International Journal of Networked and Distributed Computing

Volume 2, Issue 4, October 2014
Research Article

1. Fast Parallel Network Packet Filter System based on CUDA

Che-Lun Hung, Shih-Wei Guo
Pages: 198 - 210
In recent years, with the rapid development of the network hardware and software, the network speed is enhanced to multi-gigabit. Network packet filtering is an important strategy of network security to avoid malicious attacks, and it is a computation-consuming application. Therefore, we develop two...
Research Article

2. Embedding GPU Computations in Hadoop

Jie Zhu, Hai Jiang, Juanjuan Li, Erikson Hardesty, Kuan-Ching Li, Zhongwen Li
Pages: 211 - 220
As the size of high performance applications increases, four major challenges including heterogeneity, programmability, fault resilience, and energy efficiency have arisen in the underlying distributed systems. To tackle with all of them without sacrificing performance, traditional approaches in resource...
Research Article

3. Human Activity Recognition in WSN: A Comparative Study

Muhammad Arshad Awan, Zheng Guangbin, Cheong-Ghil Kim, Shin-Dug Kim
Pages: 221 - 230
Human activity recognition is an emerging field of ubiquitous and pervasive computing. Although recent smartphones have powerful resources, the execution of machine learning algorithms on a large amount of data is still a burden on smartphones. Three major factors including; classification algorithm,...
Research Article

4. An Improved Autonomous Cross-Layer Optimization Framework for Wireless Multimedia Communication in Heterogeneous Networks

Yuping Dong, C. Hwa Chang, Zengxu Yang
Pages: 231 - 240
Various cross-layer optimization schemes have been proposed for the purpose of enhancing wireless network performances. In this paper, we present an improved autonomous cross-layer optimization to fit modern heterogeneous communication networks. In our design, different Quality of Service (QoS) requirements...
Research Article

5. Query Integrity Verification based-on MAC Chain in Cloud Storage

Jun Hong, Tao Wen, Quan Guo, Gang Sheng
Pages: 241 - 249
In order to reduce data maintenance overhead, more and more enterprises outsource their data to the cloud storage, which provides flexible and on-demand storage service for companies. Data outsourcing also brings a lot of security problems, of which query integrity is a critical issue to be resolved....
Research Article

6. Accelerating NTRU Encryption with Graphics Processing Units

Tianyu Bai, Spencer Davis, Juanjuan Li, Ying Gu, Hai Jiang
Pages: 250 - 258
Lattice based cryptography is attractive for its quantum computing resistance and efficient encryption/ decryption process. However, the Big Data issue has perplexed most lattice based cryptographic systems since the overall processing is slowed down too much. This paper intends to analyze one of the...
Research Article

7. Brain Activity Measurement during Program Comprehension with NIRS

Yoshiharu Ikutani, Hidetake Uwano
Pages: 259 - 268
Near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS) has been used as a low cost, noninvasive method to measure brain activity. In this paper, we experiment to measure the effects of variables and controls in a source code to brain activity during program comprehension. The measurement results are evaluated after noise...