Proceedings of the 2016 International Conference on Advances in Management, Arts and Humanities Science

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Study on the Current Situation and Strategy of Marxism Theoretical Education in Colleges and Universities

Anbo Zheng
The importance of the education of Marxist theory is elaborated from theoretical and practical aspect and analyzed the condition and problems of Marxism education in colleges and universities. Marxist theory of China education enlightenment is summarized through the comparison of the other socialist...
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Reform and Innovation for Marxist Theory Discipline Construction in Ideological and Political Education

Yunfeng Huang
with the deepening of China's reform of higher education and improve, the ideological and political education management in universities reveals many deficiencies gradually and affect law school to work vigorously to promote. the rule of law and comprehensively promote the new situation of reform to...
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The Practice of Language Teaching for Profession Teaching in Secondary Vocational Education

Zufeng Qu
To carry out the "embed" teaching in Chinese language teaching, reflects of teaching innovation in secondary vocational education school with the joint modern education theory, which would cultivating students' study bring a deep impact interests, promoting lifting the teaching efficiency, professional...
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The Investigation on Reformation of Domestic Higher Education Administration System

Hongmei Yu
With the building of socialist economy market system and development of educational service trade after entry WTO, domestic higher education administration system is encountering unprecedented challenge. In this paper, the system of higher education administration and service, which has an important...
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The humane management of Ideological and Political Education to College Students

Liying Zhang
Under strategy of international human rights and humane environment, the unity of rights and duties, of duties and responsibilities inevitably mean the college students' free activities and the taking of responsibilities would been respected. the college student's ideological and political education...
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Analysis the Present Status and Explore the Mode to Art Design Education in College

Xiaobo Sun
With the development of the globalization of economic and cultural integration, the art design education advance has lagged behind the era. In this paper, the literature data, questionnaire survey and interviews with experts, logical reasoning, comparisons and charts and so on taking, all colleges and...
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Research on the Application of Modern Multimedia Technology in Music Teaching

Shuang Zhao
With the computer technology development, the multimedia system in music teaching has been applied to the domain of music education in domestic. in this paper, the necessity, idea and significance of modern multimedia technology in music teaching is investigated, and the specific usage of multimedia...
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Study on Three Platform Construction of Practice Base Outside School in Engineering Colleges based on Cooperation between School & Enterprise

Ruijun Liu, Jianwei Zhang, Bo Cui, Yongming Kang, Xing Wang, Jinhe Lv
The practice teaching of practice teaching students not only to improve the practice ability plays a very important role in engineering college students, but also to improve the comprehensive professional qualities to adapt to society also great effect. This paper mainly to College of Automobile & Civil...
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Research on the Embodiment of Aesthetic and Practice Education in Piano Teaching

Xuyan Wang
The aesthetic and practical education which is a new educational philosophy based on application-oriented personnel training was selected for piano teaching in higher vocational colleges. In this paper, the main purpose is to build an embedded piano teaching play platform, study how to advance music...
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Study on Influence of Wechat Moments in University Students' Ideological and Political Education and Strategies

Yingnan Zhang
Wechat Moments is the most beloved instant messaging contact platform, boasts 600 million loyal users. Moments 1ike a higher degree of privacy, fast information dissemination speed, rich information content as well as an attractive presentation layout all contribute to its popularity among university...
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An Observation on the Students' Everyday Life Behaviors in College English Class

Zhongmeng Chen
Classroom is a power territorial field with teacher and platform as the power sources. Teacher acts not only as the authority of knowledge imparting, but as the keeper and coordinator of the classroom orders. However, even under the surveillance of the teacher, everyday life behaviors manifest themselves...
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The Relationship between Interparental Conflict Perception and Inferiority Complex of Junior School Students

Xiangna Kong, Shengyang Wang
Aim. The aim was to explore the relationship between interparental conflict perception and inferiority complex of junior school students. Method. In this research, the authors used The Children's Perception of Interparental Conflict Scale(CPIC) and The Feelings of Inadequacy Scale (FIS) to test some...
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Exploration on Contents and Methods of Emotionalized Design Teaching

Xiaohui Li, Cong Pang, Zihan Wang, Dan Huo
As is well-known, the information era nowadays in rapid development make the people's living conditions to be unprecedentedly complicated. The people are demanding emotional comfort more urgently with the more rapid development of science and technology, and high emotional experiences are required to...
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Cost Accounting Teaching:Focus on the Processes and Operations

Peng Zhao, Shiqing Huang
Lack of clear clue to organize a large amount of data to calculate product cost confuses accounting course teaching though many independent colleges emphasize more cost calculation skills than cost theories. This paper try to introduce process management into our cost accounting classroom. After a series...