect community structure of large-scale social network is presented. Our contributions in this work are as follows: First, we reduced the high-dimensional feature of social media data via compressive sensing by using random measurement matrix;...
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Identity-based Remote Authentication and Key Agreement Protocol with Anonymity

Jianjun Zhang, Qiwu WU
Most of the existing identity-based remote authentications with key agreement schemes are not designed for protecting user’s privacy. If the users’ identity is sent with plaintext in the authentication with key agreement scheme, the attackers can track the users’ action trajectory. This paper presents...
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Deployment and Performance Evaluation of Virtual Network based on OpenStack

Zhao Shaoka, Li Liyao, Yang Jiahai, Xu Cong, Ling Xiao, Huang Shuxiao
In the context of the ever-developing virtual network, OpenStack officially launches its new network component-Quantum, but the comparative performance between single-host and multi-host deployment is yet unknown. The paper introduces detailed deployment strategies of single-host and multi-host after...
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A Mechanism for Dependability Processing of Information Flow in Cloud Computing

Liu Hao, Huang Linpeng, Li Chen, Chen Luxi
As cloud computing becomes more and more common among enterprises and users, the dependability problem on cloud environment,especially in terms ofcorrectness, reliability, security and performance, attracts an ever increasing attention. It is therefore necessary to provide a comprehensive mechanism to...
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Research of a MapReduce Communication Data Stream Processing Model

Yang Wenchuan, Jia Bei
In this paper, we propose CDS-MR , a MapReduce deep service analysis system based on Hive/Hadoop frameworks. Normally, the job of the switch is to transmit data. There is a tendency to put more capability into the switch, such as retain or query pass by data. Thus we definitely need to think about what...
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Antivirus in the Network Cloud

Da-wei Xu, Cun-jiang Yu
In this paper a new model for malware detection on end hosts based on providing antivirus as an in-cloud network service. This model enables identi cation of malicious and unwanted software by multiple, heterogeneous detection engines in parallel, a technique we term ‘N-version protection’. This approach...
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Architectural Support for Lease-Regulated Secret Data

Ren Lanfang, Bai Hongtao, Liu Fei
Contemporary cloud software stack is large and complex, where security vulnerabilities are routinely discovered. Hence, it is hard or even impossible to place trust on such a fragile platform to process some security-critical data. In this paper, we propose an architectural solution that extends processors...
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Dependability Modelling and Evaluation of Cyber-Physical Systems: A Model-Driven Perspective

Xiaojing Hu, Shixi Liu, Guilin Chen, Cuiqing Jiang
The strong coupling of software and physical processes in the emerging field motivates the development of new methods to respond to dependability in both the cyber and physical domains. Two kinds of definitions of Cyber-Physical System (CPS) from the view of resource, service and process is presented....
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Video Structured Description System with Private Cloud

Tang Qianjin
Video surveillance system is more and more significant in public safety currently, but the video is unstructured data, which can not meet the demand of data mining applications. The text description of video content is a feasible direction. Cloud computing is one of technologies to solve the computing...
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Robust cepstrum device fingerprint of proximity coupling RFID tags

Yuan Honglin, Zhang Guoan
A novel device fingerprint (DF) based on the hardware property of RFID tags is proposed to enhance the privacy protection and information security of RFID system. The received signal of proximate tag is processed with quadrature down-conversion, cepstrum analysis, etc., the result is called cepstrum...
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Implementation of Cloud Platform to Improve Project Performance

Yang Li-Ren
Conceptualizing implementation of cloud platform in the project management (PM) context is still rudimentary. Previous studies have not empirically examined the role of cloud-based information management platform in PM, and their effect on project performance. Thus, developing such support will illustrate...
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The Strategy of Classification Mining Based on Cloud Computing

Zhang Lijuan, Zhao Shuguang
Cloud computing provides cheap and efficient solutions of storing and analyzing mass data. It is very important to research the data mining strategy based on cloud computing from the theoretical view and practical view. In this paper, the strategy of classification mining in cloud computing environment...
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Cloud Server with OpenFlow: Load Balancing

Surampalli Surya Prateek, Qian Ying
in high-traffic Internet today, it is often desirable to have multiple servers that represent a single logical destination server to share the load. A typical configuration comprises multiple servers behind a load balancer that would determine which server would serve the request of a client. Such equipment...
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A Detecting and Defending Method of Wormhole Attack Based on Time Ruler

Lv Guoyuan, Wang Yiming, Zhu Canyan, Chen Rong, Wang Lujie
Wormhole attack is a severe attack in mobile ad hoc networks, which is particularly challenging to defend against. In this paper, a new method defined as time ruler using distance measurement for detecting wormhole attack is proposed including its hypothetical model, the concept of time ruler and the...
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Distributed Hybrid Cloud Architecture Based on China Education Research Network for Common Computer Test

Shi Gang, Wang Chongguo
This paper provides a hybrid cloud architecture for Computer Grade Test for Universities in Xinjiang based on China Research Education Network (CERNET), gives the resolving scheme for security, load balancing and disaster backup and develops the prototype system. The hybrid cloud architecture for Xinjiang...
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The Architectural Based Interception and Identification of System Call Instruction within VMM

Xiong Haiquan, Liu Zhiyong
To solve the problem that VMM cannot monitor and control Guest OS system call instructions due to their non-trapping property, this paper propose an idea that make these instructions trap into VMM through breaking their normal execution conditions so as to cause exception. As to the three different system...
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Research on the Secrecy Achievable Rate Region for the Broadcast channel with eavesdropper

Zhu Yan, Chen Xiao, Zhou Yongkai, Li Fangbiao, Pang Liang, Yin Xinxing, Xue Zhi
This paper considers the problems of the achievable rate regions on broadcast channel with the eavesdropper. Many articles have given the meaningful results, like the inner bound of this model. However, the specific analysis processes for this model have not been given by previous work. So we focus on...
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The Research and Design of Cloud Computing Framework Model Based on SOA

Hui-min Zhang, Hai-rong Hu, Yang-xia Xiang, Lu-lu Fang
Cloud Computing is a new service-oriented computing paradigm.As the inheritance and development of SOA(service oriented architecture), it has become the hot point of cyber research.After introducing the characteristics of SOA and Cloud Computing,this paper analyses the relation between the SOA and Cloud...
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Research of Replica Replacement Strategy Oriented Cloud Storage

Bian Genqing, Li Rong, Gong PeiJiao
The long latency on reading the files from remote node of cloud storage leads to degrade the whole system service performance and waste the network resource. In order to improve the speed of data access, replica management ability and optimize the whole system performance, the dissertation proposes a...
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A3: Automatic Analysis of Android Malware

Zhang Luoshi, Niu Yan, Wu Xiao, Wang Zhaoguo, Xue Yibo
Recently, Android malware is spreading rapidly. Although static or dynamic analysis techniques for detecting Android malware can provide a comprehensive view, it is still subjected to time consuming and high cost in deployment and manual efforts. In this paper, we propose A3, an Automatic Analysis of...
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Review of Aircraft Aerodynamic Force Parameters Identification based on the Intelligent Algorithm

Wang Yufei, Xu Jiacun, Ge Shen, Lu Chen
Aerodynamic force parameter identification is the main measure of aerodynamic numerical simulation and wind tunnel test results verification. The wide use of intelligent control in the control field provides a new way to resolve the problem for system identification.Due to the global search optimization...
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A new SS-closedness in L-topological spaces

Bai Shi-Zhong, Zhang Fang-Juan
By means of strongly semi-open L-sets and their inequality, a new form of SS-closedness is introduced in L- topological spaces, where L is a complete De Morgan algebra. This new form does not depend on the structure of basis lattice L and L does not require any distributivity. When L is a completely...
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Multi-Sub-Swarm PSO Classifier Design and Rule Extraction

Chang Yanwei, Yu Guofang
In this paper, a new classifier, based on multi-sub-swarm PSO algorithm, is proposed. Natural number coding is used in the classifier to avoid the updating inconvenience of binary encoding that has different properties dimensions. Classification is done by parallel search of multi-sub-swarm PSO algorithm....
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PeANFIS-FARM Framework in Defending against Web Service Attacks

Chan Gaik-Yee, Lee Chien-Sing, Heng Swee-Huay
Internet-enabled Web Service (WS) applications, such as e-commerce, are facing eXtensible Markup Language (XML)-related security threats. However, network and host-based intrusion (ID) and prevention (IP) systems and Web Service Security (WSS) standards are inadequate in countering against these threats....
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The platform design of the cloud instructional resources based on the Hadoop framework

Dong Xu, Huiqin Wei, Xiaoxin Zhang
With the continuous development of Internet technology, the national colleges are actively building own teaching platform and the instructional resource database. And the construction of the instructional resource platform has played a good role in improve the teaching quality. Under the background of...
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Design Task Modeling and Task Allocation Method Research Based Multi-granularity Space in Distributed Network Environment

Cao XiaoBo, Xu ChengDong, Hu ChunSheng
To realize reasonable design task modeling and high efficiency task collaboration and allocation in complicated design process, a design task model based granular space is proposed, and cross-stage collaboration mode and task allocation method are discussed. Firstly, combining study results of Collaboration...
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Rounding error type random number generator designed by subspace projection

Tsai Jer-Ming, Chen I-Te, Tzeng Jengnan
Since the limitation of real number representation of digital number, rounding error has existed almost everywhere in numerical computation. Some mathematical algorithm that should be finite steps will become infinity iterations due to the existence of rounding error. Using this property, we designed...
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A Secure Mobile Payment Model

Chang Tao-Ku
Mobile devices are most ubiquitous, consumers can now use their mobile devices to pay for a wide range of services and digital or physical goods. However, consumers’ security concerns are a major barrier to broad adoption and use of mobile payments. In this paper, we design a secure payment model in...
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Application of Cloud Manufacturing based on the principle of Process-Aware Information System

Ping Ma, Wen-xing Bao, Qiang Han, Xiao-wu Zhang
Cloud computing refers to the computer platform technology, via the network with the way of on-demand and extendibility to get the required service. The core value of cloud computing is its on-demand scalability and the application value of enterprise private cloud is that it can cover the entire production...
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Delay-Sensitive Transmission Scheme for VM based Networks in Cloud Computing Data Center

Lu Ji, Zhang Zhiyi, Wang Junfang, Li Ning
A delay-sensitive transmission scheme based on network coding (NC) is proposed for VM based Networks in Cloud Computing Data Center to improve packet transmission performance. By employing NC mechanism with an efficient combination strategy of lost packets, the proposed transmission scheme is designed...
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A Probabilistic Encryption Way in Knapsack PKC

Wang Zuxi, Yu Baimu
with the proposed of quantum computers, the knapsack public-key cryptosystem (PKC) becomes very popular. At present the most significant challenge towards knapsack PKC is lattice attack, and density is one of the most important factors to measure the security of it. In this paper, we introduce a probabilistic...
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An Efficient Scheme of Multi-user Searchable Encryption with Keyword in Cloud Storage

He Zhiling, Wang Baomin, Luo Wenjun
Cloud storage services allow the users to outsource their data to the cloud storage servers to reduce management costs. The cloud servers cannot be fully trusted while those data may contain sensitive personal information. We study a problem of storing and retrieving private data encrypted in a cloud....
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The Secrets of Skype Login

Qi Po, Du Cuilan, Ren Yan, Xue Yibo
Skype is beyond any doubt the most popular VoIP application on the Internet. Its amazing success has drawn the great attention of telecom operators and the research communities, both are interested in knowing its internal mechanism, characterizing its traffic, and understanding its users’ behavior. However,...
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Wang Mengzhen, Liu Li
Cloud security is one of the most important issues in practice of cloud computing. In this paper, we proposed a crypto cloud infrastructure which is inherently constructed using asymmetric cryptography. Different to the prevalent public key infrastructure (PKI) system, the crypto cloud is based on a...
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Integral Attacks on Feistel-SP Structure Block Cipher

Li Yanjun, Wu Wenling, Zhang Lei, Zhang Liting
In this paper, a method is presented to extend the length of integral distinguisher of Feistel-SP structure, based on which a new 8-round distinguisher for the block cipher Camellia is proposed. Moreover, integral attacks on round-reduced Camellia without FL/FL-1 are improved. We attack 11-round Camellia-128...
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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Multiple Model Tracking Algorithm for Manoeuvring Target

Zhao Renhou, Zhou Xiaoguang, Zhang Lili
A tracking algorithm for maneuvering target based on intuitionistic logic inference is developed in this paper. Firstly, in order to simply the calculation, the filtering measurement innovations tacked with the innovation covariance are used as the inputs for the intuitionistic fuzzy inference system...
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Defending Against SYN Flood Attack under Asymmetric Routing Environment

Tao Jianxi, Zhou Li, Zhou Zhou, Yang Rong, Yang Wei, Liu Qingyun
SYN Flood attack is still one of the major distributed denial of service attacks. Any network device or computer system with connection state table may have the possibility of suffering from this attack. Moreover, under asymmetric routing environment, unidirectional traffic problem makes it more difficult...
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An Ant Algorithm for Cloud Task Scheduling

A. Tawfeek Medhat, El-Sisi Ashraf, E. keshk Arabi, A. Torkey Fawzy
Cloud computing is a type of parallel and distributed system consisting of a collection of interconnected and virtual computers. One of the fundamental issues in this environment is related to task scheduling. Cloud task scheduling is an NP-hard optimization problem, and many meta-heuristic algorithms...
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A Virtualized Bandwidth Resource Allocation Scheme To Improve the Transmission Performance in Cloud Computing

Yang Shin-Jer, Chen Yi-Hsuan
This paper is mainly studied on one of key technologies of cloud computing: virtualization. From previous researches, most of the virtualized environment configurations are focused on the host hard disk space management, memory configuration, CPU usage, but seldom studied in terms of network bandwidth,...
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Bivariate Classification of Malware in JavaScript using Dynamic Analysis

Gupta Yash, Bansal Divya, Sofat Sanjeev
JavaScript is used as an attack vector to infect webpages to gain access to user’s information. We present a tool that will dynamically analyze and perform bivariate classification of webpages as malicious or benign. We categorized the general behavior of JavaScript using datasets of known benign and...
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On User Capacity Optimization Strategy of Server Computing Based Desktop Cloud

Ningjiang Chen, Bin Xu, Dandan Hu, Yimin Wan
Cloud computing is an emerging technology. On the basis of intensive resource management and sharing, it provides on-demand resources to reduce costs and optimizes the IT services. Though the desktop cloud platform can allocate resource flexibly, its efficiency is restricted by the limited system resource....
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Design of a Wireless Networks Detection and Management System Based on a Mobile Terminal

Zhang Zhen-jiang, Zhang Mei-kui, Xia Lei, Shi Hua-yu
In this paper, we present a wireless networks management system based on a mobile terminal detector. The system is designed on C/S architecture, consisting of client and server software, a centralized database and a data sharing in-sync mechanism. It helps to detect wireless access point devices automatically....
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Performance Modeling for Helper Thread on Shared Cache CMPs

Cai Min, Gu Zhimin, Fu Yinxia
In data intensive applications of Cloud Computing such as XML parsing, large graph traversing and so on, there are a lot of operations to access irregular data. These data need be timely prefetched into the shared cache in CMPs by helper thread. However, a bad prefetching strategy of helper thread will...
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Migration to Cloud Computing- The Impact on IT Management and Security

Alkhalil Adel, Sahandi Reza, John David
Cloud computing adoption has had a considerable impact on organisations, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), not only by increasing the efficiency of acquiring IT resources, but also on IT management roles and security. In this paper, we discuss the impact that cloud computing is having...
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Multi-Attribute Decision-Making Based Trusted Multipath Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

Xue Qi, Dong Qingkuan, Li Qing
Mobile Ad Hoc networks (MANETs) are a kind of acentric and self-organizing multi-hop wireless network. Topology changes frequently in mobile Ad Hoc networks. Node’s energy, bandwidth and computation capability are limited. In addition, the open links are vulnerable to network attacks. Therefore the problems...
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Access Control Framework for Android System

Guo Tao, Zhang Puhan, Liang Hongliang
Protection for confidentiality and integrity of information is a very critical requirement for many mobile device users. Currently, malicious software on the Android platform often achieve the purpose of privacy theft and malicious chargeback by sending short messages, making phone calls or network communication...
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A Cloud-based China s Landslide Disaster Database (CCLDD) Development and Analysis

Li Weiyue, Liu Chun, Wan Zhanming, Hong Yang, Sun Weiwei, Jian Zhiwei, Chen Sheng
Landslide is among the most dangerous natural disasters globally, frequently causing a large number of casualties and economic damages. Especially in China, there suffers the largest of deaths in the world [1]. At present, landslide events have been reported increasingly from newspapers, magazines and...
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On the period factor of quasigroups

Tan Yonghua, Xu Yunqing
Quasigroups are algebraic structures closely related to Latin squares which have many different applications. Nonlinear pseudo random sequences based on quasigroups have important applications in cryptography. The quasigroups which generate nonlinear pseudo random sequences with large periods are only...
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An Improved Multimedia Conference System with Load Balance

Yundu Zhang, Yanlei Shang
With the development of economics and the globalization of trade, the Multimedia Conference System is now widely used and the number of its users increases exponentially. But a single server can’t handle the high concurrent user requests effectively. In this paper, we improved the Multimedia Conference...
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Research on the access and security Technology of Radio-on-Fiber in Power Communication

Xu Sheng, Wu Yijie, Tao Jia
With the optical fiber communication and wireless communication technology advantage, Radio-on-Fiber (RoF) technology is a good way to solve the problems of bandwidth flexibility security and the electromagnetic interference, and its related technologies have attracted wide attention. With the construction...
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A method for designing Hash function based on chaotic neural network

He Bo, Lei Peng, Pu Qin, Liu Zhaolong
The neural network model has complex nonlinear behavior, which is very useful to design encryption algorithm and Hash function. In this paper, an algorithm for constructing one-way hash function based on chaotic neural network is proposed. The neural network model is initialized by two chaotic maps....
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Research on Authentication Method for Virtual Desktop System based on CPK

Lei Ju, QiaoYu Liu, YaPing Chi
Virtual desktop technology separates the users and the resources, contributing to terminal security solutions and improvement of resource utilization. It also provides the convenience for the centralized management of resources. But the introduction of virtualization technology also makes unique safety...
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A Group Based Identity Anonymity and Secure Cloud Storage Scheme

Liu Fan, Jiang Rui
Cloud storage is becoming more and more popular as its various advantages. However the security problems especially identity protection and data security problems have prevent the further development of this technology. Recently, K.Govinda et al. proposed an identity anonymity and secure data storage...
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De-identification of free-text medical records in health information exchange

Tian-shu Zhou, Peng-fei Li, Jing-song Li
Since the health information exchange (HIE) becomes more and more important and numerous systems have been implemented among medical institutions and regions, there also grows the concern of data security and privacy protection. In the prior work, we have designed and developed an international clinical...
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Hospital information system integration based on cloud computing

Qin Yao, Yu Wang, Jing-song Li
With the development of hospital information construction, medical information systems are becoming more and more diversified and complicated in hospitals. The traditional architecture in which a single application is supported by single or multiple servers will largely increase the number of servers,...
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The Study of Improved FP-Growth Algorithm in MapReduce

Sun Hong, Zhang Huaxuan, Chen Shiping, Hu Chunyan
As FP-Growth algorithm generates a great deal of conditional pattern bases and conditional pattern trees, leading to low efficiency, propose an improved FP-Growth(IFP) algorithm which firstly combine the same patterns based on the situation whether the support of the transaction is greater than the minimum...
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VMPmonitor: An Efficient Modularity Approach for Hidden Process Detection

Cui Chaoyuan, Wu Yun, Li Ping, Wang Rujing
With the development of the Cloud computing, more and more people are accustomed to resource sharing or online shopping. And malware has become a major threat to the Cloud safety. Process hiding is a powerful technique commonly used by stealthy malware to evade detection by anti-malware. In this paper,...
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Design and Implementation of the Monitoring System for Critical Documents

Gaofeng Huang, Xueguang Zhou
How to secure the storage and transmission of computer’s information has always been a hot topic. This paper presents a document monitoring and protecting system on Windows platform. The system realizes the real-time monitoring and protection of user's critical documents, as well as giving early warning...
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Adaptive Watermarking Algorithm for Digital Image Based on Discrete Cosine Transform

Zou Xinguo, Li Na
In this paper, an adaptive watermarking algorithm is proposed for digital image based on Discrete Cosine Transform. The algorithm uses the common resampling method (bilinear interpolation) to adaptively adjust the size of the binary watermark, and scrambles it via the encryption key, finally embeds it...
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Emergency-cloud a new idea about the construction of emergency platform in

Liu Yi, Li Lihua, Zhang Hui
a new idea about the emergency platform application mode– Emergency-cloud was putting forward based on the status of emergency platform in china. The feasibility of construct it was analyzed and the architecture of the Emergency-cloud was built from bottom to last, the features of the application...
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The Mechanism of Tencent QQ Video Communication

Chen Xiaoxian, Yuan Zhenlong, Xue Yibo
The supernormal growth of QQ has outdistanced all the expectations and the number of users has reached up to 780 million till the end of 2012. At the same time, QQ causes several intractable issues, such as generating huge traffic, especially for the great video traffic. However, owing to proprietary...
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Design and Implementation of Data Encryption in Cloud based on HDFS

Cheng Zhonghan, Zhang Diming, Huang Hao, Qian Zhenjiang
As an open-source distributed programmingframework, Hadoop hasgradually becomepopular in industry recently. Its distributed file system (HDFS) enables storing large data with advantages of high fault tolerance and throughput. However, the fact that the current HDFS does not support intra-cloud data encryption...
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Cryptographic classification of quasigroups of order 4

Liu Guohao, Xu Yunqing
Edon80 is a stream cipher design that had adva-nced to the third and last phase of the eSTREAM project. The core of the cipher consists quasigroup string e-transformations and it employs four quasigroups of order 4. The employed qua-sigroups have influence on the period of the key-stream. There are 576...
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Reliability Modeling of Working-Table Production Oriented MANET

Zhifeng Zhao, Cheng Zhong, Xibin Zhao, Lixin Tian
With the serious environment of most of shops in manufacturing, MANET( Mobile ad hoc network) is introduced into our scheme that the communication network is basic of Manufacturing Execution System (MES). MANET is a kind of dynamic wireless communication network that does not rely on a fixed infrastructure...
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Study of Cloud Computing Security System Based on Rotational Stations

Jiancheng Qin, Yu Zhong, Jinlong Hu, Yiqin Lu
With the rapid development of the cloud computing, the information security on the cloud platform becomes more and more important. To improve the defense abilities of the VM (Virtual Machine) platform, this paper presents a new cloud computing security system named “Alcyoneus system” based on rotational...
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Decode-and-forward plus cooperative jamming based cooperation for wireless physical layer security

Huang Shuanglin, Tan Jianjun
Abstract—In this paper, the case of one source-destination pair with the help of multiple cooperating nodes in the presence of one eavesdropper was considered to improve the performance of secure wireless communications. A novel cooperative scheme decode-and-forward plus cooperative jamming(DFCJ) was...
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Security Vulnerabilities in SAML based Single Sign-On Authentication in Cloud

Kaur Kirandeep, Bansal Divya
Cloud computing is introducing numerous changes to one’s lifestyle and working pattern for its infinite benefits. Companies have increasingly turned to Software as a Service (SaaS) or Application Service Providers (ASPs) vendors to offer specialized web based services that have huge potential to cut...
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A Trusted VM-vTPM Live Migration Protocol in Clouds

Zhou Hong, Wang Juan, Zhang HuanGuo
Security has been regarded as one of the greatest problems in the development of Cloud Computing. The trusted computing provides the hardware-based protection for cloud computing security based on TPM. While vTPM using in cloud environment still faces technical challenges, among which VM-vTPM live migration...
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Cloud Storage Retrievability Based On Third Party Audit

Qin Zhongyuan, Song Yunyan, Zhang Qunfang, Huang Jie
Cloud storage can relieve users of the burden of local data storage and maintenance. How to ensure the integrity of data stored in Cloud is a key problem. Based on the state-of-the-art solutions, we present a scheme for data storage retrievability in Cloud Computing using third party audit (TPA) which...
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The Application of Cloud Computing in Large-Scale Statistic

Xiuli SUN, Ying LI, Baofang HU, Hongfeng SUN
The main challenge in current statistical work is the huge pressure of the statistical analysis along with the huge amount and diversity of the statistical data. This paper established a framework model of large-scale data processing by bringing in cloud computing. By studying the resource allocation...
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MIC Acceleration of Saliency Detection Algorithm

Zhou Changfei, Lu Kai, Chi Wanqing, Wang Xiaoping, Xiong Zhenhai
Image processing has important influence during the development of visualization. With the scale and the complexity of image data expanding, it is becoming more and more difficult for image processing and target analysis. Saliency area detection of image processing, especially, visual attention is playing...
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OPC:An Effective Memory Computing Solution of Big Data For PC

Yang Zhi, Tang Yunshan, Zhang Chunping, Hu Zhiyao, Wu Meng, Lin Feng
The Big Data computing is one of hot spots of the internet of things and cloud computing. The memory computing is one of key factors of improving performance. Many companies and institutions provide technology and produce. But expensive cost and processing unstructured data are urgent to solve. To deal...
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Dynamic Constraint Definition Method in Cloud Databases

Xian Hequn, Li Jing, Lu Xiuqing
A dynamic database constraint definition method is presented based on metadata design, which facilitates client-side configuration of cloud database schema and consistency definition. The proposed scheme simplifies the conceptual schema designing process for cloud databases and offers more data administrative...
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Intuitionistic Fuzzy Neural Networks based on Extended Kalman Filter Training algorithm

Zhou Xiaoguang, Zhao Renhou, Shang Xiumin, Zhang Lili
In this paper, an intuitionistic fuzzy neural network model is proposed The network structure has five layers, and adopts Mandani’s fuzzy reasoning. A new fuzzy inference system is applied in the model, which contains hesitation margin as a part. A training algorithm based on Extended Klaman Filter(EKF)...
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IPv6 marked packets preprocessing scheme research based on Hash table

Li Ming-zhen, Luo Fu-gui, Wei Jing
Packet marking technology is one of IP traceback technology, which contains two parts of packet marking and path reconstruction. The efficiency of entire algorithm depends on both packet marking and path reconstruction. At present, the research on packet marking technology is mainly about packet marking...
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Active Defense strategies selection for network mixed malicious action

Yong-qiang Chen, Xiao-ping WU, Yu Fu
In order to deal with the problems that defense measures are not been take into accounted and the return of the unit cost in network security analysis, a active defense strategies selection method for network mixed malicious actions was proposed. Firstly, a network security mixed game model was presented...
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Based on PSO cloud computing server points location searching

Hua-sha Chen, Jiajie Shen
Aiming to problem of how to optimize the cloud computing location, an improved PSO algorithm is designed to handle this problem, using the improved PSO algorithm servers location and communication cost can be optimized under cloud computing situation. Though theoretical derivation, the correctness of...
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A Real-Time Authentication Method Based on Cursor-hidden Scene

Zicheng Wei, Xiaojun Chen, Yiguo Pu, Rui Xu
Identity theft, as a common insider attack method, is difficult to detect because it is hard to distinguish the legal user from the masquerader with a stolen legal identity. Compared with traditional identity authentication method such as password or fingerprint, behavior biometrics based on HCI (Human-Computer...
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Optimal Analysis of Joint Masked-Beamforming in Secure Wireless Communication

Zhou Yongkai, Chen Xiao, Yin Xinxing, Zhu Yan, Li Fangbiao, Pang Liang, Xue Zhi
In this paper, we considered the joint maskedbeamforming in secure wireless transmission in which artificial noise is sent by the transmitter (Alice) and the receiver (Bob) jointly. A new and efficient optimization scheme is proposed to separately allocate the power ratio for Alice and assign the transmit...
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Improved Homomorphic String Bits Encryption Public-key Cryptosystem based on LWE

Jian Bai, Yatao Yang, Zichen Li
Accompany with the developing of the cloud computing, a public-key cryptosystem which is efficiency and homomorphic will have a wide application. Through analyzing the public-key cryptosystem, which is designed by Oded Regev and based on LWE (Learning with errors), in details, our main results are optimizing...
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Future trend of integrating instrumentation into the cloud

He Hengjing, Zhao Wei, Huang Songling
Grid-enabled instrumentation has brought together different scientific labs for complicated cooperative experiments. Instrument resources sharing and managing remotely over the Internet are also realized by such systems. Nowadays the rise of cloud computing, which is developed from grid computing and...
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A Network Registration Model with Hidden Real Name

Chen Kan, Xiong Yueshan, Zhu Peidong
The openness and anonymity of Internet allow people joining in without identity validation, resulting in a trustless environment and bringing about many security problems, such as privacy exposure, rumor spreading, deception and social panic making. The root of these problems is that users use pseudonyms...
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Short-term Load forecasting by a new hybrid model

Guo Hehong, Du Guiqing, Wu Liping, Hu Zhiqiang
Accurate short-term load forecasting (STLF) plays a vital role in power systems because it is the essential part of power system planning and operation. Considering that an individual forecasting model usually cannot work very well for STLF, a hybrid model based on the seasonal ARIMA model and BP neural...
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Research on the Application and Development of Next-Generation Semantic Web in Cloud Environment

Fan Jiaolian
In the current cloud environment, the development of next-generation Semantic Web application indicates that whether it is personal or group oriented, the development of next-generation Semantic Web application in cloud environment will bring about great convenience. In China, there are 1,090 colleges...
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A New Dynamic Trust Approach for Cloud Computing

Yang Zhongxue, Qin Xiaolin, Yang Yingjie, Li Wenrui
Due to highly distributed, non-transparency and dynamic natures of cloud computing, cloud users often confused whether cloud service providers could be trusted. Therefore, a certain trust mechanism or approach should be established to secure a cloud user in selecting a reliable cloud service provider...
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A RESTful Web Service for Information Platform of Intelligent Transportation

Wu Ming, Liu Min, Lu Jianfeng
With the development of intelligent transportation, a large amount of heterogeneous data has emerged from various sensors and terminal applications. An efficient approach to process data is needed in information platform of intelligent transportation system (ITS). This paper presents a lightweight Representational...
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A Strategy of Dynamic Replica Creation in Cloud Storage

Huang Mengxing, Ye Xianglong, Wei Sanpeng, Zhu Donghai
With the popularity of cloud storage, its reliability and access latency have become increasingly prominent. To solve this problem, a novel strategy of dynamic replica creation based on acceleration is presented for cloud storage by drawing lessons from the concept of acceleration. For reducing access...
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Design of Web Course Based on Cloud Computing

Nong Zheng
Cloud Computing Assisted Instructions CCAI bring new transformation and development for the web course. The paper introduces the characteristic, the design technique and the design method of the network course based on cloud computing and the network course is design combining with Google Apps and WEB.
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Intelligent Resources Dispatching System of Urban Emergency Based on SOA and Cloud Computing

Yu Xi, Wang Can
Quick and efficient resources dispatching is the core of urban emergency processing system. In the traditional urban emergency processing system, there is a problem that resources could not be dispatched in time between all departments. In this paper, an intelligent resources dispatching system of urban...
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Application of An Improved DBSCAN Algorithm in Web Text Mining

Ping Xie, Lin Zhang, Ying Wang, Qinqian Li
This paper studies the characteristics and key technology of Web text mining, and puts forward an improved DBSCAN density clustering algorithm.The algorithm combines the characteristics of hierarchical clustering effectively, it can confirmed class center well,and make the neighborhood parameter r self-adapt...
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Detecting Spam on Sina Weibo

Ma Yingcai, Niu Yan, Ren Yan, Xue Yibo
Online social network becomes greatly prevalent and evolves a communication channel for billions of users. Unfortunately, due to the ease of reaching these users, it has been penetrated by spammers who post inappropriate content. After revealing the transmission mechanism of the spam, an automatic detecting...
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Detecting Machine Generated Domain Names Based on Morpheme Features

Wei-wei Zhang, Jian Gong, Qian Liu
To detect machine generated domain names, we proposed a method to exclude human generated domain names by analyzing the basic morphemes in the character strings of domain names (The basic morphemes in English are word roots and affixes while in Chinese are initials and finals). Experimental results show...
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Research on Longest Backward Segmentation for Context

Huang Weichun, Jiang Jianjian
Segmentation is the basis of Chinese information processing. This paper presents us the algorithm about longest backward context for Chinese word segmentation, this method does not require labeling or semantic information, also not mechanically segment words, but automatically find word errors by real-time...
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A Parallel Clustering Method Study Based on MapReduce

Zhanquan Sun
Clustering is considered as one of the most important tasks in data mining. The goal of clustering is to determine the intrinsic grouping in a set of unlabeled data. It has been widely applied to many kinds of areas. Many clustering methods have been studied, such as k-means, Fisher clustering method,...
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Research on Hybrid Scheduling Mechanism based on SOA and Cloud Computing

Tao Liang, Fan Yida, Wang Xingling, Wen Qi
In this paper, we review the features and applications in scheduling the service and flow for using SOA and cloud computing, combine the advantage of service orchestration of SOA and the dynamic scheduling technology of cloud computing. We propose a hybrid scheduling mechanism based on SOA and cloud...
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Study on Cloud Computing Data Center Infrastructure Best Practices

Qi Shuguang, Yu Bin
Cloud computing data center infrastructure new technologies and best practices are analyzed in this paper. First of all, modular cloud computing data center which is divided into building type and container type is described. In addition, principles and energy efficiencies of new cooling methods in practical...
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Online Community Perceiving Method on Social Network

Jiang Jingchi, Yi Chengqi, Bao Yuanyuan, Xue Yibo
How to perceivecommunity with the same interests and hobbies on social network is a critical problem for advertisement, promotion and network security. In this paper, we propose a novel method for online communityperceiving, which contains three user-level filtering layers: user profile, user behavior...
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Space Target Identification based on RBF Neural Network Ensembles

Zhao Jubo
Space target identification is very important to space security. In practice, identification of satellites from space images is very useful and difficult. After preprocessing of space images, the object in the space images need to be classified as satellites or not using classification algorithms. In...