Proceedings of the 2022 Annual Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Conference (ATASEC 2022)

Conference name: Proceedings of the 2022 Annual Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Conference (ATASEC 2022)
Date: 15-16 September 2022
Location: Malang, Indonesia (Online)

Good morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Colleagues,

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you all a very warm welcome on behalf of Politeknik Negeri Malang and to say how grateful I am to all guests and presenters of the three conferences, namely:

1. The 4th Annual Technology, Applied Science and Engineering Conference (ATASEC 2022)
2. The 2nd International Conference on Electrical and Information Technology (IEIT 2022).
3. The 13th Joint National Seminar on Engineering / Seminar Nasional Gabungan Bidang Rekayasa (SNGBR) 2022.

I also would like to convey my special appreciation to all the committee member, reviewer, advisory board, keynote speakers, and whoever involves and makes this conferences held smoothly.

We are very grateful to be able to continue to hold this conference, despite of the limitations due to covid19 pandemic. Our plan was, to welcome all participants of conference to visit our beautiful city Malang. However, even though we cannot meet face to face we can still carry out this conference virtually with enthusiasm and joy.

The three conferences have their respective themes, namely:

1. The 4rd ATASEC 2022 and 2nd IEIT 2022 has a theme “Science, Technology, Innovative Academic and Vocational Research Towards Product Development Through Industrial and Educational Cooperation”.
2. As for the 13th SNGBR 2022 theme “IPTEK, Riset Akademik dan Vokasi yang Inovatif Menuju Pengembangan Produk Melalui Kerjasama Industri dan Pendidikan”

These themes will be a media for sharing knowledge from researchers and industry from all fields of advanced technology and science. The ATASEC and IEIT conferences will be attended by 3 distinguish keynote speakers, namely:

1. Richard Dwight, Ph.D., Associate Professor School of Mechanical, Materials & Mechatronics Engineering University of Wollongong, Australia.
2. Prof. Tsukasa Hirashima, Professor at Graduate School of Advanced Science
and Engineering, Hiroshima University, Japan.
3. Ferdian Ronilaya, Ph.D, Associate Professor of State Polytechnic of Malang, Indonesia.

And the SNGBR conferences will be attended by 2 keynote speakers, namely:

1. Nugroho Wibisono, from PT Telkomsat Indonesia
2. Ratih Indri Hapsari ST., MT., PhD., from State Polytechnic of Malang, Indonesia
Please accept my high appreciation to all 5 keynote speakers for joining here with us today.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
Such a conference is an extraordinary opportunity, as a good time to share knowledge from a variety of affiliates and also a variety of concentrations in the scope of the field of Advanced Technology, Science and Vocational Engineering Education.
Thank you also to all experts, researchers, lecturers who come to share their knowledge today.

I assure you that we will have fruitful and rewarding exchanges today. I wish you all a very success with this important conference and I look forward to learning about the outcome.

So, let me now open these conferences officially by wishing you a delightful and vibrant day.


Thank you.

Malang, 15th September 2022
Director of State Polytechnic of Malang
Supriatna Adhisuwignjo ST., MT.