Proceedings of the 5th Bandung Creative Movement International Conference on Creative Industries 2018 (5th BCM 2018)

The fifth annual meeting of the Bandung Creative Movement (BCM 2018) International Conference on Creative Industries held on November 12th, 2018, in the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia invites experts, practitioners, scholars, academics, and others of creative fields from various places altogether to participate, contribute, share and learn from each other.

Now, under the theme of ‘Design Flux of Industrial Revolution 4.0, Humanize Digital Ecosystem’, the 5th BCM emphasizes the urgency establishing connectivity, collaborations and networking among creative parties and communities, regarding the main issues of nowadays’ phenomenon such as Big Data, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, smart technologies, and others related to the Industrial Revolution 4.0 discourse. Therefore, this conference facilitates lectures, presentations and discussions about technology, design, society, and environment, along with the innovation, business, culture and other derivative aspects related, and also how is the interrelation and interconnection between those aspects as well as the impact produced here.

Designers, academics, scholars, researchers, government, associations, entrepreneurs, professionals and communities gathered here to share and learn of each other about the role of designer regarding the rapid development of latest technology, business and society. Design as a discipline cannot exclusively be independent or autonomous. Networking and collaborative effort with other fields and disciplines is an imperative in order to make design extend its benefits for mankind as the center. The significance of design matters much more now, to utilize – to humanize – new technology in order to support and improve society and environment, thus creating new culture.

On this occasion, the keynote and featured speakers were:

- Ridwan Kamil ST. MuD, architect and the Governor of West Java Province, Indonesia, represented by DR. Iwa Gartiwa MSc., Regional Secretary of West Java Province
- David Bangun MEE, Director of Digital & Strategic Portfolio PT Telkom Indonesia, represented by Ir. Joddy Hernady, M.S.E.E., Senior General Manager Research and Development Center PT. Telkom Indonesia
- Prof. Sheng-Hung Lee, designer, maker and Associate Professor at Fudan University Shanghai Institute of Visual Art
- Pete Overy, design agency (former Managing Director IDEO Singapore)
- Assc. Prof. Dr. Norfadilah Kamaruddin (aSCDm), interactivity, design, and humanity researcher, Faculty of Art and Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA Malaysia
- Dr. Alejandro Moreno, human-computer interaction, entertainment computing and applied computer vision researcher, Saxion University of Netherlands
- Dr. Sarah Anais Andrieu, Eccole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociates Frances (EHESS) researcher
- Oriane Hurard, producer with Les Produits Frais, a festival programmer for new storytelling formats (transmedia, webseries, VR) and a new media and community management instructor, represented by Melanie Martini-Mareel, director of Institut François Indonesia (IFI) Bandung
- Dr. Didit Widiatmoko Soewardikoen M.Sn, dean of School of Creative Industries, Telkom University Bandung

All papers presented in the conference’s parallel sessions compiled in this proceeding arebrought to you to provide an insight for reflection and sharing from all the experts, practitioners, scholars, researchers and academics from all over of Indonesia as well as countries abroad. Hopefully, this proceeding will present you an illustration of our endeavor in establishing sense of ‘Human centered design’.

Team Editors,
5th Bandung Creative Movements