Proceedings of the 2023 Annual Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Conference (ATASEC 2023)

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Peer-Review Statements

Rosa Andrie Asmara, Agung Nugroho Pramudhita, Arie Rachmad Syulistyo, Vivi Nur Wijayaningrum, Muhammad Shulhan Khairy, Indrazno Siradjuddin, Septian Enggar Sukmana
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ATASEC 2023 during 15-16 September 2023 in Malang, Virtually. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Reviewer Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description...
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Analysis of Service Satisfaction at A. A. Bere Tallo Atambua Airport Using Importance Performance Analysis (IPA) and Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Methods

Suhanto Suhanto, Roger Benyamin George Asa, Riani Nurdin, Prasidananto Nur Santoso, Abdul Haris, Okto Dinaryanto, Esa Rengganis Sullyartha, Uyuunul Mauidzoh
Service is important in the aviation industry because less optimal service will reduce customer satisfaction. Atambua A. A. Bere Tallo Airport is an airport service provider unit currently under development in terms of service. This research was conducted by distributing questionnaires to passengers,...
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Delamination analysis of entry and exit surface with carbon-fiber-reinforced polymers composite materials (CFRP) in UAV

Elisabeth Anna Prattiwi, Istyawan Priyahapsara, Sri Mulyani, Dwi Hartini, Fajar Khanif Rahmawati, Ashyadil Listyo Rachmanto
Drilling makes holes in aircraft components that aim to unite other structural parts to create a robust and reliable structure. The drilling process on composite materials does not always work well, resulting in the composite being damaged during the drilling process. One punching defect is delamination...
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Measuring the level of student satisfaction in the open final exam system using correlation analysis

Hero Wintolo, Haruno Sajati, Dedi Bintang Pamungkas, Astika Ayuningtyas, Asih Pujiastuti, Anggraini Kusumaningrum
The management of student final assignments must change along with the outbreak of the covid19 virus and causing the pandemic so that online-based learning is implemented. This research was carried out to produce software using MVC Framework for managing student final assignments, starting from proposal...
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Functional Hazard Assessment Aircraft Electrical System

Cyrilus Sukaca Budiono, Riski Kurniawan, Indro Lukito, Wahyudi Sumarwoto
The Aircraft electrical system used to supply electrical power for any systems such as navigation, communication, flight control, and others. The failure in the electrical system results in disruption of the supply of electrical energy which results in accidents and fatal accidents. For this reason,...
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Mapping of Earthquake Risk Areas Based on the Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis (PSHA) Method from Earthquake Sources on the Island of Bali

Riski Kurniawan, Cyrilus Sukaca Budiono, Indro Lukito, Wahyudi Sumarwoto
Because Indonesia is countries between three major plates—the Indo-Australian plate in the south, the Pacific plate in the northeast, and the Eurasian plate in the north—high-intensity earthquakes are common in this region. Indonesia has a high seismicity level both on land and at sea as a result of...
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Study Of Sultan Iskandar Muda Airport In Banda Aceh With An Eco-Airport Concept

Sri Mulyani, Istyawan Pryahapsara, Muhammad Anka Al Pasha, Elisabeth Anna Prattiwi
The author’s analysis will consider the influence of solar panel implementation on several challenges related to power supply failures from the national power utility (PLN) at Sultan Iskandar Muda International Airport. The purpose of implementing solar panels is to address the power supply failures...
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Image Processing in Automatic Locking System on SS2 TNI AD Weapon Rack Using Fingerprint Sensor with K-Nearest Neighbor (KNN) Algorithm Method

Rafi Maulana Al-farizi, Indrazno Siradjuddin, Sapto Wibowo
Weapon security is crucial in military environments. An automatic weapon rack locking system using fingerprint sensors can be an effective solution to prevent unauthorized access. However, in order to implement an automatic locking system an authorizing method using fingerprint is required. In the image...
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Preliminary Analysis of Experimental Results Using Drag-and-Drop and Log Data on PseudoLearn in Learning Logic Programming

Vivin Ayu Lestari, Farid Angga Pribadi, Eka Larasati Amalia, Ardila Lukita Sari, Eksa Lailia Maulidina
Logical and systematic thinking to complete case studies is needed so that the coding structure developed is easily understood by the system. But in practice there are still many students have difficulty understanding the concept of programming algorithms. PseudoLearn is an application that is used as...
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System Design Renewable Energy Using Applications Bright Energy Solar Meter Panel Based on The Internet of Things

Mochammad Junus, Septriandi Wirayoga, Adzikirani
Energy consumption is increasing worldwide. Dwindling fossil fuel resources and increasing greenhouse gas emissions have fueled global interest in alternative energy systems. One of the potential renewable energy sources in Indonesia is solar energy because Indonesia is located on the equator, which...
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Automatic Java Code Generation System from Flowchart for Basic Programming Learning

Mustika Mentari, Pramana Yoga Saputra, Yan Watequlis Syaifudin, Imam Fahrur Rozi, Naufal Nafidiin
Basic Programming teachers invest considerable time and effort in preparing for their lessons, including creating questions, designing flowcharts, and crafting program code based on these questions and logical structures. While it’s essential to maintain the necessary preparation, there is an opportunity...
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Effect of Intake Variations on Vortex Hydro Turbine Performances

Mohammad Noor Hidayat, Ferdian Ronilaya, Irwan Heryanto Eryk, Sapto Wibowo, Muhammad Fahmi Hakim, Rhezal Agung Ananto, Niko Candra Anugraha, Reynaldy Suryadinataa
Pico hydro Power Plant (PLTPH) is a small-scale hydroelectric power plant that utilizes the conduit of water flow by converting potential energy into mechanical energy. The vortex turbine utilizes a whirlpool formed by the vortex turbine housing to push the blades to rotate. In this PLTPH prototype research,...
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Design of a Radio Repeater System to Counter Jamming Using the Channel Hopping Technique

M. Nanak Zakaria, Ahmad Wilda Yulianto, P. I Yoyok Heru, Achmad Setiawan
A Radio Repeater System (RPU) aims to establish communication between transmitters and receivers when obstacles are present. The primary issue faced by the Repeater System is the problem of frequent jamming disturbances in its input section. Jamming disruptions can lead to communication breakdowns, ultimately...
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Analysis of the Degree of Service at Gajayana Intersection of Malang City

Supiyono Supiyono, Ratih Indri Hapsari, Fajar Purnomo
The A good indicator of whether or not an intersection is appropriate is whether or not it allows vehicles to pass each other on the road. If the degree of service is C or D, or E or F, it indicates that the intersection has to be fixed, just as the Gajayana intersection has achieved a C grade, which...
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Comparison of Recirculation and Non-Recirculation Leachate on Bio-drying of Organic Fraction of MSW

Eko Naryono, Zakijah Irfin, Moch. Agung Indra Iswara, Abdul Chalim, Alqavid, Anne Rahma Salsabila, Ahmad Maulana, Mochammad Farhan Fiko Fanani
The bio-drying method of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste (OFMSW) can reduce leachate volume but has not completely removed leachate. This study focused on comparing the OFMSW bio-drying process in a batch reactor with recirculation and non-recirculation leachate. The comparison run at 15...
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Green Material Characterization Of Recycled Fabric Waste Composite For Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Structure

Istyawan Priyahapsara, Sri Mulyani, Elisabeth Anna Prattiwi, Rasyid Rasyid
Currently, a significant amount of waste textiles are buried or burned, which has serious environmental consequence. C onsequently, recycling textile wastes into high-mechanical products using environmentally friendly methods is crucial matter. One alternative for clothing waste is to make the abundant...
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Effect of Addition of Pineapple Leaf Fiber and Palm Fiber on The Bending Strength of Polypropylene Composites as Materials Candidate Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Nurfi Ahmadi, Egi Saiful Ramadhan, Abdul Haris Subarjo
Currently, the use of polymer composites with natural fibers is widely developed because the price is relatively cheap and environmentally friendly. The aim of this study was to determine the bending strength of polypropylene composites with pineapple leaf and palm fiber as reinforcement. The method...
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Increasing solar radiation energy in equipment distillation to produce fresh water for airport

Dedet Hermawan Setiabudi, Okto Dinaryanto, Abdul Haris, Benedictus Mardwianta
Sustainable water management is essential for airports. Due to the location near the ocean, some airports can get freshwater sources to meet the needs of the airport from the desalination process. One of the desalination technology is solar desalination. Solar energy radiation is produced from nuclear...
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The Mechanical Properties of the Sea Pandan Leaves (Pandanus Tectorius) Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composite Were Assessed Using Bending Tests

Dwi Hartini, Lazuardy Rahendra Pinandita, Pramuda Naufal Mubarak
The aim of this study was to conduct a bending experiment to study the mechanical properties of natural fiber composites made from sea pandanus leaves (Pandanus Tectorius). The method for making composites by hand lay-up and vacuum bagging. The utilized fiber is oriented at zero and ninety degrees. Bending...
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Load Analysis Of The Landing Gear Structure On The Grob G120TP-A

Benedictus Mardwianta, Muhammad Bimo Santoso, Abdul Haris Subarjo, Nurfi Ahmadi, Okto Dinaryanto, Dedet Hermawan
The landing gear plays a role in supporting the weight of the aircraft while on the ground, and the characteristics of the landing gear vary according to the characteristics of the aircraft itself. The Grob G120TP-A aircraft utilizes Retractable Tricycle Landing Gear. With a three-wheeled structure,...
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Influence of Extraction Methods and Solvents on Tannin Content and Performance of Bio Inhibitor In Inhibiting Corrosion Of Seawater Battery Electrodes

Sugeng Hadi Susilo, Gumono Gumono, Windi Zamrudy, Listiyono Listiyono, Taufik Hidayat Ramadhon
This study aims to evaluate the potential of tannin extract from ketapang leaves as a corrosion inhibitor for seawater battery electrodes. The tannin content obtained from Soxhlet extraction, maceration, and ultrasonic-assisted extraction (UAE) using ethanol and acetone solvents at various extraction...
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Longitudinal Stability Analysis of STTA-12 MXA

Bangga Dirgantara Adiputra, Okto Dinaryanto, buyung Junaidin, Lazuardy Pinandhita
This paper present the result of simulation longitudinal stability on STTA-12 MXA aircraft. This aircraft is included in the utility aircraft category with 1 propeller engine and 2 seats. The longitudinal response mode has been determined. The Datcom program is used to estimate the parameters in the...
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The Effect of Corn Cob Powder Volume Fraction on the Quality of Composite Acoustic Boards for Airport Buildings

Nur Akhmad Triwibowo, Muhammad Adil, Fajar Nugroho
Noise at the airport can be reduced by building materials that can dampen sound in the form of acoustic boards. One of the natural materials that has potential as a candidate for acoustic sound dampening board material is corn cobs. This study will determine the effect of the volume fraction of corncob...
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Fatigue Life Prediction of Injection Molded Polymer Materials

Syamsul Hadi, Agus Hardjito, Hangga Wicaksono, Tri Setyo Aji Cahyono, Wirawan Wirawan, Zakki Fuadi Emzain
The problem of this study is the unknown fatigue life (N) prediction of polymer materials, especially plastic specimens made from polypropylene (PP), low density polyethylene mixed with scrap (low density polyethylene/LDPE + 70% scrap), high impact polystyrene (HIPS), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene...
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Performance of Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger 1–1 Counter Current Formalin (Shell) – Water (Tube) Fluid Systems in Industry

Ariani Ariani, Abdul Chalim, Hardjono Hardjono, Anang T.
Performance a heat exchanger is an important tool for the adhesive industry as it provides thermal energy between two or more liquids at different temperatures without any mass transfer. One of these is the formalin manufacturing industry. Formalin is produced by a complete conversion process of methanol,...
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Optimization of Green Liquid Fuel for Diesel Engine

Luchis Rubianto, Arif Budiono, Anang Takwanto, Dwina Moentamaria
By early 2023, Government of Republic of Indonesia has decided to apply a diesel fuel called B35 for petrodiesel compliment. This substance is a mixture of biodiesel and petrodiesel. The decision is made to anticipate decrease of petrodiesel reserve as well as for better environment and sustainability....