Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

Volume 17, Issue 1, March 2018
Research Article

1. Bayesian Estimation of the Scale Parameter of the Marshall-Olkin Exponential Distribution under Progressively Type-II Censored Samples

Mukhtar M. Salah
Pages: 1 - 14
This paper studies the Bayes estimator, the maximum likelihood estimator and the approximate likelihood estimator of the scale parameter for the Marshall-Olkin exponential distribution under the progressive type-II censored sample. All the estimators, Bayes estimator, maximum likelihood estimator and...
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2. Results on Cumulative Measure of Inaccuracy in Record Values

Saeid Tahmasebi, Ahmad Nezakati, Safeih Daneshi
Pages: 15 - 28
In this paper, we propose cumulative measure of inaccuracy in lower record values and study characterization results in case of dynamic cumulative inaccuracy. We also discuss some properties of the proposed measures. Finally, we study a problem of estimating the cumulative measure of inaccuracy by means...
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3. LINEX K-Means: Clustering by an Asymmetric Dissimilarity Measure

Narges Ahmadzadehgoli, Adel Mohammadpour, Mohammad Hassan Behzadi
Pages: 29 - 38
Clustering is a well-known approach in data mining, which is used to separate data without being labeled. Some clustering methods are more popular such as the k-means. In all clustering techniques, the cluster centers must be found that help to determine which object is belonged to which cluster by measuring...
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4. A New Method for Generating Discrete Analogues of Continuous Distributions

M. Ganji, F. Gharari
Pages: 39 - 58
In this paper we use discrete fractional calculus for showing the existence of delta and nabla discrete distributions and then apply time scales for definition of delta and nabla discrete gamma distributions. The main result of this paper is unification of the continuous and discrete gamma distributions,...
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5. The Kumaraswamy Marshall-Olkin Log-Logistic Distribution with Application

Selen Cakmakyapan, Gamze Ozel, Yehia Mousa Hussein El Gebaly, G. G. Hamedani
Pages: 59 - 76
In this paper, we define and study a new lifetime model called the Kumaraswamy Marshall-Olkin log-logistic distribution. The new model has the advantage of being capable of modeling various shapes of aging and failure criteria. The new model contains some well-known distributions as special cases such...
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6. Odd Generalized Exponential Flexible Weibull Extension Distribution

Abdelfattah Mustafa, Beih S. El-Desouky, Shamsan AL-Garash
Pages: 77 - 90
In this article we introduce a new four - parameters model called the odd generalized exponential flexible Weibull extension (OGE-FWE) distribution which exhibits bathtub-shaped hazard rate. Some of it’s statistical properties are obtained including ordinary and incomplete moments, quantile and mode,...
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7. Combined Intra- and Inter- Block Analysis of Balanced Ternary Designs

Sobita Sapam, B. K. Sinha, N.K. Mandal
Pages: 91 - 100
In the present paper an attempt has been made to study the inter–and intra-block estimation of treatment effects contrasts with random block effects in the context of balanced ternary designs. The analysis is illustrated through examples.
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8. On Some Aspects of a New Class of Two-Piece Asymmetric Normal Distribution

C. Satheesh Kumar, M.R. Anusree
Pages: 101 - 121
Through this chapter, we introduce a new class of two-piece asymmetric normal distribution suitable for asymmetric and plurimodal situations. We study some important aspects of this distribution by deriving explicit expressions for its distribution function, characteristic function, reliability measures...
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9. Estimating the parameters of Lomax distribution from imprecise information

Abbas Pak, Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi
Pages: 122 - 135
Traditional statistical approaches for estimating the parameters of Lomax distribution have dealt with precise information. However, in real world situations, some information about an underlying system might be imprecise and are represented in the form of fuzzy information. In this paper, we consider...
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10. Estimating Quantiles of Two Exponential Populations with a Common Location Parameter Using Censored Samples

Adarsha Kumar Jena, Manas Ranjan Tripathy
Pages: 136 - 145
Estimation of quantiles of two exponential populations is considered assuming equality of location parameters using censored samples from a decision theoretic point of view. Sufficient conditions for inadmissibility of estimators in certain classes have been derived. Consequently some complete class...
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11. Bayesian Inference Based on Multiply Type-II Censored Sample from a General Class of Distributions

A.R. Shafay, M.M. Mohie El-Din, Y. Abdel-Aty
Pages: 146 - 157
In this paper, we consider a general form for the underlying distribution and a general conjugate prior, and develop a general procedure for Bayesian estimation based on an observed multiply Type-II censored sample. The problem of predicting the order statistics from a future sample are also discussed...
Research Article

12. Divergence Measures Estimation and Its Asymptotic Normality Theory Using Wavelets Empirical Processes I

Amadou Diadié Ba, Gane Samb LO, Diam Ba
Pages: 158 - 171
We deal with the normality asymptotic theory of empirical divergences measures based on wavelets in a series of three papers. In this first paper, we provide the asymptotic theory of the general of ϕ-divergences measures, which includes the most common divergence measures : Renyi and Tsallis families...
Research Article

13. On Some Aspects of Strong Risk Class and Associated Ordering

Mervat Mahdy
Pages: 172 - 192
The paper opens up a new aging class and a new stochastic orders which is depend on risk class, that plays vital role in the reliability theory, finance topics, stochastic orders, and the economic theory. The article presents some new interesting implications and characterizations concerning this class....