Proceedings of the 2018 Annual Conference of Asian Association for Public Administration: "Reinventing Public Administration in a Globalized World: A Non-Western Perspective" (AAPA 2018)

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Implication of E-Tourism on Culture Value of Community Based Tourism in Indonesia

Bernadette Dian Nugraheni, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni
Based on initial data from the digital Yearbook in 2017, the internet users in Indonesia have reached 51%, and 40% of social media users. An indication of this, the Central Government did a digital tourism policy (E-tourism) was considered appropriate for Indonesia's tourism development, so that it could...
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E-Musrenbang As A Means In Increasing Community Participation In Development Planning In Indonesia: Its Challenges And Obstacles

Teguh Kurniawan
The advancement of information and communication technology through the internet has offered a new form of participation and interaction between government and society so that in the end it can push the higher level of understanding and acceptance of society to government action. The condition achieved...
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Political Economy Of Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) Certification System in Riau Province

Dedi Kusuma Habibie
The Indonesian oil palm industry has experienced many dynamics at both global and national levels; the prospect of oil palm business continues to improve every year, as well as the demand for palm oil products that tend to increase, plus various palm derivative products and even palm oil can be made...
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Safety Management For Foreigners To Prevent And Mitigate The Damage Caused By Traffic Accidents

Patcharaphong Akarametagul
This research study the characteristics and causes of traffic accidents with foreigners, problem solving before and after foreigners are involved in accidents and Safety management for foreigners in order prevent and mitigate damaged caused by accidents. This research employ both qualitative and quantitative...
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The Social Construction Of Foreigners And Its Transformation In Rural Areas In South Korea

Yoon Seok Jung
South Korea is no longer a homogeneous country. Since the mid-1990s, South Korea has demographically changed due to increasing the number of foreigners. During two decades, foreigners have been socially constructed by Korean ordinary people who have images about foreigners. The result of this study shows...
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A Study On Media Regulation Experiences In Taiwan Under Digital Governance

Yu-Chi Chen
The issue of regulation thinking versus improvement of industrial competitiveness has caused a lot of controversies among industries, government, and academia in Taiwan. The National Communications Commission has faced serious challenges in regulation thinking. On one hand, it has to worry about the...
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Strengthening District Administration In Plural Communal Context: An Analysis On The Potential Impact Of Establishing A Kalmunai Administrative District In Sri Lanka

Mohammad Agus Yusoff, Athambawa Sarjoon
Decentralization promotes and strengthens the quality of local administration in plural communal context. However, decentralized district administration in post-independence Sri Lanka has been challenging, primarily due to a number of issues related to the accommodation of rights and interests of minorities....
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Challenges With Implementation Of The Merit System In The Open Recruitment Of Government High Positions: The Case In Indonesia

Septiana Dwiputrianti
Indonesia is a large country with the fourth highest population globally. Moreover Indonesia is estimated to become a high income country and be reckoned economically competitive with other countries by 2025. However, bureaucratic governance and performance have not been able to put Indonesia in a strategic...
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The Preference Of Choosing Non-Political Party Organization In The Election (Case Study: Teman Ahok Members To Jakarta 2017 Regional Head Election)

Nurul Khansa Fauziyah
The results of this study reveal the reasons behind the preference of people to campaign through non political-party organizations, as well as the processes and consideration of their thought to maximize the resources they have in the elections. The findings can provide knowledge to the reader that there...
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A Study of the Impact of the Fiscal Decentralization on the Regional Disparity: Focus on 16 Metropolitan and Provincial Governments of South Korea

Dongjin Moon
This paper examined the impact of fiscal decentralization of regional disparity by analyzing a 16 Metropolitan and Provincial Governments of South Korea using the multiple regression analysis. According to the analysis, local governments’ revenue and expenditure decentralization have a different impact...
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Problem Traceability In The Innovation Of Gender-Responsive Educational Policy

Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Yusuf Kurniawan, Intan Sani Putri, Dra, M.Si Sudaryanti
Gender equality is one of the targets of Sustainable Development Goals and improves human-development quality. According to UNDP (2016) gender disparity in education still exists. It shows that the innovation of gender-responsive educational policy in the form of gender mainstreaming in educational field...
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The Fraud Behavior From The Perspectives Of The Fraud Triangle: An Indonesian Case

Setya Nugraha, Ely Susanto
The purpose of this paper is to explore the fraud behavior from the perspective of fraud triangle. Based on the literature review and two samples of the fraud cases, it can be concluded that fraud happens when there are pressure, opportunity, and the rationalization. Sandhu (2016) states that strong...
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Developing The Good Local Governance: Mtyh, Reality, Or Prospect? (Case Of The Implementation For Sound Pro-Poor Program Of Community Empowerment In Indonesia)

Djonet Santoso
In effort to embody the good governance, the Indonesian government seeks to implement from national to local government level. The National Program for Community Empowerment (PNPM) as a poverty alleviation program is targeted by the central government to simultaneously reduce poverty and also to practice...
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Hybrid Method In Revealing Facts Behind Texts: A Combination Of Text Mining And Qualitative Approach

Ujang Fahmi, Canggih Puspo Wibowo, Faturahman Yudanto
Social media has become one of the primary sources of data which available for policy analysts and policymakers. As the evidence, active Twitter users are sending 500 million tweets per day containing thoughts, opinions, pictures, and other information. Social media offers new challenges related to how...
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The Regional Regime Architecture For The Envisioned ASEAN Community Connectivity: Domestic Constraints And Challenges For The Philippines

Hilton J. Aguja
In its continuous effort to fine-tune its institutional ways of doing things to achieve a seamless regulatory framework, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has already had two Master Plans on ASEAN Connectivity (MPAC). These documents have been the blueprint for the overall effort of...
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The Policy Analysis Of Government Indonesian For Regulation In Media

Evi Satispi
The article writing outlines three important aspects of government regulatory policy analysis of the Indonesian media, namely the identification of law enforcement that needs improvement; background and mechanism of policy making; the power relationships among stakeholders that affect the rights of citizens....
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Penghulus And Ketua Kampongs: Relevancy And Challenges In Brunei Darussalam

Li Li Pang
The institutions of Penghulu (head of sub-district or Mukim) and Ketua Kampong (head of a village) are an important part of Brunei Darussalam’s administrative structure, officially seen as the ‘eyes, ears and mouth’ of the government. However, due to the advancement of information communication technologies...
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Mizo Values In Agricultural Sustenance: Lessons From Mizoram

Chawngthu Lalthansanga
The twenty third State of the Indian Union located in the north-eastern corner having a geographical area of 21,087 square kilometers is Mizoram. It is a hilly area differing largely in terms of topography from mainland India and also strategically placed as it shares an international boundary of 722...
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The Collaborative Governance Models On Educational Autonomy Implementation In Jakarta (Case Study In SMPN And SMAN, South Jakarta)

Retnowati W.D. Tuti, Kurniasih Mufidayati
In general, the participation and collaboration of stakeholders is a fundamental factor in the implementation of school autonomy in schools. Collaboration of school stakeholders is essential for strengthening education autonomy in schools and for improving the quality of education of the nation's generation....
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Developing Theories Of Non Western Public Administration Through The Islamization Of Public Administration

Wisber Wiryanto
Public Administration is a branch of Social Science disciplines taught at universities in Indonesia. Indonesia is a country that is predominantly Muslim. However, the education system faces problems of secularization of education, that is split between education and religion. This can be seen in the...
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Enhancing Education Effectiveness: In Which 'Education' Should Society's Hard-Earned Money Go?

Muyanja Ssenyonga, Ely Susanto
This paper is exploratory in nature, and has the objective of examining the determinants of educational effectiveness as a pathway to identifying how countries should allocate public spending on education. The paper is based on a review of extant literature and analysis of statistics on education attainment,...
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Bringing Local Knowledge Into Program Implementation Process (Case Study Of PIJAR Program)

Fatin Nuha Astini, Anang Dwi Santoso, Oscar Radyan Danar
Currently, local knowledge is an important consideration for practitioners and public policy academics. Some parties argued that the failure of program implementation was caused by the fact that policy did not pay attention to the reality of society and tended to make the community as a passive target...
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Efforts Into Establishing A Moral And Ethical Culture In Public Administration-Kenya: The Missing Link

Purity K. Gitonga
Public officers occupy positions of authority and trust and control enormous public resources. They also regulate many socio-economic and political activities. However, the public sector in Kenya has in the recent past been discredited for apathy, laxity, inefficiency, uncivility, wastefulness and unacceptable...
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Information And Communication Technology (ICT) In Use Of Media In PPID (Qualitative Analysis At Wonogiri Regency Government)

Fitria Dwi Purnomo, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni
In an era of openness, PPID (Information Management and Documentation Officer) as a public service tool in the information field has a responsibility to open transparent government access. Utilization of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) becomes a priority for Local Government as the development...
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Mining Policy, Local Actors, And Local Election (Empirical Evidence From South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia)

Muhammad Uhaib As'ad, Herman Murdiansyah
The purpose of this paper to describes the involvement of coal mining bosses in local elections and their impact on coal mine management policies and it’s impact on local political dynamics in South Kalimantran. South Kalimantan is known as an regency that has the potential of coal mining resources has...
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Implementation of Bela Negara Values To Develop A Good Public Service

Herlina Juni Risma Saragih, Shinta Rayana Kartika Putri, Aryo Cahyo Kusuma Wardana
Bela Negara is a program developed by the Ministry of Defense as an actualization of Pancasila, the 1945 Constitution and the Unitary State of Republic Indonesia. It should be implemented not only pragmatically but also professionally in daily basis, such as public servants activities. In case of public...
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Analysis Of The Implementation Of Smart Indonesia Program Through Indonesia Smart Card In Palembang City 2016

Dwi Mirani, Sylvie Agustina, Shinta Desiyana F.
Man as a resource must be able to improve their own quality and competencies in order to compete in life. The best path to take is through education, however not everyone is lucky enough to have an education or to go to a higher level. The dropout rate in Indonesia is quite high, therefore it is the...
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The Existence Of Local Wisdom Through Community Protection Unit (Satlinmas) As The Street-Level Bureaucrat In Community Security, Orderliness, And Tranquility In Surakarta City

Joko Pramono, Wulan Kinasih, Johan Bhimo Sukoco
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs states that human being needs the feeling of secure to be fulfilled. To give security protection, Indonesian government establishes Satuan Perlindungan Masyarakat or Community Protection Unit (thereafter called Satlinmas). Satlinmas, as a street-level bureaucrat, serves to...
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Harmonization Of Legislation: Reviewing The Laws Of Government Administration

Lily Evelina Sitorus, Anna Erliyana, Yunus Husein
Harmonization of legislation is an important process in the rule of law. A good law is a law that complies with applicable principles and norms. This paper will discuss three inter-related legislation. First, the Law on State Administrative Courts that serves to provide justice for the parties due to...
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Influence of Kiti's Kinship Family System In The Formation Process Of Political Instruments In The Village Of Segara Kembang, Ogan Komering Ulu Regency, South Sumatera

M. Amaliatulwalidain
The enactment of Law No.5 of 1979 on Village Government and with the issuance of Decree (SK) of Governor of South Sumatera No.142 / KPTS / III / 1983 on the abolition of the clan system in South Sumatra, practically making the clan governance system in South Sumatra changed into village government. Kemargaan...
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Innovative Policy For Governance Development: Analysis Of Indonesian Civilian State Apparatus Policy

Marlan Hutahaean
This paper aims at analysis innovative policy which is made ​​in order to reform the civilian state apparatus. Focus of the study is the Law No. 5 of 2014 about Civilian State Apparatus or Indonesian Civil Service, especially Civil Servant. The choice of this policy is due to the civilian state apparatus...
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Collaborative Management Of Implementation Of Child Protection Policy In The City of Palangka Raya

Ira Zuraida, Riamona Sadelman Tulis
This article aims to examine the policy of child protection in the city of Palangka Raya focusing on data obtained from the Agency of Women's Empowerment, Child Protection, Population and Family Planning of Central Kalimantan, it had been recorded that there were 10 cases of child abuse during January-May...
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Property Rights Assembly For Creative Transformation Of Urban Periphery In West China

Liu Xuan, Liu Luyao
Since the 21st century, move of creative industries to urban peripheral leads to the creative transformation of suburban villages and becomes a new path of urbanization. However, due to the fragmentation of property rights over the collective owned land, frequently emerged malicious rising rent always...
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An Assessment Of Managerial And Leadership Competencies And Ethical Climate Of Local Government Chief Executives And Senior Managers In The Municipality Of Santa Maria, Bulacan: Basis For Good Governance

Lorena C. Valerio
The research is about the assessment of the managerial and leadership skill and the ethical climate of the chief executives and senior managers in Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines. Graft and corruption and other unethical practices are rampant in the Philippines, affecting the effective delivery of...
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Quo Vadis Bureaucracy Reform Of Indonesia: Overview Of Bureaucratic Reform Phase l Vs Phase II

Mantrini Indri Hapsari, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni, Sudarmo Sudarmo
Bureaucracy reform has become a necessity in many countries (including Indonesia) and in line with the administrative paradigm shift from Old Public Administration to New Public Services. Indonesia’s Bureaucratic reform (BR) in 2010 has become a milestone for the government to build good governance,...
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Strengthening The Capacity Of Village Government In The Implementation Of Village Fund Policy At Maros Regency Of South Sulawesi Province

Mohamad Thahir Haning, Mashuri H. Tahili
This study aimed at to analyze and describe the strengthening of the village government capacity in the village fund policy implementation. The model of strengthening the village government capacity is proposed in order to revitalize village development, make community institutions more representative...
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Optimizing Smile Police By Supporting The Awareness Of The Promoter Police (Professional, Modern, And Trusted)

Amin Fauzi, Ismi Dwi Astuti Nurhaeni
In order to improve the quality of public service to be Promoter (Professional, Modern and Trusted), POLRI (Police of Republic of Indonesia) develops an innovation by applying Information Communication Technologies (ICT) in the form of Information Management System of Electronic Police Service (Smile...
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Overcoming Good Governance: Towards Localized And Contextual Public Administration In Indonesia

Antonius Galih Prasetyo, Rusman Nurjaman, Maria Dika Puspita Sari
Public administration in Indonesia is marked by the hegemony of good governance discourse. This discourse is theoretically backed up by New Public Management (NPM). Those two views share the same belief that market and private sector should be the cornerstone of administrative practices. Initially, good...
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Decentralization Of State Border Governance: Relevance Of Decentralization And Synergy Of Border Governance (Case Study: Oecusse-Timor Lester-North Central Timor/Kupang Land Border - NTT - Indonesia

Joao Muni
The governance of Timor-Leste's ??" Indonesia land border are inseparable from the loss of East Timor as an independent nation of the year 2002. The issue of the border become a diplomatic issue and growing sectors; security, politics, trade, economy, social and cultural. The dynamics of the border is...
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Social Welfare Services in Malaysia: The Role Of Government

Farrah Shameen Binti Mohamad Ashray
Social welfare is the crux of the social system and development of any nation. However, in a country that aims to become a high income nation by 2020, Malaysia seems to have foregone developing and expanding its social welfare system, other than the cash assistance program. The social welfare system...
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Politics-Administration In The Dynamic Relations Of Elected Officials And Bureaucracy In The Recruitment Of Local Career Officials In Indonesia

Erwan Agus Purwanto, Agus Pramusinto, Dwiyanto Indiahono
Changes in Indonesian political system have also changed the relations of elected and bureaucratic officials in the recruitment of career officials. The dynamic relations of elected and bureaucratic officials in the recruitment of career officials in New Order Era, and the Reform Era prior to and post...
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Stakeholder Governance Network In Tourist Destination: Case Of Komodo National Park And Labuan Bajo City, Indonesia

Ambar Widaningrum, Janianton Damanik
This study has attempted to find a pattern of stakeholder governance network of tourism destinations. Since tourism is a sector which is relatively fragmented, tourism management requires coordination among stakeholders, governments of various levels, private sectors and communities. Stakeholder partnerships...
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Small Enterprises Of Agate Craft In Purbalingga District As Local Innovation Policy

Tri Asih Wismaningtyas
In the era of decentralization, local governments are getting the authority to regulate and manage the needs of their communities, including in the economic field. Local government are enabled to innovate policies. Local potency can be the basis for creating innovations in the form of policies at the...
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An Assessment Of Governmental Services In The Philippines From Spanish To Contemporary Times

Lizan Perante-Calina, Alex B. Brillantes, Jr.
This paper delves on the governmental services in the Philippines highlighting the delivery of services to the transacting public characterized by bureaucratic inefficiency that engenders corruption. The assessment begins with a description of the state of governmental services from Spanish era to contemporary...
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Revitalising Democratic Local Governance: Enhancing Citizen Access And Participation Through Smart City

Agie Nugroho Soegiono, Sulikah Asmorowati
This paper examines the implementation of smart city in two cities; Surabaya and Jakarta, focusing specifically on the smart city structure, citizen access, and public participation. Smart city model is seen as new strategy to revitalise democratic local governance. Identically, smart city is mainly...
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Offering The Ethnographic Feminist Method To The Public Administration Inquiry

Titiek Kartika Hendrastiti, Siti Kusujiarti
This article aims to offer feminist ethnographic methods for Public Administration inquiries. Fifteen years doing research in feminist ethnographic methods show some crucial issues connected to the atmosphere of public administration. Feminist ethnography gives a different nuance; it enriches the view...
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Local Governments As International Players: Examining Town Twinning As A Mechanism

Ma. Divina Gracia Z. Roldan
It is commonly perceived that diplomacy and international affairs are the domain of national government. This paper argues that non-state actors specifically, local government units (LGUs), can also be effective international players in bringing about stronger ties in the region by means of enhanced...
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Reinventing Public Administration: Local Poverty Coping Policy Viewed From Javanese Cultural Perspective

Rutiana Dwi Wahyunengseh, Sri Hastjarjo, Marlupi Julianingrum
This article aims to explain the contribution of Javanese cultural perspective as supporting and inhibiting factors in the implementation of poverty coping policy, as a part of public administration reinventing strategy. The performance of poverty coping policy is one of public administration affairs....
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Selection Of Marine Patrol Organizing System: A Case Study For Indonesia

Achmad Farid Wadjdi, Agus Rustandi
Disagreements among experts in organizing marine security patrols whether a single or multi-agency system is an interesting question. So, this study focused on the problem and investigation of important factors to support decision making. The data collected and explored through focus group discussions...
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An Exploration Of Citizen Participation In Policy Making: Barangay Development Plan And Annual Investment Plan Of Maloro, Tangub City

Christine B. Tenorio
The Local Government Code of 1991 (RA 7160) empowers local authorities to manage their internal affairs consistent with devolution and local autonomy. In line with this, as implemented by Article 384 the Barangay Maloro must submit a Barangay Development Plan (BDP) and Annual Investment Plan (AIP) to...
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Does Leadership Background Matter In Performance Of Local Government?

Abdul Rahman, Abdul Rasyid Sahar, Fahdiansyah Putra, Rahmadi Diliawan
The local government’s success of the development acceleration and the governance is currently dependent on the four dimensions of its supporters. One of them is the aspect of the leader who has the authority and function in designing the trajectory framework of the regional development policy in his...
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Governor Election And Political Participation In East Java

Agus Sukristyanto
The election of the Governor has been done in Indonesia directly since Non-22 Act of 1999 on Regional Government with general political participation level 64.23%. Similarly, the election of regional heads in East Java has experienced ups and downs. This article to describe the context of regional head...
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Ethics In Public Service (A Survey In The Regency Of Sleman, The Regency Of Bantul, And The City Of Yogyakarta, In The Province Of The Special Region Of Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Ulung Pribadi
The purpose of the study is to investigate the ethical behaviour of public servants in providing public services. The Method of this study is to survey a sample of citizens who had received public service at the Department of Licenses of the regency of Sleman, of the regency of Bantul, and the city of...
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Exploring a new model of public administration in a digital age: automation, digitization and transparency

Jean Y Djamen
This paper describes a model of digital governance that reproduces within the system essential features of public administration while establishing logic for their utilization. The ultimate goal is to be able to confine all participants to their respective roles and responsibilities in public service...
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Bureaucratic representation in duality structure: Beyond positivism epistemology in understanding bureaucracy

Laurensius Petrus Sayrani
The process and dynamics in the bureaucracy is not only about a single process (managerial mechanistic, hierarchical, formalistic) however, actually it is a dynamic arena as shown in the phenomenon of representational bureaucratic practice. The practice of representational bureaucracy which is coinciding...
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Decision-Making under Uncertainty from the Perspective of Cognitive and Behavior

Siska Sasmita
This study aims exploring perspectives contribute to decision making under uncertainty from the public administration point of view. Literature review is used to answer the research question by collecting and analyzing academic article related to the topic, then grouping each into a table based on their...
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Tax Compliance Behavior of Taxpayer: Challenge in achieving tax target

Siti Ngatikoh
This study review about research tax compliance behavior to challenge in achieving tax target. According behavioral approach that any behavior can be learned. Humans are able to reflect on their own behavior, and can manage and control their behavior and can learn new behaviors or can influence others....
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The Role of Regional Capability in Understanding Regional Inequality: A Case Study of Indonesia

Pratiwi Ngasaratun
This paper aims to review some approaches in addressing inequality by considering the changes in the discourse of inequality with regard to development. It is examining income inequality as it becomes the main comcern in the beginning of the development theory. In the discussion of the pro-poor growth...
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Financial Literacy in Women Empowerment

Fina Dian Arini
This study aims to examine financial literacy in women empowerment as awareness of this issue initially emerged due to the global economic crisis which occurred between 2007 and 2010. One of the causes of the financial crisis, in addition to overlapping policies and greed, was the prevalence of financial illiteracy that...