Proceedings of the International Conference on Aviamechanical Engineering and Transport (AviaENT 2019)

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Using Automated Fare Collection System Data to Determine Transport Demand

A. Fadeev, S. Alhusseini
Transport demand (a set of data about trips and passengers mobility patterns in the network) is a golden key for solving a wide range of issues of transportation and town planning problems. These are development of the road network, development and optimization of public transport routes, etc. To determine...
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Simulation of the Automatic Balancing Process of A Rotor, Rigidly Fixed in the Housing on Elastic Supports

A.I. Artyunin, O.Y. Sumenkov
The process of automatic balancing of an unbalanced rotor was simulated using four pendulums mounted in pairs on the shaft on both sides of the rotor. The rotor is rigidly fixed in the housing, which is mounted on elastic supports. Studies have shown that the pendulums partially or fully compensate the...
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The Concept of Functional Road Condition Management

A.P. Bazhanov, R.S. Shamanov
Currently, there is the practical reliability of roads in terms of safety, durability, maintainability, operability and other important consumer properties of the groups of providing of significant speed, continuity, convenience and traffic safety. These include throughput and traffic load, permissible...
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The Effect of Ultrasonic Treatment on the Adhesion of a Surface Composition Made of SME Materials at Various Stages of Its Formation

Zh.M. Blednova, E.Yu. Balaev
The article describes results of an experimental study of ultrasonic treatment as a part of a complex temperature-force effect on the adhesive properties of a surface composition made of materials with thermoelastic phase transformations at various stages of formation: at the stage of the base preparation;...
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Modeling the Distribution of Temperatures on the Surface of a Heat Exchanger

V.V. Bludov, A.V. Rasputina, A.S. Govorkov, A.D. Kolosov, A.S. Suhanov
This paper presents a simulation of the temperature distribution on the surface of a heat exchanger in the ANSYS application package. In the R&D part devoted to the development of a device for converting heat into electrical energy, models of an experimental heat exchanger have been created, including...
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Trends of Development in the Use of Modified Oil Fractions in Aviation

Oleg Doshlov, Ivan Doshlov, Igor Bobarika, Mikhail Kovalev
The paper is devoted to review of existing aviation fluids, analysing their weaknesses and technology trends create aviation fluids, kerosene, lighter-oiling materials on the basis of modification of petroleum products.
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Experimental Study of the Stability of Layered Composite Plates

Lyubov Bokhoeva, Elena Bochektueva, Vitalii Rogov
This article presents the results of experimental studies of definition the mechanical characteristics of epoxy resin and hardener without adding nanopowder and with the inclusion of nanopowders. The stability and destruction process of laminated plates made of composite material with different numbers...
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Study of the Structure of Wear-Resistant Coatings Obtained under Different Technological Modes of the Arc Metallization

M.Z. Borisova, N.F. Struchkov, G.G. Vinokurov
Arc metallization of the cored wires is one of the modern surface engineering technologies assuring high quality surface layers. The wire arc spraying process is widely used for protection of metal against corrosion and for restoration of worn parts of machines and mechanisms. The present study used...
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Emergency Modes Modeling in Non-Traction Consumers Power Supply Systems

Yuri Bulatov, Andrey Kryukov, Evgenia Alekseenko
The use of distributed generation (DG) plants, which includes renewable energy resources, allows to stabilize voltage levels, reduce losses in networks and to free couplings transfer capacities. Power quality can be enhanced based on DG in railroads power supply systems (RPSS), as well power supply efficiency...
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Methods of Aggregated Vehicle Ownership Cost Estimation

A. Butuzova, S. Iatsenko, O. Prokofieva
The article is devoted to the issue of a reasonable choice of a vehicle by a consumer on the basis of its aggregated ownership cost. The developed method of estimating the aggregated vehicle ownership cost provides an opportunity to compare different types of vehicles and choose vehicles with the lowest...
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Modeling of Electromagnetic Fields Created by Traction Networks in Emergency Modes

N.V. Buyakova, V.P. Zakaryukin, A.V. Kryukov
In traction power supply systems (TPSS) extreme modes occur in emergency situations with extreme electromagnetic fields (EMF). Short circuit (SC) is one of the extreme modes that lead to considerable current flows in catenary wires with significant growth of magnetic field strengths. SC modes duration...
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Determining a Rational Composition of Diesel Mixture in Terms of Antiwear Characteristics

A.P. Bychenin, I.V. Ukhanova, O.S. Volodko, A.P. Ukhanov
The article provides analysis of main alternative energy resources and considers some variants for substitution of oil motor fuel with renewable resources. A rational composition of diesel mixed fuel (DMF) is justified for mixtures of plant oils (flax oil, soybean oil, crambe) and petrodiesel in the...
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Influence of Technical and Operational Indicators on the Results of Planning Motor Transport Operation

V.V. Varakin, E.O. Chebakova
Mathematical apparatus for calculating the road transport operation volume, existing in the modern theory, corresponds to the only technology of the transport process - functioning of the pendulum route with reverse unloaded mileage. However, modern specifics of freight motor transport enterprises functioning...
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Non Sinusoidal Modes of Traction Power Supply Systems Equipped with Reactive Power Compensation

Vasily Zakaryukin, Aleksandr Cherepanov
Rectifier electric locomotives create essential harmonic distortions in tractive electric power supply systems. Because of the higher harmonics, overloads on capacitor banks are possible. Capacitors are a basic element of reactive power sources applied in power supply systems. In case of harmonic increased...
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Feasibility Study of Ultrasonic De-Icing Technique for Aircraft Wing Ice Protection

Vladislav Daniliuk, Evgeny Pamfilov, Aleksey Daniliuk, Yuanming Xu
Flight in icing conditions brings significant safety risks due to aircraft aerodynamic performance reduction, stability and controllability deterioration, failures, mechanical damages. For reliable operation in icing conditions active anti-icing/de-icing systems are needed, which entail at the present...
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Specifics of Aircraft Operation and Possibilities for Improvement in Forecasting Used for Meteorological Support of Flights in the Arctic

V.A. Demchuk, N.O. Moiseeva
The paper considers climatic and weather specifics of the Arctic, identifying dangerous weather factors with the highest frequency. Specificity of flying in the Arctic and state-of-the-art in flight meteorology are considered. The authors define the tentative approaches to solving tasks in improving...
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Monte-Carlo Simulation of the Filtration Processes of Metallic Discrete Impurity in Oil System of Gas-Turbine Aircraft Engines

V.G. Drokov, V.Vl. Drokov, A.D. Kazmirov, A.Y. Hodunaev
The paper considers the deposition of metallic particles on the main oil filter of aircraft gas turbine engines (GTEs) depending on the filter parameters. It was shown that the filter presence includes systematic error in the measurement of the mass fraction of wear particles independent of the measurement...
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Formation of an Effective Model of Transport Corridor in the Territory of the Republic of Sakha

T. Egorova, A. Delakhova
The article analyses the formation of the transport corridor "Lensk - Mirny - Suntar - Nyurba - Vilyuysk - Yakutsk" in the territory of one of the north-eastern regions of Russia - the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia). The justification of the significance of the development of the transport corridor for...
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Mathematical Model of Intelligent Decision Support System of UAV Operator

E.V. Evtushenko, A. N. Volodin, M.V. Chupakov, V.A. Sadakov
The article presents a conceptual and mathematical model of the intelligent decision support system of the unmanned aerial vehicle operator, what will allow one to make informed decisions in real time with a high degree of reliability.
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Influence of Headlight Contamination on the Stopping Distance and Maximum Allowable Speed on Roads Covered with Chemical Anti-Icing Materials

A.I. Fedotov, V.O. Gromalova, S.M. Gergenov
The article aims to identify the influence of headlight contamination on the stopping distance and allowable speed on roads covered with chemical anti-icing materials at night. Headlight contamination effects were analyzed for determining the maximum allowable vehicle speed on winter roads covered with...
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Technological Quality Assurance of Assembling Machine Components Based on Modular Elements, Taking into Account the Contact Stiffness of the Joints

Alexander Fedukov, Alexander Khandozhko
This paper presents the results of theoretical and experimental studies of the joint rigidity of the production equipment in relation to modular structures
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Data Transfer Problems at the Host-Computer Level and Methods to Improve the Performance of Computations on Heterogeneous Systems

Alexey Bashkirov, Vadim Glotov, Nikolay Astakhov, Aleksandr Pirogov, Anastasia Kalyadina, Tatyana Glotova
In theory, graphics processing units largely exceed central processing units by the degree of performance. But in order to load the GPU with computing tasks to the boundary levels of its maximum performance, the task has to be divided into streams. The number of streams should be comparable to or, to...
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Design of direct digital synthesizers signal generator

Alexey Bashkirov, Vadim Glotov, Nikolay Astakhov, Aleksandr Pirogov, Irina Sviridova, Tatyana Glotova
An integral element of most radio devices is systems of frequency and signal synthesis. Most of the known circuits use analog elements, which are characterized by the change of parameters under the influence of external factors. However, with the development of digital technology that uses only mathematical...
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The Modeling of Mechanical Engineering Facilities to Reduce the Impact of External Vibration Effects

V.E. Gozbenko, S.K. Kargapol'tsev, Yu.I. Karlina, B.O. Kuznetsov, A.I. Karlina, D.S. Leonovich
The article considers free and forced oscillations of a system with six degrees of freedom with symmetrical and asymmetrical mass-inertial characteristics. The conditions of single-frequency oscillations are obtained. Initial deviations and initial velocities must be interconnected through one of the...
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The Vertical Dynamics of the Car, Taking into Account the Irregularity of the Track Gauge

V.E. Gozbenko, S.K. Kargapol'tsev, B.O. Kuznetsov, Yu.I. Karlina, A.I. Karlina, D.S. Leonovich
The paper deals with the vertical dynamics of the car to ensure the safety of trains, the reliability of the cars and the track. It is accepted that the dynamic model of the car has five degrees of freedom. The complex oscillatory process is divided into separate components: vertical, transverse and...
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Repairing Crumpling and Wear Defects of Rails in the Zone of Electrocontact Welded Joints by Electric Arc Surfacing

Dmitry Nezhivlyak, Andrey Nezhivlyak, Mariya Grechneva
The actual problem is the outage of rails in the continuous path made by electric contact welding. Among the main causes of the outages are defects of contact-fatigue origin, buckling, wear, and thermomechanical damage. A possibility to use electric arc surfacing to repair defective rails is analyzed.
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Automated Control of Technological Parameters of Ceramic Tiles Using Technical Vision

O.N. Fedonin, D.I. Petreshin, V.P. Matlakhov, V.A. Handozhko
The results of theoretical study and practical realization of a technical vision system in the production of ceramic tiles are summarized. The possibility of using technical vision during the technological operation to control the absence of defects of ceramic tiles when it moves along the conveyor in...
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Analysis of the Dynamic Condition and Forms of the Principal Oscillations of the Car

S.K. Kargapol'tsev, V.E. Gozbenko, Yu.I Karlina, B.O. Kuznetsov, D.S. Leonovich, A.I. Karlina
The article presents the dynamic characteristics of a car with a two-stage spring suspension. The author investigates a system with asymmetric mass-inertial characteristics. Depending on the ratios of the mass-inertia parameters, possible solutions of differential equations are obtained. It follows from...
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Method for a Multi-Objective Selection of a Fluid Power Drive Based on Analysis of Its Design, Operational and Dynamic Characteristics

P. Kazakov, V. Kazakov
The approach for a multi-objective selection of fluid power drive based on information of its design, operational and dynamic characteristics is proposed. It uses the optimal Pareto variants of a fluid power drive found at the stage of multi-objective optimization. The operational and dynamic characteristics...
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Traffic Safety Subsystem Management at Enterprises Engaged in Road Transport Activities

T.V. Konovalova, А.E. Litvinov, S.L. Nadiryan
This article discusses the management of the traffic safety subsystem at enterprises engaged in road transport activities. For the successful functioning of industrial enterprises in modern conditions of economic development, along with the growth of production volumes, fewer costs are required. To this...
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Structure Formation Processes During the Plasma Cementation of Steel and the Subsequent Heat Treatment

M.V. Konstantinova, E.A. Guseva, V.E. Gozbenko, S.K. Kargapoltsev, M.G. Shtayger, A.V. Sivtsov, A.I. Karlina
The article represents the results of investigating the structure of the layers, obtained using the specimens of low-carbon steel, subjected to plasma cementation. The dependence of their structure on the percentage of graphite in the coating, which served as a carbon source, is established. The influence...
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Calculation Methods of Investments Economic Efficiency in New Equipment

V.Yu. Konyuhov, A.M. Gladkih, I.I. Galyautdinov, E.I. Shchadova
The article presents the technical and economic analysis of the investments in new equipment in general or design/ design-technological innovations that depends on an investment budget formation, which determines the net cash flow from the project implementation for the entire exploitation period. We...
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Optimization Models for Making Infrastructure Investments for Coal Mines

V.Yu. Konyuhov, A.M. Gladkih, I.I. Galyautdinov, E.I. Shchadova
The paper describes analysis of the environmental activities state in the industry. Methodology implementation of the three-level models system will not only create a competitive technique and technology with a conscious and controlled quality level for environmental safety and purity, but will also...
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Increase in the Durability of the Tool, Utilized in Aviation Machine Building and with the Reconditioning of the Air Vessels

G.V. Kovalenko, D.A. Ivanov
This article presents the results of a study of the impact of pulsating gas flow treatment on the durability of the tool used in the production and repair of structural elements of aircraft and aircraft engines.
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Features of Peripheral End milling: Formation of Machined Surface Profile

Sergey Dyadya, Yelena Kozlova, Anton Germashev, Anna Leschenko, Eduard Kondratyuk
The profile of the machined surface at the peripheral end milling is made when various types of fluctuations occur. At milling under self-exited oscillations, the machined surface, in addition to traces from cutting in with each tooth, has a wavy profile. The purpose of the article is to consider the...
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Method for Calculating Carbon Dioxide Еmissions of Cars Using Vegetable Oil as a Diesel Fuel Additive

S.N. Krivtsov, T.I. Krivtsova, K.E. Skrebnev, A.P. Syrbakov
The article is devoted to the method for calculating carbon dioxide еmissions of cars using vegetable oil as a diesel fuel additive. The method based on the fundamental principles of the theory of automobiles and supplemented by revealed patterns allows for analytical calculation of carbon dioxide emissions...
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The Approach to Automating the Control of the Vibrational Field of a Technological Machine

S.P. Kruglov, S.V. Kovyrshin, R.S. Bolshakov
The article considers the task of controlling a technological vibration machine, designed for the vibration interaction of a granular working medium with details attached to the working body of a vibration machine. The computational scheme of this kind of machine is a solid body on two springs with adjustable...
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Finite Element Modeling of Contact Heat Transfer in the Turbine Rotor Design of an Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine

A. Kudryavtsev, I. Zotov
On the basis of the finite element method (FEM) a mathematical model of the modular structure of the turbomachine exemplified by the aircraft gas turbine engine, AL-31F, is developed. It is notable for describing the solution of interdependent problems of the theory of elasticity and thermal conductivity,...
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Cascade Method for Technical Preparation of Production in Digital Technology Application

A. Kutin, A. Shayhulova, S. Ivashin
The article presents a new method for technical preparation of production in digital technology application. This method reduces risks of project, which goes over costs and deadlines. The main achievement is implementing the concept of using CALS-technologies in production technical preparation (PTP)....
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Investigation of the Effectiveness of Oscillation Control in a Three-Mass System Based on the Additional Feedbacks

N.K. Kuznetsov, E.S. Dolgih, I.A. Iov
Using the example of a three-mass calculating scheme the article presents the results of a study of the effectiveness of using the additional feedbacks synthesized by solving the inverse dynamic problems for a given type of elastic torque to limit the oscillatory motions. In this article, we described...
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Simplified Viscoelastic Plastic Model of Ore Particle Movement Along the Vibration Organ

V.L. Lapshin, S.A. Bogidaev, V.P. Myazin
The viscoelastic plastic model of vibration movement of ore particles along the vibration organ was described. The model includes viscoelastic and elastic plastic blocks. The first one describes elastic deformations of the system and measures energy losses using a damper. The second block describes plastic...
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Generalized Trip Cost: One of the Estimation Approaches

A. Levashev
The solution of modern transport planning problems, aimed at improving the quality of transport service for all the users of the city's transport infrastructure, requires application of modeling tools to describe components of urban areas, transport infrastructure and transport behavior. The IrNITU NI...
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Road Safety as a Factor in Sustainable Urban Development

А. E. Litvinov, I. S. Senin, T. V. Konovalova
The article deals with issues related to the impact of road safety on sustainable urban development. We analyzed the territory of the city in order to change the functional purpose of the territories, construction sites, changes in population. A comparison was made of road accidents with transport-town-planning...
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Principles for Determining Special Trip Generators

Alexey Levashev, Aleksandr Mikhailov, Alexsandra Butuzova, Maksim Sharov
The article discusses the principles of the formation of the estimated transportation districts, taking into account special generators of movements that are understood as large objects of mass service of the population, in relation of which, the generation of visits is comparable to the generation of...
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Methodological Issues of Improving the Efficiency of Meteorological Support for Regional Air Transportation

Gennady Kovalenko, Natalya Moiseeva
The paper discusses methodological issues of improving the efficiency of meteorological support for regional air transportation. The authors provide a justification of the relevance of research aimed at improving the efficiency of meteorological support, taking into account regional features of the formation...
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Refined Method of Analyzing Potential Defects in Engineering Products

V.V. Miroshnikov, N.M. Borbac, A.V. Morozova
The analysis of the types and consequences of potential defects in engineering products based on the application of the theory of fuzzy sets is considered. The formulas of the corresponding linguistic variables are proposed. The calculation of the risk priority number based on mathematical operations...
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Dual Row Rotary Piston Hydraulic Machine with Two Pumping Units

Alexey Gavrilin, Anatolij Nizhegorodov, Boris Moyzes, Kirill Kuvshinov, Аleksandr Cherkasov
The article reviews the possibility to improve efficiency of the cylinders block design and the pumping unit of an axial-piston hydraulic machine by means of utilization of inter-cylinder zones for installing additional chambers smaller in diameter. This design allows to building a new axial piston rotor...
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Simulation of the Process of Heat Treatment of Vermiculite Concentrates in Power Process Units with a Mechanical Base

Alexey Gavrilin, Anatolij Nizhegorodov, Boris Moyzes, Kirill Kuvshinov, Аleksandr Cherkasov
The article reviews the simulation of functional dependence of the heat treatment process time of vermiculite concentrates on their size groups (fractions) in power process units with a mechanical base plate, in which the movement of expanded vermiculite is set by vibro-transporting bulk material in...
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Process Control of Forming the Surface Quality Parameters of Parts According to a Desired Law by Methods of Surface Plastic Deformation

М. N. Nagorkin, V. P. Fedorov, E. V. Kovalyova
The paper deals with ways to process control of forming the surface quality parameters according to a desired law with the help of machining by surface plastic deformation on CNC machines, which allows ensuring the uniformity of surface operational properties when working in conditions of unstable operating...
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Resistance Projection Welding of Sheet Metal Without Formation of a Mutual Melting Zone in The Form of a Cast Nugget

A.Yu. Paliakou, V.P. Kulikau, А.А. Stsiapanau
The paper deals with the possibility of obtaining strong overlap projection welds due to formation of a common annular zone instead of a coin-shaped one as a nugget. A method for reducing the energy intensity of this process by reducing the time of current supply recommended in the literature was identified
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Development of Low-Cost Unmanned Aerogeophysical System Based on Light VTOL Aircraft

Alexander Parshin, Aleksey Savin, Vladimir Morozov, Munko-Jargal Badmayev
The article describes the prospects and problems of creating low-cost unmanned systems for airborne geological prospecting of large areas with a simple topography. A novel electrically-powered unmanned aerial system (UAS) based on a vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) aircraft was developed for low-altitude...
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Automated Measurement of Engaging and Separating Forces of Electrical Connector Contact

O.N. Fedonin, P.А. Akulov, D. I. Petreshin, V.А. Handozhko
The automated system is proposed that allows to control and measure forces of engaging and separating electrical connectors. The structure of the mechanical and electrical parts of the developed device is described. The use of the system will increase the productivity and accuracy of the operation under...
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Diagnosing of Failures of Automotive Alternators Based on Amplitude of Fluctuations of Voltage

Andrey Puzakov
Automotive alternators problems constitute about 21 % of total automotive electrical faults. Fault in automotive alternator can cause different implications, ranging from fault in battery accumulator or electronics through road traffic accident. Fluctuation of output voltage is accepted as the main diagnostic...
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Mathematical Modeling of the Differential Dynamics of the Galvanic Process of Restoring the Seats of the Main Supports of Autotractor Engines

Dmitryi Rozhkov, Evgenia Eltoshkina, Petr Ilyin, Olga Svirbutovich
Repair of agricultural machinery is one of the most important issues related to maintaining the efficiency of the fleet of vehicles used in the agricultural sector of the country. High equipment with high-performance machines and mechanisms obliges modern repair production to raise its technical level...
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Improving Methods of Estimation of Transport Demand for Urban Passenger Transportation

M. Sharov
The article is devoted to the issues of the transportation demand estimation. Existing methods to bring up to date the Origin-Destination matrix are reviewed. A regression method to update the passenger Origin-Destination matrix is proposed. The proposed method is compared with the method of calculating...
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Elaboration of the Methodology for Calculating the Brush Cutter with Passive Operating Element

I.D. Skvortcov, A.A. Serebrennikov
The physical process of interaction of the working member of the brush cutter with trees located on the path of the machine movement is considered. In the development of existing ideas set out in the textbooks, the method for calculating brush cutters with a passive working body is refined, based on...
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Study of Damping Properties of Titanium Tooling During Surface Grinding of Corrosion-Resistant Steel Parts

Yakov Soler, Aleksey Strelkov
The possibility of increasing the stability of the grinding process of corrosion-resistant steels using titanium alloy mandrels with a low modulus of elasticity is considered. The titanium alloy acts as an artificial damper to facilitate the absorbing of vibrations arising during processing.
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Study of Phase Transformations in Parts Made From Titanium Alloy VT22 During Pendulum Grinding

Yakov Soler, Si Mai Dinh, Denis Kazimirov
Titanium alloys can change their phase composition after abrasive processing. Grinding by CBN wheels affects quantitatively the variation in intermetallic compounds into VT22 that can be experimentally confirmed. These changes are positive or negative, depending on the purpose of the titanium part. X-ray...
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Influence of Allowance Value on Formation of Surface Roughness During Grinding with Flap Wheels After Shot Peen Forming

Vladimir Koltsov, Tri Vinh Le, Daria Starodubtseva
In the aircraft industry to obtain the necessary form of long panels and sheaths the shot peen forming is successfully used. Due to impact of shot on the processed surface, the specific microgeometry is formed, the characteristic feature of this microgeometry are the numerous dimples of shot with different...
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The Analysis of Wear Metals in Oils

S. A. Reschikov, D. S. Denisov, V. M. Korotash, A.N. Strelnikov, D.V. Kokourov
A platform for analyzing wear metals in oils was developed. It can be used to analyze lubricating oil for the presence of metal chips. The unit is based on the Ohm's law. The results of laboratory tests confirmed the efficiency of this unit for analyzing oils used in engines of construction and road...
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Safety of Railway Transport Facilities Operating in Extreme Climatic Conditions

G.P. Struchkova, T.A. Kapitonova, A.I. Levin
Railway facilities in the Northern territories of Russia are built and operated in the areas of the cryolithozone and low climatic temperatures. Railway transport in the Republic has been operating since 1979. In 2004, a 360 km long highway to Tommot was built. Passenger and cargo transportation to Tommot...
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Modeling of the Dynamics of a Carriage Taking into Account the Geometric Nonlinearity of Displacements and Deformation

A.A. Tarmaev, G.I. Petrov, V.N. Filippov
A mathematical model of a carriage is presented, describing movement taking into account the geometric non-linearity of displacements and deformations in terms of the body, carriage frames, bolsters and wheel sets. In the design scheme, symmetric linear dimensions can be taken unequal, which allows evaluating...
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Improving the Organization of Traffic in the Framework of the Development of Integrated Schemes for the Organization of Traffic for Small Cities (by the Example of Isilkul)

I.A. Teterina, E.V. Parsaev, A. O. Kolesnikov, S.V. Glushkov
The increase in the level of motorization in the country leads to an increase in the intensity of traffic on the main highways of settlements. At the intersections of the road network, there are unacceptable, in terms of safety, conflicts of traffic and pedestrian flows. Therefore, the development of...
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Fractal Model of Elastoplastic Contact of Nominally Flat Rough Surfaces

V.P. Tikhomirov, M.A. Izmerov
The problem of parameter estimation of rough surface contact interaction due to 3D modelling of fractal model contact interaction, when they are satisfactory to initial surfaces, is solved. This approach takes into account surface contour basic parameters that are essentially relevant to the results...
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The Competitiveness Factor in Transport Work Forecasting for the Regional Transportation Market

L.S. Trofimova, S.A. Borodulina
The transport system development in Russia is focused on transportation indicators increasing and infrastructure quality. It will ensure the growth of macroeconomic parameters. The article shows the review of some calculation approaches connected with planning parameters of road transportation demand...
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Transport and Logistics Systems Development Based on the Transport Modes Comparative Advantages

S.A. Borodulina, L.S. Trofimova, E.O. Chebakova
Optimal configuration of a regional transport and logistics system should be chosen from the standpoint of the goal of regional development, the environmental component of decision-making, and according to the criteria that determine the advantages and disadvantages of a particular mode of transport....
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Surface Processing Technology in Improving Operational Properties of Hot-Work Tool Steel

N. S. Ulakhanov, U. L. Mishigdorzhiyn, A. D. Greshilov, A. G. Tikhonov, I. N. Ryzhikov
The present study is devoted to the surface processing technology of 3Х2В8Ф hot-work tool steel and the effect on its operational properties. The surface processing included thermal-chemical treatment (TCT) and surface finishing. Boroaluminizing (joint diffusion with boron and aluminum) was chosen as...
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Technology of Aerodynamic Separation of Industrial Room

T.I. Vedernikova, G.D. Rusetskaya, A.S. Govorkov, A.D. Kolosov, A.S. Suhanov
To obtain an appropriate picture of emissions through the aeration lantern of the block based on the location of the experimental area, a flexible shut-off screen was applied together with electrolyzers RA-400. Sampling was carried out along the horizon of the upper edge of the electrolyzer with the...
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Development of Network Training Complexes Using Fuzzy Models and Noise-Resistant Coding

A. A. Gladkikh, An. K. Volkov, Al. K Volkov, N.A. Andriyanov, S.V. Shakhtanov
In this paper, an analysis of world experience was conducted and it was concluded that one of the ways to improve the efficiency of aviation security in the Russian Federation is to use modern network training complexes. A new approach to assessing the competence of aviation security screeners was proposed...
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Effect of Technological Defects on Reliability of Engineering Products

S.P. Yakovleva, S.N. Makharova, A.V. Ptitsyna
The nature and reasons of two cases of premature failure of engineering products are investigated (metal-composite cylinder for moto fuel and metal rod of bulldozer's hydraulic cylinder). By methods of metallography and fractography with using the basic provisions of metallurgy, physics of metals, physics...
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Estimated Probability of Distributing the Proportion of Private Transport Users Visiting the Urban Focal Points

A.V. Zedgenizov, I.N. Nalyotov
The article deals with the problem of estimating the proportion of individual transport users visiting the focal points of various functional orientations. The factors and strategies of transport policy influencing the proportion of visitors arriving at the focal points by their private transport are...
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Application of the System Engineering Method when Researching the Carat Pedestrian

V.A. Zelikov, N.I. Zlobina, G.A. Denisov, A.V. Skrypnikov, .E. Kliavin
Options of finding the removal distance of the vehicle from the scene of the pedestrian accident, which came at an arbitrary angle being arbitrary to the vehicle from behind passing obstacle, are considered. Changes in the estimated equations are made. Universal dependences of geometric and kinematic...
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Impact of Ultrasonic Exposure on Soil Adhesion to Working Bodies of Earth-Moving Machines

S.A. Zenkov
When the moist cohesive soil is excavated, the soil sticking and freezing to the working units of the earth-moving machines take place, which considerably reduces their efficiency. There are four main groups of methods intended for eliminating adhesion of soil to the surface of the working bodies of...
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Mathematical Modeling of Composite and Inhomogeneous Deformable Materials Based on Scanning and Finite Element Method

A.A. Pykhalov, V.L. Duong, I.N. Zotov
The paper presents a method of mathematical modeling of composite and heterogeneous deformable materials used, in particular, in modern aircraft structures, such as MS-21. The technique is based on scanning a deformed body by a computer tomograph, with further mathematical transformation of the information...
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Operability of MAN F2000 Trucks in the North

G.Y. Zudov, I.I. Buslaeva, A.I. Levin
Experience in operation of trucks shows a significant increase in a failure number of their systems and parts in natural and climatic conditions of a permafrost zone compared with the conditions of a moderate climate. This article presents a study of operability of the forty MAN F2000 trucks used in...
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Mathematical Modelling of the Power Regulator by the Example of an A11VO Axial Piston Pump (Bosch Rexroth)

V. G. Zedgenizov, D.V. Kokourov, D.S. Biryukov
The purpose of the article is to develop a mathematical model of the power regulator using an A11VO axial-piston pump (Bosch Rexroth) as an example and determine the effect of pressure on the control process parameters. A mathematical model of the regulator was developed; a scheme for its solution in...