Proceedings of the 2022 Annual Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Conference (ATASEC 2022)

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Peer-Review Statements

Rosa Andrie Asmara, Arie Rachmad Syulistyo, Vivi Nur Wijayaningrum, Muhammad Shulhan Khairy, Indrazno Siradjuddin, Septian Enggar Sukmana
All of the articles in this proceedings volume have been presented at the ATASEC 2022 during 15-16 September 2022 in Malang, Virtually. These articles have been peer reviewed by the members of the Reviewer Committee and approved by the Editor-in-Chief, who affirms that this document is a truthful description...
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Utilization of Gondorukem Industrial Solid Waste Into Activated Carbon as Adsorbent to Improve the Quality of Gondorukem Color

Anang Takwanto, Yanty Maryanty, Anugrah Windy Mustikarini, Lusia Darminawati, Siti Nurhaliza
The production process in the gondorukem industry produces solid waste in the form of litter, twigs, and pine tree leaves. In this study, solid waste from the gondorukem industry was processed into activated carbon as an adsorbent to improve the color quality of the gondorukem. The workings of this research...
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Effect of Bioinhibitor Additives on Biosolar Quality

Maryanty Yanty, Wulan D. Ratna, Widjajanti Kristina, Maulinda Rahmiana, Rahmatika Nanda Aulia, Hadiantoro Sigit
Alternative fuel oil that is renewable and environmentally friendly because it is made from vegetable oil, one of which is biodiesel. Biodiesel has a biodiesel composition produced from unsaturated fatty acids that cause oxidative degradation of biodiesel. The hygroscopic nature of biodiesel is susceptible...
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Preliminary study on SQLearn : Sql Query Learning Tool Using Close Ended Drag and Drop Approach

Putra Prima Arhandi, Annisa Taufika Firdausi, Banni Satria Andoko, Muhammad Shulhan Khairy, Muhammad Ilham Adhim, Ahmad Afif Supianto
Structured Query Language (SQL) is an industry standard for writing query. Writing SQL query is one of main competencies that must be possessed when learning database. Writing an SQL query could be challenging for novice students. SQLearn is a web-based application that give several cases study and questions....
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Development of a Synchronization Meter for a Grid-connected Small Scale Solar PV Applications

Ferdian Ronilaya, Wildan Ahsani Taqwim, Moch Noor Hidayat, Sapto Wibowo, Irwan Heryanto Eryk, Achmad Faris Rachmatilah
Double Frequency Meter and Synchronescope are the most widely used instruments to detect or measure synchronization parameters on two sources of electrical voltage, but in reality the prices of these tools tend to be more expensive. This paper discusses the synchronization process detection tool used...
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Osmotic Dehydration to Accelerate Bio-Drying Process of Food Scrap Waste

Eko Naryono, Zakijah Irfin, Moch Agung Indraswara, Susanto Susanto, Anne Rahma Salsabila, Qodrun Nada Munfida, Kukuh Whisnu Prianggoro, Muhammad Ravly Maulana
The increasing municipal solid waste can cause environmental pollution problems. The organic fraction is the largest component of municipal solid waste, reaching 75%, mostly around 61% from kitchen waste. One method to reduce the impact of pollution from municipal waste by processing it into Refused...
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Design Innovation of Grease Trap for Wastewater Treatment Arduino-Based

Jane Muhardi, Nurhadi Nurhadi, Maulana Widianto, Abe Pantogomo, Difa Faryzahri, Fitra Rizal
Automotive workshop produce wastewater from the results of washing mechanic hands and machine components that containing Total Dissolve Solid (TDS). The TDS content in floodwaters is closely related to the level of turbidity and can reduce water quality so that it is harmful to the water ecosystem, therefore...
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Characterization of Differences in Cavity Positions Orientation in the Multi Cavity Plastic Molding Process on the Product Defects

Moh Hartono, Gumono, Hangga Wicaksono, Ramadhan Araya Ismoyo
When performing the injection molding process, the influence of the set parameters such as injection time, injection pressure, and other parameters used will affect the mold result. The problem that arises when doing injection molding using multi-cavity molds is the appearance of product defects. The...
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Real Time Energy Management System for LiFePO4 Portable Generator Using Smart BMS

Widjanarko, Nila Alia, Sonki Prasetya, Pondi Udianto, Fengky Adie Perdana
The portable generator is a type of power supply system that contains a battery to maintain power to provide power to electronics in the event of a power surge or outage. This paper presents energy management system for a portable generator uninterruptible power supply using LiFePO4 battery and smart...
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Experimental Research and Energy Consumption Analysis of a 350 watt Brushless Electric Motor with LiFePO4 Battery

Pondi Udianto, Fengky Adie Perdana, Vinan Viyus, Nila Alia
Conversion of bicycles into electric bicycles is currently carried out by many people. in the conversion process, there are still many people who do not understand the working concept and analysis of determining the right speci-fications for the conversion carried out. This paper presents experimental...
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QRCode Recognition on Flutter Framework Mobile Application Implemented on Entrance Security System

Rosa Andrie Asmara, Rizky Putra Pradhana Budiman, Mungki Astiningrum, Brian Sayudha, Anik Nur Handayani, Cahya Rahmad
As the advancement of technologies becomes more progressive and efficient, State Polytechnic of Malang would like to start digitalizing most of the student attendance system by using mobile-based QR code scanning for student identification. They aim to improve their student attendance system to be more...
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Performance Analysis of Mobile Learning Systems on Cloud Computing Using Load Testing Methods

Yuri Ariyanto, Budi Harijanto, Atiqah Nurul Asri, A. Yahya Hudan Permana, Muhammad Nuruddin Ismail, Sofyan Noor Arief
Along with developing the Mobile Learning System, Mobile Learning requires adequate facilities, such as a server as a storage medium and as a provider of an API-based web service, especially when there are more and more Mobile Learning users. And to ensure the quality of the web service, a system test...
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Face Recognition Using ArcFace and FaceNet in Google Cloud Platform For Attendance System Mobile Application

Rosa Andrie Asmara, Brian Sayudha, Mustika Mentari, Rizky Putra Pradana Budiman, Anik Nur Handayani, Muhammad Ridwan, Putra Prima Arhandi
The attendance system process in Indonesia generally are still using a traditional method. Paper-based is used as a medium to perform attendance at every event. With this traditional method, there are still many shortcomings in terms of security and management. In terms of security, the traditional attendance...
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Software Requirement Specification for Learning Man-agement System Design

Eka Larasati Amalia, Vivin Ayu Lestari, Vivi Nur Wijayaningrum, Moch Zawaruddin Abdullah, Nabilah Argyanti Ardyaningrum, Widiareta Safitri
The need for online learning media is increasing during the pandemic to ensure the teaching and learning process continues to run well in vocational high schools. The variety of learning media used for a subject causes inefficient learning activity. Therefore, this research proposes a Learning Management...
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Genetic Algorithms for Holt Winter Exponential Smoothing Parameter Optimization in Indonesian Car Sales Forecasting

Mamluatul Hani’ah, Ika Kusumaning Putri, Ariadi Retno Tri Hayati Ririd
The Indonesian automotive industry contributed significantly to the economy. Indonesia has 22 automotive companies that have been operating and have helped absorb many employees. Sales forecasting is considered as future market demand. So that accurate sales forecasting can be used as one of the decision...
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Design and Analysis of Pneumatic Drilling Fixture Using A Microcontroller-Based Control System

A. Faizin, H. Wicaksono, N. P. Sari
Drilling is a machining process intended for the formation of holes in the workpiece. The gripper in the drilling process is generally still driven manually. This causes the machining process to take a long time. The purpose of making pneumatic drill chucks using a microcontroller-based control system...
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Analysis of The Number of Layers and Types of Carbon Fiber Against Tensile Strength, Compressing Strength and Shock Load of Bicycle Frame

Sugeng Hadi Susilo, Hangga Wicaksono, Asror, Agus Setiawan
The need for bicycle transportation with strength and aesthetics as well as light weight is increasing, so it is necessary to innovate material technology to overcome these needs. The main components of a bicycle are the frame, wheels, handlebar, and pedals. In addition to the safety factor, what needs...
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Design of Mini Grass Chopper Machine as a Solution to The Problem of Goat Food Resistance in Micro-scale Farm

Imam Mashudi, Muhammad Fakhruddin, Agus Hardjito, Hangga Wicaksono, Bayu Pranoto, Hilmi Iman Firmansyah
The existence of micro-scale goat farmers, with fewer than 15 goats, helps stabilize the rural economy through job creation and income distribution. However, the potential of micro farmers’ resources is underdeveloped, which causes the economic added value of goat farming to be low. Goat farming on a...
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Design Innovation of Automatic Ammonia Control Sys-tem for Environmentally Biofloc Fish Pools

Nurhadi Nurhadi, Chandra Wiharya, Bayu Pranoto
Fish cultivation in tarpaulin ponds or Biofloc Technology (BFT) has been widely practiced by the community. Net fish production at BFT is 45% higher than at others. Tarpaulin ponds with a diameter of 1-2 meters (m) can be filled with 1,000-3,000 catfish seeds. The problem is that when fish farming runs...
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The Effect of Aluminum Profile Thickness and Type of Lubricant on Punch Force

Samsul Hadi, Agus Hardjito, Hangga Wicaksono, Fauzan Baananto, Rafik Djoenaidi, Pita Dewi Basoeki
The problem lies in the length of time it takes to make holes in the key housing on the aluminium door frame profile using a drilling machine, manual grinding, and filing. The aim of the study was to obtain a prototype for a portable door housing key hole punch. The method of making a press tool for...
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The Role of The Temperature and Width of The Heating Plate of The Heating Plate in The Friction Stir Welding Jig on The Strength of Aluminium Alloy 1100 Welded Joint

Agus Setiawan, Kris Witono, Sugeng Hadi Susilo
This paper discusses the role of temperature and the width heating plate in the FSW jig on the strength of the aluminum alloy 1100 welded joint. FSW welding for aluminum alloy 1100 (AA 1100) material at this time has not yet produced optimal weld joint strength, so it necessary to study to improve the...