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Teaching Reform and Practice of the course of Analytical Instrument for Agriculture

Weiyu Zhang, Jinfeng Dong, Hua Liu, Yu Shi
According to today's social enterprises with the characteristics of the demand, according to the agricultural instrument analysis course, requirements for the application type undergraduate engineering practical ability, combined with the agricultural analysis instrument course teaching, there are a...
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Based on SPSS to analysis the satisfaction hierarchy structure of e-commerce logistics professional student in College

Xumei Zhang, Shaohua Wei
Through literature review, this article summarizes several existing measurement systems of university student satisfaction, combined with the e-commerce and logistics 's characteristics, extracts 16 measures which can reflect the characteristics of the satisfaction of e-commerce logistics student. After...
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Numerical Simulation and Experimental Validation of Small-rotor Aerodynamic Characteristics

Yao Lei, Yuxia Ji, Changwei Wang
Aerodynamic characteristics of small-rotor were studied based on the finite volume method. In an attempt to study its performance, hovering flow field of the single-rotor was established, meanwhile, the boundary conditions were set up. In addition, flow field was analyzed numerically by using computational...
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Feature Based Vision Destination Recognition for Mobile Robot

Xianguang Cui, Hai Zhang, Yue Wang
This paper presents a feature based vision destination recognition approach. A simplified static calibration of camera is implemented and then based on the homography matrix calculated by coplanar matched Speeded-Up Robust Features (SURF) points the destination which is not even a direct feature point...
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Feature Extraction of Precession Targets Based on Multi-aspect Range-Profile Sequence

Dan Xu, Bo Tian, Cunqian Feng, Shuang Zhao, Yizhe Wang
Parameters extraction of precession targets are important information source for ballistic target recognition. Aiming at the limited ability of extracting targets parameters with single radar, an algorithm based on uniting the multi-aspect observation information is proposed to extract the precession...
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How to Design Lead Text of Systematic Course of Working Process-Take "Power Electronic Technology" Curriculum for Example

Bin Wang
The objective of this paper is to introduce how to design lead text of systematic course of working process. It takes "Power Electronic Technology" curriculum for example to introduce basis, method and method of the designed lead text and gives the lead text about the dimming lamp circuit based on systematic...
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Analysis for Subjective Well-being of Xi'an Preschool Teachers

Jun Cai
The research used the Subjective Well-being Scale for Chinese Citizen (SWBS-CC) to measure the 102 preschool teachers’ SWB in Xi’an of China. The results showed that the surveyed teachers' SWB is not optimistic overall. Firstly, the higher the age, the lower the SWB. Secondly, the longer of service,...
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Shaanxi Province low-carbon economic construction of the indicator system and evaluation

Qing Yang, Caicai Zhang, Feng Li
Low-carbon economy is under the guidance of the concept of sustainable development, with the foundation of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission, through technological innovation, system innovation, industrial restructuring, new energy development and other means, to achieve a win-win...
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Experimental teaching mode in the application of mental health education

Xiaoyan Li, Dayan Li
With the continuous improvement of quality of life, mental health education has been more and more attention. How to improve the classroom effectiveness, enhance their mental qualities are the main institutions of higher learning efforts to solve the problem.
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Extraction of farmland areas on different row directions with SAR image based on texture feature

Ren Jian-hua, Zhao Kai, Zheng Xing-ming, Li Yang-yang
Discrimination of farmland areas on different row directions from SAR image is very significant to the selection of the optimal row direction for the cultivation and the yield. In order to reduce the effects of the speckles and improve the accuracy, the paper put forward a method which extracts the farmland...
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Analysis of the Competitive Relationship among Commercial Banks in China from the Perspective of Game Theory

Jin-xia Yin, Yun-chao Ying, Han Jiang
Commercial bank is the main body of the financial system in our country .Since China joined the WTO, an unhealthy competitive relationship has appeared among commercial banks under the effect of a variety of factors. As the game theory is an important analysis methods of economics, it can analyze these...
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Understanding and Thinking of College Mathematical Modeling and Experiment Course Construction

Zhaohai Wang
Mathematical modeling and experiment is the product of the times. It can effectively promote the development of teaching reform and the cultivation of talents. In this paper, the writer gives some viewpoints on the status and function of developing the mathematical modeling and mathematical experiment...
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CSLMEN: A New Optimized Method for Training Levenberg Marquardt Elman Network Based Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Nazri Mohd. Nawi, M.Z Rehman, Abdullah Khan
RNNs have local feedback loops within the network which allows them to shop earlier accessible patterns. This network can be educated with gradient descent back propagation and optimization technique such as second-order methods; conjugate gradient, quasi-Newton, Levenberg- Marquardt have also been used...
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VB.NET Programming Course Teaching Based on Computational Thinking

Ling Xu, Wei He
Computational thinking training is the core task of computer foundation courses, according to the computational thinking concept and meaning, in view of the problems existing in the VB.NET programming course teaching, combed the main computational thinking involved in VB.NET programming course, and puts...

Study on Strategy for Development of Leisure Sports Specialty in Universities from a Perspective of Core Competence

Xufeng Gu
Proceeding from the development and talents training of leisure sports specialty and using the core competence theory, the paper suggests based on analysis that: to guarantee the existence and development of leisure sports specialty, it’s imperative to foster its core competence which includes the integration...
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Study on Chinese Communication Strategies Use Of Primary and Secondary Oversea Students

Xiaoling Han
The communication strategies study of second language learners is based on the strategies that would affect learners’ learning and using of target languages so as to help language learners fully understand and effectively regulate their own behavior and activities on the learning and using of target...
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Research and Design of the Coal Mine Safety Supervision System Based on IOT

Liwang Zhu, Shaobo Zhang, Chengzhang Zhu
This paper studied the coal mine safety supervision technology systematically, and proposed an overall structure of an integrated safety supervision system with environment supervision, mine equipment monitoring and person / vehicle location management functions. Then, it intensively analyzed the functional...

Study of InformationPlatform for Community Public Service

Wang Xidong, Zhou Jiayu
In recent years, the Community Public Service exists so many problems such as the imbalance between supply and demand, the shortage of money and the low degree of specialization. Also, many reasons caused that. However, the lack of residents participating in community affairs and the imperfection of...
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Power law of engagement: Transferring disengaged householders into retrofitting energy savers

Christopher Weeks, Charles Delalonde, Chris Preist
How can we take householders from being disengaged passive energy consumers towards being highly motivated retrofitting energy saving masters In this paper the ”Power law of engagement model for energy saving” is introduced, which breaks down the process of engaging householders into 8 defined stages....
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Research on the Listed Dairy Business Growth Based on AHP

Fang Liu, Chao Li, Zhongwei He
Dairy Processing Industry is the Primary component of Dairy Industry. The Development of Enterprises is significant to Investors, Consumers and Enterprises Themselves. This Article evaluates four listed companies, Sanyuan, Mengniu, Yili and Bright, and gives suggestions for further development of dairy...

Developing Student Worksheet for Learning Matrix

Chairil Faif Pasani, Ms Kamaliyah
One of the teaching materials that can improve students' competence in analyzing and solving any problems independently is student worksheet. The use of student worksheet can also help students to comprehend the mathematical concept. This study aimed to develop student worksheet about the properties...

Cantonese with an Accent" Identity and Symbolic Power in Guangdong

Wei Wang
The purpose of this paper is to study the role of Cantonese in the identity reconstruction process of migrant people, and its relationship with symbolic power. To aid my analysis, I conducted 22 open-ended interviews; most of the subjects were migrant people who came from remote areas. Their experience...

Reform and Practice of Cultivating Talents Majoring in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation in Local Application-oriented Institutions

Guangming Cao, Junsheng Jiang, Changchun Wang, Peng Zhang
Based on the requirement of high-qualified applied talents by the Shandong "Blue and Yellow" Regional Economic Construction Strategy, the mechanical design, manufacturing and automation specialty of Weifang University, fastens on a notion of the democratic ideals of openness, strengthens the School-enterprise...
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Free vibration analysis on a simply-supported rhombus plate by using transfer matrix method

Canli Liu, Liyun Yuan, Junpeng Wang, Zhenqiang Cao, Run Sun
In this paper, the transfer matrix method is firstly used to analyze the free vibration of a simply-supported rhombus plate. Firstly, using coordinate transformation formula, the solution domain for a rhombus plate is converted into a rectangular one, and the governing equations and the corresponding...
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PCA in smart growth evaluation

Huanjing Lao
We nowadays attach more attentions to the concept of sustainable development. Making our life develop faster, suitable and more economical becomes an urgent problem to solve. In these years, some of the cities' continued urban sprawl and the loss of farmland which is surrounding urban centers causes...

Research on Evaluation of Tourism Industry Competitiveness in Huanggang City

Weijun Jiang, Jinglin Ke, Yingshuang Ma, Yi Ai, Qing Wang
By constructing evaluation index system of regional tourism competitiveness, this paper analyzes tourism competitiveness of various cities of Hubei Province in 2015 by means of factor analysis, and finds the main factors that affect tourism competitiveness of Huanggang City through analysis and comparison....

On the Prosperity and Spread of Flower and Bird Painting in the Northern Song Dynasty

Shaoduan Zhang
During the Northern Song Dynasty, flower and bird painting dominated the whole painting world, forming a peak in history. We can see its prosperity from its imperial-court decorative painting, literati painting and folk life painting. Court painters, literati and civil professional painters have made...

Research on Pair Learning Method and Pattern Based on Pair Programming

Yue Zhang, Yebo Yang, Yang Yang, Wanfeng Dou
Pair programming is an agile practice that supports two people working together locally or remotely to complete a programming task. Based on the cooperative learning theory, this paper puts forward the concept of pair learning and explains the method of pair learning from the aspects of pedagogy, psychology...

Research on the University Campus Space Environment Design from the Perspective of Behavioral Psychology -Taking Qinhu and its surrounding environment as the example

Fang Wang
The purpose of this study is to understand the impact of the building environment on users' behavior and psychology. Through the study of environmental psychology, behavioral psychology and other theories, taking Qinhu and its surrounding environment as the research object, this study makes the analysis...
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Study on the mechanism and application of surface eddy current damper

Haiyan Chen
In the case of a thin surface precision mechanical device, it is often accompanied by mechanical vibration, mechanical vibration will reduce the precision of the device. In order to eliminate the influence of the vibration, the surface eddy current damper is introduced, which can quickly generate the...
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Hypoglycemic and Hypolipidemic Effects of Melastoma dodecandrum ethanol-extract on Type 2 Diabetic Rats

Chang-Lei Li, Bao-Miao Ma, Xiao-Qing Chen, Yu-Wei Liu, Xi-Ji Shu
Abstract. To observe hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of Melastoma dodecandrum ethanol-extract on type 2 diabetic rats. Except twelve SPF SD rats were as the control group, the rest eighty type 2 diabetic rats were induced by feeding with high-fat and high-sugar diet and intraperitoneal injection...
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Kinematics Analysis on Cubic Mechanism with Auxiliary Joints

Jianguo Luo, Maoyan He, Yuanyuan Liu
A new type of hybrid cubic manipulator with six degree of freedom(DOF) suggested based on traditional serial manipulator and parallel manipulator, analytic geometry method adopted to find its forward solution of position, simple expression and exclusive result obtained, as well as its inverse solution...
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A Study of the Relationship between the Urban Space of School District and Pupil’s Paths after School Using GPS Technology

Maosheng Ye, Zao Li, Rui Zeng
With the speeding up of China's social development process, the problems of the pupils' education and the construction of the primary school district have attracted people’s attention. This paper is mainly based on a typical primary school in Hefei, Anhui province of China, using GPS tracing to make...
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Research on grid connection control strategy for island microgrid with renewable energy resources

Hua Deng, Guanglei Li, Hongwei Xing, Qian Wang, Xinlei Shi
The establishment of stable and reliable island microgrid with renewable energy resources is an important measure to guarantee the island economic development. The scheme and strategy is used to achieve information communication and interactive control. The energy storage unit and diesel generator can...
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The shielding performance study of the sandwich board with different materials

Chengying Shi, Zongshu Mei, Xinghui Cai
This paper mainly studies the shielding performance, under gamma and neutron radiation, of three different laminated plate made of different materials. Through MCNP simulation test, making a comparison of particle flux size under the same gamma and neutron radiation. Coming to a conclusion that among...
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Experimental study on the impact of water on rock compressive strength

Yanbo Zhang, Cuiping Liu, Peng Liang, Xiangxin Liu, Baozhu Tian
In order to study the effect of water on the rock compressive strength, mechanical data for different water content of siltstone uniaxial loading process are analyzed, the results show that: 1) siltstone compressive strength decreases as the water content is increased, the damage of water to siltstone...
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Anycast Routing Algorithm With The chaotic Disturbance

Baolong Zhang, Haiyan Huang
There is a problem of partial convergence in anycast routing based on genetic algorithm, therefore an improved anycast routing algorithm is proposed in this paper. The chaotic disturbance operator is adopted in the improved algorithm. The simulation results show that the proposed algorithm has a faster...

A Self-quest of Hero’s Mythological Pattern

Yuying Zhang
In Surfacing, the narrator’s journey of returning to her hometown to search for her missing father also symbolizes a journey to search for and rediscover her self-identity in nature. This journey follows the same pattern as Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousands Faces: separation, initiation and return.

The Analysis of Financial Market Failure

Weijia Zhang
Based on the rapid development of financial globalization, the inefficiency of financial market is becoming more and more influential to economy development. This paper uses financial market theory and the new classical economic theory to analysis the performance and the causes of financial market failure,...
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The Research of Control Technology for Four-rotor Aircraft Based on STM32

X.Y. Feng, L.L. Yan, C.C. Ji
The four-rotor aircraft is different from the traditional helicopter. The four-rotor aircraft by changing the speed of the propeller implements various flight movements. According to the characteristics and dynamical features of four-rotor aircraft, this paper mainly studied an attitude control technology...

New Folk Songs and Dances ---Concerning Li Jinhui Musical Characteristics and Roles Of Children

Yanbin Ding
Li Jinhui (1891-1967) is the founder of the Chinese pop music, the founder of children's song and dance drama, was also the first Chinese song and dance the founder of the school. His children's musical and dance music, in the general population affected quite widely. Ten years after the "May 4th" movement,...
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Analysis of Control Strategy for Hybrid Active Power Filter

VanBao Chau, CongPhuong Vo, MinhThuyen Chau
The hybrid active power filter is very efficient in filtering harmonics and power factor correction. But its efficiency depends on many factors; including control strategy plays a very important role. Therefore, this paper aims to analyze mathematical model of the hybrid active power filter. On that...

The Analysis on the Activity of Daily Living of Alzheimer’s Disease

Zhenghai Sun, Huimin Han, Fengwu Yan, Jianzhong Li, Wenlin Wang, Yunfeng Han, Jingwen Meng, Na Wang
Objective: To investigate the influence level of activity of daily living about the patients about the Alzheimer’s disease. Methods: Stratified multistage cluster sampling method to determine the survey, investigation and clinical diagnosis using two-stage screening method, screening stage using mini...
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The Calcination Temperature on the Electrochemical Properties of MnFe /C Composite Oxides

Jiaheng Zhang
The super capacitor has the advantages of high power density, short charging time, long service life and so on. It has a great development potential in the field of energy. Continued growth in market share will further stimulate the super capacitor of R & D, in order to meet the needs of commercial prepared...
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Analysis on the Strategic Position of 'Northern Sea Route' Based on '21st-Century Maritime Silk Route'

Xing Wei
“21st-Century Maritime Silk Route” is a new strategy China put forward to take the initiative to create harmonious diplomacy and meanwhile create favorable opportunity and external environment for its deepening reform while facing complicated global situation. China is a growing maritime power, which...
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Product Module Partition Methodology Based on Function-Principle-Structure

Jing Chen, Wen-bo Wang
In this paper we analyzed the product design process model based on function-principle-structure. Regarding the existing products as an object for module partition, we researched the related principles and quantitative method based on the function, principle, structure between the two parts. In the research...
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An Adaptive Interacting Multiple Model Algorithm for Maneuvering Targets Tracking

Shu-Liang WANG, Da-Ping BI, Ming-Yang DU
Current Statistical (CS) model is a good adaptive filtering model for maneuvering target tracking. While, the performance of CS model depends on the maneuvering frequency, and becomes poor when tracking weak maneuvering targets. Firstly, the innovation of the filtering is used to reduce the dependence...

Interaction Symbolic on the Therapeutic Communication between Midwife and Patient

Ms. Indirawaty, Mr. Syamsuddin, Mr. S. Rustadi
The implementation of social interaction pattern between midwife and patients is important to explore due to the interaction is expected to be more effective helping for delivering baby process. This study aims to describe the implementation of social interaction by the midwife to the patient during...

Facial Peculiarity Retrieval via Deep Neural Networks Fusion

Peiqin Li, Jianbin Xie, Zhen Li, Tong Liu, Wei Yan
Pages: 58 - 65
Face retrieval is becoming increasingly useful and important for security maintenance operations. In actual applications, face retrieval is usually influenced by some changeable site conditions, such as various postures, expressions, camera angles, illuminations, and so on. In this paper, facial peculiar...

Assessment of Direct Investment Influence onto Economic Results of Copper Industry Enterprises

Stanislav Victorovich Pridvizhkin, Oleg Victorovich Bazhenov, Margarita Karpovna Kozhevnikova, Denis Vitalyevich Bayev
The paper defines and characterizes the direction and power of influence that different factors exert on the results of activities of companies in the copper industry, defined in terms of company's revenue. A special emphasis was put on the evaluation of the influencing power of direct investment. To...