Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications

Volume 16, Issue 4, December 2017
Research Article

1. Some Inferences on Skew-t Distribution of 2 Degrees of Freedom

Mohammad Ahsanullah, Valery B. Nevzorov
Pages: 419 - 426
Understanding the properties of Skew distributions is important in many statistical applications. The Student-t distribution is widely used in statistics. Skew-t distribution is a useful model to describe data with heavy tails. In this paper several distributional properties of Skew-t distribution are...
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2. The Marshall-Olkin-Kumaraswamy-G family of distributions

Laba Handique, Subrata Chakraborty, G.G. Hamedani
Pages: 427 - 447
A new family of continuous probability distributions is proposed by using Kumaraswamy-G distribution as the base line distribution in the Marshall-Olkin construction. A number of known distributions are derived as particular cases. Various properties of the proposed family like formulation of the pdf...
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3. A New Four-Parameter Weibull Model for Lifetime Data

Haitham M. Yousof, Ahmed Z. Afify, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Ayman Alzaatreh, Mohammad Ahsanullah
Pages: 448 - 466
We introduce a new four-parameter distribution with constant, decreasing, increasing, bathtub and upside-down bathtub failure rate called the transmuted exponentiated generalized Weibull model. Some of its mathematical properties including explicit expressions for the ordinary and incomplete moments,...
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4. Interactive Linear Models in the Context of Two-Stage Sampling

Pulakesh Maiti
Pages: 467 - 475
We study an interactive linear model that incorporates investigator and/or supervisor interventions in the context of a two-stage sampling design. We obtain an unbiased estimator of the finite population total and derive an unbiased estimator of its variance. Our method builds on Sinha and Maiti (2014),...
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5. Efficient Utilization of Auxiliary Information on Estimation of Population Mean Using Exponential Type Estimators in Successive Sampling

Surya K. Pal, Housila P. Singh
Pages: 476 - 489
This paper advocates the problem of estimating the population mean on the current occasion in two occasion successive (rotation) sampling under the transformed auxiliary variable using exponential method of estimation. Four different type estimators are suggested for estimating the current population...
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6. A new family of distributions to analyze lifetime data

M. Mansoor, M.H. Tahir, Gauss M. Cordeiro, Ayman Alzaatreh, M. Zubair
Pages: 490 - 507
In this paper, a new family of distributions is proposed by using quantile functions of known distributions. Some general properties of this family are studied. A special case of the proposed family is studied in detail, namely the Lomax-Weibull distribution. Some structural properties of the special...
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7. On the Assessment of Average Biosimilarity Based on a Three-Arm Parallel Design

Ginto Jacob Pottackal, Thomas Mathew
Pages: 508 - 521
Average biosimilarity is investigated under a three-arm parallel design: one arm corresponds to the test drug T , and the other two arms correspond to two versions of the reference drug, say R1 and R2. The hypothesis of interest is the equivalence of the population average response for T with the mean...
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8. A New Generalization of Weighted Geometric Distribution and its Properties

H. Najarzadegan, M.H. Alamatsaz
Pages: 522 - 546
Discrete distributions are widely used to model lifetime for count data. In this paper we introduce a new generalization of weighted geometric (GWG) distribution with the weight function w(x) = (1−p^{αx})^β whose special case proposes a discrete generalized weighted exponential distribution. Further,...
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9. The Log-gamma-logistic Regression Model: Estimation, Sensibility and Residual Analysis

Elizabeth M. Hashimoto, Edwin M.M. Ortega, Gauss M. Cordeiro, G.G. Hamedani
Pages: 547 - 564
In this paper, we formulate and develop a log-linear model using a new distribution called the log-gammalogistic. We show that the new regression model can be applied to censored data since it represents a parametric family of models that includes as sub-models several widely-known regression models...
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10. A Class of Exponential Regression Type Estimators for Population Variance in Two-Phase Sampling

A. Chatterjee, G.N. Singh, A. Bandyopadhyay
Pages: 565 - 575
This article deals with the problems of efficient estimation of population variance in two-phase (double) sampling. Using information on two auxiliary variables, a class of chain exponential to regression type estimators has been proposed and its properties are studied under two different structures...
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11. A New Quasi Poison-Lindley Distribution: Properties and Applications

Munindra Borah, Junali Hazarika
Pages: 576 - 588
A new two parameter quasi Poisson Lindley (NQPL) distribution is derived by using the general approach of compounding. One parameter Lindley distribution and geometric distribution may be obtained as a particular case. The new distribution is shown to be unimodal and overdispersed. A few distributional...
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12. Comparing the Fisher information matrix in record values and random observations for the general class of exponentiated distributions

Fatih Kızılaslan
Pages: 589 - 604
In this paper, the Fisher information matrix (FIM) contained in n record values is considered for the two parameter distributions belong to the exponentiated and inverse exponentiated class of distributions. The problem of existence and uniqueness of the maximum likelihood estimates of the parameters...