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Methods of Testing of the Corporate Network’s Traffic Anomalies

Nikita Kulyаsov, Sergey Isaev
This article gives an overview of the existing methods and software products designed to analyze anomalies that may indicate the occurrence of cyber-threats. On their basis, we propose our own original software tool that allows automatic detection of anomalies and subsequent detailed analysis of network...

Intertextuality of “Triple Present”: on the Creation of Contemporary Chinese Art Film Taking the Film “Mr. No Problem” as an Example

Qun Xie, Min Luo
This paper aims to make a comprehensive study on the “antecedents and consequences” of the Chinese contemporary art film creation with the film “Mr. No Problem” as a reference text, and to explore its implications on Chinese film style in the commercial context. Taking the film “Mr. No Problem” as an...

The Profile of Concept Mastery and Scientific Literacy Skills for Senior High School Students in Force Theme

Anisa Aulia Marantika, Mr Sarwi, Ms Ellianawati, Tina Anggraini, Aninditya Dwi Perwitasari, Herwidhi Tri Prabowo
The purpose of this study is to identify concept mastery and scientific literacy skills for senior high school students. This study used quantitative-qualitative mix method. The subjects of this study are 12th grade student in Boyolali Regency. The instruments of this study are concept-based and scientific...
Proceedings Article

Simulation of Mechanics Technology Training Course Based on VIRTOOLS

Yang Yang, Bo Yang, Yiqiong He, Bin Shen
Mechanics technology training course, it can comprehensively use mechanics technology and other related theories and practical knowledge of completed courses. It can carry out systematic design and training for students. It can further consolidate, deepen and expand these knowledge. In practical training,...


Carolina Kuntardjo, Agus Hernoko
Informed consent is one element of ethics in medical field that is always interesting to explore. Currently, the development of informed consent is more emphasized on disclosure of information, in other words, in it can be equated with transparency. The thesis entitled TRANSPARENCY PRINCIPLES IN INFORMED...

The Riau Society’s Understanding and Philosophical Basis of Law on the Implementation of the Death Penalty

R. Mukhlis
The implementation of juridical death penalty has been regulated in law no. 2 year 1964; about the procedures of criminal implementation dropped by courts within the General and Military courts. In reality the implementation of law on the implementation of death penalty is still disputed. The debate...

Training Mode on Innovative Talents in Universities

Rui Liu
For the cultivation of innovative talents, this paper takes accounting major as an example, compares the training mode of innovative talents in Europe and the United States, and then proposes a new mode of talent cultivation based on the existing problems in China called “theory + practice + theory”....
Proceedings Article

Research Status and Development Trend of The Signal Pathway of Allergic Asthma

Hexia LI, Chaopin LI, Xinfeng WANG, Qian LIU
Allergic asthma is a chronic airway inflammatory disease characterized by the infiltration of eosinophils in the lungs and the production of various kinds of stimulating factors, incidence rate showed an upward trend. In this paper, the research status and future development trend of the signal pathway...
Proceedings Article

Concurrency Control and Self-optimization based on SQL Server Database System

Rongchuan Guo
With the great development of computer science technology and electronic information, all enterprises have established their own information systems. The database as the core and foundation of information system, it has also been more and more widely used. So the performance of the database has been...
Proceedings Article

Actuation of Electro-Pneumatic System using MATLAB Simulink and Arduino Controller- A case of a Mechatronics systems Lab

Priyam Parikh, Rupesh Vasani, Saurin Sheth, Jigarkumar Gohil
Mechatronics is an immerging branch in the present era which deals with mechanical systems, instrumentations and electronic systems. Hydraulic and Pneumatic systems are the vital elements of Mechatronics system. The actuation of hydraulic and pneumatic system can be done using a PLC or a microcontroller....
Proceedings Article

An effective solution to finding global best guides in particle swarm for typical MOPs

Zheng Li
It is of critical importance for convergence and diversity of final solutions that finding out a feasible global best guide for each particle of the current swarm in multi-objective particle swarm optimization (MOPSO). An improved approach for determining the best local guide in MOPSO is proposed, where...
Proceedings Article

Determination of potassium content in black powders used for fireworks and firecrackersbased on Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry (EDXRF

Jun-yi Wu, Huan-xin Xiao
Methods used for the determination of potassium content in pyrochnics are mostly based on traditional chemical method, which is lengthy and cumbersome. If inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry or atomic absorption spectrometry are used to determine the potassium with high content,the sample...
Proceedings Article

Low-temperature sausage measurement method based on machine vision

Ming-Xiu Lin, Feng Pan
The adaptive contour extraction of low-temperature sausage image is achieved by the predictive edge detection algorithm according to the human eye's visual characteristics, and the fitting compensation skeleton extraction algorithm is used to extract the skeleton information, and the accurate length...

Family Support from the Perspective of Drug Addicts

Farah Syazrah Mohd Ghazalli, Norizan Abdul Ghani, Berhanundin Abdullah, Wan Mohd Yusof Wan Chik, Zulkifli Mohd
Rehabilitation process is a challenging stage for any drug addicts hoping to free themselves from the chain of drug abuse problem. Support from family members are critical at this stage by providing them the necessary motivationthus ensuring a successful recovery. The purpose of this case study is to...

Functions of Nominalization in Scientific News Discourse

Qianbo Li
Under the framework of systemic-functional linguistics, the present study makes much effort to demonstrate the specific functions of nominalization in scientific news discourse. Through the analysis of the data, the discovered functions of nominalization are conciseness, objectivity, formality, thematic...

Studies on the Value, Function and Realization of Deng Xiaoping's Social Justice Thought

Ying Wang
With the development of socialist modernization, more and more people realize the importance of social justice. As the chief architect of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, Deng Xiaoping made a lot of brilliant and in-depth discussions on social justice thought. Therefore, in the current...
Proceedings Article

The Rural Electric Power Market Development Research

Wei Wei
Since 1998, China has implemented a large-scale rural power grid construction and transformation. In 2006, the transformation project of the first stage and the second stage have been basically completed. With the rapid development of power industry, rural power grid construction and transformation has...
Proceedings Article

Research on Probability-based Learning Application on Car Insurance Data

Longhao Jing, Wenjing Zhao, Karthik Sharma, Runhua Feng
After entering the big data era, there is an increasing demand on data analysis. It is natural for the modern actuary to question tech buzzwords like "machine learning" and "data analytics." In reality, many machine-learning models have a basis in the very concepts, which actuaries have used to assess...
Proceedings Article


Irma Dwiputranti, Adriyani Oktora, Liane Okdinawati
A disaster is an event caused by several factors such as natural and/or non-natural factors and human factors. Disaster not only threatens and disrupts people's lives but also will cause human casualties, environmental damage, property loss, and psychological impact. One of the challenges in disaster...
Proceedings Article

Research on Thickness Distribution of Super Metal Forming of Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm

Zhanjun Liu
The reason of super plastic forming of sheet is concluded. Using simulated annealing genetic algorithm does a kind of nonlinear optimization to reason of super plastic forming of sheet control. The diagnosis knowledge warehouse and controlling parameter of super plastic forming of sheet is built. It...

Selecting Reading Material for Teaching Children Literature

Nur Azmi, Irwandi Irwandi
Selecting an appropriate text is one of the important steps in teaching children literature. Thus, it is needed a scientific consideration especially based on the concept of educational psychology. As an applied psychology, educational psychology concerns on understanding of learning and teaching process...

Against The State Ideology on Islamic Online Media in Indonesia

Moch. Syarif Hidayatullah
This study focuses on the use of the internet of Islamic online media in Indonesia to offer ideology against the state ideology. It was represented by and, the most intensive sites on offering ideology against the state ideology of the state and also the popular sites with...

Contribution of Self Efficacy in Work Engagement Towards the Nurses in Makassar City

Fatwal Islamiah, Muhammad Tamar, Hillman Wirawan
This research aims to find out how far self-efficacy influences work engagement in nurses in Makassar. Participants in the study were 280 nurses working in six hospitals. The sampling technique used in this research is stratified random sampling. The data analysis performed was the univariate and bivariate...

Muslim Leadership and the Threats of Transnational Terrorism: Comparing Indonesia and Saudi Arabia

Badrus Sholeh
Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are two important Muslim countries which have taken strategic role in managing regional leadership in Southeast Asia and the Middle East respectively. They are leading regional diplomacy in maintaining stability, security and peace. Indonesia and Saudi Arabia are two of three...

Financial Studies of The Development Project of Belawan Access Channel at PT. Pelindo I (Persero)

Listiani Nurul Huda
Geographical condition of Indonesia that is dominated by sea led Indonesia to desperate need of the sea transportation management to meet its operational needs. PT. Pelindo I is a company that has the authority to manage the port in North Sumatra and its surrounding areas. Belawan's current access channel...
Proceedings Article

The Use of Panoramic Radiography to Determine Prevalence of Dental Anomaly in Individuals with Down Syndrome

Cek Dara Manja, Nursyuhada Azimi
Down syndrome often causes several dental anomalies, such as hypodontia, taurodontia and microdontia. This research aims to determine the prevalence of some dental anomalies in Down syndrome individuals using panoramic radiographs of students in Pembina disable school Medan. As many as 12 subjects with...

The Effects of Children's Age on the Non-employment Duration of Married Women In Indonesia

Dewi Rochani
Researches in developed countries, especially in western countries, explained the dynamics of women labor supply during life cycle indicated by exit and re-entry in the workforce. The participation rate of female labor force to return to employment is lower when women are in the early years of childbirth...
Proceedings Article

Anti-sunlight Jamming Technology of Laser Fuze

Xiangjin Zhang, Ruoyu Wu, Chengfang Shen, Wei Dai
Environmental elements, especially sunny weather, can easily interfere with the operation of a pulsed laser fuze. The solar radiation entering the detection system causes the fuze to produce a "false alarm." Consequently, the bomb may not work accurately. On the basis of the traditional theory of spectral...
Proceedings Article

A Review of Automotive Lightweight Technology

Hongwang Zhao, Ruibin Zhang, Zeyun Bin
Reducing vehicle quality to reduce fuel consumption and reduce emission pollution is the core problem in the development of automobile industry. Lightweight design and improvement are urgently needed for new energy and traditional automobile. In this paper, the research status and development trend of...

Knowledge Map: Suggestions for Primary and Secondary School Teachers Training from the Perspective of Supply-side

Ning Wang
Professional training is an important way for primary and secondary school teachers' professional growth and development. From the perspective of supply-side, the current primary and secondary school teachers training focuses on the tools function of external supply. Primary and secondary school teachers...
Proceedings Article

Uninorms and nullnorms on the set of discrete fuzzy numbers

Juan Vicente Riera, Joan Torrens
In this paper a method to extend discrete uninorms and nullnorms on the finite chain L = {0, . . . , n}, to uninorms and nullnorms defined on the set of discrete fuzzy numbers whose support is a set of consecutive natural numbers contained in L is presented. Some basic properties of discrete uninorms...
Proceedings Article

On the Impact Factors for Mining Enterprise Choos-ing Investment Position Abroad

Maoping Zhou, Mingzhen Xu
Mining enterprise investment is characteristic of long period, big size and fixed area. Resource, polity, law, economy environment and social culture of the host country should be taken into account when choosing place for offshore fund.
Proceedings Article

An Energy-Efficient Data Placement Algorithm and Node Scheduling Strategies in Cloud Computing Systems

Yanwen Xiao, Jinbao Wang, Yaping Li, Hong Gao
With the rise of the cloud computing, saving energy consumed by cloud systems has become a tricky issue nowadays. How to place data efficiently and schedule the nodes effectively in a cloud platform are very important issues from the view of the energy-saving. However, the state-of-the-art node-scheduling...
Proceedings Article

ICA and BP neural network based fingerprint recognition

Lu Zhao, Wenyong Wang
According to the recognition of fuzzy fingerprint and the ones with strong noise, proposed a new method which combining the ICA (Independent Component Algorithm) and BP (Back Propagation) neural network. First, using the FastICA method to extract fingerprint characteristics, then classify and recognize...

The Historicity of the Texts in Possession

Fei Wu
In view of the novel’s complexity of the texts, this paper focuses on the new historical analysis of A. S. Byatt’s Possession. Through studying two epigraphs of the novel, the poem—“The Lady of Shalott” and Gode’s tale, the author scrutinizes the novel from “the historicity of texts” perspectives, and...
Proceedings Article

Financial Early-Warning Analysis of Big Data Industry Enterprises Based on Factor Analysis and Logistic Model

XiaoFei Luana, HongMei Zhang
On the basis of systematic research on financial early-warning research at home and abroad, this paper selects Chinese big data listed companies as research samples, constructs financial early-warning model of electronic information listed companies with Logistic regression method comprehensively, and...
Short Communication

Combined imaging, computational and histological analysis of a ruptured carotid plaque: A patient-specific analysis

Giulia Soloperto, Niall G. Keenan, Mary N. Sheppard, Jacques Ohayon, Nigel B. Wood, Dudley J. Pennell, Raad H. Mohiaddin, Xiao Yun Xu
Pages: 59 - 65
Background: Rupture of carotid plaques is an important cause of cerebrovascular events. Several factors, including wall shear stress (WSS), plaque morphology and peak cap stress, have been associated with plaque vulnerability. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between these factors...

Research on the Online Factors of Second-Hand Houses that Affect Consumers’ Off-Line Viewing

Yun Tang, Fu He, Ling Li, Huaxue Zhuang
Using linear regression model on the combination of behavioral decision theory to analyse the data of second-hand housing in 2505 Beijing districts and 2343 Chengdu districts, explore the amount of second-hand housing online attention, the distance from the subway and build the length of time for consumers...
Proceedings Article

Design and Simulation of Paper Roll Packaging Workstation Based on RobotStudio

Biqiong Li, Chaoan Liu
Taking ABB robot as the research object, the simulation workstation of paper roll packaging was established by SolidWorks three-dimensional modeling and Robot Studio simulation software. According to the technological process of paper roll packaging, the overall spatial layout of the robot paper roll...
Mini Review

Inflammation and large arteries: Potential mechanisms for inflammation-induced arterial stiffness

Kaisa M. Mäki-Petäjä, Ian B. Wilkinson
Pages: 59 - 64
Systemic inflammatory conditions are associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD). How exactly inflammation leads to this is not fully understood, but it has been suggested that arterial stiffening, could provide potential mechanisms to explain it. Chronic, systemic inflammatory...
Proceedings Article

The Analysis of Blood Glucose Level and Blood Pressure on Hypertension Patients in Mersi Village, East Purwokerto, Central Java

Novitasari Dwi, Wirakhmi Ikit Netra
The number of diabetes mellitus patients keeps increasing from year to year. The condition of hyperglycemia in DM patients causes an increase in angiotensin II hormone which leads to the hypertension. The prevalence of cardiovascular disease complication in DM patients is 29%. The purpose of this study...

Research on Family Education in China’s Rural Area

Quanhong Jiang, Mingrui Ding
Family education is the starting point and foundation of education. It has profound and lasting influence on children’s life. But in rural China, due to the fact that many parents go to work outside, most parents’ education background is low, their knowledge is poor or their attention to the education...

Willingness to Pay for Critical Land

Sulistya Rini Pratiwi, Erry Purnomo, Said Usman
This study was conducted in order to find the effect of community socioeconomic conditions on farmers’ Willingness To Pay (WTP) and farmers’ willingness to move to lands that were not critical or to better land areas (Willingness To Leave / WTL). The research method used to calculate the farmers’ willingness...

Cooperative Principles (Partnership-Based Togetherness) as the Legal Basis of Democracy Economic Thinking

Elli Ruslina, Siti Rodiah, Nia Kania Winayanti
One The imperative of economic democracy mandated by the constitution through Article 33 of the 1945 Constitution, the reality is not a legal foundations appreciation to economic activities, but even shifts to a free-market economy (laissez-faire). This is confirmed in the constitution “permanent position”...

Literature Review of Application of Agricultural Distribution Systems: State of the Art and Recent Developments

Heru Winarno, Tomy Perdana, Yuanita Handayati, Dwi Purnomo
Agriculture has an important role in the development program, especially to increase people’s welfare, the food crop sector is an aspect that receives attention especially for maintaining food availability, food distribution / reach, food quality and safety. Food distribution is carried out with a distribution...

Impact of the Internet on the Ability of Retail Enterprises to Operate

Lu Qinghua
With the further development of the market economic system, the management activities of all social sectors have achieved innovative development. As a special kind of industry, retail enterprises are mainly an intermediary, mainly from the manufacturing companies or wholesale enterprises to buy goods...

The Hjorth's IDB Generator of Distributions: Properties, Characterizations, Regression Modeling and Applications

Mustafa Ç. Korkmaz, Emrah Altun, Haitham M. Yousof, G. G. Hamedani
Pages: 59 - 74
We introduce a new flexible class of continuous distributions via the Hjorth's IDB model. We provide some mathematical properties of the new family. Characterizations based on two truncated moments, conditional expectation as well as in terms of the hazard function are presented. The maximum likelihood...

Prediction Model of Earning Management Actions, Intellectual Capital, and Efficiency Ratios on the Performance of Service Sector Companies in Indonesia

Abdurrahman Abdurrahman, Sapto Jumono, Lubna Lubna
Financial statements are important information for decision makers, because they contain the financial position, performance and changes in the company’s financial position. However, determining the performance of a company can be used in various ways and functions to get benefits as information in determining...

The Influence of Social Media and Online Booking on Decision to Purchase Home Supplies

Darliana Hardjowikarto, Yono Maulana
Public Housing Credit is a government program through BANK BTN for people who are prioritized for those who do not yet have a residence. Cirebon is one area that has many housing development KPR projects. One of the KPR company PT. Karya Berkah Gemilang which is located in Cirebon Regency is competing...

Weight Cognition and Weight Loss Behaviors of College Students

Yanli Shen, Zhengying Lou, Jiaqi Xu
In recent years, college students began to set off an upsurge of losing weight, at the same time, “thin for beauty” of a single and deformed aesthetic concept began to invade colleges and universities. Even worse, this kind of assumption kidnaps the aesthetic assumption of college students, and has a...